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Details for Benchmark: FB2495

N 35° 33.775 W 083° 29.904 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 6695

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is VERTCON and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In SWAIN county, NC View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
setting not listed - see description

Must Read!

Benchmarks may be on private property or in dangerous locations. Obey local laws. By using the services on you agree to this disclaimer.

Enjoyed the views today while visiting the tower at Clingmans Dome.

photobeldredge @ FB2495

Climbed to the top and rewarded with a lightening show in the distance.

Thay's a long hike up!

photoClingmans Tower

We've hiked up here many times over the years....AWESOME view with your head in the clouds, and without. Today it was a little bit of both. :)

Visited and photoed

photoThe tower

Found it while walking up to the top of Clingman's with my mom and sister. We were here on vacation from Washington State and wanted to see the Smoky Mountains/Appalachians.

photoCougarcach24 at BM FB2495, 8.31.18
Clingman's Dome, TN/NC border

Visited Clingmans Dome while geocaching.

photoClingmans Dome
I didn't realize that this was a benchmark.

Spotted this one while visiting Clingsmans Dome

Discovered this and actually walked up and enjoyed the view from this. I have picks I hope to be able to download. Loved this Mountain!!

Found this and enjoyed the view. The view today was quite limited and proceeded to get worse while we explored the area.

photoClingmans Dome tower
Very overcast viewing but still awesome.

Found while finding the Geocache. :)

photoFB2495 Benchmark

It would be hard to miss this one. Paved trail right up to it. It can also be seen above the trees from the visitors center. Binoculars help with that view. Follow the trail from there right on up. It was a little hazy today, but could still see things 35 miles away.

Found. Actual benchmark has been moved by rocks closer to the visitors center. According to ranger, people kept stealing the other one.

Wowza great time here at Clingmans Dome. Been about 55 years since I last visited. I remember playing on the rocks WAY back in the '60s. Don't remember the tower though - loved the view from up on top. Yep, largest bench mark I've ever logged.

photoClingmans Dome

Largest benchmark I've ever seen! Awesome place...worth the trip!

photoUnder the benchmark

Visiting the Smokies and grabbing a few virtual caches.

photoMe at the top of the tower.

Awesome view from the top.

Very cool place! Our 3rd state high point on our road trip.

Recovered while visiting the dome during our visit to the National Park. Great views from every direction. Tower in good condition.

photoFB2495 Clingmans Dome Tower
photoClingmans Dome Tower

Found this while hiking and caching in NC, also treked to the high point of NC and 26 other states this year, awesome trip!!!

Climbed the tower.


Found it wow that was a hike to the top. I'm outta shape lol


Got this after making the hike up!!


This was an amazing view! I'm glad we made the hike up there!

photoW04 at the top!

Found, tower still there and in fine shape.

Our little benchmark buddy helped us recover this easy one before heading up to enjoy the views at Clingmans Dome's highest point.

photoWillow under the tower

We made it!

photoMomma bird with her littles
photoPapa bird and his littles

On way to GWXV. Not much to see today.It is cloudy, cold and windy.


Found while geocaching in the park today!


Had a great time here

Clingman's Dome Tower July 8, 2003

thin smokie air

Since I climbed it to the top I presume it is in GREAT shape!

My first visit to Clingmans Dome.

photoBM Clingmans Dome Tower FB2495

Found while visiting Pigeon Forge for the weekend.

Still here.. We climbed it today.

A quick stop on my way through the park.

photobenchmark photo
photoalynx at the benchmark

road trip from GA to OH, stopped to walk the AT and climb the tower found the benchmark and saw the copy for sale in the store


My son and I made the climb. Awesome day!

photoTop of clingmans tower

My first visit to the AT in 30 years or so. Prep'ing for a week on the trail next year with GeoKymber. Beautiful day, awesome visit!


I was in the area for the virtual, and noticed the benchmark. Great to get one while here!

Found on an AT hike

2 for 1, got the virtual cache and the benchmark here.

Trekked up while visiting from Troy, MI.

photoClingman Dome

I'm usually pretty good about checking for benchmarks before visiting a national park. Not this time. Thank goodness for a big ol' can't-miss benchmark.

Mr. Geo(Race)r made the hike up to check this one out. It was super cloudy, but luckily the marker is easily seen.... :)

Hiked up here with my family today. Easily found.


Brought some freinds from MI up here. Perfect views today!!



