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Details for Benchmark: AA3611

N 19° 25.266 W 155° 17.207 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 4089

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is GPS OBS and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In HAWAII county, HI View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
NGS Benchmark
setting not listed - see description

Must Read!

Benchmarks may be on private property or in dangerous locations. Obey local laws. By using the services on you agree to this disclaimer.

The benchmark in the stone bench at the museum is NOT this benchmark. The benchmark at the museum has no page to log in the benchmark list.

A careful reading of the benchmark page is necessary in order to be sure you are logging the correct marker. The benchmark location for this page is over 600 feet from the visitor center.

It is a common tendency for geocachers when they see a benchmark to pull up the nearby benchmarks list and then log the nearest one on the list even when the benchmark description clearly shows they are logging the wrong marker.

Benchmarks are often very close to another marker so this erroneous logging happens a lot.

If you are interested you can read more specific notes in my two logs below.

Enjoying the island, finding some BMs.

Visiting the park with my wife and as soon as I saw the cairn I had a suspicion that it would be benchmarked since it seemed to be the highest point around the rim of the crater. Found the HVO 113 disc immediately and once I climbed upon the cairn, saw the reference marks for UWEKAHUNA no's 1 & 2. The cairn itself was placed directly over 4088 which can be seen below it. The station description for HVO 113 also contains the sentence "DESCRIBED BY US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY 1977: SEE STATION UWEKAHUNA (HGS)" which leads me to believe, especially with the name of the reference marks, that UWEKAHUNA BLUFF station is also this same point since it does not have much of a description. I have read all the descriptions directly from the NGS and not just the ones imported into when they first decided to implement their limited support of benchmarking.

photoUWEKAHUNA BLUFF - AA3611 - Me on the bluff cairn

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. Many of the logs below are of the incorrect bench mark. I have a photo attached of the correct benchmark. It should have the words "Uwekahuna, No 2, 1949" If it does not, you are not at this bench mark!

photoBench mark

After taking the view of the grandiose volcano Kilauea we found this Benchmark at the viewpoint.

Thank you very much for showing us this great place!

Greetings from hadandy, Germany.


photohadandy @ Benchmark AA3611

Made the short hike from the museum and found the benchmark. Thanks

Found while visiting Volcanoes NP. Compared found with older Logs photos.

Regards, die Pädeldreter


odd that its in a bench but no records of it

Found while walkning thru the park. I forget the exact location, but I have a photo of the disc.

The benchmark imbedded in the bench at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (4076 elevation) is NOT this benchmark. After discussing that benchmark with park staff, there is no entry in the USGS database for that "bench" benchmark.

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Photo of the disc imbedded in concrete directly into the lava bedrock.

Didn't expect to see this; my wife pointed it out!

Fun surprise to find

Found this while visiting/geocaching the Volcano National Park.

From the parking lot I walked down the paved rim trail then went cross country the last 100' or so. I think this is the white rod on top of the 4' high concrete base. Found at night after watching the glow from the caldera.

We also found the marker on the bench stating "4076"...not sure if this one is it or not

Found it while visiting VNP

On our trip to the Volanoes we came upon a benchmark on a bench of all places.
Though there is no description of the marker, this one seems like it could be it.


found while caching. what a great place both during the day and night.

Found it on a vacation trip from Montréal, Canada

Found during geocaching.


found in good condition


Found this one with my family while on vacation. Just outside of Jagger Museum overlooking the crater.

Found this one with my family while on vacation. Just outside of Jagger Museum overlooking the crater.

photoMy family
My Family at the volcano.

Found this one with my family while on vacation. Just outside of Jagger Museum overlooking the crater. Amazing!

Found it while getting the Earthcache


Found while visiting the park on a bus tour.

Found while visiting Volcanoes National Park.

photoBenchmark UWEKAHUNA BLUFF

The previous entry is incorrect on a couple of points:

Uwekahuna Bluff, AA 3611 is at: N 19 25.266 W 155 17.207
The Jaggar bench benchmark is at approx: N 19 25.181 W 155 17.272

This is a difference of over 528 feet and likely closer to 650 feet. The page description says the coordinates are "Adjusted" which means they are very accurate.

