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Details for Benchmark: FB4135

N 35° 33.400 W 083° 29.767 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 6311.1

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is VERTCON and location is SCALED. (more info)

In SWAIN county, NC View Original Datasheet
64 RJN
Marker Type:
survey disk
in a boulder
May hold, but of type commonly subject to surface motion.

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Benchmarks may be on private property or in dangerous locations. Obey local laws. By using the services on you agree to this disclaimer.

Found while doing the earthcache

Discovered while visiting Clingmans Dome.


Teri actually spotted this after we came back down the path.

photoThe Benchmark

In town on vacation from Ohio and taking in some shows and visiting sites. We went up to Clingmans Dome and enjoyed the view and came back down and visited Gatlinburg.

Found with family while traveling from Jacksonville, FL to Russiaville, IN.

photoClingman’s Dome Benchmark
Clingman’s Dome Benchmark

Discovered this benchmark while visiting Clingmans Dome today.

photobeldredge @ FB4135

Spotted this one while gathering info for the nearby Earthcache. The disc is showing wear presumably from all the kids that use it as a stepping stone to the higher rocks. The center markings have been worn away.


Found in the dark.

photoIn the dark

Make no mistake!

photoEasy to find

Found this benchmark while making observations for
NP Smoky Mountains - Clingmans Dome


Found on my way to the dome ...

Found as described ....stamping mostly worn off.

Close up of mark

Found it by chance while looking at the boulders to see what the Earth-cache requires.

dolosC at the disk

Surprise benchmark. Found this while walking to Clingmans Dome.

photoCelloFellow at FB4135
It looked like a benchmark, and it is.
N 35° 33.400 W 083° 29.767

Found this one today while taking some pictures of the rocks.


Very worn. The Park Ranger gave me info regarding this but It was windy and I didn’t quite catch what she said. Bummer! Loved the area and was thrilled we saw this.

photoBenchmark getting rubbed from people walking the

Center worn.

photoTami Mixon
PID FB4135, Clingmans Dome, paved trail

Found in a rock at the beginnig of the path to Clingman's Dome. This poor mark is still there but has had so many people step on it and weathering, that the elevation and identifying informaton is worn off. Only the words around the outside edge of the mark remain legible.

photoFB4135 benchmark along walk to Clingman's Dome

Saw while visiting Clingmans Dome and the earthcaches and virtual nearby. Benchmark is very worn and I was unable to read most of it.

Found it while vacationing with family in Great Smoky Mountains.


Found on the path to Klingon Dome while looking for information about an Earthcache. Pretty good shape but faded in middle.

photoThe Path

Doing an earthcache; found a benchmark. Seems legit. The altitude has been worn off of the benchmark.

Found after coming down from Clingman's Dome... a little worn..

photoThere it is
photogeological marker

Forgot to log this one from my recent trip to Tennessee.

Found this after our hike to the top.


Got this one after climbing back down.

Found it before hiking up.

Very cool!

photoFink007, sjfink, RyanXY, and HayBeth
at Clingmans Dome (FB4135).

An extremely easy benchmark to find. It's located at the start of the path to Clingmans Dome. It was hard to identify because it is so worn.

Clingmans Dome in Smoky Mountains Nat Park

Spotted this one near he parking lot

Near start of path up to dome

This was an easy find while headed up the hill.


Snapped a pic while heading to the top!


Found while geocaching in the park today!


Holiday find with family

My kids scrambled on the rock, I saw the disc and took a picture. It is in good shape!

Returnin' from hike and saw this one beside large rocks

Spotted while visiting the park today.

photobenchmark photo

It was easy to spot this mark as it was right on the side of the trail.

photo64 RJN


Daughter found this one!


Found while climbing down from the rocks at the start of the trailhead to the dome.

Found on our little hike!


Spotted on our way through the Smokys!

A nice easy find on the way up the mountain. Very worn down.


