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Geocaching in Michigan

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Events, Past and Present...

9/15/2017 ROADSIDE PARK #312P by navychief98
9/15/2017 The Lapeer Cachers, Meet & Greet by The Lapeer Cachers
9/16/2017 A Day In The Park by Team Kalsin
9/16/2017 MANISTEE PARTY! by navychief98
9/16/2017 It's my birthday and I want a kayak CITO! by afishoutawater
9/17/2017 ICE CREAM TIME! by navychief98
9/17/2017 Back To Bubbles by reneew25 & DarrylW4
9/18/2017 BEAR LAKE AFTER WORK PARTY! by navychief98
9/18/2017 Chesterfield Meet and Greet # 5 by bigtom5776
9/19/2017 LAKE ANN PARTY! by navychief98
9/19/2017 Taco Tuesday - Talk Like a Pirate Day by afishoutawater
9/20/2017 Silver Lake Gathering! by navychief98
9/20/2017 Straits Area Geocachers – Sept. 2017 Meet-N-Greet by SAGeocachers
9/20/2017 CJRookieCacher Wants... by bgscrabble
9/21/2017 BWTG - September 2017 by Moldslug
9/21/2017 East meets West by cache2burn
9/22/2017 KIDDO'S NIGHT AT PAPA J's by navychief98
9/22/2017 Roseville M&G - Fall 2017 by gsix5666
9/23/2017 SeasonsGuide's 1st CITO & Meet and Greet by SeasonsGuide
9/23/2017 CITO - FALL 2017 by CCC-17 {Cherry Capital Cachers} and Loumeister
9/23/2017 South Higgins Lake Meet & Greet by tlsharpe1
9/23/2017 Our Eagles have Landed by Mama and Papa Gnomes
9/23/2017 Fire in the Thumb 4 by pee-paw + mee-maw
9/23/2017 Farewell Party! by CCC {Cherry Capital Cachers}
9/23/2017 CACHEVILLE CITO / TEAM--B's 10,000 FIND by Team--B
9/23/2017 Garbage Day by Noah's Peeps
9/23/2017 CAGE Park & Ride CITO by Periwinkle128
9/23/2017 Oink if You Litter II by kirtlandii
9/24/2017 meet&greet clean up 9-24-2017 by 3-bteam
9/24/2017 Spring Valley CITO! by TheCrazy8's and TheCrazyMinion
9/24/2017 Autumn Pool Party 2017 by South Lyon Trekkers
9/24/2017 Cass City Park CITO by yellowjeeperman
9/24/2017 Gnooner with the Gnomes and Gang by pygwyld
9/26/2017 Birch Run Meet & Greet - September 2017 by Braunylad
9/27/2017 I-275 Monthly Meet & Greet v2017.09 - September by prosumer
9/27/2017 TCC Meet and Greet - September 2017- REALLY by TinaAlmighty
9/28/2017 North Oakland Meet and Greet - September by syfun
9/28/2017 Fall CITO Event at Belle River Park by bigtom5776
9/29/2017 meet&greet 9-29-2017 by 3-bteam
9/29/2017 meet&greet clean up september by WAR1
9/30/2017 Here we come MANISTEE! by navychief98
9/30/2017 BITHDAY MEET AND GREET by Loumiester
9/30/2017 McCITO by TeamBaker101, ZekeFritter, Blitnit
9/30/2017 Breakfast and Attack on the Tie Fighter by Jeepers and Joyful
9/30/2017 Glacial Lake Whittlesey Meet and Greet by Crosswinds Cache Crew
10/1/2017 Fall 2017 CITO Week (Redford, MI) by CaptainObvious78
10/1/2017 Half Off Brain Freeze! by Pepstreet & GHBuccaneers & GH_First_Mate
10/1/2017 8th Anniversary at the Mill!! by CaptainObvious78, Geo-Birdie, Geo-Froggy
10/1/2017 2017 KNC Fall-Time Extravaganza by KNC - RomanTwins and RJ_Toot
10/1/2017 2017 Kalamazoo Nature Center CITO by KNC - RomanTwins and RJ_Toot
10/1/2017 CITO at Fernwood by trickettnskooba
10/1/2017 Hiking the NCT - October by The Macho Homemaker
10/1/2017 CITO Munson Park by C and Z's LOOT
10/2/2017 Way to Ancient cache on Power Island by RapidCaching
10/3/2017 Meet at the Coffee Shop 130 by South Lyon Trekkers
10/4/2017 Livonia Meet & Greet #65 : OCT 2017 by LMNG Crew
10/6/2017 meet&greet 10-6-2017 by 3-bteam
10/7/2017 Pee-Paw+Mee-Maw Fall Camp Fire and Pot luck by pee-paw + mee-maw
10/10/2017 ACC Monthly Meet & Greet - October by AutoCityCachers
10/14/2017 Power Island Fall Cleanup by geocat_
10/14/2017 Autumn up on Haven Hill V by mmc881 and 5*Terrain
10/14/2017 Belle Isle Fall Cito by Rattrak
10/19/2017 October 2017 Cage Event by GeoGnarles
10/28/2017 10th Annual Fall Bonfire and Potluck by mboensch
11/2/2017 GIFF 2017 - West Michigan Edition by Mikey Mac & TheMachoHomemaker
11/5/2017 The Fallback Gathering (2017) by bretina
11/7/2017 Meet at the Coffee Shop 131 by South Lyon Trekkers
11/9/2017 C.A.G.E. Meet & Greet - November 9, 2017 by Akita Crew
11/14/2017 ACC Monthly Meet & Greet - November by AutoCityCachers
12/2/2017 Is it cold outside, or is it BELOW ZERO? by Mikey Mac
12/3/2017 10th Annual Christmas Lighting Extravaganza by Team Peterson

Latest Caches Hidden...

9/19/2017 COOL: Guest Cutz by RayQix
9/19/2017 TacTics by mhpavt123
9/18/2017 Woof, Woof Tweet, Tweet - Take Two by woofer and tweeter
9/18/2017 Ammo Can Special- Wolf Track Trail by MMBuggers
9/18/2017 Mouth of the Bay by Kayylliinn_KG
9/17/2017 Muskegon River North Branch #1 by racingmissy
9/17/2017 Muskegon River North Branch #2 by racingmissy
9/17/2017 WCHS #7 - A Tribute to Prince by The Wayland Cachers
9/17/2017 Cabin in the Trees by K-7
9/17/2017 Horizon Park cache by RocHunt

Latest Trackable Items...

9/22/2017 12:00:00 PM Sparty Comes Home From VA was placed in Dickerson Dead End Park.
9/22/2017 12:00:00 PM 64 Chevy Chevelle SS was placed in The Metal Man.
9/22/2017 12:00:00 PM LL#93 Wizard key was placed in The Metal Man.
9/22/2017 12:00:00 PM Whiskers the Cat Travel Tag was placed in Were You Born In A Barn?.
9/21/2017 12:00:00 PM Fishing Buddy was placed in Groovy West Side Stash.
9/21/2017 12:00:00 PM extaz exchange was placed in Dickerson Dead End Park.
9/21/2017 12:00:00 PM Fire Surfboard Geocoin was placed in Garden View TB Hotel.
9/21/2017 12:00:00 PM Flag Travel Tag was placed in Garden View TB Hotel.
9/21/2017 12:00:00 PM Quartz was placed in Garden View TB Hotel.
9/21/2017 12:00:00 PM Bead-Indianola Brown Woodgrain Stone Donut TB was placed in Garden View TB Hotel.

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