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Details for Benchmark: FB4079

N 35° 36.640 W 083° 25.520 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 5042

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is GPS OBS and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In SWAIN county, NC View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
horizontal control disk
set into the top of a round concrete monument
May hold, but of type commonly subject to surface motion.

Must Read!

Benchmarks may be on private property or in dangerous locations. Obey local laws. By using the services on you agree to this disclaimer.

Found while traveling with family from Jacksonville, FL to Russiaville, IN.

photoNewfound Gap Benchmark
Newfound Gap Benchmark

Found it on a beautiful day in Great smokey Mountains NP.

Spottet while visiting the Great Smokey Mountains N.P.


We stumbled upon this Benchmark which is intact & in great shape at Newfound Gap during our visit to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In same shape as the previous pictures from logs the days before.

Discovered this benchmark today while stopping to log the nearby earthcache and explore this location.

photobeldredge @ FB4079

On our way through the National Park and to Clingman’s Dome, we pulled into the parking for the overlook. Noticed the disc while enjoying the view. It’s in good condition


Found while sightseeing/geocaching.


Thirty-eighth day of our geocaching trip to the United States. Today, we leave Sevierville towards Williamson, but we sleep in a campsite about fifty km away, A beautiful campsite on the top of the mountains.

We would have liked to do the series of cache Urus, but as we were limited in time, we only sign a few. We try to sign some caches all along our way at the half hour when 'is possible.

Tomorrow we continue our drive towards Morgantown in West Virginia we should sleep either a little before or a little after depending on what you will take to visit each place.

Ordimic and Country Girl
Baie Comeau, Qc, Canada


Still there and looking good.


Found while visiting the area. Still looking good.

Found this benchmark while stopping for a beautiful scenic view and an earthcache nearby.

Found thanks to a helpful comment from a previous finder.

photoNewfound found

Found this by accident.


Was hoping to find a benchmark for the TN/NC gap but I couldn’t get cell service. Ran across this horizontal marker though. This one is easy to spot on the east side of the parking lot down on the lower sidewalk


Very easy to find at posted coordinates. Right along the path and between the two story boards.

photoFB4079 1990

Found this with my wife while taking a break and stretching our legs from our road trip. We started to walk past it. Being recently introduced to benchmarks, this marker caught my eye. Very cool.


This is the first horizontal control disk that we have seen. What a location, very unexpected.

Found easily at Newfound Gap with heathert458. Benchmark is ready to spot and in great shape.


Located along side parking lot walkway overlooking North Carolina side.

photoTami Mixon

Found while taking a few pictures during vacation!


As it should be.


Found with family while visiting New Found Gap.

Stopped here on the way to Clingman Dome.


Found with sjfink, RyanXY, and HayBeth. RyanXY's eagle eyes spotted this one!

photoFink007, sjfink, RyanXY, and HayBeth
at the Newfound benchmark (FB4079).

An expected find alongside a great view. Benchmark is in perfect condition.

photoNewfound Gap
Smoky Mountain Nat Park

Recovered this benchmark while stopping at the Newfound Gap. Well marked and monumental area with quite the view of North Carolina. Plenty of markers to read and a great view. Lots of people here to take in the view. Benchmark was hard to miss and in good shape.


Found this while hiking and caching in NC, also treked to the high point of NC and 26 other states this year, awesome trip!!!

Spotted while stopped in the area taking in the views on Memorial Day.

Found with ZeppelinDT


(3rd) I found this at the Scenic Overlook in Smokie Mt Nat Park on a motorcycle trip from Florida, transporting a motorcycle of/for my friend Dave who was with me.

Found it


Thanks for the benchmark! Found this one with Teper129 while we were out on our anniversary trip! See Teper's log for photo!

Thanks for the benchmark! Found this one with CaffeinatedMermaid while we were out on our anniversary trip from the Chicago suburbs :)


Bama Banana and I headed out on a day trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park from the rental house where we are staying in Burnsville, NC. Despite the long day of driving and the intermittent rain, we had a good time.

Snapped a photo of this one while taking pictures at the Overlook.

Made the Run in less than 12 parsecs!

photoThe mark

Found while surveying fire damage in the park and Gatlinburg.

Found this while dropping of Silver Dragon for his AT hike.


Has to be one of the most common ones in the world to find and recover.

photoNEWFOUND 1990

Found this by chance while visiting Newfound Gap. Easy find in the wide open.

photoBM Newfound Gap FB4079

As cars are being shuffled before a four day hike, I grab the benchmark.

photobenchmark photo

I spotted this mark while stopping at the overlook.


Spotted this one while enjoying the view and state border marker.


Spotted on our way through the Smokys!

Found while enjoying the Great Smoky Mountains!

Found on our way back from Cherokee.

