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Details for Benchmark: HV1847

N 38° 53.706 W 077° 02.193 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 27.5

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is ADJUSTED and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA county, DC View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
NGS Benchmark
setting not listed - see description
Mark of questionable or unknown stability.

Reference Points

Must Read!

Benchmarks may be on private property or in dangerous locations. Obey local laws. By using the services on you agree to this disclaimer.

I am very thankful for the thrill of hunting for benchmarks that I began at the start of the pandemic in 2020. It was a safe, outdoor activity and I gained much enjoyment from this new pastime that complemented geocaching so well.

I am very disappointed that will no longer support benchmarking because not enough people do it. I love it and will be very sad to see it gone. All of these logs and pictures and coordinates that were added to these pages by geocachers who love this aspect of the game are about to be dumped in the trash heap forever. I realize that no one is going to see this complaint but I'm making it anyway.


Found it while geocaching.

Been here with FlensNL.

photoRenskeBreda & FlensNL @Zero Mile!

Visited this location with RenskeBreda.

photoFlensNL & RenskeBreda @ Mile Zero

Found together with the GeoRoboter while having a day in Washington.

photoThe Zero Milestone

Spotted during my visit to DC! So cool!

During sightseeing in Washington D.C. I spotted this benchmark successfully.


Found it! Very simple find indeed. Looks great.

Yes, it certainly is still there. Grabbed the virtual cache as well.

photoMile Zero

Found on the ellipse in front of the white house

photoMile zero

Such a cool spot! Found while visiting the Mile Zero cache.

Discovered this benchmark while searching for GC2E52, Mile Zero.


Now touring around on scooters after a thunderstorm soaked the town and us. The mark is in fine shape despite the big wall blocking the view of the White House.

photoLooking North
The view of Zero Mile looking north towards The White House. That is Kellann that the mark is holding up.

Found while out for a bike ride around downtown today. I've been here a number of times, but I'm finally logging this benchmark!


well if this isn't the benchmark of benchmarks! a super find here!

photozero milestone wa dc
photozero milestone wa dc

Fun one!

With HubbyG we were on tour and stopped to see the Christmas Tree, do the virtual and this benchmark. HubbyG has posted our photo.

Stopped to see the Christmas Tree and complete the Virtual.


Easy find of course

New York's worth a trip. Together with 12 cachers we visited this metropolis. Because we don't write the logbooks all the same, we logged under the name "Going New York 2019". From the party were AdyausDu, Brummelbären, Fotopinguin, gifmik-team, Kleinzschachwitzer, Matzi76, Oberi and we (2Berkas).
I write a mass log, but a long one.

Day 1.
Just landed and put the suitcases in the hotel we went to the Times-Squaere. Wow quite crowded here. Af-terwards we walked to the Empire and drove up. King Kong was not there, but we got a great view over New York at night.

Day two.
Off to Staten Island. The weather was not on our side. Brrr the XXX was cold.
Afterwards we headed towards Broadway and finally we went to Ground Zero,

Day three.
Off to Old Caches. Peter meant to give us a very small foretaste of the winter at the east coast. That's how I like winters. Although we unfortunately did not manage to do all that we had planned to do.

Day four.
Off to Washington DC. Washington and NY cannot be compared. But we enjoyed the trip to the capital very much.

Day Five.
A little shopping and then sightseeing (again ground zero. Flatiron building. Rockefaller Center

Day six.
One ferry from downtown to uptown, Central Park please.

day seven
Shortly before the departure still various objects of interest visited.

The answers to the Earthcaches have already been sent by the photopenguin.

It remains to say that the week flew by. Thank you for showing us every single place. Who knows if I would ever have come here without geocaching.
But the thing is, I can't sing anymore.

I've never been to New York, I've never been to Hawaii
Never walked around San Francisco in ripped jeans
I've never been to New York, I've never really been free
To be crazy once and escape from all constraints
(I have never been to new york - udo jürgens)



New York ist eine Reise wert. Zusammen mit insgesamt 12 Cachern haben wir diese Metropole besucht. Da-mit wir die Logbücher nicht alle gleich voll schreiben haben wir unter dem Namen „Going New York 2019“ geloggt. Mit von der Party waren AdyausDu, Brummelbären, Fotopinguin, gifmik-team, Kleinzschachwitzer, Matzi76, Oberi und wir (2Berkas).
Ich schreibe einen Massenlog, dafür aber einen langen.

Tag 1.
Gerade gelandet und die Koffer im Hotel habgestellt ging es zum Times-Squaere. Wow ganz schön voll hier. Danach sind wir zum Empire gelaufen und Raufgefahren. King Kong war leider nicht da, aber dafür beka-men wir einen super Ausblick über New York bei Nacht.

Tag 2.
Ab nach Staten Island. Das Wetter war nicht auf unserer Seite. Brrr war das XXX kalt.
Danach ging noch Richtung Broadway zu Guter Letzt ging es noch zu Ground Zero,

Tag 3.
Ab zu den Alten Caches. Petrus meinte uns einen ganz kleinen Vorgeschmack auf den Winter an der Ostküs-te zu geben. So lass ich mir den Winter gefallen. Obwohl wir leider nicht alles das geschafft haben war wir vorhatten.

Tag 4.
Ab nach Washington DC. Washington und NY kann man nicht miteinander vergleichen. Aber Der Ausflug in die Hauptstadt hat uns gut gefallen.

Tag 5.
Ein bisschen Shoppen und danach weiter Sightseeing (noch mal Ground Zero. Flatiron Buildung. Rockefaller Center

Tag 6.
Einmal Fähre von Dowtown nach Uptown., Centralpark bitte.

Tag 7
Kurz vor der Abreise noch diverse Sehenswürdigkeiten besucht.

Die Antworten zu den Earthcaches hat schon der fotopinguin geschickt.

Bleibt zu sagen die Woche verging wie im Fluge. Danke für das Zeigen jedes einzelnen Ortes. Ob ich jemals ohne geocaching hierhergekommen wäre, wer weiß.
Allerding kann ich jetzt nich mehr singen

Ich war noch niemals in New York, ich war noch niemals auf Hawaii
Ging nie durch San Francisco in zerrissenen Jeans
Ich war noch niemals in New York, ich war noch niemals richtig frei
Einmal verrückt sein und aus allen Zwängen fliehen
(ich war noch niemals in new york - udo jürgens)



Found while Geocaching.

photoAt the Zero Marker
photoThe marker

While doing GC2E52 mile-zero

Found while in DC


Found during our DC trip


Dieser Benchmark konnte erfolgreich entdeckt werden.

This benchmark was successfully discovered.


Spotted this one while in the area geocaching

Spotted whilst caching in the area.

Wow that is one big benchmark!