Hiked up here with alona-spiegel!

Nice little walk. JoMar.

Found it today while do the virtual here


Found on a beautiful but very windy day.It's a shame the original marker up here was defaced & destroyed.

photoClingman's Dome Tower

Found while visiting the Smokies

in SMNP hiked to the dome

in SMNP hiked to the dome

Walked on up to the top after the hike. Too bad about all the fog, but I got a great view from a bit further down.

Fun find while traveling the backroads after a long weekend in Gatlinburg.
What a beautiful area!!!
Felt weird to not see a disc, though....

The Homeys
Halifax, VA

Made it to the top! Very impressive view.


Climbed the tower today, still there and if you look carefully, the remains of the old tower are still nearby.

Located while visiting Clingman's Dome.


Tower is still there and in good condition

I was there today. Cold, foggy drizzle.

Found after hiking the Clingmans dome bypass trail and part of the Appalachian Trail.

Found this on visit to tower.

Father/Daughter hike to the top.

photoClingmans Dome

Discovered this while visiting the tower

Found while doing the virtual cache Top of The Smokies Virtual Picture Cache located here. I should have listened to that niggling feeling that I should snap a photo of the tower itself, because I didn't discover this was a benchmark until catching up on my benchmark logging later on. The picture of me and my caching partner on the tower will have to do, I suppose.

photoBoxen-hunters atop FB2495

Climbed & reached dome tower on a beautiful day. Tower appears to be maintained well.

photoAlmost to the tower :-)

I'm not a large benchmark logger by any stretch of the imagination but this one was worth the effort to get to!

photoTower which IS the benchmark

Found while geocaching.

love this spot

found it

Found while visiting our 10th State High Point. It was a beautiful fall afternoon.

Here with my family on a Sunday drive to visit the Dome and view the Fall colors. We logged this tower as a Waymark, Benchmark, and Virtual geocache.


Discovered this was a benchmark after I had just visited it. I went to the gift shop on the way down. They had benchmark souviners and I inquired if I had missed the metal disk at the top. The ranger informed me there used to be a metal disk, but it had disappeared between the original USGS maps and the next version. The interesting thing he noted was the newer map had a one foot higher elevation. He informed me the tower now served as the benchmark. Yay! Accidently got this one!

photoPezGremlin visiting Clingmans Dome Tower
PezGremlin visiting Clingmans Dome Tower

My family and I found this one by accident while visiting the "Top of The Smokies Virtual Picture Cache" on vacation. It was attached to a rock outcroping at the trailhead. Beautiful views up here.

There for a virtual today.


Discovered during our visit to the area today. Well worn!

Easy find.


Easy find.

Found it today on a foggy day


Enjoyed the hike.


Found on a foggy afternoon.

photoClingman Dome Tower
Nice 1/2 mile hike.

Saw a yearling Black Bear on the way up and helped to scare it off with a Ranger. Tower is still standing .

Pretty easy find . Great hike up. Even got to see a Black Bear on the way!

Top of TN.

Tough one to miss


Discovered while hiking in the area. Yep, It’s right there where they put it.


photoFB2495 - Tower

Found this today while on my honeymoon and man are my legs and back hurting from the half mile hike up the mountain to the dome. I couldn't believe how high this actually was. I didn't realize there was a benchmark up there until later. I also got the virtual up there as well. This vacation/honeymoon was great. To bad we have to go home tomorrow. It topped it off with being my first ever benchmark. ;)


found on vacay with a lady friend



Found it while geocaching.

the National Park is closed but for some reason i noticed that i have never logged the virtual but not this, so i am logging it the weekend that we were down there..
my avatar is Clingmans Dome Tower

Found it on our way from davenport gap to NOC/Wesser.

photobad (no) view from clingman's dome

Went up today with my family. Was a long hike but worth it!

photoAshbugga at Clingmans Dome
photoMe and Official Benchmark

Walked up today with my family. It started out foggy but quickly cleared to a spectacular view. Simply awesome!

photoashbugga, lambsb, official benchmark
Official Benchmark at Clingmans Dome
photoMe in green shirt atop Clingmans Dome

Walked to the top of the tower but could not see very much.

photoTower at Clingman's Dome

Walked to the top of the tower on a foggy morning.

Found on the way to the tower.

Got it once again!

Found it!

