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Geocaching in California

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Events, Past and Present...

6/12/2018 Seemy US Tour (California) by Seemyshell
6/13/2018 Week 50 in Parkway Plaza (June 13, 2018) by trixxster
6/13/2018 June GBA Pre-Meeting Get Together by laurba
6/14/2018 So Long Seemyshell by gsmX2 and Bella-Geo
6/16/2018 AV Geocachers Meet & Greet #48 by AV Geocachers
6/16/2018 COSF Spring Trail Work Day: New trail in Westlake by Ventura County Cachers
6/16/2018 Jaki in San Diego by Jaki-Worthing
6/16/2018 Microluau IX by MGriz and GeoPirates
6/18/2018 IE Meet and Greet #85 by stevowert
6/19/2018 Conejo Valley Meet & Greet #21 by crossbow spartan and fastflyer
6/20/2018 Week 51 in Parkway Plaza (June 20, 2018) by trixxster
6/20/2018 Wednesday Workers Weigh Walking With Wine? by hotshoe
6/20/2018 Keepin' Alive at 75, Yuba City Meet & Greet #122 by retiredprof
6/20/2018 Romeo and Juliet by Xnard
6/20/2018 Meet and Greet - Greetings from Canada by Synergy2011
6/21/2018 Are we in Madrid? Meet and Greet by Fuchsia Lover
6/21/2018 San Gabriel Valley Geocachers Meet & Greet #60 by SGV Geocachers
6/22/2018 Welcome to Summer of 2018! by nsearls25
6/22/2018 GeoTahoe South Meet and Greet by GeoTahoe South Planning Commitee
6/23/2018 Hello Summer!! by lilychic and kreyn49
6/23/2018 NOC Summer Meet & Greet by wraavr
6/23/2018 East of the Bay, West of the Hills 13 by zuckermn, Berkeley Boomers, and WrongWayZ
6/23/2018 Hummingbird Trail CITO #5 by lightningstar
6/24/2018 GeoTahoe South CITO by GeoTahoe South Planning Commitee
6/24/2018 Welcome to a little dinner event (no wind or rain) by Dr. Flonase
6/24/2018 GeoTahoeSouth High Sierra Adventure Celebration by 4Woodys
6/26/2018 Missing the Mexican Mocha 🇲🇽☕ by ecrane
6/26/2018 ~ SCV Geo Meet & Greet #35 ~ by SCV_Geocachers
6/26/2018 Blue Jays Fan Visits the Angels by OshawaPathfinder
6/27/2018 Week 52 in Parkway Plaza (June 26, 2018) by trixxster
6/27/2018 Full Moon Rising #93 - June 2018 by West End Geocachers
6/27/2018 Rose Moon by Night Hunter
6/27/2018 Victorville lima bean ninjas – Let’s lunch & CITO! by KfromCA
6/27/2018 BigFoot Sightings Reported Nearby by laurba
6/27/2018 Creatures Luv Frozen Yogurt! by bon scott
6/27/2018 Hidden Creatures Kickoff Event by Pengvin
6/28/2018 Gathering of the Fairies by rragan
6/28/2018 YACs in a moment... late one June. by JoyfulNomad
6/28/2018 Meet the Texan - JVET by jvet
6/29/2018 Meet and Greet - Bonnie and Clyde come to visit by MacBones
6/29/2018 I'll Gobble You up said the Troll by rragan
6/30/2018 See Mt Hamilton from here? Joe sees donuts! by hotshoe
6/30/2018 Caching at the Preserve 3 by Birding Enthusiast
7/1/2018 Pylzy in California! by Pylzy
7/1/2018 Hunting "Hidden Creatures" at the HCPT by Gramzy
7/1/2018 Maverick Beach Clean Up by Truvtter
7/2/2018 KC July Meet n Greet & 365 days of Pablo by Katarn1977
7/3/2018 Be very, very quiet...we're hunting Geocaches (38) by prinlita
7/3/2018 Victor Valley Geocaching Meet Up No. 39 by FelixRocks and Metrorail
7/3/2018 P&P's Turtles & Torches Event by Pirate & Poodle
7/4/2018 Yankee Doodle celebrates July 4! (Cupertino 95014) by Xnard
7/4/2018 Week 53 in Parkway Plaza (July 4, 2018) by trixxster
7/6/2018 Meet & Greet event End of Route 66 - July 6th by Warrior1978
7/7/2018 9th Annual M*A*S*H Awards / 5th Annual Cachies by FlagMan
7/7/2018 Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Part 40 by Webfoot
7/11/2018 Cache Addicts Meet & Greet #142 by Fixated Cache Addicts
7/11/2018 Welcome to a new little challenge, burn four gas by Dr. Flonase
7/12/2018 Meet and Greet - Greetings from Norway by Oscar Jr
7/13/2018 2018 Annual Antelope Roundup by sujojeepers
7/13/2018 Zebras in the Park- Lunch and CITO by KfromCA
7/14/2018 Red Wine, Dark Chocolate & Blackberry Paddle Fest by Nor-Cal Geo-Paddlers
7/18/2018 Wild Thing (Delta & Dawn) hide in ninja cemetery by Xnard
7/22/2018 The GBA 1st Annual Picnic by Geocachers Bay Area
7/25/2018 Bad hair day for Yeti at the End of the Road by Xnard
7/27/2018 Thunder Moon by Night Hunter
7/28/2018 SUDS and SWAG XV - July 2018 by =CCC=
7/28/2018 Yosemite CITO outside the Park 2018 by A Team Vallejo
8/4/2018 Spring Training! WEG's 2018 Baseball RallyIE by West End Geocachers
8/7/2018 Be very, very quiet...we're hunting Geocaches (39) by prinlita
8/18/2018 North Vs South Super Soaker Event # 11 by Sok Ness Monster
8/20/2018 IE Meet and Greet #86 by stevowert
8/25/2018 SUDS and SWAG XVI - August 2018 by =CCC=

Latest Caches Hidden...

6/17/2018 "There's Never Money in a Geocache" by Davedoo
6/17/2018 The Other Side of the Bridge by mamaloo
6/17/2018 Be kind by TeamNavigator
6/17/2018 TB-Hotel Harbor Watch by frankdel949
6/17/2018 Spyglass Hill Park by frankdel949
6/17/2018 Childproof by Tattletales
6/17/2018 Over the bush by Shaybayray26
6/17/2018 The Dusty Trails by CarTugg
6/17/2018 In the Belly of the Whale by terraanne
6/17/2018 I5 South Buttonwillow by Katarn1977

Latest Trackable Items...

6/18/2018 12:00:00 PM Mickey Mouse the Traveler was placed in Twist-Top Cache.
6/18/2018 12:00:00 PM Dragonflies fly high was placed in Quail Pail.
6/18/2018 12:00:00 PM Cub Scout Pack 61 Coin was placed in Plight of Sisyphus.
6/18/2018 12:00:00 PM Arthurs sut was placed in Really?.
6/18/2018 12:00:00 PM Groene slipper op zoek naaar het fluitje was placed in Really?.
6/18/2018 12:00:00 PM Kiwi "Jonah" was placed in Really?.
6/18/2018 12:00:00 PM The Witch from the Harz was placed in WarNinjas Pier 39 Cache! 🎠.
6/18/2018 12:00:00 PM 2015 ALASKA EAGLE GEOCOIN #2 was placed in Halls of Stone: Cascade Falls.
6/18/2018 12:00:00 PM Michelin Tag was placed in Árboles de la barranca.
6/18/2018 12:00:00 PM Buckle Up, Connecticut! was placed in Queen of the Missions.

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