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Details for Benchmark: HO0622

N 37° 07.047 W 113° 29.258 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 0

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is UNKNOWN and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In WASHINGTON county, UT View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
airway beacon
setting not listed - see description

Must Read!

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Found the survey marker. Will try to post a picture.

photoShinobe Kibe survey marker
Shinobe Kibe survey marker
photoShinobe Kibe survey marker
Shinobe Kibe survey marker

Airway beacons were rotating lights placed on towers for airway navigation along specific paths way back in the early days of aviation. They were replaced by 'modern' navigational equipment in the '50s. Most towers, including the one here and the one in Cedar City, have long been torn down. What everyone seems to be logging is not a benchmark but a survey disk put out by Washington City.

Enjoyed the hike and the view. TFTC

I found this one when I went for a few geocaches up here.

Enjoyed the hike up to the top on this brisk January morning! Found the big arrow of course, and also the remains of the beacon tower posts.

photoBig Arrow
photoBeacon tower support remains

Found the concrete arrow before going to find the nearby geocache.

Lots of fun. Tough hike though.

Was able to find this while on top of Shinob Kibe, its always nice to be able to find benchmarks that we can log.

Great Hike.

A lot of fun, great hike and the arrow was cool

This was pretty cool! Think I'll find some more

Found this benchmark out hiking and caching with Mitsu1.

photoBenchmark on Shinob Kibe
photoShinob Kibe-Arrow
Shinob Kibe Arrow

took a while to find the survey disk ,
somebody forgot to bring info as to where it was
just knew it was 450 feet away in some direction.
after hiking all over the hill we found it.

Well, we looked east of arrow first as we did not remember east vs west, not finding it we looked west and indeed, there it is, as described at approx: 37,07.033 N and 113,29.354 W elev. 3279.

Found the arrow while doing the cache - sounds like now I have to go back up to find a marker some 400 ft west?


Found arrow at top of Shinob Kibe cache. Enjoyed a stellar sunset this evening with Tyler, my son.

Cache On!

Well I visited this one back in 2001, but I didn't know it was a benchmark until recently. Here's my log from a recent revisit to the area (doing cache maintenance on my Shinob Kibe cache):

Also, I'm starting to put together a page about concrete arrows in the area at:

St. George, Utah

Same story here as HO0625. Not a replacement for missing beacon. Just a coincidence.

I finally made the effort to go back to Shinob Kibe and figure out if I had found benchmark HO0622. The coordinates for HO0622 led me right back to the concrete arrow. Although I noticed last time, there is evidence of a steel tower that stood over the concrete arrow. This is similar to benchmark HO0625 in which the tower was cut down and a new survey disk was established.

The survey disk mentioned in Geocache GC15C4 is stamped: WASHINGTON CITY SURVEY CONTROL - SHINOB KIBE - 1994. According to my GPS, the approximate coordinates of the new survey disk are N 37 07.031 W 113 29.351 (WGS84) at an elevation of 3263 feet. This puts the new survey disk approximately 450 feet west of the concrete arrow.


photoGCB HO0622 Arrow showing cut tower
photoGCB HO0622 New Marker

This was the third of three benchmarks I (thought I) found on my way to the Shinob Kibe Cache (GC15C4). Although I believe I found the airway beacon, I have to return to Shinob Kibe to verify. I must confess that I do not know what an airway beacon should look like.

The given coordinates placed me at the center of the concrete arrow mentioned in GC15C4. I looked on and near the concrete arrow for an actual metal marker or some sort of lettering. I did not find anything documenting the concrete arrow as a survey marker. Once I got home, I noticed that Astounding mentions the concrete arrow and a survey marker. Astounding also mentions that the survey marker is embedded in concrete along the south ridge top ot the west of the summit. This is why I need to go back and verify my find.


photoGCB HO0622 Concrete Arrow

Documented History (by the NGS)

1/1/1938 by CGS (FIRST OBSERVED)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were established by classical geodetic methods and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in November 1997.
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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