Kinda hard to miss this mountain topper.

photoClingman's Dome

nice walk to the tower

We hiked up the pave path to the Clingmans Dome tower. It was pretty foggy so we could not see much. The fog did break a little bit and we were able to get a few views, but not much. The tower was fun though.

Nice hike to the top today, sadly super cloudy and couldn't see out in the distance.

Great view!


just saw it found cache up at the top very cool benchmark.

This was starting point of our 3 day walk in the woods.

On vacation added this short hike in to several other hikes

JOSTE hat mir eine Postkarte mit diesem Benchmark geschickt!

photoPostkarte vom Benchmark

The family and I made the trek to the observation platform while visiting the Great Smoky Mountains on vacation.

photoClingmans Dome Observation Platform

Beautiful clear day-fun with the family! As noted from other logs the tower sits on the site. g6crew Dothan, AL

Found as described.
Enjoyed our visit to the location.

photoFB2495 Clingsman's Dome Twr (view) Swain County NC
Interesting - a typo in the USGS online name of the station. This photo was taken on approach to the Clingman's Dome Tower, from the bottom of the ramp.
photoFB2495 Clingsman's Dome Twr (NW) Swain County NC
NorthWes at Clingman's Dome

found on a beautiful day with forensic frauline while on our honeymoon in the smokys

Didn't get to see much due to the cloud cover hope to go back very soon

Found this one on a cloudy day hiking to the top. Nice area but not much of a view today with storms rolling in. We got up there and back down without getting too wet.

Found with Handyman & Fam while making the hike up to the top.

Not very hard to find...

Lovely walk and view!

The top of the tower is the benchmark. Very easy find with a fantastic view.
Thanks, Fort Rectus

photoThe tower

Made the trek today up to the dome. Great sight!!

Located by the description provided. Quite the location.

Nice hike up to see where we would be staying next month over on LeConte. Refer to waymark created for the structure.

Hard to miss the tower. Thanks

Found this excellent benchmark with my daughter!

photoMe @ the Top

Found the tower. A shame the built it over the benchmark. At least that is what the ranger told us...

Went to the top with my family

Found this while with my family for Spring Break. Didn't know this was a benchmark...outstanding!!

photoWalking up the ramp to the top of the tower.

We hiked up here from the parking lot in a heavy fog this morning. After visiting the observation tower and getting some photos, we had a nice chat with the NPS volunteer who told us that the Park Service found a construction worker who helped build the tower and confirmed that the tower post was built right on top of the original benchmark disk.

photoClingman's Dome Observation Tower

Well, this is a tough one. The benchmark itslef is no longer visible as it is assumed that the tower was build on it. The Department of Interior is working on a reestablishment of a benchmark at the top of Clingmans Dome, as the old one seems to be currently missing, which would have marked the highest point of North Carolina. Since We made it to the top of the Observation tower, I think I can claim the find of the location of this benchmark, even though the physical benchmark was not present.

photoOn top of the world.

Hike on our wedding day! A little caching too:)

photo2011-11-04 13.52.39

Once you make the walk up you are grateful to see the dome !!

Found it.

photoSmoky Mtns Oct 9, 2011 094
found it

Found on Clingman's Dome while HIKING in the Smokies!

Found it. Thanks.

photoSmoky Mtns Oct 9, 2011 20D 165

Was today on Clingsmans Dome Tower.
The view was pretty cloudey ;)

photoOn the top

Tried to find the Benchmark around the Tower. Now realize it is the Tower. Had fun climbing. Foggy day, but beautiful.


Found again. Beautiful spot and a nice day.

photoAbout 60 degrees. Nice day for a hike.

Found it today 3:40p. Skyboy01


Found while on vacation with outlawmedic.

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photoClingman's Dome

This one is definitely still here even though it is hard to see today!

"Found" this along with seven others from The Asheville Hiking Group after we hiked 12 miles! Tower is still there and unique to say the least.

photoA view from the bottom up...

Found along with smrich and hawkeyez.

Found along with smrich and softball16.

Left parking lot in sunshine, got to dome and stood under the tower to stay dry.

photoclingmans dome tower
Stayed under the tower to stay dry during downpour.

Since the visitors centers sell an apparent replica benchmark disk for Clingman's dome, we spent a long time searching for it on the ground. When we finally gave up and asked the park volunteer, she told us the tower was the benchmark - so it's good to see that is the case!

The climb to the top was hard but well worth it.

