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Geocaching in Michigan

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Events, Past and Present...

09/20/2016 CITO at Founder's Park by TaGeez
09/21/2016 Novi Meet and Greet #14 by necthana
09/22/2016 Roseville M&G - Fall 2016 by gsix5666
09/24/2016 Shiawassee County Meet & Greet Sept 16 by Firefightercw
09/24/2016 CAGE Park & Ride CITO by Periwinkle128
09/24/2016 Rudolphi Wildlife Refuge CITO by Geo(Race)rs
09/24/2016 Belle Isle Fall CITO and Pot Luck Picnic by Rattrak
09/24/2016 Macatawa River CITO by BoxmanCrew
09/24/2016 Bicentennial Park CITO by C and Z's LOOT
09/25/2016 Fall 2016 CITO Week (Redford, MI) by CaptainObvious78
09/27/2016 Birch Run Meet & Greet - September '16 by Braunylad
09/27/2016 Taco Tuesday - Taco Crush by afishoutawater
09/28/2016 I-275 Monthly Meet & Greet v2016.08 - September by prosumer
09/29/2016 North Oakland Meet and Greet - September by syfun
09/30/2016 5W's Returns from...... by BinderyGuy
10/01/2016 KNC Fall-Time Extravaganza by KNC- RomanTwins and RJ-Toot
10/01/2016 KacheHuntR's Birthday Harvest Party by PaRaDiZ
10/01/2016 MiGO Fall Fun Day by (UP Region)
10/01/2016 flash mob going to frankenmuth,mi by 3-bteam
10/02/2016 7th Anniversary at the Mill!! by CaptainObvious78, Geo-Birdie, Geo-Froggy
10/02/2016 Autumn Pool Party 2016 by South Lyon Trekkers
10/04/2016 Meet at the Coffee Shop 119 by South Lyon Trekkers
10/05/2016 Livonia Traveling Meet and Greet #53 by The Frito Bandito
10/08/2016 Autumn up on Haven Hill IV by mmc881 and 5*Terrain
10/08/2016 All Aboard the Cache Express! by The_GeoCats
10/09/2016 California-Michigan Connection III by gsmX2
10/09/2016 Detroit Zoo Family Fall Get Together by Trustworthy
10/10/2016 Geo Thumb Meet and Greet by ShirJohn
10/11/2016 ACC Monthly Meet & Greet - October by AutoCityCachers
10/13/2016 gsix5666 Hiding Caches for 10 Years by gsix5666
10/13/2016 Visiting Pinecone Alley by Team Goldfinch
10/14/2016 5W's Tries This One On For Size by BinderyGuy
10/15/2016 meet&greet big A by 3-bteam
10/15/2016 BGScrabble's Fall Kayak Day by bgscrabble
10/15/2016 I Ate A Sammich - Y5K by Kneel More
10/16/2016 GOODBYE SUMMER by Pepstreet
10/19/2016 Straits Area Geocachers October 2016 Meet-N-Greet by SAGeocachers
10/19/2016 October 2016 Cage Event by GeoGnarles
10/20/2016 SW Michigan October Potluck by Team Peterson
10/22/2016 9th Annual Fall Bonfire and Potluck by mboensch
11/01/2016 Meet at the Coffee Shop 120: Seven Years by South Lyon Trekkers
11/05/2016 Geocaching International Film Festival - Clio by TazmanianDevils
11/05/2016 Housewarming – Treasure Style #5 by LynnGeoGin (LGG) & Roland Kent
11/05/2016 GIFF - West Michigan Edition by The Macho Homemaker & MikeyMac
11/06/2016 2016 GIFF Viewing Party! - Commerce Twp., MI by CaptainObvious78 & Redbud's Family
11/06/2016 The Fallback Gathering (2016) by bretina
11/08/2016 ACC Monthly Meet & Greet - November by AutoCityCachers
12/04/2016 Krampus is Coming to Town II by Tsmola
12/10/2016 Between the Holidays 2016 by TEAM GEOCHEF

Latest Caches Hidden...

09/26/2016 Zoey by Thekissfamily
09/25/2016 ManWayne by LAM1
09/25/2016 Bats in the Belfry by jbags81 violently.happi
09/25/2016 Back by Team Namthcof
09/25/2016 Neck by Team Namthcof
09/25/2016 Toe by Team Namthcof
09/25/2016 Knee by Team Namthcof
09/25/2016 Arm by Team Namthcof
09/25/2016 The Little Brown Church in the Vale by tessandfriends
09/24/2016 Thing 1 by Couzan

Latest Trackable Items...

09/27/2016 12:00:00 Signal Travel Tag was placed in Thank You Scottville .
09/27/2016 12:00:00 Explorer Tag - Jeremy was placed in The House Guard Travel Bug Motel.
09/27/2016 12:00:00 Der Gerbirgskäfer Julius was placed in Sisters Inn (Law) TB Hotel.
09/27/2016 12:00:00 The HQ Logbook was placed in Sisters Inn (Law) TB Hotel.
09/27/2016 12:00:00 Honey Bee was placed in Sisters Inn (Law) TB Hotel.
09/27/2016 12:00:00 "Canadian Currency" was placed in Sisters Inn (Law) TB Hotel.
09/27/2016 12:00:00 See Kay See was placed in Sisters Inn (Law) TB Hotel.
09/27/2016 12:00:00 Smokey Bear's ONLY YOU #1 was placed in Sisters Inn (Law) TB Hotel.
09/27/2016 12:00:00 Shelby was placed in Sisters Inn (Law) TB Hotel.
09/27/2016 12:00:00 Cinderelli Cinderelli was placed in Sisters Inn (Law) TB Hotel.

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