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Events, Past and Present...

07/19/2016 Welcome to the Woodlands — Part 38 by bandskelly
07/20/2016 Welcome to the West Side Act LIV by Manofsteel73
07/20/2016 Park & Gab 99: Duck Dash Kick Off by TCB and txgo4fan
07/20/2016 Duck Dash Go by thewildroseoftexas
07/20/2016 HQ Deadly Duck Race kick-off event by Texoma Geocaching Association
07/20/2016 Let the Duck Race Begin! by jvet
07/21/2016 Geocachers Celebrate Hemingway's Birthday by 2Nutz
07/21/2016 Central Cachers Meet&Greet - America's Birthday by Jojohnite
07/22/2016 Hot July, Cool Beach Event by Lifeisahorse
07/23/2016 Geocaching basics for Law Enforcement by juleed
07/23/2016 BB's (7) Blue Heron Parkway SETX CITO by BaytownBert
07/24/2016 Summer K.I.S.S. (Keeping It Simple in Sugarland) by Kirbydox
07/26/2016 GSAK Training for Geocaching by jvet
07/26/2016 LifeIsAHorse Kayak Meet and Greet #2 2016 by Lifeisahorse
07/27/2016 S.W.A.G. Wrestles The Heat! by El Bruto
07/27/2016 Alien Invasion - Hot July, Cool Event by Kirbydox
07/27/2016 8r From Decatur - Let's Hide Something by TheMtns, 8r From Decatur
07/27/2016 Tubing the Comal Meet and Greet by Lifeisahorse
07/28/2016 ABC: July Heat by SueandRon
07/28/2016 Geo July Pizza Meet and Greet by Lifeisahorse
07/29/2016 3G - G.alleria G.eocachers G.abfest - Version 5.2 by heftydude & Robin_1
07/29/2016 Power Lunch with Yogi by TerraViators
07/29/2016 The GOS go into the Drink -2 by Gilliansage
07/29/2016 Cache Talk @ The Market! by Roogles!
07/30/2016 Float Your Boat by kiecker
07/30/2016 Leap Over For Burgers Part Deaux by Lifeisahorse
07/30/2016 Kayaking Lake Bastrop For Caches by LifeIsAHorse by Lifeisahorse
07/30/2016 End of July Meet Up - 1 Year Since Move by dcmcveigh
07/31/2016 CITO-Our favorite things. by Kittydcota, Davoats
07/31/2016 3rd Annual Our Favorite Things by Kittydcota, DavoAtx
07/31/2016 Goodbye Austin ... Hello Maine by Emmy-n-Sapphie
08/01/2016 Will Cache For Food #68 - Octavian's Fare by Ca$hQueen
08/01/2016 Puzzle Me This? by AKA Geocachers
08/01/2016 FIRST MONDAY IN BEAUMONT AUGUST 2016 by Bizzyb
08/01/2016 DAWGS Close to July Meet and Greet by DAWSS
08/02/2016 SpringTime Fun 1011 by navystud
08/02/2016 Geo-Exchange - Addison, TX 75254 by Zeppo!
08/03/2016 114 Untested taps on the Wall by Bubberdad
08/06/2016 Monthly GeoTx Geocachers breakfast/caching by rick78626
08/07/2016 Ready! Set! Wrap! by Arlington Public Library and SWAG
08/13/2016 BB & JuleeD's TXGA Zombie Block Party by BaytownBert & JuleeD
08/13/2016 BB & JuleeD's TXGA (4) Vertical Zombie Crawl! by BaytownBert & JuleeD
08/14/2016 Feast of the Zombies! (Brekky with the TXGA Board) by JuleeD and BaytownBert
08/14/2016 See, Toe? Zombie CITO w/the TXGA Board by JuleeD and BaytownBert
08/20/2016 Duck Dash Final by thewildroseoftexas
08/20/2016 International Geocaching Day by wr365
08/20/2016 August Eat and Greet. by 98x
08/20/2016 Duck Into QT Meet and Greet by gslink&slinkymama
08/20/2016 Int'l Geocaching Duck Dash Day Breakfast by TattooBarbie
08/20/2016 International Geocaching Day "Fishing" Tournament by North Texas Geofishing Association
08/20/2016 Awaken from a Zombie state: CAFFEINE IS THE CURE by Rathergohiking
08/20/2016 Duck Dash Pie Anyone? by Explore Kyle
08/20/2016 Smiley, Souvenir, and New Friends, Oh my by TX Magic Lady
08/20/2016 HQ Deady Duck Race Finish Line by Texoma Geocaching Association
08/20/2016 Mitchell Nature Preserve CITO: Southern Trailhead by Rathergohiking
08/20/2016 Mitchell Nature Preserve CITO: Northern Trailhead by geojrh
08/22/2016 Dawgs August Meet and Greet by DAWGS
08/28/2016 Clean A Highway - Earn a Souvenir! by Bigguy In Texas
09/03/2016 Is it a conspiracy? by VinceMRowe
09/03/2016 Senseless Rhymes Event by Mermaid&HornyToad
09/16/2016 Rhyme Me Senseless Event by Mermaid&HornyToad
09/25/2016 Intro to Geocaching @ APL by claudiferous

Latest Caches Hidden...

07/24/2016 Caja Roja - Edinburg by Bigguy In Texas
07/24/2016 The Princess Bride Series (The Escape) by Reynfamily
07/23/2016 Beer there done that by saren829 & Breeze'sBerries
07/23/2016 BLUEBONNETS by Graunt Elizabeth
07/23/2016 A tree has logs on it by caleb123neal
07/23/2016 Sir Michael's Trackable Exchange by SirMichael1972
07/23/2016 a sign of living by swiser122
07/23/2016 Silver Cache by SirMichael1972
07/23/2016 Lost Creek Park by Discovery2889
07/23/2016 Over The Rainbow by sfox75

Latest Trackable Items...

07/24/2016 12:00:00 Cachekinz Bob was placed in Cache on Prayer Mountain.
07/24/2016 12:00:00 Colours was placed in Cache on Prayer Mountain.
07/24/2016 12:00:00 HC Kometa Brno TB was placed in Cache on Prayer Mountain.
07/24/2016 12:00:00 DDRAMS' Secret Cache Geocoin was placed in Cache on Prayer Mountain.
07/24/2016 12:00:00 ArneAroundTheWorld was placed in Cache on Prayer Mountain.
07/24/2016 12:00:00 Red Biter Potato Stamp Brother was placed in Cache on Prayer Mountain.
07/24/2016 12:00:00 Speedy's College Tour was placed in Beyond Here, Lay Dragons.
07/24/2016 12:00:00 2006 CITO Geocoin #27 was placed in Dam Geocoin Exchange: 1 In 1 Out.
07/24/2016 12:00:00 Groundspeak Lackey 2009 Geocoin was placed in Dam Geocoin Exchange: 1 In 1 Out.
07/24/2016 12:00:00 Team-MME Travel Bug nr1 was placed in Dam Geocoin Exchange: 1 In 1 Out.

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