Still in good shape!

Late logging this, us two 70+ year olds made it to the top.

Since the actual disc is missing, we can calim we found it, since we walked tothe top of the tower. I looked, but did not see any discs below or at the top of the tower. It was a nice view though. We pushed our 86 year old grandmother to the top of Clingman'Dome in a wheel chair, so we could do it as a family..four generations of Buchanan's on top of Clingman's dome. We can verify we made it because the ranger took a picture with us.

photoClingman's Dome
photoA view from the top.

We enjoyed a nice hike to the top on a very cloudy day. But after we got to the top it cleared up and we could see for miles! A great way to introduce little ones to the Smokeys. I love that they sell the benchmarks as pins now at the gift shops, I plan on going back to several others and picking them up.

The view is beautiful from the top. Well worth the hike.

Had a nice hike up to the top. Great views! I'm ready to go back. It was a lot cooler there then here in FL.


Finally found how to log in geocaching. Made the trek on a very hot day but did it ever feel nice once we reached the top.

Climbed to the top on this foggy day and couldn't see anything. Got the benchmark though.

photoClingman's Dome

Found it, climbed it and stood at the top. We will post a pic as soon as we can download it!

Loved the trek to the top.

photoClingmans Dome Tower

Found it. Climbed it. Asked the ranger where the benchmark was and said it was the tower. Didn't have any info prior to, and he was right.

Found it and logging it. Benchmark in good shape. Good thing as we were up on top!

Highest point in Tennessee!


I've been wanting to come here for a long time and finally made it! My pre-teens had alot of comments about the trail, none of them good! But I loved it. There was a difference of about 12 degrees from Gatlinburg to the top of this mountain! Still, after the hike,who needed a jacket???

Saw this on ninth full day out on my AT hike north.

photoView north from the tower

no problem finding this one as we walked right up and onto it

photoBenchmark FB2495

Made it up to the top on this foggy, cold, misty day!

Awesome tower! The view was magical with all the frost on the trees.

photoClingman's Dome

Was in the mountains for a Goldwing Rally a few weeks ago.
Rode up and did the hike to the summit.
Found benchmark along the way.

Found with my fam while hiking to Clingmans Dome.

Found with family. Great location.

Wow, that was one brutal hike to the top but well worth it. Came up here with my caching crew of Odie442, 9LO'p, and myself. Found out when we got o the top that the tower itself is a benchmark. We also bought a benchmark magnet from the gift shop after coming back down. See Odie442's picture.

Found as we climbed the tower. See daddy's (Odie442) picture.


Made the hike with my group up to the tower. The views were spectacular.

photoThe Tower

Been up here many times, but never logged it. I guess it's time. It was a foggy morning, but once the sun came out, it was a beautiful afternoon up here.

The Clingman's Domw Tower was located on station in good condition.

Barely found it with the terrible weather we had, photo should explain.

photoBrrrrr, and Wet
here is our find, in the cold Nov. mist on top of ole Smokey
photoBenchmark near tower
This is a pic of the benchmark we found near the tower.

No trouble finding this one. Beautiful day to hike to it.


On a trip to Clingman's Dome.

Now, this was easy to find. I was practically standing on it

First ever finding a bench mark as a tower! Found this one while celebrating my husband's 55th birthday in the Smoky Mountains. What a beautiful area...a must see!

What a great spot. My wife debdunord and I made the trek up the path. Took a few pictures and also made our way on part of the Appalachian trail.

Found this benchmark today - it's still there!

photoClingman's Dome Observation Tower

Found on a gorgeous day. We took the bypass trail to the Appalachian Trail then up to the tower. Much more fun than trudging up a giant paved driveway along with a thousand other people.

photoClingman's Dome

Had snow and ice on it, the wind make some cool formations in the snow.

A steep hike, over 300 feet in elevation gained in a half-mile, but well worth it!

Never thought we'd make it to the top but we did and it was worth it! Park ranger told us about the benchmark and said people are always looking in the surrounding woods for it. He never said it actually WAS the tower.

photoClingman's Dome Tower

HAd to wait until that finished paving the parking lot.


Hard to miss this one. There was no view today but at least I logged a benchmark!

Beautiful find

Out caching and hiking while in the area. The view from the top of this is wonderful.

Trekked to the top of the tower. It's still there!

Made the trek to the top! Yep - it's here!