Found while visiting the virtual here too. Awesome, didn't realise that it's also a benchmark :)

photoMile Zero :)

Simona found while biking the biking the Washington.

photoS-mile zero

Found it during attending a lighting conference in Washington


1/5 fam. Kobav

photoGround zero Washington

I saw this benchmark, while doing the nearby virtual.

Hello from New Zealand! Found whilst MrsTeamGaters visiting DC for a conference...and a bit of sight seeing.....and this Benchmark is right at a Virtual geocache...benchmarks arent available in NZ so had to log this one - just because!

Couldn't pass up finding this one :)

Visited this benchmark on our trip to Washington, D.C. In great shape.

Got it today while geocaching!

photoGPSr and Zero Milestone

Very glad that this was designated as a BM.

photoHV1847 rosette

Saw today.

photoMilestone Zero

Found during a short conference stay in Washington. Nice place, we enjoyed it. Thanks you for this virtual geocache and greetings from the Czech Republic.


Found with Mississauga Misfits.

Found it while doing a virtual cache in the area.

Found while on a tour of DC with my daughter.

Found mark in great condition while here to log the virtual cache.


Found while in DC near the Mile Zero virtual.

Found while doing the virtual here.


Found thanks to a virtual cache. Figured out it could be a benchmark too.

photoMile zero
photoMile zero

Found while visiting Washington.
Loved the city.


Easy find.

Not to be missed, despite the many tourists here at the White House!


THE Benchmark to get. Funny everyone else was interested in some house on the other side of the fence lol.

Still there.


Found while visiting the site for a virtual cache.

Unterwegs auf einer großen USA Tour mit Stage_Worm.

Heute bei einer großen Tour auch diesen Benchmark entdeckt !!

First try:

Second try:
Quite simply searched, found, finished ...

And now again right:
On our way from Leipzig on vacation to New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago, Sioux City, Badlands NP, Mount Rushmore, Bighorn Mountains, Cody, Yellowstone NP, Jackson, Grand Teton NP, Salt Lake City, Bryce Canyon NP, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Williams, Las Vegas, Mojave Desert, Los Angeles, Visalia, Yosemite NP, Modesto and San Francisco we came right here. Of course, we also wanted this one GeoCache / Benchmark on the To-Do list to pick up. And now there is a smiling face. There were no problems ... Yes, the destination fits. Thus: the end is good, all right ...

In other words:
Everything is there, where it belongs, undamaged and waiting for the next visitors.

Now we like to say:
Thank you for your GeoCache / Benchmark and another smiley on our map.

Greetings from Mrs. Lu and Mr. Lu

Mersi fir des Dous - Danke für die Dose - Thanks for that Cache- Merci pour la Cache - Dzieki za Cache - Grazie per questo Cache - Takk for at Cache - Obrigado por isso Cache - Gracias por el Cache - Díky za keš - Aciu už ta talpykla - Paldies par šo Cache - Aitäh selle eest Cache - ??????? ?? ?? ??? - Kiitos, että Cache - Tack för att Cache - Tak for denne Cache - Hvala cache - ???a??st? ??a t? µ??µ? cache - ???????? - Önbellek için tesekkürler - Köszönjük, hogy a cache - Bedankt voor de cache - Graças para o cache - Dankon pro la kasmemoron

My 1st Benchmark in Washington DC. Thanks for showing.

photoNice Location

As with many other finders' reports, found this at the Zero Mile geocache location. For those wanting to explore and connect with U.S. History more you should read the account of both the benchmark and the geocache at

Found with ChaseOnTheGo

Was here for the Mile Zero virtual cache.

-ChaseOnTheGo & Company (LGoldie007)

Having a great time in DC hunting geocaches and sight seeing.

Found today while geocaching!

Visited by Tour HQ2017
Greetings Claudia and Micha from germany

See the Benchmark by tour HQ2017.

Discovered while walking the streets of DC with Matilda's


Found it as described between the busloads of people.

photoHV1847 - Zero Milestone - DC
This photo shows the benchmark with the White House in the background.
photoHV1847-Dedication Plaque
This plaque in on the sidewalk next to Zero Milestone. Too bad the Latitude and Longitude is not stated on the plaque.

Quick find.

I was here for the geocache "Mile Zero" and found this benchmark too.

Turns out, this benchmark is also a geocache! So the mark is bronze. Thought it would be more orange.

The mother of all benchmarks ;-)
Found it at 23:30, not many people arround at this time ..

All is good with this one.

Found this bench mark while completing 15+ virtuals in DC. It was a mad house around the marker with people trying to get pictures of the White House (since they blocked the road) but ignoring the marker.


We found this benchmark during a round trip through this part of the US. We were lured to many great places and discovered some extraordinary places that would have been hidden from us without geocaching. Many thanks to all the owners and greetings from Southern Lower Saxony in Germany.


Out for a morning walk before my conference starts for the day. Miraculously, the rain held off for the entire hour I was out. I came here for the Mile Zero virtual cache, and figured that the location likely was also a benchmark. Two "finds" for the price of one! One of these days, I need to spend a few hours finding other benchmarks around the area.

The mark/monument is in good condition.

Found while in DC

Marker appears to be in good condition.

Zero Milestone (Washington, DC)

Very interesting place!!!TFTB!

Loved finding this one.

Nous avons visité ce Benchmark lors de notre voyage en Floride, du 14 janvier 2017 au 15 février 2017, en compagnie de nos amis Casper&Aero.
Cyrano-Bella de Baie-Comeau, Québec, Canada.


Aperçu lors de notre périple de Géocaching avec nos amis Cyrano-Bella... Casper&Aero de Baie-Comeau, Québec, Canada


Thanks for the NGS

My first benchmark. Found on Christmas day.

Found with Juggernaut7 on our first visit to DC.

Team Op7ion - Found It - October 16, 2016 0900

Adventure Series - Zero Milestone Virtual Benchmark

We're out doing older Virtual Caches in Washington DC. Some of the monument sites were crowded with muggles but impressive all the same.

Op7ion Zero Milestone Virtual


Got it

Easy to find, hard to get pictures of with all the tourists.

photoSouth face
photoEast face
photoNorth face
photoCloseup of bronze plaque
photoWest face

The GPS in my Android phone read:
N 38:53.707
W 77:02.193

The GPS in my Android phone is not surveyor grade.

photoPic of the monument.

found it while I was caching in Washington DC.

photoandijott found this in Washington DC

Found it with The A-Team while touring around DC. Had to get muggles to move their stuff so we could see it.