Found on our way over to Cherokee


Found this while staying in Gatlinburg and taking a quick trip with the kids to the North Carolina border.

Found at the end of a 3 4 day hike from Cades Cove, to Spence Field to Newfound Gap.


Found in good condition.


I had a long weekend off of work so I decided to head to this area for some caching and a few benchmarks. The weather and caches were great. Had a good time exploring the area.

Recovered in good condition.

photoFB4079 - Close Up
photoFB4079 - Area

Found while driving through the smokeys.

Couldn't see anything due to fog, but found the benchmark

Foggy and the benchmark was the only thing we could see today.

One of the most beautiful spots on the planet. My best friend of 40yrs and her Dad come up and just spent a day driving an looking. We just were standing there I saw it and explained what it was......needless to say two more people enlightened and learning about a great hobby. This one comes with one of those awe inspiring views. Awesome day with some Awesome people.

Fun find while traveling the backroads after a long weekend in Gatlinburg.
What a beautiful area!!!
All is well.

The Homeys
Halifax, VA

Found this one on our trip to Gatlinburg. Took a day to pass through the National Forest and dip into North Carolina.

Found while checking out state line.

Beautiful view! Kids loved it!

Beautiful view at this benchmark.

Located while exploring Newfound Gap.

Found while visiting Newfound gap, enjoying the sights, and auds was collecting garbage, cleaning up the park as part of the junior ranger requirement.

photof1drivr at Newfound benchmark

Found before setting out to Mt Kephart today.

Found after our visit to the clingmans dome. It was awesome to find this so easy at a scenic look out

Found this one on the way to Clingman's Dome. A big thanks goes out to previous loggers for helping me correctly identify this benchmark.

photoFB4079 at Newfound Gap
photoView of FB4079 from a short distance
N 35° 36.640 W 083° 25.520

This was so cool to find! This is how I learnt about GEOCACHING. The view is awesome from where it sits ! :) . I look forward to finding more :)

Sweet area outside my parents town.

While geocaching through the area we stopped for some photos and to locate this disk. Turns out it wasn't hard at all, someone had a giant sign pointing it out. I took a couple of pictures and enjoyed the area then moved on down the mountain.

photoUp close picture of Benchmark
photoSign added around benchmark
photoOrigamiFolder at Benchmark

did a rubbing here

found it

Found in good condition


No internet to search for caches but found this it works for a smiley.


Found on our way to Gatlinburg

A cool benchmark while wandering around Newfound Gap!

I found this one while wandering around the park.

photoNewfound 1990 Benchmark

Saw this the last day the park was semi closed because the government sucks.

taking pix...willy spotted it. Have pix, post later

came across this one while stopping for a break. thanks.

I decided to grab a Tennesse benchmark today. Found and in great condition.


Drove up to Newfound Gap today on our last day in Gatlinburg. We spent about 30 minutes exploring and taking photos on a gorgeous and chilly day. We could see for miles. It was pretty cool seeing kids discover the benchmark.

photoNewfound Benchmark

My first benchmark find! My wife and I were visiting TN from VA for our fifth anniversary and happened to find this mark while enjoying the view.

photoNewfound Benchmark
Pic of benchmark with GPS reading from my iPhone

Found as described.
Recovery Report submitted to the NGS.

photoFB4079 NEWFOUND 1990 (closeup) Swain Co, NC
photoFB4079 NEWFOUND 1990 (eye level) Swain Co, NC
photoFB4079 NEWFOUND 1990 (view S) Swain Co, NC
photoFB4079 NEWFOUND 1990 (view E) Swain Co, NC
Looking towards the overlook memorial
photoFB4079 NEWFOUND 1990 (whimsy) Swain Co, NC
NorthWes' GeocacheAlaska Sourdough Nametag and GeocacheAlaska Wolf geocoin (trackables) at the Newfound mark.
photoFB4079 NEWFOUND 1990 (area nearby) Swain Co, NC
Just about 120 yards ENE from the Newfound Mark is this signpost marking the North Carolina/Tennessee border. NorthWes' trackable GeocacheAlaska Nametag is under the main sign. Temperature at the time of this visit/photo on 10/25/12 was 75 degrees.
photoFB4079 NEWFOUND 1990 (area nearby) Swain Co, NC
5 days after our 75 degree sunny day here, Hurricane (Superstorm!) Sandy's blizzard hit the area, dumping 22" of snow here at Newfound Gap by noon on 30 October. Weather here is ever-variable in the shoulder seasons.

Found this traveling through the Smokies!

Found this amongst the nice scenery.

Found this today and it still is in great shape.

saw this on spring break...Team Duckman

Found this while at Newfound Gap taking the requisite family photos at the TN/NC border sign. Was the first benchmark I have ever actively seen.


Found with Error650

Found the benchmark while stopping over. Not too tough of a find.