Yep, can't miss this one. :)

Yup, the tower is still there and is pretty good condition.

Fun walk up to this one. Logged the virtual cache here, so might as well log the benchmark as well!

photoThat's a big benchmark!

Took a long hike up the trail to find my first benchmark

Oh Mr. Park Ranger....why didn't you say it was the entire DOME! Holy I am up 6691 feet in the air batman. I walk all around this tower looking for a benchmark. I loooked and loooked and much to my surprise and dismay realized later that the benchmark is the Tower.

After climbing Chimney Tops the day before, this was an easy 1.2 mile stroll up the hill to the top. What a view. Thanks

photoFB2495 Benchmark
Natalie and Rileigh I am so proud of you. Great job getting to the top.

It was hard to miss!

Been here a thousand times before we geocached...


Been here a couple times before caching too.

Wasn't really looking for it but found this one while going after the virtual cache nearby.

Found it today a glorious Fall day.

photoClingman's Dome
My shoe in lower right

Found this one while going after the virtual cache nearby.

I hiked up to this Benchmark today. After I finished gasping for air, I enjoyed the view offered from here on a perfectly clear morning.

Did not know this was a benchmark. We had gotten the one by the parking area and hiked up here to pick up the virtual. Great views from here.

Fog. Rain. Wind. Everything expected on a hike to the highest point in Tennessee. Well worth it too.

photoIt is there, you just have to look for it.
Heavy Fog.

Enjoyed a 3-for-1 here as we picked up the virtual cache here and another benchmark near the parking area.

A wet and foggy day but we enjoyed our time here. Nice to find such an obvious benchmark!

photoClingmans Dome Benchmark
Not much to see on a foggy day.

found while climbing to the top of Clingmans Dome

We love benchmarking too! What a find...a benchmark listed as a tower--an actual tower! Pretty hard to miss this one if you are up to the hike.

photoNow this is a benchmark!

Kind of hard to miss this one if you bother hiking the 1/2 mile up to it!

photoClingman's Dome Observation Tower
View of the tower from the bottom
photoClingman's Dome Observation Tower
My son Kevin standing in front of the tower
photoView from Observation Tower
This is the view from the top of the tower... makes the 1/2 mile hike worth it! (Picture doesn't really do it justice...)

Very nice day to find a benchmark


A fun hike up to this one.

Walked up to the top of this benchmark. Clouds were too thick to get a picture...awesome!

a great cool summer until you get up in the mountains with all the fog!! could barely see anything when up in the tower!

Nice view :)

The coolest benchmark tower we ever found!

Loggin late & got mixed up with other clingman BM, so had to edit log. Nice to have a BM somewhere I'm headed anyway.

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Didn't realize until I had got home and reread the data sheet that the tower is the benchmark. Spent some amount of time looking for an actual disk.


Excellent view from the top. Cool.

N 35° 33.775 W 083° 29.904

Found this one while on our visit to the GSM NP.

Smokey view today!

Great view from this Tower. Funny that you go all the way to the top, and then you have a concrete tower to climb to boot.

Didnt realize this was a benchmark. We visited while on vacation. Very cold still with ice around. Will post a picture soon.
Peace !

I love Clingman's Dome. Visited here again to bring my Mom and Dad!

Awesome place to visit. Well worth the hike.


On top of old Smoky! What a view.

photoThe Benchmark
photoStanding guard

[blue]This pair of senior citizens made the climb to the observation tower. We looked for a regular benchmark, but than realized we were in the benchmark. [/blue]

Hard not to find this one.Well worth the hike for the view.

Didn't know this was a benchmarks..I could have log this one 30 years ago if we had computer back then..I have been to the top at lease once each year for the last 30 years..

photoAt the top of the AT.

One of the larger benchmarks I've found.

Located disc in good condition as per description.
Been here a few times before - very foggy today.

photoRev Mike in front of the tower

The largest BM that I ever found.

photoSitting under the BM

Very unique benchmark!

Hard to miss this one.

Doing the Earthcache and have yet to log this, now we will.

I got a three-in-one at Clingmans Dome- an earth cache, virtual cache, and a benchmark! This was a great way to start my 13.5 mile hike from the Dome parking lot to Elkmont Campground with 3 of my coworkers from Cades Cove. TFTC!

photoClingmans Dome Tower

Hah - No wonder it was so tough to find it - I was standing on it!

weekend SHP trip

Hmmm, didn't realize a tower itself could be a benchmark. Checked out this online entry while I was logging the benchmark from the parking lot and decided since we saw the tower, and climbed the tower, we might as well log the find.