The altitude posted on the this page is 4089 feet. The altitude stamped on the Jaggar bench is 4076.

Page descriptions note: "Setting not listed" and "No text submitted"

There is nothing on this page that suggests the marker on the bench at the visitor center is AA 3611.

The adjusted coordinates tell us that the marker on the bench cannot be AA 3611.

Well, this guy has created quite the controversy by some self-proclaimed benchmark experts. Do the coordinates listed in the USGS data sheet (PID) match what my GPS showed? Yup. Is the benchmark new enough to match the description? Yup. Does the description, however vague it may be, seem to match? Yup. Good enough for me. Its a find.

photoBenchmark - UWEKAHUNA BLUFF

Found while touring Volcano National Park.

photoBM at Caldera Rim
photoBM CAldera
photoVolcano BM

While searching for the Earthcache we stumble on to this benchmark. Horray a 2 for one.

Marked this one with Tumbleweed2 & Itasca81.

Simple find because it it very obvious.



The Uwekahuna Bluff (AA3611) benchmark is very poorly described and folks are confusing it with the brass disk in the bench at the Jaggar Museum and logging it in error. The marker at the Jaggar Museum is NOT the marker for this Benchmark page.

I, too, thought I hit pay-dirt when I spotted the disk on the bench but the location was off by more than 500 feet. What we do know from reading the UB marker page is that its location was "adjusted" in 1998. Adjusted locations are very accurate as noted in this Benchmark Forum topic:

"Posted 07 November 2005 - 06:38 PM

7) Scaled versus Adjusted coordinates

On the benchmark page it will tell you if the coordinates are "scaled" or "adjusted". This means - How accurate are the coordinates for getting you to the right spot?

Adjusted coordinates are more precise than your handheld GPSr can read. They will take you right to the benchmark (IF the GPSr error is low enough ) Most of the time our GPSr will show 1 to 3 feet to go when we are at an adjusted benchmark. Very rarely will they be off.

Scaled coordinates can be off more than a quarter mile. They are determined by someone reading the description on the benchmark page and then plotting where they think it will be on the map they are using!"

The above description means that surveyors visited the UB site with GPS equipment much more sophisticated than the handhelds we use. It also means that the marker at the museum CANNOT be Uwekahuna Bluff (AA3611). The Jaggar Museum was likely built after the UB benchmark was originally recorded.

At the cairn site I could find no disk marked Uwekahuna Bluff. If the UB benchmark is an Intersection Station, typically a tall structure like a building or flag pole that can be seen from a greater distance, then we only need to spot the concrete cairn or the metal flag from any point since it is a physical location rather than a benchmark disk.

The only way we can know if this page is for a Benchmark disk or an Intersection Station is if the page describes it as one or the other or gives a physical description of the intended structure.

Without more information we should not be marking this Benchmark as found.

photoThe cairn.
photoDisk directly under the cairn flag pole.
photoThe other disk at this location.
photoThe disk that is NOT Uwekahuna Bluff.
photoThe Jaggar disk that is NOT UB - close up.

got this one to

Thx for the earthcache who told me about this one.

photoDirk @ benchmark Hawaii

Found with why_check. Thanks very much!

photoIMG_0841 - small

Beautiful spot!

This is a non-descript station, but it does have adjusted coordinates. The coordinates put this station over near the stone and concrete cairn which is over station 4088 and next to HVO 113. This is located approximately 630 feet northeast and just off of the Rim asphalt trail from the visitor's center and the USGS benchmark incorrectly identified by all previous posters.

The adjusted coordinates cannot be wrong and can ONLY put this station in the true location.

I did not check out the concrete closely, but hopefully somebody will go look in the correct location and see if there is a stamped monument in the concrete identified in my photo.


