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Geocaching in Oregon

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Events, Past and Present...

4/18/2018 Welcome Back, T&A137! by SamuelStem
4/21/2018 GEO Post-CITO Eat & Greet by GEOregon & 3MudDogs
4/21/2018 Ashland Creek Park CITO by SocksAndAmanda
4/21/2018 GEOregon 2018 Spring GEO Adopt-A-Road Cleanup by GEOregon & Two Finders Keepers
4/21/2018 Semi-annual C.I.T.O. of the I-5 bike path by Umpqua Valley Geocachers + Buckshot & Foxy
4/22/2018 EXTREME CITO by Y2K'
4/26/2018 Zaftig zanyism over zythum, ziti, and zwieback by Ptld2016
4/28/2018 The 2018 Dust-Up by shadow101
4/28/2018 Hillsboro CITO by PurpleJoker
4/28/2018 Intro to Geocaching workshop by justus2merrills & 3MudDogs
4/28/2018 Surrounded by Superheroes Geocoin Challenge! by SocksAndAmanda
4/28/2018 Post-Hillboro CITO Let's have a meal! by mkohlmeier
5/3/2018 XVIII ~ The Original Stash Turns 18! by McKenzie~Binns
5/4/2018 May the 4th Be With You! by SocksAndAmanda
5/4/2018 Star Wars Day, May The 4th Be With You! by Steve 'n' Nancy
5/5/2018 Maintenance Madness 2018 by Angelatthegate, verano, and GEOregon
5/12/2018 GEOregon May 2018 Meet & Greet by GEOregon
5/17/2018 Kick off Year 19 with Cachers, Caching and Food by opiinnkeeper
5/19/2018 Geocaching 101 - An Introduction to Geocaching by SocksAndAmanda
5/26/2018 Meet & Greet by the tc life
6/23/2018 Discover Central Point 2018! by SocksAndAmanda, CentralPointParksRec

Latest Caches Hidden...

4/22/2018 Harney Nature Trail by The Quicksters
4/22/2018 Between the Vines 2 by sbeav
4/22/2018 Mouse Hunt 2 by sbeav
4/22/2018 New to me trail by Boomer's Gang
4/22/2018 High above Lake Selmac by Boomer's Gang
4/22/2018 Almost at the top by Boomer's Gang
4/22/2018 Into the dragons mouth by Totaleclipsechasers
4/22/2018 On the Trail by TGMA12
4/21/2018 Cougar #2 by wd8kdg
4/21/2018 Suburban nightmares by TrikeQueen

Latest Trackable Items...

4/23/2018 12:00:00 PM Project A.P.E.: Tunnel of Light Geocoin was placed in Garden of Eden.
4/23/2018 12:00:00 PM Ocean Geocoin #4 by Ocean Lovers was placed in Top Of The Hill N. Clackamas Coin Challenge 2017.
4/22/2018 12:00:00 PM Beta Romeo was placed in Big Red.
4/22/2018 12:00:00 PM Spider Bug was placed in Be Our Guest Travel Bug Bed & Breakfast.
4/22/2018 12:00:00 PM Skater Bug was placed in Happy Birthday.
4/22/2018 12:00:00 PM Ice Cream Blue Moon: Pics of Ice Cream Flavors! was placed in The Nelscott Neighborhood.
4/22/2018 12:00:00 PM Green GX Travel Bug Dog Tag was placed in The Seabreeze Hotel.
4/22/2018 12:00:00 PM Pinky the duck was placed in Fisherman's Flight.
4/22/2018 12:00:00 PM MoreThanASidekick was placed in Shelrik's Happy Cache Inn (For TB's & GC's) .
4/22/2018 12:00:00 PM Willy was placed in Westward HO! Broughton's Point.

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