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Events, Past and Present...

6/21/2017 Knock, Knock, Knock Joke #2: Ugly Orange Camp Quiz by Xnard
6/21/2017 June has busted out, Yuba City Meet & Greet #110 by retiredprof
6/21/2017 Week 71 in Plaza Bonita (June 21, 2017) by trixxster
6/23/2017 Know what? It's Summer--Day 3, in fact by ecrane
6/24/2017 National Praline Day by SM_Matt
6/24/2017 SUDS and SWAG VIII - June 2017 by =CCC=
6/25/2017 I'm Movin' On Up! Farewell Event by McKenzie~Binns
6/25/2017 Bring the Hot Chocolate by Mischief101, The Crazy Cacher, BeatsWorkin
6/26/2017 ~ SCV Geo Meet & Greet #25 ~ by Enchantingly Wild
6/27/2017 Camiones de Comida en Junio by running_bears
6/27/2017 TUHS Summer School Class CITO in the Park by TUHS Summer School Geocaching Class
6/27/2017 Angelfish by kanchan
6/28/2017 X squeeze me! Idiot green tomato west of bad alley by Xnard
6/28/2017 Week 72 in Plaza Bonita (June 28th, 2017) by trixxster
6/29/2017 YACs Enjoy June at the Saloon by JoyfulNomad
7/1/2017 Canada Day by samm99 and rainbow_guyz
7/1/2017 Sacré bleu! Canada Day 2017 in American Canyon! by JoyfulNomad
7/1/2017 Happy B-Day Canada, Eh? in Mammoth - Day 1 by soule122
7/1/2017 Where in the World is Signal the Frog, Eh? by Rapaladude
7/1/2017 #28c-wake up & smell the coffee: alohA style by alohAJ
7/1/2017 Canada Day in Santa Barbara by BerkeleyBoomers
7/1/2017 Trash eh? by IBSeekers
7/1/2017 Canada Day 2017 Get Your souvenir by makeme
7/1/2017 Come And Cool Off In The Woods by Ham3
7/1/2017 HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA! by Boxerboy211
7/1/2017 Love Toronto, eh? ❤️Canada Day (Birthday souvenir) by Xnard
7/1/2017 8th Annual M*A*S*H Awards / 4th Annual Cachies by FlagMan
7/1/2017 Canada Day in Grass Valley by bon scott
7/1/2017 Happy Birthday Canada, Eh? by mamabluefairy
7/1/2017 Early Bird Special ~ Coffee and a Souvenir! by lulu499
7/1/2017 D'ough Canada Day! by AyeTym
7/1/2017 Canada Day in Big Bear by Giazilla
7/1/2017 Northern Outpost - Where is Signal The Frog? by DragonsWest
7/1/2017 Let's Celebrate Milestones! by Pirate & Poodle
7/1/2017 Canada Day Souvenir Event by elrojo14
7/1/2017 West LA Geocachers' Celebrates Canada! by West LA Cachers (Thavia, Sunflower96, KatQ2u & TJ)
7/1/2017 Celebrate Canada Day 2017 - Potluck BBQ by catsimmie & jesuiscanadienne
7/1/2017 CITO in Mammoth, Eh? by soule122
7/1/2017 Oh Canada by woodscout
7/1/2017 O, Conejo, er... Canada! by chaosmanor
7/2/2017 Happy Birthd-eh Canada!!! by Darth Lina & czamacona
7/2/2017 Tahoe-Guam, Paradise to Paradise by tahoeguam
7/2/2017 Post-Canada Day Meet and Greet by croling
7/2/2017 The Day After Canada Day by gw0143
7/2/2017 Come for the doughnuts, stay for the souvenir! by RFF-Reid Family
7/2/2017 Happy B-Day Canada, Eh? in Mammoth - Day 2 by soule122
7/2/2017 Happy Birthd-eh Canada 2 by czamacona & Darth Lina
7/2/2017 Profitez de la glace et gagnez votre souvenir by Photo_Seeker & ALFMSTR
7/3/2017 RC Geocachers Meet & Greet & Eat #75 by catsimmie
7/3/2017 Firework Frenzy! by Pirate & Poodle
7/4/2017 America's Birthday-good, bad & ugly-still the best by KEMBORG
7/5/2017 Cache Addicts Meet & Greet #130 by Fixated Cache Addicts
7/5/2017 Victor Valley Geocachers Meet up No. 27 of 100 by LazarusLong
7/5/2017 Week 1 at Parkway Plaza (July 5, 2017) by trixxster
7/5/2017 First (cat) Fort by Xnard
7/7/2017 5 / 5 Four Finns in America by 4xFI
7/7/2017 Fishnguy&10sgrl Bait & Volley Their Way to 50,000! by sweetpea1953
7/7/2017 2017 Annual Antelope Roundup by Sujojeepers & Gingersmama
7/8/2017 Full Moon Rising #81 - July 2017 by West End Geocachers
7/8/2017 Happy Birthday OVC by Ojai Valley Cachers
7/8/2017 Celebrate 600 Shows & 12 Years with Team PodCacher by Team PodCacher
7/8/2017 San Antonio Watershed Clean-up 2017 by CraigsOutside cleaning up
7/9/2017 Walkway Cleanup by Alcala09
7/9/2017 🎂 It's Birthdaytym for Druid Frank!!! 🎂 by mojostones family
7/9/2017 Buck Moon by Night Hunter
7/11/2017 Camiones de Comida en julio by running_bears
7/12/2017 7 Shower Pet Pig Tony is OTG! (Want a Shipwreck?) by Dr. Flonase
7/12/2017 SFV Geocachers Meet & Greet #88 by SFVGeocachers
7/13/2017 Where is my half gold ninja coin +ugly green toad? by Xnard
7/15/2017 Sneak Peek at the Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde by running_bears
7/15/2017 Findin' th' lost booty o' Mary Hyde!!! by FlagMan
7/15/2017 West LA Cachers' Search fer Captain Hyde's Booty by West LA Cachers (Thavia, Sunflower96, TropicalJoe)
7/15/2017 Find me Treasure! by BDZT
7/15/2017 The Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde... by catsimmie
7/15/2017 Begin: The Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde! by John_Minkema
7/15/2017 AV Geocachers Meet & Greet #37 by AV Geocachers
7/15/2017 Mary Hyde Lost Her Treasure and We Shall Find It by Webfoot
7/15/2017 Find the Golden Ship by Danwarybehopi
7/16/2017 Pirates at Crown Beach by StadsAlv
7/16/2017 The Treasure Hunt Begins - East Meets West by butrflygirl
7/16/2017 The Lost Treasure by jadzea and ETC
7/16/2017 Lost booty o' Mary Hyde an' drinkin' coffee by soule122
7/16/2017 The Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde by running_bears
7/17/2017 Geocaching SF Lunch #1 by Mickey4jes
7/18/2017 Be very, very quiet...we're hunting Geocaches (27) by prinlita
7/18/2017 Conejo Valley Meet & Greet #10 by crossbow spartan and fastflyer
7/19/2017 Geo-Con 2017 by bluesnote
7/19/2017 Xiangyang redwood xylophone by Xnard
7/20/2017 San Gabriel Valley Geocachers Meet & Greet #49 by SGV Geocachers
7/22/2017 Dutch Oven Cook Off Meet and Great with $'mores by MelBindi
7/22/2017 Yosemite Summer VIP CITO in the Park by A Team Vallejo
7/22/2017 Great Personal Stories of Geocaching Firsts by KarenLona and gw0143
7/29/2017 WEGs PET Bonus RallyIE 2017 Kick-Off by West End Geocachers
7/29/2017 WEGs Bonus RallyIE 2017 Award Ceremony by West End Geocachers
7/29/2017 Little Saint Nicks Father is Coming to Town by US Citizen
8/1/2017 Be very, very quiet...we're hunting Geocaches (28) by prinlita
8/2/2017 6 Doing Disappearing Amazing Cowboy John Says Mine by Dr. Flonase
8/5/2017 North Vs South Super Soaker Event # 10 by Sok Ness Monster
8/7/2017 RC Geocachers Meet & Greet & Eat #76 by catsimmie
8/7/2017 CA- A Pirate's Life For Us! by Monkeybrad, Evek & the Captain Rodney's Crew
8/21/2017 IE Meet and Greet #75 by stevowert
8/22/2017 8 Lie! There's a Face Optimistic St Very Crazy Dad by Dr. Flonase
8/26/2017 A day on Angel Island by running_bears
9/4/2017 RC Geocachers Meet & Greet & Eat #77 by catsimmie