Noticed someone taking a photo of this disc as we were about to walk up! Found with alona-spiegel!

It is hard to miss. JoMar.

Found before climbing to the top.Very worn.

photoFB4135 at Clingman's Dome

Found while caching in the Smokies

Found it. Worn, but still there.




My son pointed out this benchmark after our hike to the top of Clingmans Dome.

Found before heading up to Clingman's Dome.


Found on the way back to the car

Found this while hiking to Clingman's Dome and doing Top of The Smokies Virtual Picture Cache. A big thanks goes out to previous loggers for helping me correctly identify this marker, especially since it's so worn-away that the designating number is really hard to make out!

photoView of FB4135's location from a short distance

The second benchmark of the day. I usually don't log them but this one was worth the effort to get to!


Found after coming back down from the top.


found it

Found it very well worn. Bought a postcard with it's likeness and not the replica BM for $39.99.

photoFB4135 / 64 RJN

Found it very worn on our hike to the tower.

photoFB4135 / 64 RJN
BM at TH to Clingmans Dome

A bonus find today.

Discovered during our visit to the area today. Well worn!

Easy find.

Found it on the way back down from the Dome.

Stumbled upon this after leaving the gift shop. Wasn't sure if it was loggable or not but now I see that it is.


Found on the way up.


Easy Find.

photoArea view. FB 4135
photoClose up view. FB 4135
photoClose up view. FB 4135

Found it after visiting Clingmans Dome, just a few feet downhill from the gift shop.

After doing some research I believe this is the one we found on the boulder near the Visitor center/store.

Didn't have the coords for the two in the parking lot, but found this one on the boulder on the way back down.

photo2014-04-17 19.53.09

Discovered while hiking in the area.



Considerable wear in the centre of the marker

Incredible view! Worth the visit. Benchmark is in great shape.

Found it on vacation this summer. Love those rocks! It's just beautiful there.

Caching up on logs, wasn't sure how to log this one.

Great view. God is awesome!

Found it!

photoAshbugga and 64 RJN

Stumbled on it today, logged it thinking it was Clingman. Guess not wish I'd known about Clingman before our trip I surely would have looked for it!

photoAshbugga, lambsb At 64 RJN

Saw this before walking to the top.

Seen on the way to the top.

Stopped to look at the rocks.

Out with Liyah doing some nosing around the park.

In the rock.

Found at the base of the paved path to the tower.

photo64 RJN 1963

this one on the rocks was easy to find. the one in the grass I could not find.

We found this benchmark in the rocks along the sidewalk to the Clingmans Dome store and tower

Found this on vacation with the family.

photoCD Survey Disk

found on way to Fontana dam.

The family and I made the trek to the observation platform while visiting the Great Smoky Mountains on vacation.


Great day with family- actually the baby of g6crew found it! Will look for the other BM in grass on another visit. g6crew Dothan, AL

Found as described.

photoFB4135 64 RJN 1963 (view W) SWAIN county, NC
Looking westward from area of station.
photoFB4135 64 RJN 1963 (area) SWAIN county, NC
photoFound by a Sourdough Member of GeocacheAlaska!
photoFB4135 64 RJN 1963 (closeup) SWAIN county, NC
Found as described. Recovery report submitted to the NGS.

Found it. Not sure which one it was until I started reading some logs and looking at the pics. Hate I missed finding the other one in the grass. Oh well.


Found this one on the way up the hill with Allenite.

photoThe setting

Found while beginning to make the climb with Handyman & Fam.

On our way up to the top, my daughter wanted to climb on the rocks. I'm glad she made the suggestion, because lo' and behold, there's a BM there! Cool. Took a little research to determine which BM it is, since the number's a worn off, but the description is spot on. I'm sorry to have missed the tower one while we were up there.


Found while fixing to leave the dome. Also found a four leaf clover just inches away.
How cool is that? :)


Found on the way to Clingmans Dome.

