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Events, Past and Present...

10/18/2016 Welcome to the Woodlands — Part 41 by bandskelly
10/18/2016 Park & Gab: # 102 by Old Lefty and Imahoot
10/18/2016 3rd Tuesday Eat N Greet in October with the Gang by boners_mom
10/18/2016 Geo-Exchange VI-Addison, TX 75254 by Zeppo!
10/19/2016 Welcome to the West Side Act LVII by uptrain
10/20/2016 Central Cachers Meet&Greet-The Return of the King by Central Cachers Consortium
10/20/2016 Welcome Home 2016, Phase 1 by zrvers
10/20/2016 B.R.A.G.S. Investigates A Puzzle?? by 2Nutz
10/21/2016 Eat, Drink & Be Scary by Visiting Vet Tech
10/21/2016 ᖷish and ɔhips with Zeʞe by Southwest Fort Worth Lunch Bunch
10/22/2016 Geocaching Family Day by wr365
10/22/2016 Goodbye Event by CartoEd
10/22/2016 Spring Sunset Cito by familyjensen & txtbuff
10/22/2016 Welcome Back! by mommio
10/22/2016 mmmmm donuts - again by Homer
10/22/2016 Hey Buddy - Let's Clean Up Another Park by Buddy, txgo4fan & MOS73
10/23/2016 BB Passes the Torch to MSPatt! by BaytownBert
10/23/2016 October Meet and Greet by CaverScott, Bamagirl, and Imcaver
10/23/2016 All Hallows K.I.S.S (Keeping It Simple Sugarland) by TravelingGeek
10/26/2016 Alien Invasion - Ghosts & Goblins Ahead by Kirbydox
10/26/2016 Middle Event #2-3 NEW LOCATON IN BOERNE by GeoJo24
10/27/2016 Tri-County Meet-n-Greet by 2VIPS
10/27/2016 ABC: Hey Mamacita, Come to a Geocaching Event! by Rich & Lola
10/28/2016 3G - G.alleria G.eocachers G.abfest - Version 5.5 by Robin_1 & Heftydude
10/28/2016 Will Cache for Food by Lifeisahorse
10/29/2016 Sunset at the Oasis by Lifeisahorse
10/29/2016 The Breakfast Club Bastrop Style by Lifeisahorse
10/29/2016 Canoeing on the Creek - Precinct 4 Geocaching by finnfive, ninjamom64, & smstrss001
10/29/2016 A.K.A. Geocachers - Ghost of Unfound Caches by alana719
10/29/2016 Family Reunion by G Force
10/29/2016 Halloween Weekend Flash Mob by sharon133
10/29/2016 Meet & Greet LasVegasBones by LasVegasBones
10/30/2016 Amberita's Halloween Hullabaloo by amberita13
10/30/2016 Haunted Hides Souvenir Breakfast by jvet
10/30/2016 Cito'ing around Lake Bastrop by Lifeisahorse
10/30/2016 Halloween's Eve 2016 by SKnight579
10/31/2016 Ghostly Cachers Gather for a Frightful Night by Jtheman9, cactusjen, and konradGC
10/31/2016 WooHoo! It's Halloween! by sharon133
10/31/2016 Trick or Treating at Speedowl's House IX by Speedowl & kd solo
11/02/2016 💀All Souls Welcome!💀 by Ca$hQueen
11/02/2016 91 Untested taps on the Wall by Bubberdad
11/03/2016 GIFF 2016 @ Parman Library by SFX42
11/03/2016 GIFF Movie Night & BBQ by txgo4fan
11/03/2016 Brain Freeze and Birthdays! by JuleeD
11/03/2016 "Hot Dog" It's a "Meet & Eat" by rambetta
11/04/2016 Lone Star Round-Up S'mores! by hello-pittie
11/04/2016 Caffeinated Cachers Meet Up by TXLiz
11/04/2016 LifeIsAHorse Kayak Meet and Greet For RoundUP 2016 by Lifeisahorse
11/04/2016 GIFF Matinee @ Bulverde Spring Branch Library by GeoJo24
11/05/2016 2016 International GIFF Film Festival and More! by geoGnasher
11/05/2016 ToGA goes to the movies: GIFF Event 2016 by Texoma Geocaching Association
11/05/2016 GeoTx Geocachers Monthly Geocaching Breakfast by rick78626
11/05/2016 RoundUp 2016 Hot Diggity Dog Bar Meet and Greet by Lifeisahorse
11/05/2016 Breakfast of Champions Meet and Greet by Lifeisahorse
11/05/2016 5th Annual TXGA Lone Star RoundUp by TXGA and Central Texas Geocachers
11/05/2016 GIFF in Bastrop by Lifeisahorse
11/06/2016 TXGA Lone Star Round-up CITO by hello-pittie
11/06/2016 A Full Day and let's add a Movie by TXCinnamonGirl
11/06/2016 Texas Institutions and a Houston Tradition by TXCinnamonGirl
11/08/2016 SpringTime Fun 1110 by navystud
11/12/2016 Twas A Night Before Thanksgiving by L&Lkayakers
11/12/2016 BB's Baytown Seed Fling Wingding CITO! by BaytownBert
11/14/2016 Fireside Meet & Greet w/ S'mores by TXLiz
11/19/2016 4th Annual Movie Night - A Night Made by the Stars by SC11
11/20/2016 Keep Austin Weird: Christmas Tree Flash Mob III by Kittydcota, Davoatx
11/20/2016 An Aussie in the Lone Star State by Doctor Owl
12/02/2016 Meet & Greet with Belgium by Arnaudd
12/03/2016 Geocaching Family Day by wr365
12/03/2016 12th Annual Down Home Gathering by Fire2Water

Latest Caches Hidden...

10/22/2016 A Little Work of Art by Just Rachel
10/22/2016 RIP by OneCrazyChick
10/22/2016 ledraM by jdriver68
10/22/2016 FG - Halloween Series - "They All Float Down Here" by #1Fishingal
10/22/2016 Cake Wars by Reynfamily
10/21/2016 10 Commamdments Version 2.0 by fishingkitty
10/21/2016 ZZZZZZZ by MikeShirley
10/21/2016 Caja Roja - Edinburg by Bigguy In Texas
10/21/2016 Getin'RndSA#21 by OneCrazyChick
10/21/2016 The Devil by MacyVeranda

Latest Trackable Items...

10/23/2016 12:00:00 First To Find Tag was placed in BPTX 25: Chappell Hill Institute.
10/23/2016 12:00:00 7 Deadly Ducks Tag (Lust) was placed in High and Dry.
10/23/2016 12:00:00 Wizard Train was placed in One to take a selfie with..
10/23/2016 12:00:00 WITCH DUCKY TAG was placed in One to take a selfie with..
10/23/2016 12:00:00 The Hershey Chocolate Bar was placed in FG - Halloween Series - "They All Float Down Here".
10/22/2016 12:00:00 Rabe Victor was placed in Bookmark Cache.
10/22/2016 12:00:00 Team-DnD's Liberty Bell SEPAG Geocoin was placed in Beware of Glass.
10/22/2016 12:00:00 Team-DnD's United We Cache Geocoin was placed in Beware of Glass.
10/22/2016 12:00:00 Team-DnD's Symbology Geocoin was placed in Beware of Glass.
10/22/2016 12:00:00 Team-DnD's TXGABlack Sheep Cachers Geocoin was placed in Beware of Glass.

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