Latest Caches Hidden...

6/26/2017 Ally_Bally_Wally's Cache by ally_bally_wally
6/26/2017 Borrego Trail Mid Point by woodscout
6/26/2017 Borrego Trail Reflection by woodscout
6/26/2017 Thirsty by BanyanClayton
6/26/2017 TF by Dr. Flonase
6/26/2017 $10- Cris Ly Style! by Dr. Flonase
6/26/2017 Taryam: Russian Hill by yamjerky
6/26/2017 Sports Park Cache by Flewbiu
6/26/2017 Blackavar's Burrow by Blackavar1
6/26/2017 P&P's 2,000th Hide by Pirate & Poodle

Latest Trackable Items...

6/28/2017 12:00:00 PM Mickilynn's Purple Tag was placed in Woof.
6/28/2017 12:00:00 PM Der blaue Delfin was placed in Woof.
6/27/2017 12:00:00 PM TB Nanok was placed in Doggie Do (revived!).
6/27/2017 12:00:00 PM #10 FTF Micro Coin was placed in "TAG" .
6/27/2017 12:00:00 PM Go Greyhound... was placed in Bend of the road .
6/27/2017 12:00:00 PM Mr. Bussola was placed in Cache City Widowmaker.
6/27/2017 12:00:00 PM was placed in Rengstorff Rätsel.
6/27/2017 12:00:00 PM US Flag was placed in Rengstorff Rätsel.
6/27/2017 12:00:00 PM Everything that shine is not ruby... was placed in Rengstorff Rätsel.
6/27/2017 12:00:00 PM Purplicious Punchback was placed in Rengstorff Rätsel.

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