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Details for Benchmark: HT1619

N 37° 20.700 W 122° 04.633 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 228.1

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is VERTCON and location is SCALED. (more info)

In SANTA CLARA county, CA View Original Datasheet
T 180 CGS RESET 1966
Marker Type:
survey disk
set into the top of a round concrete monument
May hold, but of type commonly subject to surface motion.

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Benchmarks may be on private property or in dangerous locations. Obey local laws. By using the services on you agree to this disclaimer.

Benchmark is completely buried in the concrete. cannot be seen very well

3rd Benchmark on the list! TFTBM

Bummer, it was buried and all I had was a rock to dig with. I gave it a try, but I wasn't properly equipped.

I used trode's 04-25-2006 "photoview of the witness post looking north" to locate the witness post. I dug for about 15 minutes until I wore out the handle of my trowel (VERY rocky soil), and finally gave up after making a hole ~8" deep.

Found the witness post easily enough but as others have noted the marker has gone underground. I didn't have digging equipment with me and recent rains have turned the soil to mud. I dug some but then gave up.

Way down there, but close to a cache.

Found in combination with the local puzzle related to it. TFTBM

I don't look for these often but something nearby led me here. Cheers!

Wow, this one is really tucked away, but in fine shape.

Found the witness post with a pretty deep hole right next to it. Looking at past photos, I'm fairly sure the BM is still down there, but at least a foot and maybe more deep. New curb since the last photos, but looks like it is far enough away to not have covered the BM. Next time I'll did deeper.

Found this one while picking up something close by. Used the coordinates from a previous finder's log. Our first benchmark! I've tried finding some before. Maybe I always need to expand the coordinates and go more by the description.

Out grabbing something else nearby and came across this baby. Sign helped but needs some love. Used a previous finders coords and it took me right to it. TFTB

I visited today, in search of, um, Something Else, and it is buried quite deep now.

Although the benchmark was completely buired, I used pictures from prior logs to locate where it was hiding. I wonder why this benchmark is so low in the ground?

My second benchmark! thegirlsfromPA turned me onto this clever one, and with the dry weather and very light cover, it was easy enough to discover.

I think this is the first benchmark I've logged. Woot!

Found in good condition. It's about a foot below ground level.

photoHT1619 T180 Reset


Came by a couple days ago, dug a bit and ran out of time without getting to it. GoGoJo and catomcat lent me a trowel and after a little work today I unearthed this guy. Besides being buried in dirt, this mark is in pretty good shape.

Got it.

Found easily. The Witness Post has seen better days. Thanks!

Found it while locating nearby cache.

Found while logging the nearby cache

My first benchmark. I should have planned ahead and brought gloves instead of getting my hands dirty.

My first benchmark! I didn't know that you could find/log these (NGS Benchmark) until I noticed them on another geocacher's found list. I guess I'm a little slow since I've been geocaching for almost 10 months . Since the marker hasn't been photographed for a few years, I dug around (a lot!!!) and found it. My coordinates were N37 20.759 W122 04.659 but it's obvious from the witness post and the 13 inch deep hole where the marker is located. #423

photoHT1619 - Witness Post
photoHT1619 - Marker

It's there and doing well, but the posted coordinates should be: N37 20.759 W122 04.658. Why do they always seem wrong on the Benchmarks pages?

Finally found the Witness.

photoWitness finally found!

Found whilst in the area looking for a cache.

My first benchmark, found as a result of budd-rdc's 50% off sale.

All this rain left the hole muddy and icky. But I know it was down in the bottom of the hole, and I did find the witness. That's pretty cool, actually.

I wish more of these things had witness posts, would make the whole business much easier.

photoCan I have a WIT-NESS!!!

The picture with the "post" made this one easy to find. Still, I had to scoop out 3 inches of debris that had fallen into the hole.

Found it. Included a "me too" photo.


This is the second benchmark I've logged. I've included a photo.


Witness post and a benchmark in a deep hole. Hardest part of finding it was finding a parking spot when you have the right coordinates.

Benchmark is now under about a foot of leaf litter and pine needles. After digging a bit, I found the benchmark still readable. Replaced the debris on top again.

The hole is filling with debris again, but spotted it.

Wow, what an amazing FTF by Charles on this one. It was covered with dirt and leaves when we found but we managed to catch a glimpse of it after brushing away some of the debris.

Normally I'm not all that interested in hunting benchmarks, but had to grab this one. I can see how this activity can be quite challenging.

I don't think I'll ever get over how tough this must have been to find originally. Given the depth and location I am still amazed it was ever found and this find has spurred me to actually look at my closes benchmarks (something I hadn't done). TFTB!

Wow, impressive effort recovering this one! Still exposed.

Wow. Impressive work. Even so, it took a lot of scooping to get a view of this thing again, as more falls in every time I scooped some out.

photoWitness sign
Somebody broke off part of the sign.
photoThe marker

Easy find, since this has now been so well documented. First finder did an amazing job.

Buried again.

Had to dig a couple inches of loose dirt out of the hole to see it.

Found it right after spotting the witness post. The hole is filling up with dirt and debris.

photoHT1619 Witness Post 05-17-06.jpg

Wow, budd-rdc really earned this one. I used his coordinates N 37° 20.759 W 122° 04.658 which led me right to the witness post. Behind the post was a prominent hole, at the bottom of which could be seen the survey marker. I'm guessing the hole was about a foot and a half deep. Wow. I cleaned out half an inch or so of loose dirt and took a picture. It seems likely that the hole will fill itself back up over time. Great fun.

photowitness post
photoview of the witness post looking north
the witness post (and hole containing the survey marker) is just to the right of the stop sign
photothe benchmark
in a hole about one and a half feet below ground level
photoview looking down on the benchmark
the witness post is in the foreground at the bottom of the picture
photolooking south from the benchmark
the stoplight is the intersection of Grant Rd and Foothill Blvd

Found it still slightly covered up from Marky's visit.

still covered up with dirt. Had to dig some to see it.

