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Details for Benchmark: FC1863

N 35° 02.891 W 085° 18.586 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 0

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is UNKNOWN and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In HAMILTON county, TN View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
setting not listed - see description

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Still there


Passed on our way to the hotel.

Saw this flagpole on the bank building while caching in the area.


Yup -- The old building is still there under the ugly 1950s-modern skin

Found it 6/2/17 at 4:24p.


Found it.

Discovered on what is now the First Tennessee Bank with the magtplanner crew while visiting Chattanooga for Thanksgiving weekend .


just curious if anyone has information that this flagpole is in same location as observed in 1934...............bldg was renovated in 1966 ??

Found the Benchmark while visiting Chattanooga.


Found while visiting and caching for the day.

Observed while on a trip to the south east and Geocaching in Florida.
Old Professor - Tipton, Mo

Found the Chattanooga Hamilton Bank with flagpole on top.


saw this one while in the area

spotted it while in the area geocaching, visiting from MI

I found this still here.

found on a quick trip to Chattanooga

I work at First Tennessee. I see it every day.

Picked up a few caches and a few benchmarks while visiting.

Found it from Georgia Ave and 7th street

photoC:\Documents and Settings\Phillip\My Documents\My

Yet another sight that I have drove by many times and never knew it was a BM

See it every day. I'll post if it's ever destroyed.

See it daily, now I know it's a benchmark!

Was thinking about the wrong building but then got back on the right track.

found on a nice trip to the choo-choo, but we have seen it many times and didn't know it was a benchmark.

I see this thing every day while working. I just saw it this morning!

Stealth Trip #12.

Observed the flagpole on the First Tennessee Bank Building.

photoFC1863 in Chattanooga, TN
Looking west from two blocks east at the intersection of Cherry and 7th.

Smiley for me

Logged this one while downtown today.


Another site with a new name and an old flag--but Pete Fitsgerald's photo rocks.

photoFC1863 BM
N 35° 02.902 W 085° 18.573

Recovered. The building is now the First Tennessee Bank Building. The coordinates were taken at the corner of 7th and Market Streets. The photo was taken from Broad Street looking South. The First Tennessee Bank insignia and flagpole are visible in the photo.


Had to talk security and maintanence into letting me on the roof. Didn't find a marker disk but did photograph the flagpole. I hope that counts.

photoPete Fitzgerald FC1863

Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1934 by CGS (FIRST OBSERVED)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were established by classical geodetic methods and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in April 1999.
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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