Found this marker while in Gatlinburg for New Years.

Found this while out taking in the views with my fiance, Bitbrain. Benchmark in great shape.

Tiger130 saw this one as we were heading back to the car to thaw out. My favorite benchmarks are the ones with names rather than just numbers. NEWFOUND. That's a good name for this benchmark.

I have never found a benchmark before! I was taking pictures, looked down and there it was! Too cool.

photoOur First Benchmark!

Lots of people around today... Beautiful view.

Found this one when we stopped to look around this area.

photoFound it!

Stumbled across this one (easy, in plain view) when I stopped to stretch my legs on a trip through the Smokies.

found on vacation

Found while on vacation. Photo to follow.

Marker is in good condition. What a view. Originally logged in waymarking as could not locate how to log in geocaching

Found while on vacation.

photoFB4079 New Found

Stumbled on this while on vacation


just happened upon it while at the park :)

Stumbled upon it

Found while on a picture stop.

Found on the way home to Maryland from Georgia.

Always Lost 00 noticed this marker while we were stopping here to enjoy the view and snap a few pictures. Guess I could say it was easy for us to find.

Disk NEWFOUND was located in station in good condition.

Found while hiking in the area. Very easy to find and encased in cement.


My first Benchmark find! I wasn't really looking for one, but there it was. I took a pic using a new app on my droid, but I can't figure out how to upload it. Mark is unchanged from the previous finders pic :)

We found this one on an afternoon excursion after spending the morning at Cade's Cove. Marker in excellent shape!


Out enjoying Spring Break in the National park, and this one was right there.

Found it!

photoHorizontal Control

GPS was dead on.

photoFB4079 - Mark
I was zeroed out with a 12ft accuracy.
photoFB4079 - Mark with a View

Found on my 44th birthday with kimmie6886. it was very cold and rainy and above the clouds today. KImmie posted the photos. Thanks for the adventure.

Discovered this benchmark while vacationing in Gatlinburg. Cold, windy, rainy day.

photoOutlawmedic & me

We found this one on our way to Gatlinburg. That's my foot in the pic.

photoNewfound Gap Benchmark and my foot

I didn't have any benchmarks loaded in the GPSr but this one was right where it was tough to miss.

Like most...I wasn't looking for this, but found it anyway.

Found this one by accident.

our first Benchmark...found accidentally


Found after Clingmans Dome with my wife

Found in great shape. Always fun to find benchmarks.

Found this with the family while taking pictures.

Our first North Carolina BM.

Found this BM in excellent shape.
Canon City, CO

photoFB4079 Upclose

Mkotlik_11 found it while I was photographing the vistas We literally walked over it.

Found in great shape! This one was a surprise find.

Happened to walk by this one on the way to the car.


While touring the Smokies, I happened to notice this marker. This will be our first benchmark log :)

Our first Benchmark, found it will checking out the views at Newfound Gap.
N 35° 36.641 W 083° 25.520

Coming home from whitewater rafting the Nantahala. We hadn't logged this as a waypoint, but pulled over on a "hunch", and a member of our group found this. We put our Garmin right on top of it to mark. Nice find for us, and our first! (Newfound 1990)

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Found this one while visiting the mountains with my family.

Second time here and first time knowing what this was! Love the views!


Found this on vacation walking about Newfound Gap.....yay!!!! Loved the area...we will be back!

catching up on some logs we haven't logged yet! sorry it has taken so long to do!

Our 1st benchmark..Almost mistaken it for FB4122.


Beautiful place!


The nearby men who heard me yelp in delight upon stumbling over this disk backed away very slowly and moved on down the way. grins

We found this while mountain hiking/geocaching. At the scenic overlook at NC / TN border. Very cool and happy to log this find! ;)

The Trailbirds

I'm guessing that maybe 5% of the people who stop here ever notice this BM, and even fewer actually know what it is.


Found this benchmark on the return trip home from Gatlinburg, TN.


Great view and a nice drive.

Camp Triple CK
Rock On!!!

Found while on a beautiful drive through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Stepped on it before realizing it was there.


We crossed over the wall to take some picture, and there it was. Mark is in good condition.

Visited Newfound Gap and found this on the way back to the car.

Noticed this while taking in the great view. Thought it looked like a benchmark, so we took a picture and checked it out. This is our first benchmark find.

photoA Panoramic View

Didn't really know what I was taking a picture of, but since we love geocaching, I thought I would look this up. Well - check it out - it's another thing to search for on vacations! (The Family is going to be so excited!)

photoGatlinburgCubScouts 2 Jan 2010 (98)

Very cold and very busy today

My son stumbled across this while we stopped to take some pictures.

photoLazenby Family
This place is awesome when it snows

found while on a trip to cherokee,nc from aiken,sc

Caching today in the mountains to pick up some virtual caches with dlf2001 & Night-Hawk.