Found with TheG-Force while visiting DC. Some muggles had piled their stuff on and around the milestone, so we had to ask them to move it.

photoThe zero milestone

Cool find

Recovered Benchmark on walk around White House, found as described. Neat piece of history.

photoHV1847 Zero Milestone in Washington DC

Got it

Came out to DC with the family. The little girls just had to see the Whitehouse and the Lincoln Memorial. So we are walking around sightseeing, benchmarking and geocaching too. I lived in the DC area all my life and never knew this was here. We enjoyed learning something new- All roads lead to Washington DC. Our first Benchmark!

photoMile Zero

Found while geocaching! I love this one.

photomile zero

It just occurred to me that I found this while geocaching a while back and never logged it. Not sure how I could forget such an awesome benchmark!

photoBad photo--taken at night

With family visiting for a couple weeks, we have to show them some of the local sights. This was a great opportunity to tour the DC mall while secretly doing a little geocaching (and benchmarking) on the side. Easily found and in great condition.


Found while geocaching in the area. Still there. See photos.



A geocache brought me to this guy, and I just happened to notice it was a benchmark as well! Still in good shape! :-) Wonder how many I've walked right by...

photoCompass Rose

Still there and in good shape.


Found in good shape while exploring Washington DC with TaGeez

Found at the same time of the virtual cache MILE ZERO.


Like most loggers here I discovered this one while geocaching.

photoZero Milestone - HV1847
Washington, DC - On Ellipse Pathway nearest White House

Found on a great trip to DC.


Visiting the Capital with geocaching friends. This spot was very busy and we were also trying to complete the virtual cache at the same spot.


Visited this one during my quick visit to our nation's capital.

Got this one today while doing the virtual cache that uses it as a reference.

Found while in DC completing a visual cache!

Found it yesterday while visiting DC

Fascinating marker with a great view from here! Found while visiting the Geocaching Virtuals in the area.

Awesome spot!

Found with DragonSoldier45 and DragonLadyHue while looking for GC2E52. The history behind this marker is quite fascinating. Thanks!


Found with DragonSoldier45 and WendyHue while looking for GC2E52.

photoMile Zero (5)

Found with DragonLadyHue and WendyHue while looking for GC2E52. The history behind this marker is quite fascinating. Thanks!

photoMile Zero (5)

Team-Gates and TheGrundalows and I were doing the virtual here - can't miss it! It was pretty awesome seeing this!

Can't miss it!

After attending a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery we did some sightseeing and found this benchmark.

In town caching with Jeremy and datzme11

Virtual and Benchmark awesomeness.

Originally logged as finding the virtual cache that was also at this location - new to logging this other type of find.

DC Geocaching trip with CrashDavis12, JeffS47, Huntingkids04, Shorttripp and OliversOuting.

DC Geocaching trip with CrashDavis12, Drew136, Huntingkids04, Shorttripp and OliversOuting. Here for the Virtual.

photo2015-11-08 13.20.26

While in Washington observed this mile zero.
So interesting

Found as a "twofer" when looking for the information for the Mile Zero virtual cache!

Spotted during a tour of DC. Logged the geocache here as well!

photoMile Zero

Found during my visit of Washington DC

photoPoint Zero

On my list of must haves... Found as described while caching in the area.

photoClose up of Benchmark
photoWide view of the Benchmark
photo'Zero Milestone'

Wow, way cool

This was an important benchmark for me to find. Sadly there were people everywhere.


Found while touring Washington.

in DC working on a school project.

Easy find after getting through the crowds.

Discovered while playing tourist and collecting a few virtual caches. Very cool indeed.

photoMile Zero

Was in DC looking at paratrooper memorials on this 75th Anniversary of the US Paratrooper.

photoMIle Zero

Day 1 of a 9 day wild road trip with ksumom2004. We attempted to squeeze as much of Washington DC into one day as we could and we could barely walk by the end of the day (approx 30,500 steps / 12.75 miles), but what an amazing day. Seeing all the different monuments and statues and other wonderful places geocaches took us was well worth the pain. Saw this one while doing the Mile Zero geocache at the benchmark.

Recovered as described. Description and coordinates are both spot on.

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photoNorth side

During my visit in Washington I passed this benchmark as well. Thanks for showing.


Recovered as described. I had a meeting at a nearby building this afternoon and took the short walk over to the milestone marker.

photoBase of the Milestone Marker
photoZero Milestone

Has got to be one of the coolest benchmarks I've found to date - definitely in my top 5!

Saw this when we were doing a nearby virtual.

Checking out Washington, DC while on our trip East from Chicago. Very cool!

One of the bigger monuments I have found.

photoThe top

I found this one as a virtual cache while I was on vacation. I'm not sure if I can claim a find on both, so please correct me if I can't claim both and I'll delete this post. Thanks.

Seen it during my stay in Washington DC.



Found this one after visiting the white house

mile zero

Found this one while doing the virtual cache.

Found long time ago. Never logged as never realized it was on official list. Quick drop by today to take picture.

photoMarker and custom tag

found it!

Found while walking and geocaching the National Mall!

Found while geocaching.


I'm sure there are many buildings around this area that count as benchmarks, but I enjoy finding physical disc structures, and Lizrdh made note of this one as we were walking around the city in search of geocaches. This was a very popular spot on a gorgeous day to be out.

A wonderful discovery while visiting the Zero Milestone today with BriGuy! Very cool!

Found while caching and sight seeing in the Capitol area after GWXIII.

Found while geocaching in DC on the way back from GeoWoodstock XIII.

Found this while caching in front of the White house.

In town doing some geocaching and seeing the sights. Grabbed this while checking out the big house.

We did this while visiting the Mall after Geowoodstock.

Found while doing the Mile Zero virtual geocache

Hard to miss when here. Mile Zero.

photoMile Zero
N 38° 53.707 W 077° 02.193

Discovered this Benchmark today when we explored Washington D.C. We didn't know that this is a Benchmark till we found out later when we checked. We just guessed and saved the coordinates.
The mark istelf is in a very good condition.

marker itself is on top

Visited while in DC


Found while touring DC. On my way to GWSXIII

Found it. :)

Spotted while touring the area with GeoJudt!

Spotted this one while touring DC with 'PuterBoy!

Found this one on our trip to DC.

Found with shell1fish.

Found as described thanks to the virtual cache. The posted coordinates are great, and the benchmark is in fair condition, with the small pyramid at the center of the compass rose being worn down by millions of fingers. What a fun benchmark to find!

photoView of compass rose of ZERO MILESTONE - HV1847
photoZERO MILESTONE - HV1847 Benchmark

Visited during a stay in DC. A milestone for a surveyor!


Observed while caching in Wash DC

photoNW @ BM #HV1847

Found this while visiting and geocaching in DC… Beautiful day for seeing all the sites and memorials.

photoScreenshot 2015-04-24 10.33.21

I found this benchmark when I found the Virtual located at the same place. It was a great two for one! Enjoying the wonderful scenery and history!