My lovely wife Carol, who is not into geocachng found this bench mark and brought it to my attention.
Thanks for bringing us to this beautiful spot. In addition, aocbill also found this benchmark.


photoGPS with Benchmark

Found while visiting the park. Couldn't miss it actually. What a great place!

photoJagger Museum

Found while visiting the Jagger Center in the NP. In good condition and well maintained. Noting that the BM lists altitude at 4076 ft, not 4089 as in this detail or in the Datasheet...

photoBenchmark at the Caldera Viewpoint

Found while at Volcano National Park

Discovered the benchmark on our trip to the Volcano SP

found it while at the crater viewing the steam. thanks

Found with McCachers Simi as Team McCachers

photoWhat a view!

Found as Team McCachers with MacPowell on a trip to the Big Island.

viewed the volcanic smoke from this very spot

Can't miss this one from the visitor's center!

Found while visiting Kilauea volcano on vacation

asked at the visitor's center where I might find some benchmarks. this was the first mentioned, an "unofficial" location marker.


Found this one while visiting Valcanoes National Park.


Found this while doing an Earthcache while on vacation in Hawaii. Forgot to log it until now. The term benchmark has a dual meaning for this one.

Found this one while on a trip to see the Volcano in the Big Island in Hawaii

Bédé from Québec City, Canada

photoBenchmark with my GPS

Found and found. Great place.

A bench mark in a bench. Got a good laugh out of this one!
Edited to add: this is NOT the benchmark listed as AA3611. That listing appears to be a duplicate of TU2382.
To find a benchmark you can legitimately log near here follow the trail NE from the museum parking lot for a short distance to TU2382. As a bonus TU2394 is right next to it so you can have a two-fer.

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photoBench mark in a bench
But NOT in the database.
photoHalema'uma'u "smokin"
Bench in question is at the far left

Caught a glimpse while in the park and logging earthcaches!

photoHVNP Benchmark

Found this on our last day on the Big Island. Nice place for pictures of Pele.

photoJaggar's Seat
It literally is a Bench Mark

found while doing Hawaii Volcanoes N.P. - Caldera and Crater EARTH CACHE.
looks like this BM is doing great!

Here looking for earth cache info when I look down & find this benchmark. Might as well take credit for it!

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photoVolcano Benchmark

Another wonderful benchmark to add to the list of [i]finds![/i]

NGS Benchmark

Found this Bench Mark while visiting the NP.

photoBench mark

Found this Benchmark during the visit of the Volcano N.P. Very interesting to watch active volcanos.

Found while on vacation!

Found it while enjoying the view!

One of my favorite days ever seeing the lava on this trip.

Found while exploring VNP.


Found while touring the Volcano National Park .

We were viewing the volcano, when my son poked me and pointed down. Book 'em, Danno! Mahalo!

Finding Earthcache...should have looked for more of these while in the park!


This was my first Benchmark find. I can understand why they may want to keep track of this spot. Cheers.

Found this with the wife and outdoorskid- by accident.

Found 3/28/09 along with a long list of Earthcachers before me (and after me I am sure).

photoBenchmark and GPSr at HVNP Museum

Found this nice shine benchmark while doing an earthcache.

Found it while doing an Earthcache!


My wife has a gift for finding benchmarks...this is only our second one, she found both of them!

photoBig Island - AA3611 (NGS Benchmark)

Found it doing some earth caches... Whoo HOO!


Found this one while completing the earthcache.

photoThe benchmark disk

Stumbled upon this while visiting the park. Not taking coordinates and the disk having no designation made finding the online entry difficult.

photoAA3611 Benchmark

Stumbled on to it whuile bonus!

photo2nd ever benchmark

Found this one while doing the earthcache.

photobenchmark near the museum

Seems like a broken record around here. Found this while taking the picture for EarthCache GCQV5G. Excellent condition, right there for everyone to see.

photoAA3611 NGS Benchmark

Well, I can't very well take my picture by it to log the Earthcache without logging the benchmark itself now, can I?

Found ir while geocaching.


Found while completing the Earthcache requirements.

Was a beautiful day on the Big Island

Found this while out site seeing!

photoThe Marker
Close up view of the marker.
photoGreat View
Great view of the smoking vent.