Stumbled on this on the way up to the Dome.

It's right there in the rock.

Very easy find from directions and coordinates. The disk is very worn from foot traffic.
Thanks, Fort Rectus

photoThe disk
photoKS Cricket at the location

Found this today while trekking up to the dome. Very very worn. But hope this one stays on tact

Located by the description provided. Surface of Disk a bit worn, otherwise in good condition.

Found before hiking to Andrews Bald to see the flame azaleas.


Found while doing Summits on the Air (SOTA) amateur radio activation.

We drove down to Gatlinburg from Dayton, Ohio for a long weekend with our friends Team Chernabog. Lots of hiking, lots of eating and lots of geocaching! After finding the Virtual Cache and the benchmark on top of the Dome, the NPS volunteer told me about this benchmark near the parking lot.


Very worn but present.


Very worn... but there..


photoSmoky Mtns Oct 9, 2011 055

On my way down from the top, back to the car I spoteted this benchmark.

photohow many foot were standing on it?

Only one we found up here on this winter like day.


Spotted up against the rocks just off from the parking area. Pretty worn.

Found it today at N35-33.419 W83-29.774. Skyboy01

photo64 RJN
FB4135 64 RJN. Skyboy01

Found while on vacation with outlawmedic.

This one is more difficult to log than to find! Finally found the right one to log sin it is so worn.

Spotted it easily

Found along with smrich and hawkeyez.

Found along with smrich and softball16.

64 RJN a little worn out.

Spotted it as we started our hike.

Just happened to spot it on the way to the top.

Glad to see this one. A little worn, but still there.


Found this benchmark while on a family vacation in the Smokies. Took this pic after our hike up to the tower.

photoClingmans Dome benchmark

Logging this one late. I found this one last summer and recently remembered I had a photo of it.

Close-up of benchmark

Easy to find this one.

photoClose up view
photoArea view

Most of the lettering has been worn off from people walking on it.

photoFB4135 Benchmark

still there really worn!

Forgot to take a picture, it is well worn. Mist and cool temps! Mist burned off for a breathtaking view.

One of the park rangers told me about this benchmark.


Found on the way to the dome. Also worn down from hikers and the elements.

A quick, accidental find. The close-by overhang seemed to be a very popular place to hide from the hot sun!


found along the walk up to Clingmans Dome

photoBenchmark FB4135

We spotted this benchmark before heading up the path to the tower.

photoBenchmark Close-Up

never have really searched for benchmarks but happened to see this one and thought i would log it.

Been up here many times, but this was the first time I stopped and snapped a pic of the benchmark on the way back to the car.

Forgot about this and retrieved on our way down.

photoFB4135 - Mark Area
photoFB4135 - Mark

Found it. Have photos. But, do we really need another photo of this?

Found this in the early morning as we began our short walk up to the "top".

Found this one today just prior to the climb.

photoBenchmark at rocks at base of Clingman's Dome path

What a beautiful place. Forgot to look for a benchmark until my 7 year-old was drawn to the "BIG Rocks."



Exactly as described, well-worn from all the foot traffic in the area.

Wonderful trip to the top of the mountain. Saw the benchmark on the way back down.

Local park ranger helped us find this one.

photoClingman's Dome near the Big Rocks


Found on Honeymoon

Out caching and hiking while in the area. Got to talking to the Ranger and we had said that we had hiked to the top to see the views and get the cache. He said that there was a benchmark down the way a bit, so off we went to find it.

photoFound It!

Saw this on the side of the trail leading up to Clingman's Dome.

Saw this one on our way down from Clingman's Dome!

Yep, it's here. :)


My wife spotted this one on the way to Clingman's Dome...the surface of it is very worn and can't make out much of the text.

Walked around, and there it was!

photoRocky Top

Found this with BSA684 on our way to the top of the dome. Great chance to explain to scouts about survey markers and benchmarks.

I almost stepped on this one on my way to the top of the Mt.