Found this one while on a day trip logging some virtual caches.

Found this benchmark while exploring the Smoky's.


This is our first one, we ran across it while site seeing. Had no idea what it was I just thought it looked important, came home and did some research on it. Now we have a whole new set of goals to find :) Got this one with Lady n Bird

photofirst one

1st BM..Found this one on accident on a family trip, stopped in for a view of the mountains..and the slope my hubby got in trouble as a kid for trying to climb directly behind the parking lot.


Found this one buy accident, I have not logged many benchmarks. It's something that I'm gonna start doing, kinda like a new type of geocacheing for me.

photoNewfoundland Gap

What a beautiful spot -- finally a little sunshine peaked through the clouds when we got here.

We found this on accident while enjoying the view

Out with the wife. Made a quick stop here to confirm the location of the BM.

photoFB4079 on 7.8.2009

THis is my first benchmark logged. Have found others, but since starting my own profile, now keeping track!!. Thanks to my husband (Tsnake) for dragging me out of the car in pouring rain to get a quick photo (which he is posting). !!

?My third visit to Newfound Gap. The first was in the summer of 1996 with teachers from UT-Knoxville do water quatlity analyses on the streams below the gap on both sides of the border.
The second was in the summer of 2000. My wife and our twin daughters got up to a warm morning in Pigeon Forge and headed to Clingmans Dome. By the time we reach the gap the temperature had dropped to 45 degrees and very windy. Clingman was socked in with fog and near freezing temps, so we went back down disappointed.

The four of us returned in 2009 and were warm and successful!!! Benchmark was one of several pictures taken and it was in good shape

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I had to ask an artist to move over, as their easel was on top of the benchmark. But we found in quickly.

photoBenchmark photo

We've been standing at this spot many times over the last 32 years, but I just recently got into Geocaching and Benchmarking. Easy find in one of my favorite Parks.

photoFB4079 Newfound Gap
Horizontal Control Disk FB4079 at Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Found near parking lot - Newfound Gap


We found this one easily as we made our way through the Smokies on our way home to Pa. kcepenn

photoOur GPS at BM

I found this benchmark while on a road trip with Night-Hawk and BearOakDruid.
We decided to take the scenic route on our way home from GeoWoodstock VII.

photoNGS at the Great Smoky Mountains

I was passing this way with Night-Hawk and CacheUMan. We stopped for some pictures and noticed this benchmark.


photoMy GPS at Newfound benchmark

CacheUMan, BearOakDruid and I found this benchmark on the way home from Geowoodstock VII. TFTC TNLNSL

photoBenchmark and GPSr

Found this while on a family vacation in the Smoky Mountain area. Even though the calendar says it's spring, it was windy, cold and there was ice on the ground. Beautiful place!

Stumbled across this one while taking in the beautiful view.

found it....beautiful day and beautiful view... my first benchmark :)

photonew found gap benchmark
pokeypaks checking the coordinates
photonewfound gap marker
newfound gap marker

My first benchmark find. Glad it was here. We will upload our photo when we get back home to Alabama. What and awesome day!

Found this one while out and about on an adventure. My sons first benchmark find. Very nice, clear, beautiful day in the smokies.

found a couple of benchmaks while touring through the smokies and surrounding area.

found this on a beautiful winter day-------gotta love this place!

Found this before I knew I could log Benchmarks with!

My family and I stopped by in December on the way to Gatlinburg after doing a ride on the "Polar Express" in Bryson City, NC.

Backlogging for the smiley!

Stopped at the Newfound Gap overlook after coming down off of Clingman's Dome. Clingman's was completely socked in.

photoFB4079 location

Found this one while taking a picture of the trees.This was a accidental find for me.I didn't have it in the GPS,but recognized it when I saw it.

Located disc in good condition as per description.


A literal park and grab.


I thought there may be a benchmark here, so I kept one eye on Creation and on the ground. Made the find and marked my location.

Found this by accident while on vacation with Treonut from Canada.
We were out touring and hiking the mountains with Treonuts sister.

Found by accident also. Great veiws up here.

Visiting from Arizona, found on our 3 week East Coast Adventure! Stumbled onto this one - wasn't even looking!

photoFB4079 - NEWFOUND Marker

Yay! Found this one by accident. My first benchmark!

Our First Benchmark. We were vacationing in the Smoky Mountains, and happened across this one. We weren't looking to find any BM's but knew what this was when we saw it. May have to start looking for more.

photoNewfound Gap

FOUND WITH REDTJ (family) today as we rode back and forth across the mountains, POTSman

photosmokies 2008 033

had the famTJ here and my wifeTj scared of heights! pretty views in all directions! pic to come

photoAT coin at the benchmark

We too basically tripped over this one while visiting the Newfound Gap.

photoNewfound Gap

Stopped at the border and saw this disc...took a picture and enjoyed the area.

found on vacation in view from here!!!