I love to find benchmarks and this has been the easiest to date

photoZero Milestone benchmark
photoZero Milestone benchmark close up

Visited this benchmark with my NCEES Survey Tag. What better way to celebrate my 3,500th geocache find and Duke's National Championship than to visit the Zero Milestone in Washington DC with the NCEES Surveying Tag. #PSnoboundaries

photoDukeRoom w/ NCEES Surveying Tag @ Mile Zero
photoMile Zero
photoZero Milestone Dedication

how do you miss this one?

The mother of all Benchmarks!

Spotted while touring the area.


Found whilst exploring DC and geocaching in the area

This was just a quick stroll from my office - on a beautiful warm day for December 1 (66 degrees!).

This was just a quick stroll from my office - on a beautiful warm day for December 1 (66 degrees!).

Recovered in good condition.


Found while out geocaching in the area.


Came down to DC as my own kind of pre-holiday vacation before the chaos starts at Thanksgiving. The weather is lovely if a bit chilly. At least there’s no 8 feet of snow like upstate NY is getting. Spending three days caching around the District and across the river in Virginia. Have plotted out approximately 75 caches to go after on this trip. We’ll see how well I do by the time it’s all over.

This was among the first things I found in DC. Very cool!

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photoZero Milestone

Found while exploring the area and the virtual that's right here.

Discovered while spending some days in DC.
Logged with GCDroid.

Found while aquiring info for the virtual cache. Didn't even realise it was a benchmark at first!

Found it while geocaching and being a tourist. In great shape and the coolest benchmark yet!

photoMile Zero, Washington DC

Awesome !

Recovered this benchmark with ease as crowds took pictures of the white building to the north. Sniper on the White House roof was drawing onlooker attention away from the benchmark.

Found on a tour to DC.
Easily found. Excellent condition

Easy to find .

photoMile Zero

Found during a brief trip to DC

photoShisa at
photoShisa at

Found easily at a remarkable place!

photoCompass Rose

Found easily amid throngs of tourists. Monument appears to be in good condition at this time.

photoHV1847 ZERO MILESTONE, Washington DC

There it was!

photoZero Milestone

:D Found while visiting Washington.

Found in good shape, as described while caching in the area.


# 5

Found while visiting DC. Great view of the White House.

Greetings from Germany


photoThe Benchmark
photoWhite House

Twofer...w/L'ning Boy and Ms BSplash


photoZero start

Found this while in the area admiring the Big Man's house.

Thanks for doubling my Benchmark total!

Found a photo of this milestone in my old photos, taken while caching in the area early one Sunday morning.

photoZero Milestone

Found as described while driving around DC after work.

Really happy we found this while caching.

Virtual geocache, Waymark, benchmark and a look at the White House ... what a great place to visit.

Found it while visiting Washington D.C.!


Found it on my trip to Washington

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photoAt the Benchmark
photoAt the Benchmark

Found while visiting White House.


A neat surprise find during our visit to the area today.


Very cool! Stumbled across this one by accident.

Spotted while on a school trip. Very interesting.

Found when gaining info for the Virtual based on this item!


This benchmark was surely hard to miss! Great view of the White House from here.

photocd.cuts, Zero Milestone benchmark and White House

Found this while caching in the area with InxtricablFate and Skeletor 10


Un arrêt de 3 jours lors de notre voyage sur la côte Est des USA. On en profite pour faire quelques caches et ce benchmark.

Stop 3 days during our trip to the east coast of the USA. We took the opportunity to do some caches ans this benchmark.

In town and found this one. It is in great shape

Had to battle through a crowd to get there, but I found it!


Found this one while doing the near by virtual geocach and enjoying the cherry blossoms. Very cool!

Found while completing the virtual at the same spot.

This has got to be one of the coolest benchmarks. Grabbed it while the cherry blossoms were blooming!

Spotted while out geocaching. There as shown in recent pictures posted here.

As described


Found this while logging the cache meant for this location.

I obviously found this one one when I found the virtual cache. ;-)

Cool benchmark

Found while geocaching around DC. Great location. Very interesting.

photoMile Zero

One of the best benchmarks I've found. Very cool!

photoGrand benchmark
photoGrand benchmark
photo0 sunset
photo0 monument

Found it!


Visiting from Indiana, we enjoyed sightseeing around the area and the Christmas Tree displays nearby. Very nice to find such a historic benchmark!


stopped by to grab the virtual right here after a tour of the xmas decorations in the White House

Found this coin while out geo caching today. First of this kind I ever discovered.

Foundit at my US -Holiday !
Greeting from Emden , Germany


Nailed this one while doing the virtual geocache.

Picked this one up while hitting the virtual.

Late log on a benchmark we saw while sightseeing.

Love a cache and milestone in one!


Found this Benchmark while getting the virtual cache here. Had to wait out lines, security and lots of people just to get a look. Worth the wait. Benchmark is in good condition.

photoHV1847 - ZERO MILESTONE - Benchmark Detail

This is the coolest benchmark yet & also the prettiest.

Always like a double on cache/benchmark but I have to say the Mile Zero benchmark is the best one I've found!!

Found while visiting DC!!

Cache and benchmark in one? How could I resist? Besides, this is very cool. I had to wait out a large group of Chinese tourists that were taking some photos, but no problem.


Amazing place, thanks

photo2013-09-09_10.16.25 [benchmark]

Along with a lot of others we found this benchmark. There were a lot of tourists around, as one would expect.


While walking around DC today. An interesting benchmark.

photoZero milestone

Stopped by just to get this Benchmark.

Found in good condition. My photos posted.

photoHV1847 close up
Close up view of HV1847 w/GPSr
photoHV1847 eye level view
Eye level view of HV1847 to west
photoHV1847 area view
Area view of HV1847 to north (White House in background)

Found while doing some caching in DC. Took two attempts to find it, as there was a security drill and we could not get to this area in the morning. We ate lunch, and came back for it! This is pretty cool!

Found while caching in the area. This has to be the mother of all benchmarks.

Need a walk so I came over here during lunch. There were many Japanese tourists, all taking each others pictures, so I waited patiently. Eventually got to where there was one woman standing on the plaque and I gently gestured to her that I was trying to get closer so I could touch it. She moved, I touched it, then said "Thank you" in Japanese. The rest of the group heard me and commenced to speak to me in Japanese. I had to get the tour guide and explain that at best I knew half a dozen words of Japanese. After much mutual bowing, we parted.

Definitely a fun mark. I had never seen one like it before.

Spent the day in Washington DC, riding around on my bike, going mostly after virtual geocaches. In my travels, also going after traditional geocaches and some bench marks.

photoIn the area

Did a lot of bike riding all around DC today to get as many geocaches as possible. In my travels, I made a stop here, only because there was a virtual cache here. If there wasn't a virtual cache, I never would have known about this one.

photoThe view from the marker

We found our first benchmark just some days ago in Maine.
Then a geocache led us to this place and I remebered the circumstances: this one should be found too!
We didn't have to search a lot, but we are proud and happy to find the ZERO MILESTONE, were the story began...