After climbing chimney tops the day before. This half mile jaunt to the top and tower seemed easy to 1 of the 4 Jumpingjellybellies. The other 3? They had to sit and ponder for a spell before making the climb. Thought it was quite mean of Daddy to make another march to a top of a mountain. Rileigh just about sat on this marker! Good work Rileigh Roo Rooh!

Can't miss this one.

photoUSGS Marker

Found on the way to the top, Hard to miss this one too!


An easy one to find!!


This one is just off the parking area at the start of the paved trail up to Clingman's Dome.


Found this on our way back to the car. We already picked up a nearby virtual cache and benchmark.

photoFB4135 Benchmark
Benchmark near parking area

Just happened to glance over and see this one on the walk down from Clingmans Dome. Glad to spot this one for an added bonus before we left.

Near the parking lot

Almost walked right past this one, but thanks to our littler benchmark hunters we were able to cache in on another benchmark.

photoWe were here!

Easy find, even without the GPS (just kept my eyes open)! When taking the pictures, some other folks were looking at it wondering what it was... gave me a chance to introduce the hobby of benchmark hunting!

photoKevin and FB4135
My son Kevin sitting by the marker... it was a very sunny day as you can tell!
photoClose-up of FB4135
Close up picture... notice the wear on the marker

Benchmark needs to be 're engraved'

We made a stop to get some AIR, and was right beside us.

I couldn't believe the amount of childern trying to climb the nearby boulders with the HUGE sign saying NO CLIMBING ON ROCKS right there. and their parents didn't care. what is the world coming to!

photobenchmark in great smokey mountain national park
photobenchmark in great smokey mountain national park

Found this one right where the published coordinates indicate. I'll go back up and see if I can track down the other one soon. :)

photoFB4135 Benchmark

First benchmark we found.

Found in good condiition. Location is stable.

photo64 RJN on 7.8.2009

Didn't show up on our benchmarks, but found this on our way back down from Top of the Smokies geocache by accident. Took a pick in the nasty weather.

Found this one as we were about to start up. My first BM find to log.


I forgot to look for nearby benchmarks when we knew we were coming out this way, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to locate one. What do you know, but there is one right at the beginning. Cool.

photoBenchmark on the way up.

Found after coming down from the dome...whew!

Found when out with friends.


Found this with Texgal - actually she spotted it, and we weren't even looking. We knew what a benchmark was, so we then looked it up via the iphone and sure enough! Great start to a great view

photoBenchmark at parking lot

Easy find right off the edge of the parking lot

Cool ! The wife stumbled on this one. Face worn quite a bit. First benchmark we find...may start trying more of these.

Found this one while hiking with the Family during our Spring Break vacation.

Found this one on the way.

photoPicture 095

Found it. Located this one while enjoying some time with the family in the mountains.


Located disc as per description.

Surface shows very heavy wear and the designation is almost gone.

photoUSDOI 64 RJN 1963

Found this one by accident. Did not even know at the time that we could log benchmarks.


Found on a rainy day.

Found this on our way down from Clingman's Dome to the parking area. The disc is very worn. Only the "JN" were obvious. Following a search by lat/lon, this is the only one that ends in "JN". Didn't think to look for others in the area, In hind-sight, I'm not at all surprised there's one up near or on the tower...

I deleted my log for the other benchmark, which I posted in error. I didn't find the Clingman's benchmark but the worn benchmark that is very close by in a big boulder.

Found it while touring the smokies on the bikes.

Saw this while at Klingman's Dome for sunrise.

awana81 noticed it on our way down from Clingman's Dome... it's quite worn out.

Noticed it as I was walking by...

I found this on my way down from Clingmans dome. It was pretty worn.

Easy, accidental find while heading towards the Clingman's Dome.

photoBenchmark by Clingman's Dome

My grandson (Wesley)just happened to spot this one on the way down from the top of Clingman's Dome. His first benchmark. Somewhat worn by muggles and the curious, but still readable.

