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Events, Past and Present...

3/23/2017 WEEK SEVENTEEN - This is for you bapierson by mjholley
3/24/2017 Friday Lunch Club eats Mexican Fare by FLCC*
3/25/2017 Curing Cabin Fever VI by Refuge Ranger
3/26/2017 CIGA Club Meet 3/26/17 Springfield by CIGA
3/30/2017 WEEK EIGHTEEN - This is for you keeganc by mjholley
4/1/2017 Fullersburg Restoration & CITO (No foolin) by Mike Swaney & Forest Preserve District of Dupage
4/5/2017 B.A.D. @ badlands' Hometown Favourite by Friday Unemployment Club
4/5/2017 M.A.D. @ Jericho Lake Park by badlands
4/13/2017 Kebab/Döner? Purple/Lila? What's the difference? by rragan
4/13/2017 PBF's - Dönerstag 2017 by PrincessButterfly
4/13/2017 Dönerstag Breakfast by Leader1
4/13/2017 Celebrate Dönerstag In Algonquin by Diamond Head
4/13/2017 Donerstag in Olney by graciedi
4/13/2017 Just Dönerstag by CaffeinatedMermaid and Teper129
4/13/2017 Celebrate Dönerstag in Vernon Hills by AKiteFlier
4/13/2017 Dönerstag by Kirk F
4/13/2017 Dönerstag in Downtown Long Grove by n9tog
4/13/2017 Dönerstag in Naperville by TeamAlexAbby and mau724
4/13/2017 No Kebab, Kustard by kiko101
4/13/2017 das speiseeis by hempmage
4/13/2017 Let's Get Tropical for Dönerstag! by Teper129 and CaffeinatedMermaid
4/14/2017 The Super Adventures of Blues Crew by sunshnface and Blues Crew
4/15/2017 Elbus has left the building by Elbus
4/18/2017 Taco Tuesday: Stealth Mode by moodygrrl & badlands
4/22/2017 KURJ Earth Day Busse CITO by KURJ Productions (rikjaxon)
4/22/2017 Wildcat CITO v2.0 by kiko101
4/23/2017 GONIL CITO XVII - The Northshore Bike Path by GONIL
4/23/2017 Earthday 2017 Perry rd clean up by Geocachers of DeKalb County
4/23/2017 GONIL After CITO Dinner Event by GONIL
4/28/2017 Group Workday at Danada FP - April CITO Week by mau724
4/29/2017 Geocachers Fight Grime in Freeport! by halemeister
5/23/2017 Taco Tuesday: Rokjesdag by moodygrrl & badlands

Latest Caches Hidden...

3/25/2017 4th Birthday by adilts1257
3/24/2017 LS ... Porter Guard by tishman
3/23/2017 Ballard Mounds by jaothemut
3/23/2017 U.K.P. - Grover Cleveland by rose . von . licorne
3/23/2017 Never In My Lifetime by pfeifdom
3/23/2017 The Long Way: The Winston Tunnel Series by Havok9d
3/23/2017 Take a Break: The Winston Tunnel Series by Havok9d
3/23/2017 Breathing Hard? The Winston Tunnel Series by Havok9d
3/23/2017 The Hump: The Winston Tunnel Series by Havok9d
3/23/2017 CACHE ME OUSSIDE HOWBOW DAH!! by AmyLiz902

Latest Trackable Items...

3/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Each Day Is A Gift was placed in Beverly.
3/25/2017 12:00:00 PM On the road was placed in Mercury.
3/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Go to Ireland #5 (Schleswig-Holstein Geocoin) was placed in Wishful Thinking.
3/25/2017 12:00:00 PM CAPTAIN JACK was placed in Wishful Thinking.
3/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Travel Ingot Geocoin was placed in Ingersoll Wetlands Learning Center.
3/25/2017 12:00:00 PM German State Flag Tag was placed in Piasa Bird.
3/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Geocoin #111 was placed in 100 Years or S'more.
3/25/2017 12:00:00 PM LARGE MELONS was placed in TIKI TB Motel.
3/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Duetsche Schaeferhund von Berg der Ausschau was placed in Sugar Grove Trails # 4 .
3/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Hannah the Duck was placed in TB Exchange.

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