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Events, Past and Present...

4/22/2017 5th Annual Tatum CITO Event by 98x
4/22/2017 4th Herman Little Park CITO by Bubberdad
4/22/2017 3rd Annual East Texas Gathering by TeamML
4/22/2017 Eat N Greet at T's Cafe by SC11
4/22/2017 The 1st Annual Paddle Lake Kingwood for a Dog! by Team 150%
4/22/2017 Spring Clean up at the Beach. by 8Nuts MotherGoose
4/22/2017 2017 Kayaking CITO by MsPatt
4/22/2017 The 15th Annual CITO Weekend Event by Texoma Geocaching
4/22/2017 Corpus Christi Area International CITO Week Event by dcmcveigh
4/22/2017 Corpus Christi Area Post CITO Lunch by dcmcveigh
4/22/2017 Kicking off the 1st Annual Kingwood Dog Paddle! by mcguyvertwo
4/22/2017 CITO @ Gateway! by Roogles!
4/22/2017 Earth Adoption:A Beach at Time by SHAWTY213/Lou I Am
4/23/2017 2017 Baytown Goose Creek Spring Cleaning CITO by TXGeoHunters
4/23/2017 5th Annual Earth Day CITO - AAH Event by Bigguy In Texas
4/23/2017 2017 Earth Day CITO After Event by Bigguy In Texas
4/23/2017 Twelfth KISS's a keeper by TravelingGeek
4/23/2017 A Tribute To Prime Suspect by 9Key
4/25/2017 A Night with The Count and Thaddeus Jones by TerraViators
4/25/2017 After Work CITO - April 2017 by Electric Water Boy
4/26/2017 Alien Invasion - National Pretzel Day by Kirbydox
4/26/2017 Monkey's Super Heroic Afternoon At The Park! by CuteLilFuzzyMonkey
4/26/2017 Middle of the Week Event #2-9 by GeoJo24
4/26/2017 CITO Newbury Park by nwr123 and ctc64
4/26/2017 Cito and Trail Adoption by thewildroseoftexas
4/27/2017 ABC April Burgers by no muggle
4/28/2017 3G - G.alleria G.eocachers G.abfest - Version 5.11 by Robin_1 & HeftyDude
4/28/2017 Git Some Q with Yer Cuz, Y'all by Southwest Fort Worth Lunch Bunch
4/28/2017 Cache Talk @ The Market! by Roogles!
4/28/2017 We've Got a Thing That's Called Radar Love by TerraViators
4/29/2017 CITO South Austin II by TattooBarbie
4/29/2017 After CITO S. Austin II Brunch by TattooBarbie
4/29/2017 The Florida Fun Bunch comes to Austin by horseshoechamp / Fun Bunch
4/29/2017 S. 27th CITO 2017 #01 by Love Cachers
4/29/2017 VCSP CITO sring 2017 by Cache Control
4/29/2017 Meet at Jimmy's by Abernathy918 and Ladybug_4
4/29/2017 CITO Cadillac Ranch 2017-Earth Week by jaylous1
4/29/2017 Sam Houston Park CITO Part The Second by sam521
4/29/2017 2017 "Where's Wallet?" Eat - N - Greet by boners_mom
4/29/2017 Relay For Wallet Flashmob by Wallet SETX
4/29/2017 Gnome Roam Spring CITO by mcroughs
4/30/2017 Florida Meets Austin Meet-n-Greet by gatorman83
4/30/2017 Fun Bunch goes Bat-Ship Crazy! by Funfinderone / Fun Bunch
5/1/2017 Richardson/North TX Monthly Meeting by Patch27
5/1/2017 FIRST MONDAY IN BEAUMONT MAY 2017 by Bizzyb
5/1/2017 Will Cache For Food #77 - May Day! by sugarlandians
5/1/2017 Puzzles Flowering Into Solutions Event by Reynfamily
5/3/2017 So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye... by DaxVolks
5/3/2017 56 Untested Taps on the Wall by bubbermom1
5/3/2017 SpringTime Fun 10100 by navystud
5/4/2017 May The Forth Be With You. by Cache Control
5/5/2017 When Casual Friday Meets Cinco de Mayo... by Godot
5/6/2017 Humcitawood Meet&Greet #4- Help With Puzzles by G&N Geocachers & MsPatt
5/6/2017 Monthly GeoTx Geocaching breakfast by rick78626
5/6/2017 Round Up Planning - May meeting by fishingkitty
5/8/2017 Seven Years and 254 Counties Later......... by Mrs. Captain Picard and Footnotes coach
5/10/2017 DFW Daytime Event: Highland Village Edition by JuggerMom7
5/10/2017 Chowing Down in Deer Park #6 by Texasgal60
5/13/2017 mmmmm donuts - VII by Homer
5/13/2017 Hey Buddy - Let's Clean Up Another Park VII by Buddy, txgo4fan & MOS73
5/16/2017 3rd Tuesday Eat N Greet with the Gang in May by boners_mom
5/16/2017 Central Cachers Meet&Greet: Is it Genghis or Khan? by Central Cachers Consortium
5/16/2017 Welcome to the Woodlands — Part 48 by bandskelly
5/17/2017 Welcome to the West Side Act LXIV by Manofsteel73
5/20/2017 3rd Annual East Texas Geo Games Carnival by Visiting Vet Tech
5/23/2017 Park and Gab #109 by Imahoot and Old Lefty
5/30/2017 Remembering Prime by UnDefinedCacher
6/10/2017 WWFM XIV at the Sam Houston Statue by Rathergohiking
6/10/2017 WWFM XIV at Rudy's by txgo4fan and ManofSteel73

Latest Caches Hidden...

4/25/2017 Get your blood pumping...take a walk. by Casaderussell
4/25/2017 Shortcut by crouchfam
4/25/2017 Sonic Arcade by Reynfamily
4/25/2017 Texasdishman #145 Play Ball Tigers by texasdishman
4/25/2017 Good AfterNUUN #6 by StickBit
4/25/2017 Gilmer by candeeman6868
4/25/2017 Tale of 2 trees by candeeman6868
4/25/2017 "Gone But Not Forgotten" # 3 by Texas Eagles
4/25/2017 Welcome to Stephenville by aneagle1 rneagle254
4/25/2017 Gaint tree by aneagle1 rneagle254

Latest Trackable Items...

4/26/2017 12:00:00 PM 7 Deadly Ducks Race - Gluttony was placed in Bouldering in the Greenbelt.
4/26/2017 12:00:00 PM BDN Bug was placed in Big Green Box.
4/26/2017 12:00:00 PM Washington Boot to Texas was placed in Dead Men Tell No Tales.
4/26/2017 12:00:00 PM KELLA BEAR was placed in Gotcher Trace.
4/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Barney Smith's Seat #702 was placed in Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Museum.
4/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Jeep 4x4 #1951 was placed in Wee Willy's Sudoku.
4/25/2017 12:00:00 PM 100 jaar Scouting in Nederland Geocoin was placed in Puckett's TB Place.
4/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Little Boy Purple was placed in Toys, Toys, Toys!!!.
4/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Maryland Keychain was placed in Walker County Safety Rest Area ~ I-45 Northbound .
4/25/2017 12:00:00 PM Lucky Charm Bug was placed in Meet Me Out Back.

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