Found this one on the way down from Clingman's Dome.
It is very worn.

photoGeological Survey Marker

Found it easily; it's on the BOULDER at the approach to the tower. ID is worn so I can see why there is confusion. Some are logging incorrectly as FB4060. Need to watch the coordinates and read descriptions carefully.

(#5) Found on our way up to the top of Clingman's Dome. This benchmark is hard to miss, unlike the nearby disc that we didn't find. Too bad this one is so worn that the designation can't be read in its entirety anymore.

photo64 RJN 1963

Found this on the way up to Clingmans dome.


Wonderful view. Thank goodness for the benches!


Saw this on the way up to the dome.

A friend spotted this one on our way up to the dome.


Just happened to spot this one on the way down from the top. My first benchmark -- might have to start looking for more.

Just happened to look down and see this one. Added coord to GPS to log once we got back. Great area.

My first benchmark! Finally! Thanks to Samiller, cause without him, I would not have done this nasty climb today!

Found by accident while hiking with the Montha. As mentioned in earlier logs, some numbers are well worn.

Wasnt looking for benchmarks (that is, didnt have any BM waypoints in the GPS) but spotted this one on the way to the observation tower. Read in the booklet that there was one at the summit but didnt find it. Didnt know about the one across the sidewalk until I got home and went to log this one. Oh Well...

BM is well worn, the number is not legible and only a portion of the date is legible.

photoAt the base of Clingmans Dome trail

Found it up on our way to the virtual. I always feel like I get a special treat when we find a benchmark we weren't even looking for. It's pretty worn.- Bluegrass Cache

photoClingman's Boulder Benchmark

I took the picture without knowing the NGS number. I had to compare it to others on this page. You can barely make out the JN. The rest of it has been worn pretty bad.


Found with ssphoto while in TN.

Found on hike to Clingmans Dome.

Out from CA visiting and caching with Hilltop Hiker for a week. Found this on trail to Clingmans Dome.

Found with my brother Mark (Califrat) and Sunshine on an day of hiking and caching in the Smokies.

It would appear from the logs for a nearby benchmark that it is quite easy to get confused and log an NGS Benchmark as a Horizontal Control Disk.


found with mark.s

Found by accident on our trip to CD, so I took a picture! I wish I'd known about the nearby horizontal control, and we could have made it a 4 bagger. Found with GeoDude Jr, jr. cacher "S", and mommy


Walked by with sixseas and found it.

Just happened to stumble upon this benchmark as came back down the trail from the top. Benchmark is obvious and mounted in a boulder. Heavily worn though.

Recovered in good condition. Here on vacation and just had to log a few benchmarks.

photoFB4135 benchmark
The lettering is quite worn but you can make out the JN part of its designation
photoFB4135 and GPS

Found it while visiting the Smokies!


Found it while visiting the Dome during an Ice storm.

photoOct 28,2006

Found with hiddenstab and family before climbing to the dome. Thanks.

Found with hiddenstab and family before climbing to the dome. Thanks.

Found with hiddenstab and family before climbing to the dome. Thanks.

Found with the family before climbing to the dome. Thanks.


found it while on vacation with the family

Found this while hiking up to Clingman's Dome with a friend. Info on the disk is hard to read.

Bored of Ed
Odenton, MD

photoDisk with GPS

The Mrs. got lucky again with a benchmark. This is the second that she basically just stumbled over. Sometimes its better to be lucky than good. {:)}

Found today while hiking to Clingman's.

Found while in the area with MountainMudbug, looks like it is getting pretty worn.
Lily Pad

Marker is in place but is getting very worn. Elevation and designation # are barely legible.


found on a sunrise trip.

Found this on my way back down from the dome. There doesn't seem to be a survey marker at the top (300ft up from here), but you can buy a replica at the visitor's center in sugarland.

photoSurvey Disk w/GPS
photoSmokey Mountains View
View from atop Cligmans Dome

Found this by accident on our way to a 3 day hike. What a way to start!