Found this one while taking pictures for the related earth cache.

photoHawaii_04_2008_ 281

The PID lists this at N19 25.180 W155 17.273 - which is so close to my GPS reading this has to be the one.

photoAA3611 NGS Benchmark

Found with EagleH3 and imagikid4. What a view!

Found this one at an earthcache site.

Happy Valentine's Day find...and a mighty fine one at that!

Found this BM - our very first BM found - while enjoying a tour through the crater. What a view. Honeymooning in Hawaii was definitely a good choice. Forgetting the GPSr on the cruise ship was definitely not!


First port on 7 night cruise.

photoC:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pi

What a great place to visit. It looks like a different world down there.

Very wet morning, dense cloud and fog.

photoC:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pi
photoSue close the BM

found this while doing a geocache that referred to it. awesome view!

What a benchmark! Awesome view of a volcano crater. Mrs. ATMA and I found this one today as we did some major hiking in the park. We love Hawaii!

Now that's a "bench" mark!

Decided to go benchmarking on a rainy day while touring the Volcano National Park and found five of them on the trip! Thanks to Pandasama for spotting this one.

photoFound #AA3611

Found this on vacation in HI.


Well traveled spot found on vacation 4592 mi from home proof I was in Hawaii

Logging this one as a bonus along with the Earthcache, which I'll be logging later once I get the pics off my camera when I get home.

Found this one while vacationing in Hawaii.


Stood over this while doing an earthcache, so I decided I should log the BM as well.

photogps & bm

Yep, nabbed this bad boy while on vacation. Didn't get around to logging her until now, two years later! Very easy find.

Enjoyed this spot w/ Spamlover! Great view!
Busy day. Had to wait for someone's foot to move off of it!


Found this benchmark while doing a earthcache. Decided to look it up and find it after we returned home.

Our first (logged) benchmark. We found this while doing the nearby cache. Pretty cool! We'll have to start doing more of these.

My first benchmark.


Saw it while logging the nearby earthcache. In good condition.

Found this while doing an Earthcache. I wasn't looking for benchmarks on this trip, but it was hard to miss this one.

Found this one while doing an earthcache. Right out there in the open.


Found it while geocaching. Awesome spot!

I found this one and my first out of Alaska benchmark.

Found this one while at the observatory. Tremendous view

Found this one while on a bus ride from our cruse ship. Stood up here to get a better picture and eureka.

photoBut my GPS says 4056 feet

Found this while on vacation. ALOHOA

I think this is the right one. Found it for the earthcache and missed the others nearby. Still fun!

photoHere It Is!

Written by flyin hi #3......Found it just by pure chance. I was on a field trip with my 4th grade class and saw it in the bench. Took a picture with my disposable camera.

Found this one while visiting the nearby earthcache :-)

photoThe benchmark

found it

photoAt the mark
photoThe view

Found this BM while visiting the Jagger Museum and Kilauea Caldera- a most magnificent place on earth with aloha!

photoBenchmark on a Bench!?

Found in a beautiful location! I willtry to upload the picture, but I am not the technical saavy person of the family!

Out doing an earthcache and am glad to log this one too! This counts for the Orient Express contest as my benchmark.

photobenchmark 12-5-06

Found it while doing the earth cache.

Recovered in Good Condition at the Jaggar Museum.

photoUWEKAHUNA BLUFF - location

Found this when doing the Earthcache.

Found while at Jaggar Museum

photobench mark

Found this one while looking at the museum. Our picture is much the same as everyone elses.

There are so many benchmarks up here, I hope this is the correct one. It's the one others are logging this as a find for.

photofound it

[b]N 19° 26.586 W 155° 17.094[/b]
It was just sitting there waiting to be found!

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Team SeeandAvoid from Colorado found this one on vacation to see our Hawaii relatives. We saw this benchmark by accident while visiting Madame Pele's home. Took a close up pic of it, then went back and took another pic with a guy almost sitting on it...hope he didn't think we were taking a picture of his butt

Found while visiting Jagger and the crater. Found with Erie Scouter. Thanks!

Found while visiting Jagger and the crater. Thanks!

photoUWEKAHUNA BLUFF elev 4076

Very easy to find!