Found this one by accident while on a trip through the Smokey Mountains. Very Cool!!!


Stopped on the way up to Clingmans Dome. We weren't even looking for but saw it.

Found while out for a walk in the park.

Found while driving over to Clingman's Dome.


Just happened to hop over the wall in the parking lot and landed in front of this benchmark. What a wonderful surprise. It's in great shape.

Found it great shape

Found it. We drove up to Newfound gap today and discovered it had snowed the night before. Great treat for the kids.


Stumbled on this one during a sight-seeing trip to the park. The view from this point is amazing!

Found this one on the way to Gatlinburg. The haze was very low today and I snapped a photo or two. Will post later.

Found on our way back over the mountains from a short vacation of hiking and caching in and around the GSM and Gatlingburg. Man it was cold!!!!!!!
Benchmark is in great shape!

Stopped here while visiting Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, we drove through the GSMs and stopped at Newfound Gap to take in the scene. Unexpectedly, we parked right in front of the disk.

photoNewfound Gap Disk
Great place to take in the scene. Restrooms located here too.

Found this while driving through Smoky Mtns national Park


Found while taking pictures in the area before heading up to Clingman's Dome. Second of the day that I wasn't looking for.

Found while visiting Clingman's Dome.

Found on way to Mt. Leconte. Good views of the Smokies.

Found this without looking for it
Great View of the Mountains from here

Right on the TN KY border


Like so many others... we stumbled upon this BM visiting the Smokies. It's a descent view.

photoIt's a BM!!!
What were you thinking?

Tygrrr and TKDfriend found this after a very wet 3.5 mi out and back on the AT.

Found by accident while touring THE GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS!


Accidentally found while touring GSM.


Came across this while going through the Smokey Mountains.

Stumbled across this while visiting the Smokey Mountains!


Found this without looking for it! We were taking the scenic route back home to Louisiana from North Carolina. None of our kids had ever seen the Smoky Mountains. We all had a great time and loved the views!

Found this one accidentally when we stopped to take a picture --

Wasn't looking for it, but was happy when I happened across it. It's in very good shape and out in the open for all to see.


6-20-07 8:22 AM
My wife spotted this one while I was taking pictures.
The Wright Bros.
(aka Stang Buff & Magoo 5X5)


Found by mistake.

Found on our way home from a Father's Day weekend of hiking to Mt. LeConte and benchmarking!

Photo closeup of the disc.
photodisc and view
Photo of the view next to the disc.

Spotted this one as I stopped for a break at NewFound Gap.

Almost forgot to log this one we found on vacation. We stopped at the NFG area to take a break before setting off on a hike, ended up hiking to the top of Chimneys - what a blast! The weather was great - even a bit on the cool side which is perfect for a Smokey Mountain hike in June!

photoShot of the mark...
photoUs standing on the mark!

Disk in good condition. Coordinates as listed.

Found this benchmark while on our way to visit the Virtual Geocache at Clingman's Dome with MA & PA Wilson. This area seems to be full of benchmarks. How nice to find a few of them.

Ron & Lois - "Bead Masters"
Lawton, MI 49065

Stopped at Newfound Gap, found this just before getting back in the car. Nice clear day, you could see for miles

Took a trip to the Smoky Mountains and found this at the Newfound Gap. Knew when I got home I'd have to recheck the photos and make sure I properly identified this one.

Found this benchmark with sixseas on a beautiful day.

Found this benchmark in the ground (round concrete monument flush with the surface) right in front of our parking spot at the Newfound Gap parking lot.

Recovered in good condition.


found it

saw this and had to add it to our lists of neat things we have found


Found while enjoying the park w/family. What a view!!!
Disc is in good condition and as described.

Found this accidentally while on vacation in the Smokies.

photoNewfound Benchmark
photoAwesome view from the benchmark

Found it while taking in the beautiful view.

Found this benchmark by accident while enjoying the awesome view.

Wonder how long it will be before the Woolly Adelgid takes this view.

photonewfoundland bench mark
photoView from Newfound Gap

Happy Thanksgiving Theres no better place to be then on top of the world. Stumbled across this one.

photoOn top of the world

Stumbled across this one, taking a break to stretch the legs and go to the bathroom. Love the views from this area, and benchmark in plane eyesight.


Just realized I never logged this one. Upon arriving found fogged in and an interesting pic of this benchmark with what I believe is probably weather measure instrument right in the center of the benchmark.

photoFB 4079 Instrument.JPG

Found this while taking pictures of the view. Fun serendipity.

