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Details for Benchmark: GR1852

N 36° 00.968 W 114° 44.345 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 1204

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is SCALED and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In CLARK county, NV View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
triangulation station disk
setting not listed - see description
Mark of questionable or unknown stability.

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The family was on a mini vacation to Las Vegas for a wedding. On the way home we stopped to visit the Hoover Dam. After spotting a couple on our walk I pulled up the app and we made a game of finding and being sure to stand on each one we found. This one we could not stand on. Seeing the other pictures we knew just where to look ans spotted it from the edge. Looks to be in great condition!

Never saw a BM like this before today. This one is working just fine.

Found with visiting Hoover dam

Out visiting the Hoover Damn

Visited with my snuggle muggle.

While doing our roadtrip, I didn't think of the benchmarks. I found at least a cache a day, but about benchmarking I was just remembered as soon as I walked this dam. They are everywhere. So when I saw them I took z photo, and now I try to log them.


Saw a few of these while walking the dam. This was the first.

Since I was traveling from California to Utah alone today, I decided to add a number of hours to the trip and visit the dam. I enjoyed it and I was able to find a few geocaches and benchmarks along the way.

Spotted this one and grabbed a photo as close as I could.

photoClose up

Found while at the dam with Trea and PDXim.

photoHoover dam triangulation disk

Caching with PDXJim and Tootsie.22, today at Hoover Dam. Looking over the wall we were able to observe this one.

We were looking down the dam and spotted both N I and N II.


Touring the bridge and dam today and then using to find a ton of marks on the dam. I wish I could have had a few more and I would have pulled off a really easy 25 BM day! Oh well.

I wish I had known about all of these far away markers as I would have brought my good camera and went long distance on them. I believe this map is accurate and should really be referenced when documenting these. Based on the map, I can see NII from this screen shot I took from a video on top of the Bridge. So I am going to claim it and see if I can get enough of these sketchy finds to get to 25 marks for the day. Hey, it is better than all the no photo logs from the cheating Europeans!

I also see N I, A I, and A II from this screen shot too!

photoN II Setting View
The view of N II from the bridge. You can also make out NI, AI, and AII from here as well.
photoNII Looking East
A view from inside the visitor center looking out the window at NII. This is on a new visit on 5/3/19.
photoNI & NII Setting View
This is a photo taken on a new trip to the dam on 5/3/19. This is looking north from the visitor center outside viewing area. You can clearly see NI and NII in the photo.


Found while visiting Hoover Dam.

Found while doing some geocaching while on a road trip/camping vacation with my family.

Got this one at the dam


Seen this while walking the dam.

found it while on vacation.

Found it...


Found it while in Vegas from California. Trying to increase my benchmark numbers.

Found while visiting Hoover Dam

I was in Vegas for a long weekend and spent the morning at Hoover Dam, grabbing the new virtual and searching for benchmarks, before heading to the airport for my redeye home. Spotted this one in good shape.


Concrete around the mounting now.


Mit Stage_Worm diesen Benchmark gesucht und gefunden.....

Auch diesen Benchmark konnten wir gleich finden !!

Also found this one on my walk on the dam.

OMG! Seems as the whole Hoover Dam is covered with Benchmarks. I found quite a lot, but not sure if I found all of them.

Found this on vacation

Found in good condition.


Found it during our western migration to California from Florida.

Recovered In good condition.


Found while visiting the dam


Adding a few BM while visiting Hoover Dam. Found this one with JCLBA, Tatie and PatrickValerie

photobenchmark 1852

I found this waymark while visiting the area with PatrickValerie, Lison55 ans JCLBA.


Found this BM while visiting Hoover Dam with JCLBA, Tatie and Lison55


Discovered while geocaching around the Hoover Dam.

photoN III

Very late logging this one. Found it and the one on the other side of the river while visiting Hoover Dam. Not knowing their purpose, I sent an email to an address on the Dam's web site. Less than a week later, I received a very nice reply from the Bureau of Reclamation. It included an excerpt from a 1935 Project Report which explained, in part, that the piers were used for mounting a theodolite for surveying the dam during its construction. Fascinating.

photoView from the terrace of the Visitor's Center
Note that there are two benchmark piers in this photo. I believe GR1852 is the one near the center of the photo, while the one closer to the Dam is GR1855.

Probably some of the coolest benchmarks that i have found! It helps that we are at this amazing place!