Us too!


Found it while caching at the museum.

N19 25.182 W155 17.272
Found in good shape. Our coords compare reasonably with those below.

photojemcjb's GPSr at benchmark!

Found while dong another cache.

photoHawaii 2006 214.JPG

I'll echo the comments on the "true" benchmark. Once I explained what it was to my students (and that they don't normally appear on actual benches), they thought it was cool.

Found this on a rainy day at the crater. Wanted to walk the trail, but no ponchos. Too wet. Great view despite the rain. We always have geocaching on the mind. We weren't even looking for it, and there it was.... :) Aloha!

Searched by found co-ordinates but didn't even come close to above listed co-ords.
Others seemed to be as close to mine as read.
North-019* 25.181
West-155* 17.273

Great place to sit, great view.

Found this while visiting the Dr. Jagger Visitor Center and doing the Hawaii Volcanoes N.P. - Thomas A. Jaggar Museum Wold Heritage Geocache.

photoThe Gang at cache and close to marker

This must be the one. At least every one else is gussing it is.

photoA true bench mark!

Found these two markers along Halemaumau Trail (beginning in the parking area off Crater Rim Drive and walking north out past the crater). The first is off to the right of the trail, I'm guessing from the topo. maps at or near N 19 24.660 W 155 16.440. The other, bearing the number 82-501, is by the red caution sign along the edge of the lava flow at or near N 19 24.740 W 155 16.300. Can anyone find and send me the designations for these? It seems that the first, at least, should be listed somewhere since it appears to have a designation of HVO A[??] or HVO 4[??].

photoTrailside marker
photomarker near red warning sign

Wasn't looking for it, but like others, I sat on it.

Info is sketchy , but looks like it could be the one.

Found this on our family adventure to Hawaii. Couldn't hold BOTH kid AND GPS'er at the same time, so this picture will have to do.

photoHands Full in Hawaii
After a Grand helo-tour, had to hoof around a little. The best part of our whole week here was our "adventure" with Jeff and Cathy to the Big Island!

Found with alciato, logging separately.

This is a classic - a benchmark in a bench. A must-find while you're at the park! My coordinates were N 19° 25.182 W 155° 17.274

[This entry was edited by alciato on Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at 9:08:22 PM.]

photothe benchmark
N 19° 25.186 W 155° 17.273

Sat on it. Very easy find. Coordinates a little off, but very close.

photoView from BM.

Just about tripped over this one!

Found it! Well, actually Mrs. found it first by accident!


Found this on our trip and took a picture. Search for this Benchmark for awhile and read many logs.

N 19° 25.183 W 155° 17.274

We weren't actually looking for benchmarks, but there it was. Our coordinates are closer to Spindoc's.

Bright and shiny in a bench at the Jaggar Musuem on the rim of the volcano.

photoBenchmark in a bench!

A benchmark that is literally a bench. Cute.

photoThe marker
photoThe view

Came across this one without even trying.

N 19° 25.179 W 155° 17.273

This seems to be the one. Located in a basalt slab that is used as seating on the lookout from the Jagger Museum. My coordinates were slightly different and are listed above.

photoBenchmak and GPSr
photoView from the lookout

Visited the site with an Elderhostel group on a spectacular day for hiking. Found the reference with much assistance from OzGuff.

photoView Near Benchmark

I'm not sure if I found this one or not. I looked at the other bench marks close by but they all look different. If I have made a mistake, please let me know which one to log this one under. The bench mark looks fairly new, but since it didn't have a date or any other unique mark other than the elevation, I couldn't pin down the exact BM to log under.

photoJagger Observatory BM

Documented History (by the NGS)

08/01/1993 by USGS (GOOD)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were established by GPS observations and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in November 1994. The horizontal coordinates are valid at the epoch date displayed above. The epoch date for horizontal control is a decimal equivalence of Year/Month/Day.
  • The orthometric height was determined by GPS observations and a high-resolution geoid model.
  • The X, Y, and Z were computed from the position and the ellipsoidal ht.
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The ellipsoidal height was determined by GPS observations and is referenced to NAD 83.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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