Cardinal Cachers

saw from the road below.. we got about 1 mile from the parking lot and my wifeTj got scared of heights from the road in and we had to turn around!

Too cool! A very unusual benchmark but so obvious. Nice 6643 location with 11 satellites to help get us get there.

photoview from bm
photoblue swallowtail on monarda (bee balm)

This is our first benchmark that we have logged! The earthcache made us look for this one. Very cool and worth the views!

photoClingman's Dome Benchmark

We were like everyone else and was looking for a regular benchmark. After I saw that a radio tower was a benchmark, I realized that this tower could be a benchmark as well.

this is one of the best views you can find while standing on a benchmark.

Gotta be the coolest Benchmark we have found.

While on vacation with the whole family... cool!

photoTop of the smokies

Wow... didn't realize that this was a benchmark at first. It's the coolest one we've seen! The views are well worth the hike up the hill.

Reminded to check the benchmark database once in a while.

photoAlmost there!

We didn't realize the tower was a BM until doing the Earthcache.

photoClingmans Dome

stood on it

stood on it

Found it after climbing to the Top Of Old Smoky.

Found this one while on a visit to the park. Didn't realize it was a benchmark until looked for others we discovered.

Great sunrise. Just awesomw views.

Didn't realize the tower itself was the benchmark. Awesome!!

Nice climb - excellent view.

Great view!

Hike to the top worth the view on clear days.

This is one of the best benchmark's we have ever come across. Oh what a view!!!!

We went to the tower on a family vacation to TN. We had a great time and really enjoyed the view. We went on a clear sunny day and could see forever.

photoAt the tower

In great shape. Kids loved the hike up.

took the long hike up with my family right before we left for home

Needed to locate this for the earthcache and didn't know what we were looking for. Ended up spending a lot of time in the cold and rain looking for something else!

photoThe Tower

Found it today.. after finding the earhcache in the area bou it was breezey!!!!

photodome 027

Found this one on the first day of the 2008 season!

photoOn Top of the Smoky Mountains! 4-1-08

Steep hike but well worth the views and experience!

photoTower Shot
Kids and I almost to the top..

Found while vacationing in Tennessee. Had to see the view from above.

photoView of Clingman's Dome

Found it. What a view! We watched the clouds move in.

photoClouds Moving In
photoAlmost There!
photoAt the Base

here on our hunnymoon great view

Wow... what a climb. But it was all worth it.
Took a snapshot to mark the occasion.

photoClingman's Dome
photoUnder Clingman's Dome Tower

Took a long walk up a short hill to enjoy the great views from this tower. Wish we could have found the BM disk.

photoThe Dome.

On arrival, TN side fogged in, NC side clear! Wait a few minutes and watched as fogged rolled into NC as well. Great place!

(#6) It was kind of funny how we thought we "almost" found this benchmark. We walked to the top and I took pictures, but forgot there was supposed to be a benchmark at the top until after we had again descended to the parking area. It wasn't until we returned home and I read the page on this benchmark that I realized that the tower WAS the benchmark and we had found it after all.

photoClingman's Dome tower
photoThe tower from another angle

Grabbed this and did not even know it until I did a search of nearest benchmarks. I found a couple control disk markers but I still have to figure out which ones they are.

photoThe tower benchmark

Gorgeous view! Wonderful vacation.


Beautiful view from the top.

Trying to locate another benchmark when I found out that THIS was a benchmark!


Can't miss this one.

Found it during our trip to the Smoky Mountains.

Had the family with me. Climbed to the top and took pictures. Interesting to be able to walk around and change from one state to another.

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gasp need oxygen Ok, brought my 12 y/o daughter here, just like my folks did with me.

found this actually during our Thanksgiving trip to the Smokey's. just came across the pictures. What a wonderful view well worth the hike to get to.

photoClingsman Tower

Found this benchmark while visiting the Virtual Geocache at Clingman's Dome with MA & PA Wilson. This area seems to be full of benchmarks. How nice to find a few of them.

Ron & Lois - "Bead Masters"
Lawton, MI 49065

Enjoyed the walk to the top of the mountain and the views from the top of the tower.