Found this while visiting the Hoover Dam with family.

photoBenchmark - N II - Hoover Dam

Found while exploring the dam with the magtfplanner crew !


Spotted this while touring around the dam.

Found with spooky_luke whilst exploring the dam

This is more like the style of our Trig Points back home in the UK - That's what drew our eyes to them!

Found it today at Hoover Dam with the long lens.

photoGR1852 N II Hoover Dam

Found it while hiking and visiting Hoover Dam with the family.

Hab Dich gesehen!!

Found while touring the dam today.

Discovered while visiting the Hoover Dam while taking a break while working on the E.T. trail in December

Yikes, thought I missed it when I first took the pic, then realized its there, just had to highlight in with a circle!

photoWhere is it, ah there it is!

I had a hard time trying to figure out what Benchmarks I found because of all the wild logging and picture posting. I had a great time at Hoover Damn anyway and think that the 12 I found are correctly posted with the right pictures.


We were suprised with how many marks there were here.


On our trip to the Hoover Dam we also saw this disc.

Found while taking photos of the dam


On a family trip to HD, unfortunately the tours were closed, but we still got to walk around and find some marks. I had seen these when I was here years ago, and always wondered what they were!

Seen from the Hoover Dam.


Found this benchmark while visiting the Dam with friends.

What an amazing spectacle! This was our first major stop while visiting Vegas.

Spotted this while touring the dam.

Seen this one from a distance. Looks like all is still in good shape.

photoGR1852 Stamped N II / monumented 1935
Picture taken from a distance

can see it from a distance. no way to get close. amazing how many are around here. neat bit of history.

Spotted this Pier while visiting the Hoover. Check out the log entry from Klemmer for a map of Hoover benchmarks. Pic taken from on top of the dam.

photoGR1852 at Hoover Dam

[red]Found it on my way to Vegas! Visiting from Alabama![/red]

While visiting Vegas I took the trip to Hoover Dam. I was a little pressed for time and made it a quick visit.
Snapped a shot of this one on my visit.
Based upon Klemmer's great data; I think I'm good on this one.


On vacation with the family. Thought we spied a BM way down there. Zoomed in as far as we could. Can make out some of the stamping, but not the N4. Not bad for a crappy little camera.

photoClose up - GR1852 N2

Found it with friends from Pennsylvania.

Saw it at the dam.

One of many benchmarks at Hoover Dam. Great place to hunt for BM's.

photoN II

Found on the way to LV

Hot dam! Or hot day at the dam, at least. My first benchmark log. Saw it down there from the visitor's center and took a picture, hoping I could figure out how to log it and it's companion. Here it is. Will upload an image as soon as they reactivate that part of the website.

photoGR1852 NII
It was extremely hot at the dam but we took the tour and walked around. Glad I noticed this benchmark and took a picture.

On way to Grand Canyon West via Hoover Dam

Found this with Blaise Orange

Found this one while standing by the glass windows by the elevator waiting to take the Dam tour.

This photo was taken from inside the visitor center. Standing by the elevator the goes down into the Hoover Dam.

Was headed to St. George from Phoenix and stopped at the dam!
This one was AWESOME!

Found during Las Vegas trip and visit to Hoover Dam


Found while at the dam. Photo shows both N I and N II.

photoN I and N II
Both N i and N II from the Arizona side.

The missus and I were out with her parents to see the dam, found out later I actually did snap a picture of this benchmark, after we'd spotted one that isn't listed on (GR0575). Sometime we'll have to get the list and find the rest of them.

photoNearby & unlisted GR0575 / C 174
photo'Monument' is in the upper right corner

Found as described.


Found at the Hoover Dam. Landnavmaster

photoHoover Dam N-2
Hoover Dam N-2

Found while on vacation with SC-Wanderer and SC-Reluctant.


Found while visiting the dam.


Found by accident while visiting the dam.


Found while at Hoover Dam, thanks Klemmer.

photoN-II from the AZ side
photoN-II pier

Benchmarking on Hoover Dam, it just does not get any better than this.


Found the Hoover Dam benchmarks on a fabulous trip to the area with Jman51x. We just stumble upon one, and then had fun finding more!

Found this benchmark touring Hoover Dam.

Found on trip to the Dam

photoFrom the East

Found while at the visitors center.