Best regards
Tobias & Marie

Found this while visiting DC to come to the consulate and then walked to the White House.

Found while geocaching in DC

Very neat monument, one of my favorite benchmarks to have found yet.

photofrom a few steps back
photothe Compass Rose
photolooking over the monument at the White House

No problem finding this one today.


Quick find even with all the tourists gathered around.

Picked this one up while collecting info for the Virtual.

Found it accidentally during searching for another cache last year. It is our first NGS Benchmark - hooray!


Found on our way home from vacationing in Washington DC and caching the NE states. TFTC

It's still there.

Found it while doing the virtual cache

Came across this benchmark while visiting DC with a friend. As we wandered around the Mall area, we snagged a few virtual caches, one of which is at this spot. Very appropriate for a benchmark location - thanks for sharing!

Found in good condition

photoZero Milestone

Discovered this benchmark while finding the virtual cache GC2E52 Mile Zero. Very interesting!!

Located through coordinates on geocoin.

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Found while scoring the find for the virtual cache at this benchmark's namesake.

Found while out caching.

Found while touring Washington DC

Found this one while playing tourist in DC today.

Spending the day trying to get as many caches in DC as I can. I'm only here for 48 hours and have to make the most of it. Nice to get a 2-fer.


Found while caching


found while caching thanks

While wondering the city doing Virtual Cache, we complete this cache and benchmark.

found while caching around - Best Bench Mark!


Found this benchmark while geocaching in D.C.

photoleopold22 at ZERO MILESTONE

Found while biking and geocaching around DC.

Found while on vacation

Found with my family on our second day in DC.


Found it while caching

Very nice benchmark.

Picked up the virtual, the waymark and the benchmark all at the same time . -40-


[navy] Visited during my trip in Washington DC.

[b]Ours Curieux...
:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

This one is a virtual cache and googled to check if it was a benchmark and it was :) Awesome benchmark.

Stopped here for the Virtual, and looked up this BM. We enjoyed our visit here. All is well.

Found this one while here for the virtual cache and the waymark as well. Love these 3 for 1's! :D

photoZero Milestone

I was in Baltimore all week with a group of youth on a missions trip from College Station, TX. After our week of work, we took a day to visit our nation's capitol. Trying to stop to get info while the rest of the non-caching group just wanted to keep moving was difficult at best. It was rather warm and humid today. It's pretty cool to be standing in the same exact spot as so many great people in our history have stood.

found it ...

Another find in D.C.

Got the virtual cache here. Milestone is in good shape (obviously) :)


Found this while in DC recently on a virtual caching tour

photoCZ at the Zero Milestone

Found while in town for the GS 100th Anniversary.

Out here for the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts. Took some time to see some of the sights. Found the benchmark in excellent condition.

photoZero Milestone

Here for Girl Scout 100th anniversary event. Came to see White House and found this, too.

Found while touring DC and picking out the virtual cache.

found while caching in area. tftbm

while here on virtual cache. tftbm

Found while out on morning run.

Three for one: Waymark, Benchmark and a virtual.

Found it while I was on a business trip in D.C.

photoWashington D.C. first milestone

Nice view of the White House from this marker.

Found it while doing the virtual cache a this location.

Found while doing Virtual Mile Zero. I too wish I know more about locating benchmarks. Hopefully, one day I will.

Well the zero mile virtual is in this location, so I found it without problems…Missed most of the benchmarks while in D.C, have to learn more about them.

Found this with bearcap12 in front of the white house

I am here in the United States of America now for two months and on my to-do-list was also a trip to Washington D.C.. Driving from Pittsburgh I planed a scienic route through a lot of nice places and alltogether four states - and D.C.. I saw the Appalachian Mountains, the lights of the cities and all the places I only knew from films and television till now. Three days is not very much time for such a plan but it was all we had. It was a tough tour, but worth the effort. This is my first NGS Benchmark and I am looking foreward to find some more while I am here in the states. Greetings from Germany.

Was brought here by the virtual geocache, and we figured there HAD to be a benchmark here! YAY!!!!

Found this with hokiecachers and sazames today. I love zero mile markers. This is my third, including Madrid, Spain and London, United Kingdom. Thanks for the smiley!

Got the virtual that went with this. Had to log this too!

This was one that you just couldnt miss while out hiking the area and stopping at all the Virtual Caches in the area.

Eine interessante Variante von Geocaching, die ich so bisher noch nicht kannte. Und wenn man schon mal über den großen Teich gereist ist, muss man dies natürlich auch mal testen! Der Benchmark befindet sich wie angegeben in gutem Zustand am bekannten Ort!! Vielen Dank fürs Zeigen!!

photoZero Milestone

thanks ..


This definitely ranks as one of the greatest benchmarks ever.

Visiting my brother in DC

Spent the day in DC. This is a easy marker to find.

photoMile One marker

Found while Geocaching GC2E52 with Brittanotthefilter.

Best benchmark I've found so far. :D

photoFacing South

Targeted this today, just because it's the Zero milestone. Also had the geocoin to match up to it.

photoHV1847 Zero Milestone site
photoHV1847 Zero Milestone detail & view

A place we have to vistit during our stay at Washington.
Greetings from Germany,

photoHexamine+Hexejane at near Zero Milestone

Spotted with Kei and Orion while walking through D.C.


Found it while on vacation. So many people taking pictures of the White House, but nobody except me took pictures of this historical benchmark.

Grabbed this one at the same time as the Geocache with the same name!! Great place and a great view!!

Now there's a benchmark! Saw members of the first family playing with the dog on the south lawn.

photoSide of monument

Now, THIS is a benchmark. Awesome!

photoZero Milestone

As others have said, discovered while caching! Kewl! Double whammy!

Made the discovery when finding MILE ZERO geocache

Our first benchmark!

Found while getting the mile zero cache here.

Found (my first benchmark).

photoTop of benchmark / monument
photoInscription at base

There was a crowd around this when I arrived.

Filling in some missing Benchmarks that I have discovered over the years.

Found it with my dad (Dukemartin) and my mom.

Found in good condition at N38 53.707 W077 02.193 with 16' accuracy.

photoCloseup of top

Found with Iguk! and GeoNewt. Very interesting location and a very cool thing to log as my very first benchmark fin.

On a family tour of DC, I managed to find this cool benchmark while the rest of the family took photos of the White House. Love the visual fanfare!

Very cool indeed

What a very interesting item.