Out from CA visiting and caching with Hilltop Hiker for a week. Found this on trip to Clingmans Dome.

Found with my brother Mark (Califrat) and Sunshine on an day of hiking and caching in the Smokies.


found with mark.s

Nice hike up to this peak. Jr. cacher "S" had some difficulty, so she put her pack mule to work and hopped on my back. I never realized this was on the TN/NC line until GeoDude Jr. pointed it out while looking at the pictures at the top of the tower.


Looked around for a while for an actual survey disc before figuring the tower had been here long enough to be the benchmark itself as I guess it should be fairly stable. No picture uploaded since I'm sure there are enough as it is.

Visited the tower with sixseas.

Visited the tower on a beautiful day in the mountains.

Recovered in good condition. Was here on vacation with the family and just had to log a few BMs.

photoFB 2495
The mark described is the top of the tower.

It appears exactly as described. I enjoyed the walk to the top.

Didn't realize that the tower itself was a benchmark or I would have gotten a better picture.

photoClingman's Dome Tower
Well, at least you can see a part of the ramp.

Found this one on my Birthday while visiting from Fayetteville Arkansas. What a view! Go Hogs Go!

As described.

photoFB2495 Clingman Twr.jpg

found it while on vacation with the family

found it while on vacation with the family. not much to see because of heavy cloud cover.

Found this at the top of the hill....much cooler here when getting out of the car than when we left Cherokee...of course that is about 3,000 feet lower.

Fun hike! Altimeter in my 60CS was surprisingly accurate considering it has been a while since it was calibrated.

photoClingman's Dome

It's still there! Found it while geocaching.

nice hike,great view.

Only a short half mile walk!!!! Was here as a kid. The hike seemed much easier back then.

Found with NucPwrMan

Found it with SAR_K9. The short hike up sure is bear.

We found this BM while doing Top of the Smokies cache.


Found this one on a recent trip to the Smokeys. What a hike, not so good of a view.

We hiked up the trail to Clingmans Dome, very nice view!

Hiked up the AT 7 miles for this one while all the chubby hordes of tourists were complaining about the little walk from the parking lot. Wish TN high point was like VA Mt have to work for the summit!

Kind of hard to miss this one!


Found it with family while on vacation.


Got this shot on a cloudy Friday. It's been about 20 years since I was here last. Brought the family to the area for a vacation and had a blast. It won't be 20 years before I come back again.

photoClingmans Dome BM 10/15/05

Been many times.

Cold, windy, wet

Clingman's Dome turned out to be a very unique experience for us today... as Hurricane Katrina had roared through this area last night, she brought down several trees and the rangers had the road over the mountain closed for the majority of the day. We had first tried to get over the mountain early this morning, when the rangers at the visitor's center told us that the road may NOT open today at all! We were so disappointed as we had saved this leg for our very last day of vacation. After checking back several times throughout the day and finding that the road was still closed and the updates didn't look hopeful we had all but given up. At 4:30PM we decided to give it one last try. As we drove up to the visitor's center the road barricades were still in place. The rangers inside informed us that there was still no news on the reopening. As we began our drive back out we noticed a ranger driving down from the closed road... we watched as he pulled over and began removing the barricade and orange cones. Woo-hoo!! The road was now open. We were the first vehicle to drive across the mountain from TN and we were the first visitors of the day at Clingman's Dome. We had the Dome all to ourselves for almost a half hour! So very cool!

Hiking the AT and highpointing. Unusual shape for a BM.

The tower was very crowded today. Weather was hazy, but not a heavy fog, so the visibility was fair.


Walked to the tower and had the best views I have ever seen here

found on a backpacking trip to doublesprings about a year ago, and forgot about it.

Found this one on our way through the Great Smoky Mountains - Blue Ridge Parkway and just forgot to log it. It had hailed 4 times this morning and another storm looked like it was rolling in. It was still neat being up there though. We even saw several backpackers that were braving the elements.

photoClingmans Dome Sign
photoClingmans Dome Tower

One of 3 marks in this park in good shape.

Spotted on a hike to Silers Bald.

fog was so thick I could barely see it, but it was very cool!

Perfect day to hike to the top of the dome.

Found it on a clear day.

Found this elusive benchmark with a whole crowd of people.

Long walk for an old guy like me

N 35° 33.777 W 083° 29.907

Found this one by accident on our way through Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Hard to miss!

