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Events, Past and Present...

08/19/2016 Bucks Lake Bivouac by Sujojeepers & Gingersmama
08/19/2016 Meet & Greet @ KBF by StedeBonnet1688
08/20/2016 International Geocaching Day Duck Derby by catsimmie
08/20/2016 And The Winner Is... by LvsBtxPtr
08/20/2016 HQ Duck Dash Finish Line by photo_seeker & alfmstr
08/20/2016 Santa Barbara Celebrates Int Geocaching Day by $$tracker
08/20/2016 Int'l Geocaching Day - San Diego!!! VI by The Fat Cats
08/20/2016 International Geocaching Day 2016 in Winters by ecrane
08/20/2016 International Geocaching Day -TnS- Flash event by maddmaxxawr & TeamDogBreath
08/20/2016 P&P Paddle In The Moonlight Event by Pirate & Poodle
08/20/2016 Hot August Night by Lil Devil and Angel
08/20/2016 Meet in Escondido - international geocaching day by andre0707
08/20/2016 Dog Daze of Summer - Are You Sirius? by DragonsWest
08/20/2016 Duck Race, Real and Deadly, at the Venice Canals by KatQ2u, Thavia, Sunflower96, Tropical Joe
08/20/2016 Duck TB Race Ending Event... and Souvenir! by Tung8
08/20/2016 alohA summer by alohAJ
08/20/2016 Just a get together by carolehu
08/20/2016 Time to Quit Duckin' Around by JPCarol
08/20/2016 Happy International Geocaching Day! by senoritafish
08/23/2016 ~ SCV Geo Meet & Greet #16 ~ by Enchantingly Wild
08/24/2016 Week 28 in Plaza Bonita (August 24, 2016) by trixxster
08/25/2016 YACs love to wear hats! August 2016 Meet & Greet by JoyfulNomad
08/26/2016 What's Your Mix? Meet & Greet / SCV by CacheKidz!
08/26/2016 Blues with the Blues - End of Summer by bluesnote
08/27/2016 Secret Agents Meeting #3 by catsimmie
08/27/2016 Rat & Mushroom's Ninth Pay Back Event by Rat & Mushroom
08/27/2016 East of the Bay, West of the Hills 11 by zuckermn, Berkeley Boomers, scpet, and WrongwayZ
08/28/2016 LA Meet and Greet by The Gator Bait Four
08/30/2016 Unfortunate Native Lady Elephant Crushes Oak Stump by gooseville
08/31/2016 Week 29 in Plaza Bonita (August 31, 2016) by trixxster
09/01/2016 Youbs26 & LechercheurLensois R Here From France! by McKenzie~Binns
09/03/2016 San Ramon Valley Meet & Greet #7 by mgallinatti
09/03/2016 Wake Up and Smell the Coffee! #18 - We're Legal! by Webfoot
09/03/2016 It's BEER time! by Kimandgirls
09/04/2016 bassocantor & mgallinatti's birthday bash by mgallinatti
09/05/2016 RC Geocachers September Meet & Greet & Eat by catsimmie
09/06/2016 VVGC Get-Together #17 by LazarusLong
09/06/2016 Be very, very quiet...we're hunting Geocaches (19) by prinlita
09/06/2016 Quirky Quirky Quirky Native Beef Camel of Kern by gooseville
09/07/2016 Cache Addicts Meet & Greet #120 by Fixated Cache Addicts
09/10/2016 RCGDS Presents The September 11th Event VI by 911-BrownFamily
09/10/2016 Meet the Maps by map4navigation and Reba
09/10/2016 1,111 Cache Night-Owl Party! by Micro-Owls
09/12/2016 New to Town - Meet and Greet by robingriffith
09/13/2016 F.R.O.G.S. 7th Annual Hoppin' Upvalley! by zx6
09/13/2016 Coral Paradise (September 13, 2016) by kanchan
09/14/2016 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT by humboldt flier
09/14/2016 SFV Geocachers Meet & Greet #80 by SFVGeocachers
09/17/2016 Smores & Hot Diggity , 4th Annual event by Crz4gd
09/17/2016 Tia Juana River CITO by fisnjack
09/17/2016 Welcome to Planet Lex - CITO by Abercrumbie & Zort Galactic Trash Tours
09/17/2016 1st Fall CITO Week 2016 by CraigsOutside
09/17/2016 Knights Landing CITO 2016 by HockeyHiker19
09/17/2016 CITO: Seal Beach / California Coastal Cleanup Day by The Flying Dutchmen
09/17/2016 Geocaching in the Wild Wild West by Ridgecrest Geocachers
09/17/2016 AV Geocachers Meet & Greet #27 by AV Geocachers
09/18/2016 Dragons and Geocachers Play Here! @ Chesbro CITO by Team 43 * Seek2FindMe, GeoKashers, StarPop
09/18/2016 San Jacinto Mountain trash removal CITO by gidgetbrandy
09/18/2016 U R Invited ~ C.I.T.O. at M.L.K.J. Park by McKenzie~Binns
09/18/2016 Ridgecrest Geocachers 5th Annual CITO Event Take 2 by catsimmie
09/20/2016 MODest Meet & Greet by crossbow spartan and fastflyer
09/20/2016 The Lonely Ninja Glenn views Geese @ the Riverside by KEMBORG
09/23/2016 West LA Geocachers Welcome Clyden'Bonnie by Sunflower96, Thavia, Tropical Joe, KatQ2U
09/24/2016 Heart's Desire Beach BBQ/Picnic by Zop & C-MNM
09/24/2016 U R Invited! Alta Mesa Park C.I.T.O. Event by Mt.Shasta Cachers
09/24/2016 You R Invited 2 Paint & Leave Ur X! by McKenzie~Binns
09/24/2016 Happy Birthday, Dr. Flonase! by Dr. Flonase
09/24/2016 Fiesta Island CITO by LvsBtxPtr
09/25/2016 Golden days of September in California @ UVAS CITO by Team 43 * Seek2FindMe, GeoKashers, StarPop
09/25/2016 The Amasons visit the City of Angels by The Amasons
09/30/2016 Pizza & Night Caching Under The Moon ! by BeachBums!
10/01/2016 Yolo Geo Rally 2016 (YGR1600) by YGR Rallymasters
10/01/2016 KCC Large Cache Contest Awards Night by Kern County Cachers
10/01/2016 Needles Numbers: 4400 Km & 69000 Smileys Event by El Nimrod & Nook&Crannie
10/03/2016 RC Geocachers October Meet & Greet & Eat by catsimmie
10/03/2016 Can-Am Breakfast Event by El Nimrod & Nook&Crannie
10/04/2016 Be very, very quiet...we're hunting Geocaches (20) by prinlita
10/08/2016 Festivus Nineofus by forestmanjoo
10/22/2016 Sweet Treats near the lake-An RCGDS Event by Wild Drumm
10/22/2016 Simi Valley Wildlife Corridor CITO Event by GoinHikin
11/01/2016 Be very, very quiet...we're hunting Geocaches (21) by prinlita
11/05/2016 Tour de Coachella Valley II by Team de Tour
11/05/2016 San José Geocaching International Film Festival by Geocachers Bay Area