I spent my holidays in the United States. I took the opportunity to visit Washington, wonderful city full of magnificent monuments and sculptures. I went looking for geocaches, waymarks and benchmarks. Thanks for this one.

photoAvril 2011 - voyage 2 072

cool :)

Found it while on our fabulous DC trip as a family.

Found it on our first trip to DC.

photoMy wife and I at the Benchmark.

Caching in DC and grabbing a few benchmarks along the way. Found this one as described at Mile Zero.

Found while re-visiting the many Smithsonian Museums on the National Mall.

Found it during spring break...just sitting there.


Out caching.


While caching on a blustery day on DC...

Found while in the area for some caching, great area.

Found it while visiting the virtual cache nearby and taking photos of the White House at night.

photoHV1847 foreground, HV4442 background
And Indigo Parrish in between!

Found as described.

As found on 01-01-2011.

I have been by this spot many times, but never paid any attention.

found with cooley1103 while visiting the Christmas tree.

Found as described.

photoHV1847 - ZERO MILESTONE - Washington,DC
photoHV1847 - ZERO MILESTONE - Washington,DC
Front of Stone
photoHV1847 - ZERO MILESTONE - Washington,DC
Looking toward White House from stone.

We were visiting the National Christmas Tree, so we walked right past the marker.

photoZero Milestone
The marker sits right in front of the White House. It was a special treat to see all the beautiful lights on the National Christmas tree and the extra decorations on the White House.

Cool Benchmark!!!

I found this whilst doing the Zero Milestone Geocache

Found on our trip to DC.

Did some exploring and caching while the rest of the family was busy with other things today. What a great area.

Stood right next to this today and realized it was probably a benchmark. Turns out it is.

This was one of the benchmarks I really wanted to get up close to...but the Police had blocked off access....hopefully it will be available again tomorrow.

Next Day...after the helicopter left the White House we were able to get right up to it.

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photoHV1847 - top view

Found as described

photoMe the Mark & my GPS

Found while visiting the area.

Found during our hollidays in the D.C.

Found while in the area working. Thought it would be fun to buy a bike and do some caching..saw this and knew hade to be a benchmark so I looked it up and here it is.

Spotted this likely loggable benchmark while in the area for a business trip. Checked online a couple days later to verify it was a loggable one. Since I'm not caching outside Michigan this year, I didn't log the virtual cache here (or any of the others I visited). Benchmark itself is in good condition.

photoZero Milestone
Spotted this benchmark as we were waiting for the President's helicopter to depart.

Found after the "Restoring Honor" rally. Cool benchmark and it's in good shape. This is a popular spot with tourists.

I almost forgot to log this one.

Spotted today after a fantastic Restoring Honor rally on the mall.

Found this benchmark still standing and in good condition while Geocaching in the area.

photoMe at HV1847

Found it today after the 8-28 rally. Very interesting benchmark, with much history.

photoZERO MILESTONE monument
photoBronze inscription on ground
photoTop of monument - benchmark point

Seemed like I picked the busiest day of the year! Geez just doing the virtual I had to trace the numbers with my hand so I could at least get the date as everyone wanted a picture of the big house and the mileage sign!

photomile zero Wash DC

Found this benchmark while geocaching the Mile Zero GC2E52

Benchmark #1

Out walking the mall and found this cool Bench Mark Monument.

photoMile Zero

First One!!

First One!!

Our first benchmark!!! Found with my love ♥ CuddleBearSS, LittleLW and Super-Rej at the virtual cache site.

Found it after visiting the white house when looking for the virtual cache.

Found it on my holyday with uwe81 in washington.


A benchmark and a cache, how nice.

photoMile Zero.

This is one of the coolest benchmarks I've ever found. Found amid the huge crowds today.

photozero milestone

A 2 for 1 deal seeing this is also a virtual, love it. My first logged benchmark.

Love it when a cache is right at a benchmark.

Nice to get a benchmark amidst the virtuals. I'm pretty sure we snapped a pic but I can't put my hands on it at the moment.

The National Christmas Tree and a view of the White House brought us to this spot, so this benchmark was a bonus.

photoHV1847, ZERO MILESTONE, Washington DC, View West
photoHV1847, ZERO MILEPOST, Washington DC, View NW
photoHV1847, ZERO MILESTONE, Washington DC, View NW

Nothing like a 2 for 1.... A virtual and a benchmark!!

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A lot of people around it, but you can not miss this one.
A BM and virtual at the same time... perfect


Found while on vacation in DC.

photoHV1847 Mark, Washington DC
Compass Rose with station in center.
photoHV1847 Monument, Washington DC
Zero Milestone.

Found while getting the Virtual Geocache in exactly the same spot!!

I came to the marker for the virtual cache, but when I saw it, I thought "I'll bet that is a benchmark!" so I took a photo of the compass rose on top. Looks like I guessed right.


Found it while geocaching in DC. I guess this one is a must for everybody who is interested in benchmarks.

Found this while getting the associated Virtual Cache

Been here before - grab it as I ran by today.

found while goe caching for mile zero

First Benchmark logged.

Found while logging the virtual cache here as well.

photoPosted pic in cache now plaque in benchmarks :)
Think different.

2 for 1. Benchmark found and is in excellent shape.


Found this while getting the virtual.

Found this while the wife went out for a run.

Recovered as described, in good condition, while visiting the virtual cache set here. Not sure why this mark is described as having "questionable or unknown stability" -- seems as permanent as any other concrete or stone monument I've seen.

Recovered in good condition.

photoThe Monument
photoThe "Pyramid", worn down.

Found while logging associated geocache. Thanks for the visit..!! See geocache log for photo.

Seen during my tour through Washington



I saw this benchmark while geocaching in DC. Picture attached.

photoMy Garmin Colorado at HV1847 (Zero Milestone)

Visiting the area from Ohio. Glad I got to see this. thanks

[blue]Found Benchmark in GOOD Condition.[/blue]



Recovered and surrounded by President Obama adoring foreigners.

Outta here, Johann Panholtz

photoBiggish Monument

Found in good condition!


a nice one!


Found this today while caching in DC. The Christmas tree is all decorated and made for a fun time. What a great view of the White House from this spot!

photoKahoona1215 at the Zero Milestone

Easy find. Great condition.

Just realized we had stopped to look at this while in DC almost a year ago.
Very cool.
Al & La

Found in good condition and as described between the White House and Washington Monument.

photoZERO MILESTONE - Washington DC
photoZERO MILESTONE - Washington DC
photoZERO MILESTONE - Washington DC
photoZERO MILESTONE - Washington DC
photoZERO MILESTONE - Washington DC

Easy find. Great views!

photoMile Zero

Found while in D.C.

Found it! This one would have been hard to miss.

Spotted while touring DC.

Visited this benchmark while walking along The Mall.

Hard to miss once this one when you are right there in the area.