This one was hard to miss. Thus it is my first logged benchmark. I have found geodetic survey markers and even a cadastral survey marker in Alaska, but this is my first actual benchmark.

Thursday was quite rainy and foggy. Came back for more photos on Saturday.

Beginning our backpack trip. Thurs. 11/6/03
Saturday was much better than Thursday! came down for a Boy Scout backpacking trip.

Found this benchmark before on 10/21/2000 3:10PM.
It is still there. - TheStosh, KTG 10/22/2003 7:25PM

View of tower at dusk.

Not too bad of a day today. About 59 degrees up on the mountain. A little cloudy but you can still see a pretty good distance. Great view.

Hiked up to the tower. Plenty of people out today, despite the fact that it's a little chilly. There's a 'rod' sticking up out of the top of the center of the tower, though the whole structure is considered the benchmark...

Nice cool trip, for the middle of August. :)
It was so foggy you could hardly see anything! Welcome to the Smoky Mountains!

photoView From the Top
Very foggy! Ranger said to come back in the morning, for a possibly better view.
N 35° 33.784 W 083° 29.916

Wasn't looking for caches or benchmarks, just up for a hike. Weather was hazy and cool (75), better than in Gatlinburg high 80s. View was good, But want to go back on a clearer day. I dont think there was but one or two parking spots open at a time.

Cloudy day on the mountain but we found the benchmark:) Nice hike up from the parking lot but the hike back down was enven better:)

Although it has been quite some time since I visited this benchmark, I can attest that it is right where it is described :)


What a treat! Driving up the mountain the rain turned into snow. By the time we made it to top we were engulfed in snow. The top of the tower was cold and windy. We were just in time, as we came down the trail the park police were coming up to close the road.

Quite a nasty day to be up on the tower, we couldn't see anything but that! Very few people on the trail, and nobody on the tower due to the piercing cold wind and mist. I did manage to get one photo of me (hopefully not just a blur) which I'll upload soon.
One more month til they close the Dome road for winter, and it sure feels like winter up there already!

photoFB2495 ClingmanTower
Cold!!! Windy!!! Stayed just long enough for the photo slid our way back down the ramp.

The hardest part of this one is the 1/2 mile walk from the parking lot to the tower that seems like it goes straight up! There is a 330 foot elevation gain. Very nice view from the tower although the clouds played games with us by coming down to visit us and then lifting again.

nice vacation spot (date is wrong) late log

Pretty hard to miss this one! It was kind of cool to be up on the tower, the clouds close in for awhile then reveal gorgeous vistas..

photoClingman's Dome Tower
The tower from down below.
photoWalking Path to the Tower
Walking path to the tower. As you can see, it's socked in pretty good. I understand this is normal weather for the area..

Hiked this one yesterday on a family outing to Gatlinburg. Snow in May! BRRRRRRRRRRR

Mtn_Bkng_Dave & The Girls

photoFB2495 Snow in the Frasier Firs in Late May!
The view of the mountains from the observation deck. Notice all the dead Frasier firs killed by the Balsam Wooly Algid a non native critter. The firs are making a comeback though!

Found this tower while hiking and taking pictures for a school project. - Thestosh, James, KTG - 10/21/2000 3:10PM

photoThe Tower - FB2495
photoRelaxing at the bottom
photoStorm moving in

Was here on my 4th wedding anniversary. It was really cool b/c we came up through a storm and when we got to the top we could see the storm below us. Really a great phenomonon.

Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1963 by USGS (FIRST OBSERVED)

Control Text

  • The North Carolina/South Carolina HARNS have been completed but, due to contractual restrictions, coordinates for these stations will NOT be published in the near future. In the interim, the published coordinates in North and South Carolina will not be consistent with the Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS). The HARN coordinates for these stations are available upon request. Contact Gary Thompson(919-733-3836), or Lewis Lapine(803-896-7700). In addition, the published North and South Carolina positions (NAD 83 (1986)) are NOT consistent with those determined in adjacent state readjustments. The discontinuity between stations located in North or South Carolina and those in adjacent states which have been adjusted to the HARN may be as much as 5 decimeters. This will result in a significant loss of accuracy over lines crossing such state borders.
  • The horizontal coordinates were established by classical geodetic methods and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in July 1986.
  • The NAVD 88 height was computed by applying the VERTCON shift value to the NGVD 29 height (displayed under SUPERSEDED SURVEY CONTROL.)
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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