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Events, Past and Present...

11/28/2016 Firesafe is back in Texas by firesafe
11/29/2016 Park & Gab: 103rd Edition by TCB
11/30/2016 Goodbye November by Texasgal60
11/30/2016 Extra Beer Wednesday by bubbermom1
11/30/2016 Middle of the Day Event #2-4 IN BOERNE by GeoJo24
12/1/2016 Welcome Home 2016, phase 2 by zrvers
12/2/2016 Meet & Greet with Belgium by Arnaudd
12/3/2016 12th Annual Down Home Gathering by Fire2Water
12/3/2016 Geocaching Family Day by wr365
12/3/2016 Christmas Bison Exchange by thewildroseoftexas
12/3/2016 Jct.jr comes to town for a Humble Breakfast by Haz-Matt24
12/3/2016 TOGA Monthly Meet 'n Greet - December by Texoma Geocaching
12/4/2016 Merry Christmas Y'all by tuba_dude
12/5/2016 Will Cache for Food #72 by uptrain
12/5/2016 Snoopy's Christmas by kerngang
12/7/2016 85 Untested Taps on the Wall by Bubberdad
12/8/2016 SpringTime Fun 1111 by navystud
12/10/2016 Doughnut & Donut Event by Glen & Patti
12/10/2016 Springs Christmas #10 by LilSprinkles69 - les7h & TxGram21
12/10/2016 John Burge Park CITO - Dec 2016 by Glen & Patti
12/10/2016 Helping Hand CITO by Cache Control
12/10/2016 December Meet Greet and Eat Greek Event by AwayWeGo.US
12/10/2016 CLAPS: 'Tis the Season - for a Night Paddle Event by CLAPS Cache Owners
12/11/2016 Park n Gab: BFF's Holiday Party & Gift Exchange by BFF Caching Buddies KeyResults & 2katz
12/13/2016 Chowing Down in Deer Park #1 by Texasgal60
12/13/2016 Welcome to the Woodlands — Part 43 by bandskelly
12/14/2016 S.W.A.G. Monkeys Around! by Jorge el Curioso
12/14/2016 Feliz Navidad con Agua Dulce by TerraViators
12/14/2016 Club UFO: Yule shoot your Eye out by UFO Crew
12/15/2016 B.R.A.G.S. Celebrates Christmas!!! by 2Nutz
12/15/2016 Bereits zum Geocaching! by juleed
12/16/2016 3G - G.alleria G.eocachers G.abfest - Version 5.7 by Robin_1 & HeftyDude
12/16/2016 Eight Pies a Blazing by Southwest Fort Worth Lunch Bunch
12/18/2016 Muggle Relations X by Waterweasel and Tygress
12/18/2016 K.I.S.S. of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Kirbydox
12/20/2016 Fourth Annual Third Tuesday Eat & Greet in Dec. by Woodpicker & Skipbo
12/21/2016 Winter Solstice 2016 by Waterweasel and Tygress
12/21/2016 Welcome to the West Side Act LIX by Manofsteel73
12/28/2016 Alien Invasion - Eat, Drink and Be Merry! by Kirbydox
12/31/2016 360 Christmas tree aftermath CITO III by Kittydcota, Davoatx
12/31/2016 After the CITO warm-up III by Kittydcota, Davoatx
12/31/2016 Another Annual New Year's Eve Blast with PJ by allysonpickles
1/7/2017 Hiderama D/T Challenge by thewildroseoftexas
1/17/2017 3rd Tuesday with the Gang in January by boners_mom
2/4/2017 Mystery Solverama by thewildroseoftexas

Latest Caches Hidden...

12/4/2016 No Fat Chicks #1 by Sideshow Bob
12/3/2016 Gingerbread Duck by OneCrazyChick
12/3/2016 Waterfall Cache by SirMichael1972
12/3/2016 Phoenix 8.0 by Seabee-MC/HNY
12/3/2016 Tower 909 by SirMichael1972
12/3/2016 Carolyn's Cache by SirMichael1972
12/3/2016 second home #13 by rae32
12/3/2016 Long Branch Crick by geoGnasher
12/3/2016 Buffalo Crick by geoGnasher
12/3/2016 Water Tower View by geoGnasher

Latest Trackable Items...

12/5/2016 12:00:00 PM Travel Flag Colorado was placed in Rock On!.
12/4/2016 12:00:00 PM Mom's 2013 HQ Logbook Geocoin was placed in Just What the Doctor Ordered.
12/4/2016 12:00:00 PM Ohhhh....Mexico was placed in Jared's Favorite - Cuero.
12/4/2016 12:00:00 PM Cupcake on the Move was placed in Gators GOGO Cemetery Tour #2.
12/4/2016 12:00:00 PM BDN Bug was placed in Big Green Box.
12/4/2016 12:00:00 PM Monkeying Around was placed in 20-Snake Series-Copperhead.
12/4/2016 12:00:00 PM Grave Digger - Cruz was placed in Home Sweet Gnome.
12/4/2016 12:00:00 PM Rot 13 Decoder Geocoin was placed in Take Time to Smell the Pine.
12/4/2016 12:00:00 PM GUESS WHO? was placed in BBB & RV.
12/4/2016 12:00:00 PM PC HC CHRISTMAS 2005 Geocoin was placed in Merry Christmas Y'all.

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