This is the first benchmark we found. Luckily it is hard to miss and still in very good shape!

Might as well grab my first benchmark as long as it is so obvious. :P Someday I will take up benchmarking, but for now I will be sticking to traditional caching.

Yup still there in excellent shape :)

recovered in good condition

Out on a day at the Mall with my kiddos. My girlie just might become the first female president? Let a dad dream.
Jimmy Z

photoMile Zero
photoMile Zero #2

Found with WhiteTigerATH...

photoMile Zero Washington D.C.

We're on a ten-day vacation to D.C, and saw this while on a walkabout of the areas near The Ellipse and the Federal Triangle. This has to be one of geocaching's most-logged benchmarks; not only have nearly 200 logs been filed here, but two geocachers have filed Recoveries with the NGS, the most-recent just four months ago. Thus, we have no reason to file one of our own Some interesting inscriptions on the marker; lots of stuff we hadn't known until now.

Visited this during a visit to GC2E52 - Zero Mile and Waypoint WM635W - Zero Milestone. In town with some family to visit Barack Obama's House.

Found it while caching and taking in Washington DC on Independence Day!

Hikingsolo wasn't sure this was a benchmark, but Congress thinks it is.

photoMile Zero cardinal directions
photoAct of Congress

Cool location on a hot muggy day.

photoMile Zero

another benchmark

One of our favorite markers on the Mall. We enjoyed the history at the area, as well as the tremendous views looking to the North and South.

Can't miss this one. Busiest Benchmark I've ever been to.

This is THE benchmark. Couldn't miss it.

Couldn't miss it!

Found it while taking family around DC.

Happened upon this while siteseeing in D.C. with teamobbie1

Found this ultimate benchmark while visiting Washington D.C.
together with ichel and buzeles.
Its wonderful to been there
Greetings from Pforzheim, Germany

photoThe milestone...
photo...and I

While visiting D.C. with Jottjott and ichel found this remarkable Milestone.

Thanks for showing
Beate from Germany

Randomly found

ichel from Germany


Found on our GW7 trip...

Found it!

Found while doing a cache and dipping a few GC.

Iv'e seen this many times. never knew it was a bench mark.


Found in good condition.

Found this while visiting DC. We walked right past it the first time by here and didn't even notice it. Thanks to Geocaching we were able to visit his awesome BM.

photoOne side of the Zero Milestone

Found it.


#0 is #ONE!!!!
We were in the center of everything and we knew it-nice!

I found this geocaching, but I figured it must be the mother of all benchmarks.

Found as a virtual geocache while on vacation in DC. It wasn't until after I got home I thought about it being a benchmark. Lots of fun came from that trip.

photoCompass on top

Could this be one of the most famous benchmarks...

I had logged the virtual cache here. Just found out that it's a benchmark. For some reason, all the muggles had their attention focused across the street. :-)


Found while on tour of DC. Wonderful day!!!

I didn't realize I was finding this. I was actually looking for the virtual cache that is attached. ;)

Found this as a cache, but later realized it was a benchmark too. Thanks

photoFar away picture

Made it a point to stop by this mark while in town..

photoZERO MILESTONE (HV1847) rose - Washington, DC
photoZERO MILESTONE (HV1847) area - looking N
photoZERO MILESTONE (HV1847) plaque

The mark is actually the center of the compass rose. This is a cool old zero stone, also a national Civil Engineering landmark. It was the starting point for the first transcontinental road race over two of the first transcontinental US highways, the Lincoln Highway (parts are now US 30) and the Bankhead Hwy (parts are now US 67, TX State Hwy 66, and other roads).


Found with my dad Moozer on vacation from California.

Got this one while grabbing the virtual

Found because this was a virtual cache too!

Found this on a very cold day in Washington. Preparations were being made for the inauguration. This is the ultimate benchmark.

photoZero Monument
Zero Monument

Found this one on a COLD night tonight.....

photoHV1847 - Zero Milestone
photoHV1847 - Zero Milestone #2

This is probably one of the nicest benchmarks I've seen...

I too wasn't sure if this was actually one, so took a whole load of pics and coords etc and came hunting online, and sure enough - yep, it's a nice one too!
We don't have the facility to log our bechmarks (called Trig points) in the UK, so it's always nice to bag a couple while I'm in the states!


Found as described, near the entrance to the National and State christmas trees display.

photoHV1847 mark
Zero Milestone (HV1847 ) mark. Sorry for the dark photo - early morning shot.
photoHV1847 area south
View S at the Zero Milestone - Washington Monument in the left background, National Christmas Tree display in center.
photoHV1847 area N
View to the N of the Zero Milestone. The White House is in the background.
photoHV1847 plaque at Zero Milestone
This plaque is set in the sidewalk at the base of the Zero Milestone, it is in very good condition and appears to be fairly new; it reads: THE U.S. COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY DETERMINED THE LATITUDE; LONGITUDE AND ELEVATION OF THE ZERO MILESTONE AUTHORIZED BY ACT OF CONGRESS JUNE 5, 1920 DEDICATED JUNE 4, 1923

Wasn't sure this actually was a benchmark, but took photos anyway and looked it up afterward. Sure enough, here it is. Cool one!

photoThe Zero Milestone

Nice Place!



I was looking for the cache and realized I was looking at a benchmark. Can't beat it, 2 for 1. The benchmark of all benchmarks.


My first Milestone find and it is the zero!

Found the Holy Grail of Benchmarks! Very cool!
John & Annette of Manassas, Va.

photoThe Holy Grail of Benchmarks!

The ultimate benchmark.


Yeah! Our first benchmark.....

photoBenchmark Mile Zero

Found today while caching around the DC area......awesome

photoZero Milestone

This was a great benchmark to do......found while doing a virtual cache today....


Found while doing some virtual caches in the White House area.

Jeah! Found this on my last holiday in USA! Thanks1

photoZero Milestone
Zero Milestone

Found it while on a geocaching tour of DC.

Found it while on touring DC with my first benchmark!

A two-fer! I will post a picture once I've downloaded from my trip.

Great find while touring DC.

Was there on a trip with my kids

Found in good condition while in town on business from Arizona.

photoActual Benchmark

Found while in DC searching for micros and virtuals. Too cool!

Found while caching the virtual cache "Mile Zero".


The last BM of the evening! Very nice.

photoZero Mile Benchmark

Checked this one out while the rest of the family was across the street looking at the White House.

photoMile Zero

Found it along with the cache.

What a nice Benchmark. Recovered during geocaching. 2 for 1.

photoMile Zero 1
photoMile Zero Plate

Recovered with Susancycle while hunting the virtual cache. Quite a two-fer! Pyramid worn but discernable. Most folks were busy ogling the White House.

NYSandy23 directed me here to log as she had already found it. It is still here. Great find on Memorial Day.

