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Events, Past and Present...

10/27/2016 October C.A.G.E. Meet, Greet and Eat! by ronwhite & mona
10/29/2016 Nimrod Chili Cookoff & Halloween Costume Contest by rklmbl
10/29/2016 Cloak.n.Dagger Geocaching Phillips Park Cito by Cloak.n.Dagger
10/30/2016 Fa-BOO-lous Pumpkin Carving Party by Cloak.n.Dagger
11/03/2016 NWA 2016 GIFF Viewing Event by Mining4Treasure
11/03/2016 2016 GIFF - ARKANSAS RIVER VALLEY PREMIERE by Old River Runner
11/05/2016 GIFF Event with Molly! by firesafetygal
11/05/2016 2016 GIFF Weekend - Fort Smith by Guwisti and Pizzaboy2600
11/06/2016 2016 GIFF WEEKEND-Last show by butch724
11/08/2016 S.W.A.G.. HAVING FUN IN NOVEMBER!!!!!! by Flyfishingcachers

Latest Caches Hidden...

10/22/2016 Rock City Cache by z0mBcacher
10/18/2016 Osage Mills Dam by Sanders_Sooners
10/16/2016 Daddy and Them by CWBisnumber1
10/15/2016 TAKAHIK on the OHT by Hiker63
10/15/2016 No Dumping by joshuaking1
10/11/2016 173-Soaring High (but not on a broomstick) by plsellers
10/11/2016 174-Don't FENCE Me In by plsellers
10/11/2016 175-I Have a HEAD Cold by plsellers
10/11/2016 178-LIGHT For My Path by plsellers
10/11/2016 176-WITCHa Gonna Do? by plsellers

Latest Trackable Items...

10/25/2016 12:00:00 J.Bish's THE RACKETEER Geocoin was placed in Confederate Campground.
10/25/2016 12:00:00 First To Find Micro Geo-Award was placed in Old Bethel's Backside.
10/25/2016 12:00:00 A Bird in the Hand was placed in Gizmo's TB Hotel.
10/25/2016 12:00:00 Alex's 'May all your wishes come true' Geocoin was placed in Fourteen Centuries: Beginning.
10/25/2016 12:00:00 Grongduur's seven continents Travel Bug was placed in Ransome Cemetary.
10/25/2016 12:00:00 JESUS My Song was placed in It's HOT.
10/25/2016 12:00:00 The Socialite was placed in It's HOT.
10/24/2016 12:00:00 Gypsy the Panda was placed in It's HOT.
10/23/2016 12:00:00 Sadie was placed in Over The Mountain.
10/23/2016 12:00:00 Navy - United States was placed in Jessieville TB Motel.

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