Latest Caches Hidden...

08/25/2016 PL9 - Linda Ronstadt by ShareBear64
08/25/2016 PL10 - Glass Houses by ShareBear64
08/25/2016 Apricots & Prunes by shaunmcalpine
08/25/2016 This ones for you B2C!!! by raptome
08/25/2016 Santa Ana sails again by mrdsw
08/25/2016 Prime Real Estate #2 by TaylorRBronson
08/25/2016 You Can’t Ride In My Little Red Wagon by TaylorRBronson
08/25/2016 Birdy Num-Nums by NamaSteve
08/25/2016 He Made Me Do It!! by Mrs..H
08/24/2016 Give a Hoot by Sister Abbie

Latest Trackable Items...

08/26/2016 12:00:00 Stan the Wunder Cat #5 was placed in Outlet.
08/26/2016 12:00:00 TB Yellow was placed in Good Night New Moon.
08/26/2016 12:00:00 GotSkis? "Let's be friends" trackable was placed in Cammo Tape.
08/26/2016 12:00:00 TINK'S DREAM. was placed in Home Made Apple Pie!.
08/26/2016 12:00:00 πnk slip was placed in The Amazing Spider-Cache.
08/26/2016 12:00:00 Tight Sqeeze! #3 Moku-Ti was placed in Poisoness' travel bug hotel.
08/25/2016 12:00:00 Maker Madness Trackable Tag was placed in Ardenwood: Lost in Time.
08/25/2016 12:00:00 Soap Box Racer was placed in TRAVEL BUG/COIN MOTEL.
08/25/2016 12:00:00 Thorne was placed in Travel Bug Motel.
08/25/2016 12:00:00 USA School Geocoin was placed in YVATS Cache.

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