I dug out a little debris and touched it, but didn't clean it enough to take a picture.

Thanks to bullit, I didn't have to dig much to see the benchmark. TFTC!

Found this one on the way home after helping my Dad out. Thanks to budd-rdc for persevering and digging this guy out. I was able to expose the disk by moving some dirt away but didn't have any water to clean it up again

photoWitness post
photoMuddy disk :-)

I've stopped by to look for this one a long time ago. Found the witness post, but I generally stop after pushing a little dirt around. There's no way I would have pushed on that deep to find this one! Well, for the time being, it is a bit easier to find.

I decided to come see budd-rdc's triumph here because I could sympathize with his efforts here, although it's certainly deeper than I've ever had to excavate for a benchmark. When I saw the location I pictured budd-rdc digging here with a shovel, looking like some sort of sordid graverobber while a long line of perplexed Los Altos residents drove past wondering what on earth he was doing.

The disk was buried with loose dirt when I got there but there was a short, stout branch nearby (probably left by a previous cacher) which I used to confirm the identity of the disk before taking a picture after more dirt had tumbled back onto it.

A most suitable choice for my 300th benchmark find! Thanks budd-rdc!

photoWhat's left of old witness post

Found this one while looking for a nearby cache.

One of many bench marks I have found and saw no reason to log previously.

I'm normally not one to log benchmarks, but I found myself standing over this one this morning, so I thought I should make an exception.

Spotted the witness post. The rest was easy. 50sumtin

Thanks for the spadework. I should have at least spotted the witness post when I was here the first time, but MotorBug was the sharp eyed one. My GPS showed the(corrected?) coordinates posted in the logs to be off by 47 feet.

Victory is mine! I won't be denied.

I decided to visit here, figuring that the rains have softened the soil for easier digging, and I was right. My shovel was digging 2' deep within a short time, disturbing some earthworms, pebbles, and loose asphalt along the way. Finally, there was that unmistakable concrete scrape...


I guessed correctly about the repaving burying the benchmark. It is in good condition, but will likely be buried again.

photoArea Around HT1619
Camera is pointing down and approximately west.
photoT180 RESET
The benchmark was buried deep under the soil.
N 37° 20.759 W 122° 04.658

Looks like I was searching the wrong area last time. I found the Witness Post tekcor found about 100' north of where I was last time. The power line poles may have been rearranged, so I used "60 YARDS NORTHEAST OF THE CENTER LINE OF THE FOOTHILL EXPRESSWAY" to find it. The cyclone fence doesn't extend here anymore due to the bus stop construction, but sections of it remain further east behind the ivy growth.

It was tough getting a good reading, but the coordinates should get you close. It's right next to the stop sign.

I brought a small shovel and started digging, but didn't find anything. I did find a piece of the Witness Post sign about 1' deep in the soil which wasn't hard-packed as I thought. I couldn't dig deep enough to run into the Witness Post's concrete anchor. I know firsthand that Grant Road has been repaved, so I suspect the BM is much lower than road level now. I may return with a larger shovel and dig deeper for the BM. Others are welcome to try the same.

photoArea Near HT1619
The Witness Post is below and to the right of the Stop sign.
photoThe Witness Post
Looks like it got hit by a car. I dug deep enough to reveal that the post was bent. I'll have to dig deeper to reach the concrete anchor.
photoPieces of the Sign
I found the larger piece (shinier one below) in the bushes. I found the smaller, soil-stained one about 1 feet under the soil. It seems loose soil has accumulated since this sign got hit, so there's hope that the BM is buried underneath.
N 37° 20.737 W 122° 04.665

The coordinates I posted is for a concrete anchor, likely remains of the witness post.

I investigated two areas, one described by The Rat and the other by tekcor. The white 4x4 The Rat found is a marker for something else - there's an underground metal pipe covered by plywood under the ivy. I checked it out, but didn't see any benchmark there.

The area described by tekcor seems to match the NGS description. Approximately 50' south of a wooden power pole with a guy wire, and about 50' east of the center of the intersection of Grant Ave. and Foothill Expressway.

The witness post seemed to have broken off from the concrete anchor. I had to remove about 1" of dirt to expose the remains. I'll wait until the rain season for the soil to soften before I dig up the area further.

Found the witness post, northwest of the bus stop at Grant road and the extension of the road. Did not find the BM, and a depression in the hard packed dirt may have been it's old hole.

The coordinates would have put me in the middle of Foothill, so I went by the description. I found a white post, looked like a 4x4, in the ivy patch just NW of the library parking lot, and also about 52 ft. S of a power pole with a guy wire, but I could not find anything within 3 ft to the NW of that other than dirt and ivy. I even probed with a screwdriver. None of the other reference points looked like they would help. This might be on private property now.

Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1966 by CGS (MONUMENTED)
01/01/1967 by NGS (GOOD)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were scaled from a topographic map and have an estimated accuracy of +/- 6 seconds.
  • The NAVD 88 height was computed by applying the VERTCON shift value to the NGVD 29 height (displayed under SUPERSEDED SURVEY CONTROL.) The vertical order pertains to the superseded datum.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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