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Geocaching in Kentucky

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Events, Past and Present...

09/19/2016 September Trivia by 6Lindseys
09/24/2016 CITO at Land Between the Lakes - Fall 2016 by bethie_biker, Jimrky
09/24/2016 Peace-Out Paddle Mix by kathysgeek
09/25/2016 GEOCKY Adopt-A-Highway for CITO Week Fall 2016 by GEOCKY
10/01/2016 ~Geocky Fall 2016 Shaker Village Trail Mix~ by Ground Fox
10/01/2016 Blood Bath on the Tug by WALLY R and lostnletart
10/01/2016 Caching in The Cave: The C.I.T.O. make up by The Lost River Cave
10/08/2016 Geocaching 101 with Greenspace by Turtle3863
10/14/2016 3rd Annual Berea Chamber Geocaching Weekend by kymtnhiker
10/15/2016 Geofest at Bernheim Forest by Caching Friends of Bernheim
10/16/2016 Owsley Fork CITO - Berea Style by KYoutdoorsman
10/16/2016 Bike Hike Trail CITO by Caching Friends of Bernheim
10/22/2016 2016 Kentuckiana Picnic by Turtle3863 & Better Half Shell
10/22/2016 Hangin' Around the Campfire - Kentuckiana Picnic by Daggy & Deermark
10/29/2016 2016 Geocaching Weekend by Barren River Dave
11/05/2016 BSAG Geocaching International Film Festival by Big Sandy Area GeoCachers

Latest Caches Hidden...

09/23/2016 KSQ #418 MOH #268 BOYINGTON, GREGORY by pop-pop67
09/23/2016 MOH #270 BOYNTON, HENRY V. by pop-pop67
09/22/2016 MOH #267 BOYDSTON, ERWIN JAY by pop-pop67
09/21/2016 Hell on Wheels 4 by Tanker Top Fox
09/21/2016 Gadianton Stash by jsamuelcall
09/21/2016 MOH #264 BOWMAN, EDWARD R. by pop-pop67
09/21/2016 MOH #265 BOX, THOMAS J. by pop-pop67
09/21/2016 MOH #266 BOYCE, GEORGE W. G., JR. by pop-pop67
09/20/2016 Caneyville Masonic Lodge by bluegrasskyle
09/20/2016 MOH #262 BOWEN, HAMMETT L., JR. by pop-pop67

Latest Trackable Items...

09/25/2016 12:00:00 Ultimate Sacrifice CWO.Theodore U.Church was placed in "The Dam Park".
09/25/2016 12:00:00 GeoWoodstock VIII COWW was placed in Travel Trackable "Holt"tel.
09/24/2016 12:00:00 NCC-1714, USS Hornet - Heavy Cruiser was placed in Reindeer.
09/24/2016 12:00:00 Year of the Snake Coin was placed in L is for Livingston.
09/24/2016 12:00:00 GRASSHOPPER was placed in The Oldest Road.
09/24/2016 12:00:00 Mini Mouse and her GPS was placed in Ode to the hedgehog.
09/24/2016 12:00:00 Signal Geocoin - May 06 was placed in Ask Franklin.
09/24/2016 12:00:00 Hockey Bears was placed in SPRING RUN #55.
09/24/2016 12:00:00 USA Flag Tag 2 was placed in Josh's Travelbug Hotel.
09/24/2016 12:00:00 What's your favorite cache? was placed in Billy the Goat.

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