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My first trip through the mountains. Found this when we stopped to take some (more) pictures :)

Found this one when I wasn't looking for it. Always a neat place to stretch your legs during a drive.

I found this benchmark while on vacation this past weekend. I have seen it before but forgot it was there until we were taking picture of the view and there it was. My first Benchmark.


found at 35 36.642N 083 25.517W 5045ft

found it with no problem

Found with NucPwrMan

Found it with SAR_K9. No problem. Cloudy rainy day, as is usual for here.

(#1) Our very first benchmark! We had seen this disk numerous times in the past while looking at the view up here, but this is our first stop since we started geocaching. I remembered pretty much where this benchmark was located, so I didn't look it up online to see what I needed to do to log this find. Consequently, the only picture I took was one of the disk itself. We didn't get to do much geocaching while on this trip, so when we stopped here, I just had to get the benchmark! We intend to come back to try to find the other benchmarks in the area. We love coming to this area, and never get tired of the views.

photoNewfound 1990

Stopped by on my way to Clingman's to get this one

Happen to find this one near parking lot.

photoDetail View
photoOverall View

Found it.

photomarker newfound

My wife and I were hiking segments of the Appalachian Trail last weekend. I left home without even thinking about finding any benchmarks, but while we were resting at Newfound Gap and admiring the wonderful view, I looked down and found this one.

Found with no problems on a beautiful afternoon.

photoAustrian Baerli TB in North Carolina

Found this while on vacation to Townsend TN.


Found it by accident while driving up to Newfound Gap.

photoT1 @ Newfound Gap

Visiting Knoxville for a long weekend. Took a drive through Gatlinburg on our way to the Cumberland Gap overlook. eiller

My wife and I were in the Smokies for a long weekend. I hadn't intended to do any geocaching and then I stubbled upon this one. The Smokies are so relaxing.

photoBM Photo

Found it by coincidence! Being from Europe this Benchmarking is a bit new to me. I’ve tried it before when visiting the US but without any luck.
But to my sunrise I found this one when I was walking along admiring the view, so this is my 1st!

Med vänlig hälsning
Mit Freundlichen Grüssen


photoNext to the Benchmark

Came to the top of the mountain while staying in nearby Wears Valley to check out the remaining snow up on the mountain top. Standing there checking out the view when I remembered seeing the benchmark here a few years back before I got into Geocaching. Grabbed the camera and snapped a few shot of it. (Will upload them later when I get around to getting the pics off the camera & loaded on the computer)


FOUND IT! Like everyone else, we were headed through the mountains and stopped here to enjoy the AMAZING view and spotted this one...our first Benchmark find! We will upload a picture later.

We suggest that everyone stop and enjoy this view!

Like others just happened up on this one.

Mako My Day

Was standing there minding my own business, enjoying the view of the mountains...just happened to look down at my feet and BAM!!!! there it was. Took a pic but the otheres already recorded are nicer

Found this benchmark while site seeing in the Smokies. Now I'm going to start searching for more bench marks!

photoNewfound Gap GSMNP

Found my first Benchmark. Went to the mountains with family during vacation.

photoNewfound BM.jpg

Found while sightseeing in Smoky Mountain National Park.

Found it easily. There are some that are getting this one confused with the NEWFOUND AZ benchmark.


I've seen this benchmark many times on other trips, was here today with MountainMudbug and now I'm officially logging it.
Lily Pad

Hurricane Katrina had roared through this area last night, she brought down several trees and the rangers had the road over the mountain closed for the majority of the day. We had first tried to get over the mountain early this morning, when the rangers at the visitor's center told us that the road may NOT open today at all! We were so disappointed as we had saved this leg for our very last day of vacation. After checking back several times throughout the day and finding that the road was still closed and the updates didn't look hopeful we had all but given up. At 4:30PM we decided to give it one last try. As we drove up to the visitor's center the road barricades were still in place. The rangers inside informed us that there was still no news on the reopening. As we began our drive back out we noticed a ranger driving down from the closed road... we watched as he pulled over and began removing the barricade and orange cones. Woo-hoo!! The road was now open. We were the first vehicle to drive across the mountain from TN and we were the first visitors of the day at Clingman's Dome. We had the Dome all to ourselves for almost a half hour! So very cool!

photoNewfound 1990

Found this one while showing a classmate from the NCO Academy around the GSMNP.

photoTouring the GSMNP

I was snapping a picture of the mountain top view and looked down and to my surprise I saw my first benchmark.

Found it quite by accident. First benchmark to find so now I have the bug to go find more. Absolutely breathtaking view. This was one of the best stops on our vacation with family (all the way from Texas).

photoTeam MTHarris kids

no problem

found the benchmark. Wasn't even looking for it. Looked down, and there it was!

stumbled on this while sightseeing with Babyblue200554& her family, marked it on the gps and averaged the location to about 7 feet. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL VIEW!!!