One of 3 marks in this park in good shape,although this one is worn quite a bit.

Jerseygal find on way to Clingman's Dome today.

Pretty easy to find! Still in good shape but getting worn a little.

Found this one while visiting the smokies.

photoGps with benchmark.

Found it. We had originally planned to go to Cades Cove, but it was too crowded. And, we really weren't dressed for a Dome trip. The temperature was 71 at the Welcome Center, and 55 at the Dome. Took a picture, but won't bore you. It still looks the same as all the other pictures on here. It was windy and the visibility was horrible. (So, what else is new!?)

The Wood Family

Easy find.

Found this one while getting ready to hike up to the top of Cliongman's Dome.

N 35° 33.417 W 083° 29.779

Found this benchmark right at sunrise, wow.

   Cincinnati, OH
photoview from benchmark towards Clingman's
photothe benchmark
N 35° 33.419 W 083° 29.774

We found this one on accident on our trip through Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Easy find, hidden in plain sight.

Hard to read disk.

Found this one and its nearby neighbor easily on our way to the Lookout. this one has been worn away a bit since 1963 but you can still the designation.

N 35° 33.418 W 083° 29.764

We found this one easily before hitting the trails. - TheStosh, KTG 10/22/2003 6:30PM

[last edit: 10/24/2003 11:18:37 AM PST]

photoFB4135 - 64 RJN - 1963 - View of rock
photoFB4135 - 64 RJN - View of area
photoFB4135 - 64 RJN - 1963 - closeup
photoFB4135 - 64 RJN - 1963 - Benchmark

Found at the base of the trail to Clingman's Dome, right where every one else found it. I was surprised that it wasn't brass (like the ones back home in Michigan) and that it was so worn.

We found this BM at the head of the trail to Clingmans Dome in the Smokey Mountains.

Picture next.


[last edit: 10/9/2003 7:52:26 PM PST]

Bench Mark FB4135 at trail head to 'Clingmans Dome', in the Smokey Mountains. seekers8711

Two people were eating lunch on the rock right next to the mark, but managed to find it right behind them. Yeah, it's pretty worn, but easy to see from the trail.

Was VERY 'smoky' in the mountains today. The ranger said to come back early in the morning for a better chance at a nice view.


photoGPS and Benchmark
The flash slightly washed out the picture...
photoThe Benchmark

Found on a trip to Tennessee by Team Brakio plus two.

phototeam brakio plus two
N 35° 33.422 W 083° 29.770

Cloudy today on the mountain. Found this on in the rocks at the very beginning of the trail up to the Dome. Good Hunting!

Cold, windy, and misty today - not the most comfortable time to be up at Clingman's Dome, but beautiful nonetheless. Perfect Halloween weather. We spotted this disc easily on the way up to the tower. I'll upload a photo soon.

photoFB4135 Clingman
Smoky Mtns disc

This one is right next to the start of the trail up to the top of Clingmans Dome. It is pretty well worn, I could only see the JN at the end of the station name, the rest is worn away. I think a lot of people step on it just 'cause it's there.

Found this one while not really looking........
My girls spotted this one while we were hiking up to Clingman's Dome yesterday. Cold hike too! Snow in late May? BRRRRRRRRR!!!

Mtn_Bkng_Dave & The Girls

photoFB4135 Snow In May??
Brrrrrrr it was cold today!!!!!!
photoFB4135 In the Rocks

Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1963 by USGS (MONUMENTED)
08/24/1989 by NCGS (GOOD)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were scaled from a topographic map and have an estimated accuracy of +/- 6 seconds.
  • The NAVD 88 height was computed by applying the VERTCON shift value to the NGVD 29 height (displayed under SUPERSEDED SURVEY CONTROL.) The vertical order pertains to the superseded datum.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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