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Events, Past and Present...

2/21/2017 Travel Bug Exchange by Pengwinldy
2/21/2017 OKIC February Dinner by Sequoia
2/22/2017 Beat the Winter Blues VII by The HopeWeFindIt Clan
2/23/2017 Sittin' Round; Talkin' Cache by GeaugaGarmin for the NEOGeocachers
2/23/2017 Licking Area Meet n Eat - February 2017 by Licking Area Cachers
2/25/2017 Hooray to the Boyd Family 10,000 cache! by The Trent's and Boxen-Hunters
2/26/2017 Cincinnati Breakfast Club by LtStabos
2/27/2017 An Education in Puzzles: Part 1 (Chardon) by SpeedCity and gmarkusic
2/28/2017 WCOG Februray Meet and Greet by redhatjudyh & navigatorhubby
2/28/2017 The Caching Conundrum - February 2016 by CentralOHGeocaching
3/1/2017 An Education in Puzzles: Part 2 (Independence) by SpeedCity and gmarkusic
3/7/2017 Ashtabula County Meet & Greet: March 2017 by Karen1962
3/7/2017 March 7th NWOGEO Maumee Meet & Eat by NWOGEO
3/8/2017 March Tiffin Area Meet & Eat by cachersanonymous
3/9/2017 W.E.S.T. March 2017 -- Canary's by Team ColdJazz
3/9/2017 🎼MVCC #35 - NTT: The Movie Edition by VPPlayer
3/9/2017 March 2017 - Ohio Geocaching Social by Ohio Geocaching
3/11/2017 Celebration event : 1K and race winner by jaybirdchauffer
3/14/2017 C.B.G.B. March Meet & Greet by C.B.G.B. & the hiking viking
3/15/2017 Delaware Ohio Geocachers Meet and Greet by Heraldic
3/16/2017 Westerville Cache and Coffee-March by plasmafamily
3/18/2017 NMVG-"ST. PATRICKS DAY" MEETING by diamond1949
3/19/2017 2017 MVG Greater Dayton Winter Getaway by MVG
3/25/2017 TWC Celebrates Rodwellerduo's 1K by Ohio Cache Zombie
4/8/2017 Winton Woods CITO 2017 by O.K.I.C.
4/20/2017 Westerville Cache and Coffee-April by plasmafamily

Latest Caches Hidden...

2/24/2017 Nana and Popsi by yagamaus
2/23/2017 Bumble Bee by Hunster
2/23/2017 Hail oceanicflygirls!!! by CC Land Pirates
2/23/2017 CJ First hide🐞 by WorthyC and Cj
2/23/2017 Darby Township Cemetery by msmandi aka ibrakeforcemeteries
2/22/2017 Copland Park: Walking Tour Cache by Starkacher
2/22/2017 Doyle Rules by Realfknff, AmDG0803
2/22/2017 Never know what you'll find in a crevice by Realfknff, AmDG0803
2/22/2017 MMM & AGM by Yerkes83
2/21/2017 Light up my cache by worm39

Latest Trackable Items...

2/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Purdey was placed in Bike or Hike, Whatever you Like.
2/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Travel Bug Origins Tag was placed in Which one??.
2/25/2017 12:00:00 PM DOLPHIN Wooden Nickel Geocoin was placed in Molesworth Cemetery.
2/25/2017 12:00:00 PM A gift from me to you! was placed in Potty Break.
2/24/2017 12:00:00 PM Thrash Travel Bug was placed in Millions Served Travel Bug House of Ill Repute.
2/24/2017 12:00:00 PM Travel Bug Car Decal and BC was placed in Roadside View Cache'.
2/24/2017 12:00:00 PM Irish Luck was placed in IS THAT A RAT HOLE?.
2/24/2017 12:00:00 PM Bumper's 3 Nations Los Muertos Geocoin was placed in RTHS History Center.
2/24/2017 12:00:00 PM PUDGY The Penguin was placed in S.Q. Weeping For Willow.
2/24/2017 12:00:00 PM McSchutz to Mongolia. was placed in Pepe le PU .

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