Found by accident being tourists with the other tourists.


Found by accident! We were checking out the beautiful scenery and the Appalachian Trail at the pass! Mike & Linda

Standing there taking a picture only to find my first benchmark.

Family trip to Gatlinburg. Planned on doing some geocaching around Cades Cove but never got there. Found this today, just happened by it. An easy find. Weather cold, grey and a little bit snowy. Spectacular view. Met two hikers walking the Appalachian Trail. They figure it will take them six months to complete the trip from Georgia to Maine.

photoNewfound 1990
Stumbled upon this during a visit to Great Smoky Mountain National Park
photoView from Newfound Gap
A bit grey today.
photoAt the border
With the kids at the border of TN and NC

Found at Newfound Gap today. Newfound 1990.

Awesome view! Wow, was it cold!

found with mcguy and the geokids on our vacation. We weren't looking for this so it was a nice surprise.

found this one by accident while enjoying the view with lilred77 and the geokids.

found this one on way home from caching with purrbox & 76 vet

photogsmnp survey marker-1.jpg

Just like a lot of folks here, we stumbled upon this disk by accident. We decided to stop and check out the views and viola, I spotted a geodisk! We only got to do one cache on this trip, so it was a nice surprise. If it weren't for all the other people cramming this space, this would be a beautiful place to relax for a while. I don't think anybody has mentioned that this is also an intersection of the famed Appalachian (sp?) Trail.


Stopped to take a break and accidently found this monument.

Stumbled across my first Benchmark while showing In-Laws the Smokies.

Parked near it while on vacation.

I keep forgetting about the benchmarks! Found by accident :) What a nice find!

photoTraveling with a few friends ; )

Found while visiting the smokies.

photoGPS with benchmark.

Found this benchmark on the way back from gambling in Cherokee. Took the picture because I thought it was cool, then found out there are benchmark-caches. What a beautiful spot!

Found this mark on a trip to Tn and Cherokee SC. Did not take Pic as many others have already done so. This is a beautiful area. I did not have my GPS with me.

Found it. Stepped right on it, and didn't notice. My wife, who was behind me, pointed it out. (I was still pondering my amazement at the cool temperature at Clingman's Dome.) Took a picture, but there are already plenty on here.

The Wood Family

Stumbled across this one while visiting the smokies, didn't have it's sheet and so I forgot to log it. just got another (to try to calibrabte my gps a little) and reminded myself of this one.

Beautiful site. First time my kids have seen the mountains.

photoGPS survey.JPG

Great view. Lots of tourists.

Found this one during a break on a nice ride in the mountains.

N 35° 36.642 W 083° 25.522

I found this benchmark while standing on the wall and enjoying the later part of the sun rise. The coords were very close.

            Cincinnati, OH

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the disc
photothe view from the benchmark

Found this one, but I was not looking for it. I was just wandering around and noticed it next to the walk way.

photoNext to the walk way

I stumbled upon this before I even knew what benchmarks or geocaching were! It looked like something important so I snapped a picture and went on my way.


Been through here countless times, and each time I seem to forget to visit this mark. Today, I was out setting up a virtual at this site, so I had a good reason to stop and check it out. The snow is melting, so this part of the ground was clear but there are still some good sized snowbanks nearby created by the plow.

N 35° 36.516 W 083° 25.977

11-23-03... 9 am... We've found FB4079 before; today we were setting out to locate FB1215 (see it for our success story).

We located a NEW 2001 USCGS MARKER set vertically in a huge stone retaining wall at the coordinates I've listed!!!
Just a short downhill hike from Newfound Gap parking lot. This 2001 marker is NOT accessable while driving along Hwy 441 - you must stop at Newfound Gap and hike down to the marker via the old NPS roadbed/trail at the emptier end of the parking lot. Enjoy!

photoUnlisted 2001 marker - Smoky Mtn NP - N.C. - SWA 3
Pencil rubbing of unlisted marker
photoUnlisted new marker, stone wall - Newfound Gap, NC
N 35° 36.998 W 083° 25.635

Saw this one on the way from Gatlinburg to Cherokee. I wasn't looking for it, but it is in plain view at one of the prime viewing spots.

The coords are what I marked as the location. At least now that my wife has found a couple of caches and a benchmark with me, she doesn't think I am so weird...

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photoView from Newfound
View from Newfound. Evening of Saturday, Oct. 18.

We found this one on our way back to Lake Lure from Gatlinburg. It was close to sunset and the view was great!

photoNewfound Disk
photoNewfound view

This is one beautiful location. The Benchmark is really obvious - if you can stop looking at the scenery long enought to look where you are walking.

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N 35° 36.640 W 083° 25.523

This has always been a favorite spot of mine. It was a gorgeous day. Took several pictures and enjoyed the perfect weather.