So many benchmarks!! Found today with 007 while visiting the dam.

photoHoover Dam (40) edited copy

Just like N1, I can't imagine working to place this benchmark back in 1935.

photoHoover Dam (10)

Hadn't meant to find any geo locations - hadn't even meant to go to hoover dam - but there I was at the visitor's center and saw the benchmark! Took a picture

photoFrom the visitor's center

Lots of folks have logged this "THREE-SIDED CONCRETE PIER", some of them even correctly. See below for an accurate map of where all nine of these pier type markers are located near the dam.

photoHoover Dam aerial map
This aerial map shows all nine of the "THREE-SIDED CONCRETE PIERS" located downstream of the dam, as well as a few other important triangulation stations on the dam for reference.
photoGR1852 closeup
(well, as close as you can get)
photoGR1852 another view from visitor;s center
photoGR1852 Wider View near Hoover Dam
photoGR1852 Pier near Hoover Dam

Station recovered in good condition, and found as described: a three-sided concrete pier with a station mark set on top. A picture is enclosed, taken from the Visitor's Center - thanks!

photoStation N II - Hoover Dam

Of course, we couldn't get close to this one, but it's definitely visible from the Visitors Center

[This entry was edited by Peter and Gloria on Saturday, March 01, 2008 at 11:01:33 AM.]

photoN I and N II from visitors center
N II is on the right
photoN II from visitors center.jpg
photoclose up of N II.jpg

Recovered in good condition.

photoN II also at Hoover Dam

Could'nt get to it...out could see it!

N II can be seen the back ground of the picture. This picture shows both N I and N II.

photoC:\Documents and Settings\Dave\My Documents\My Pic

Saw these as we walked across the dam. Thanx!

Our second trip to Hoover Dam and we are cleaning up some of the benchmarks we missed the first time. Could not get a good picture of this one.

Out with Fiddlefiend for 18 benchmarks.

Inadvertently stumbled on 18 benchmarks while visiting from Illinois with Mandolinman. That'll teach us to wander off without our GPS.

Found this while touring the dam, can't get a better close-up but it sure was fun.
The Fossillady


found this one N II while looking down from the visitor's center

photoN II looking down from visitors' center
N II looking down from visitors' center

Couldn't get a close up, but there it is!

photoBM closest to visitor center
photofar away with both BM's

Found nineteen benchmarks on and around the dam today.

Mark found.



Couldn't get above this one to get a nice zoomed shot of the disk this morning at 7am but got a nice shot of the obelisk.

photoN II

Got as close as we could to this one. Don't think it's going anywhere.

photoThere it is!

Also Found it while on the tour.

Found the benchmark on the Nevada side of the dam during the tour (most informative) Benchmark appears ok.

photoBenchmark below dam

Found it.

photoN II.jpg

could easily see this one from the observation deck (take the dam tour), but couldn't see GR1855. Am I blind?

Visited the Hooverdam on our honeymoon


First one I found while at the dam. 2100 miles from my home coordinates.

Found from a distance.

photoGR1852 at Hoover Dam, NV

Found it!

Found as described. A concrete obelisk or 3-sided pier with disk visible on top, just below the visitors center on the downstream canyon wall on the Nevada side, and easily seen from the observation niche containing the Nevada Base benchmark or from within the visitors center itself.

photoView of Nevada side downstream from dam
GR1852/NII is circled in yellow at foot of new visitor center/observation tower. GR1855/NI is circled in yellow at close edge of canyon wall to dam, just to left of dark waterstain on the face of the dam adjacent to the canyon rock.
photoGR1852/NII; benchmark is on top of pillar

Recovered in good condition

Still holding position.


Found it in OK Condition

Couldn't get closer but found it from above. -TBB

photoTriangulation marker

Saw it; made me dizzy. Friend took picture.

Located on station in good condition.

Recovered in good condition....

photoN II - view from AZ side

The approximately 5 foot tall, 3-sided concrete monument was recovered in good condition. This one is about 30 feet below the new visitor's center.

photoThree-Sided Concrete Monument Below the New Visitor's Center

While we couldn't get any closer than the picture shows, we are confident that this is the correct marker.

photoGR 1852

At Hoover Dam. Can be seen from looking out of the visitor center windows. Three-sided monument with benchmark on top.

Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1935 by BOR (MONUMENTED)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were established by classical geodetic methods and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in June 1998.
  • The orthometric height was scaled from a topographic map.
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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