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I spotted this one while walking around Newfound Gap lookout. Asked dad(Radi0active) what it was and he explained what these disks are used for. He also informed me that they too can be logged in as finds. Now I have more to be on the lookout for. Found while on Vacation From Maryland. Smoky Mountains are beautiful.

Son(The Camo Kid) spotted this one while stopped at Newfound Gap. Just was returning from Cherokee, NC and stopped to admire the view. We were vacationing form Maryland and staying in Pigeon Forge for the week. The views are beyond description, you just have to come to the Smoky Mountain Park and see for yourself.

Stumbled upon this on the way down from Clingman's Dome. Tried to destroy my E-Trex during this week, but just cracked the lens. Lovely landscape.

Also got to meet the Clean-air Bear.

photogreat view
photoThe mark

Found this one on vacation from NW Florida. In good shape!

Found this one on our way back to GA after a great spring break week. Snow was on the ground and it was quickly approaching the mid-60s.

Team Acer

Went down to the Smokies over Spring Break to do some backpacking. When getting out of the car to hike the AT, I stumbled upon this benchmark, and photographed it when I hiked back out. The two days I was in this area it was engulfed in a cloud, so I didn't get to enjoy the view, but finding the benchmark was a plus. Will upload pictures soon.

Found this one by accident. Just finished a few days backpacking the Smokies with some friends, and made a stop at Newfound Gap on the way out. There was some surveying going on, and they were using the benchmark. Asked the surveyor if I could photograph the mark, and he said sure. Only had my film camera with me, I'll get the pics up when I get them developed.

Found this one on way back from Gatlinburg. The weather was good except for a chilly wind.

photoThe marker
photoA clear day
N 35° 36.643 W 083° 25.518

Recovered as described. Stamped NEWFOUND 1990. GPSr showed 5094ft.

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Found this one on the way home from a weekend in the Smokies. Wish we could stay longer!
David & Sharon

photoThe marker
photoThe view
Pretty good view the day we passed through. The previous night's weather brought tornado warnings in the neighboring counties.

We took a vacation to Gatlinburg, TN and of course drove into the Great Smoky Mountains. As soon as I got of my car to see the view, there it was. We didn't get much of a view because of the heavy clouds but at least we found this.

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This one is pretty easy to find, in the grassy edge of the lower walkway next to the parking lot. We then hiked part of the Appalachian Trail to Indian Gap and back, about 3.4 miles round trip. A wonderful area for viewing, hiking and vacationing. But the Smokies are really hurting from pollution and tiny insects that are killing the fir trees.

I've been at this location several times during my life on vacation and noticed the disc every time. This time I visited just to make it official and to take a photo (which I'll upload soon). It was a chilly day, and strange in that it would alternate very suddenly between solid, misty clouds and bursts of sunshine across the mountains below - what a sight!
GPS was reading about 150-250 feet off, but this disc is so easy to find. We tried to locate FB2493 as well, but somehow we missed it. Could be under some grass..... silly me, didn't look at the satellite photo before we left.

photoFB4079 TN, NC Newfound Gap
Disc closeup
photoFB4079 Newfound Gap view
Disc and view across the mountains.
photoIce trees TN
Newfound Gap, 10-30-02
photoIce fence TN

Stumbled across this benchmark by accident. Was on a 3-state GeoCaching father/son vacation. We drove over from Townsend after finding Eric Braun Wedding Cache and I wanted to show my son Clingman's Dome and Newfound Gap. Great view today, but I prefer those days when you can touch the clouds. We had a great time.

Found this BM by accident while checking out the Newfound Gap after visiting Clingman's Dome. Cool area!

photoNewfound BM
Newfound BM, in the sidewalk I believe.
photoNC/TN state line
NC/TN state line, marked at the Newfound Gap turnout area. This is near the BM.

Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1990 by NCGS (MONUMENTED)
02/01/1995 by NCGS (GOOD)

Control Text

  • The North Carolina/South Carolina HARNS have been completed but, due to contractual restrictions, coordinates for these stations will NOT be published in the near future. In the interim, the published coordinates in North and South Carolina will not be consistent with the Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS). The HARN coordinates for these stations are available upon request. Contact Gary Thompson(919-733-3836), or Lewis Lapine(803-896-7700). In addition, the published North and South Carolina positions (NAD 83 (1986)) are NOT consistent with those determined in adjacent state readjustments. The discontinuity between stations located in North or South Carolina and those in adjacent states which have been adjusted to the HARN may be as much as 5 decimeters. This will result in a significant loss of accuracy over lines crossing such state borders.
  • The horizontal coordinates were established by GPS observations and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in May 1993.
  • The orthometric height was determined by GPS observations and a high-resolution geoid model.
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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