Found last year and returned today with BBaka"L". A virtual and a benchmark. Just a cool thing to behold.

Sorry about the late register, but i didn't know that stone was a benchmark. I was there a few week ago and took some picture.

BEDE from Quebec city, Canada

The benchmark BEDE
Picture #2 the plate on the ground in front of the benchmark BEDE


On my way to work.

Found this interesting benchmark with my family while exploring the area near the White House.
King Hubi

photoHV1847 - ZERO MILESTONE [compass rose]
photoHV1847 - ZERO MILESTONE [plaque]

a two for one...cache and benchmark!

Too Cool!

Almost missed this because I was looking for something smaller. Wow! Great find.

My daughter, Catherine, and I did a self walking tour today of Washington, D.C. from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial via the White House. I found this benchmark on my trip to Washington, D.C. on May 26, 2006 but did not log it. I was not able to get near the NGS Benchmark today as the area was blocked off.

photoHV1847 (NGS Benchmark)
photoCompass Rose (HV1847 NGS Benchmark)

Found while caching in the area.

Found along with virtual cache. Visiting from GA.

My wife and I visited DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival and let geocaching & benchmarking be our tour guide. What a great time !!!! TFT(:)]

Found while doing the cache.

Could not be easier, it's also a virtual cache!

Found this yesterday. In good shape with many Chinese folks hovering around it.


Found it while looking for the same Virtual Geocache.

photoZero Milestone Picture #1
photoZero Milestone Picture #2

Found on our walking tour of DC

Happy to see a virtual cache is also a benchmark!

Completing a "virtual" tour of DC ... neat monument!

photoZero Milestone Benchmark
photoZero Milestone Monument

Two for one, what a bargain!!! Here in search of GC2E52 & find out it's a benchmark as well.

Of course it is in excellent condition. I wasn't expecting to find a Benchmark today, so this was an added treat!

photoHUGE Benchmark!
This is definitely one VERY large benchmark!

Found at the Mile Zero cache GZ.

Found it at ground zero cache.

Found today while in the area.

photoZero Benchmark

Lion Heart and Accordiongal found this benchmark.

Found it!

photoTmitchh and me (on right)

Thanks, second night out with fellow cachers in DC.

photoChiefsfan19 & tmitchh

Found with Merrittsbadges and Chiefsfan19 while on a business trip.

Found it while visiting Washinton DC!

Found this one while on vacation.

Found it when looking for GC2E52 Great spot!

Found this benchmark while finding Mile Zero Virtual Cache. My first benchmark!

photoCompass Rose

Found while doing virtual cache.

Found as described and recovered in good condition.

This is a great benchmark and the history of it makes it even better.

photoclose up HV1847 - Washington DC
photomedium shot HV1847 - Washington DC
photoclose up base HV1847 - Washington DC
photobase HV1847 - Washington DC

Found while geocaching in the area.

Found while at the virtual Mile Zero. Awesome benchmark.

photomile zero benchmark

Found while at the virtual cache Mile Zero.

photoMile Zero

I tried to get this benchmark on the 15th but security around the White House was really tight and no one could get anywhere near. My thoughts were that the President was out running or walking the grounds of the White House so I had to wait until today to schedule a series of caches, banchmarks, and waypoints that included this one.

photoBN4 GPS and Zero Milestone
photoLooking to the White House
photoZero Milestone

Found as described.

Found as described.

Got this today with the mystery cache. Wrong to log both?

I visited a Mile Zero marker down in Norfolk, VA about two weeks ago. This is my second. Is it a tread?

photoZero Marker

Interesting benchmark

Bored of Ed
Odenton, MD

Found while waymarking.

photoZero Milestone and White House
photoZero Milestone Compass Rose

Found this one and the cache at the same time.

Big easy find. Great at Christmas time. TFTC

Hard to miss this one.

DC. First DC BM and cache. Fnd handily. Having visited this spot in the past before I got into Geocaching. Very interesting area. Everyone should spend some time in DC. Will attach photo soon. Canuman.

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photoZero Milestone (HV1847)

Did not realize that this was a benchmark -we did the virtual cache here and decided to log this in. Pass this spot very often

Great. Don't forget to claim the virtual too.

Right by the National Christmas tree that is about ready to be lit.

This is a big benchmark with an awesome view!

Can't miss it.....(*v*)

photoVA 045.jpg

Spotted while logging the Mile Zero Virtual geocache.

Long day of Geocaching and hunting benchmarks.... this was a twofer.

photoGreat view of the Momument
photoGreat view of the White House

Found this with TXoilgas on a recent excursion.

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Visited during business trip in U.S. with my colleagues and friends. Interesting landmark! thank you

photoMe and the milestone

Found it while caching!

Found while vacationing in the area.

Spotted it on my AAA map of DC. How could I pass it up?

photoTop of HV1847 (Zero Milestone)
photoHV1847 (Zero Milestone) head-on

Found it while taking pics at the White House

Faded, but right where it should be!

Found this as part of a geocache. Very cool.

Seen at 20:30.

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Found it during my vacation in the USA while looking for the near virtual cache.

Greetings from Germany!

Found this while visiting the sights around DC.

photoZero Milestone - HV1847

Yup. Its right where its supposed to be.

Found as Described

The same as the cache. Never knew this was here. Cool.

Found this while doing the cache!

2 for 1

Rice81 & I found this benchmark together.

Schway and I found this one on our visit to D.C.

photoMile Zero with Tourists in the background

Found this one

If I had known that this was also a benchmark I would have called it the same time as when I did the cache...Oh well I'll live I think. :)

I'll go ahead and call this one as found the same time I logged the location as a cache... cheating? nah...

Found this benchmark. Construction just south of it, but doesn't prevent you from going right up to it.

Forgot to write down numerals on east side, but it is touchable for the moment.

Found it.

At the time of my visit to the Zero milestone I had no idea it was a benchmark .

Found with virtual cache.

Sought the milestone after seeing it on a local map -- I actually wasn't intending to 'seek a benchmark' during my hunt. But, I figured it'd be on the website. So, now I shall log it.

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photoZero Milestone, DC

This benchmark can't be missed!

The Zero Milestone

Found it with the help of Dorsetgal and GeoDog. I was at DC for some training. My first benchmark! Thanks.

photoMy first benchmark!
tOoLb0x was here!

Yeh! My first benchmark, Zero MIlestone. Nice view from here

Glad this one was there for the seeking. Nicely fixed up from when I used to work at the whitehouse in the nineties!

Out and about with the nation's Christmas Tree.

Zero Milestone. Recovered as described.

do the virtual, grab the benchmark...grab a beer and a bite to eat to refuel for the afternoon.

Wow, benchmark of all benchmarks! Lots of folks here today.

photoPopular ... benchmark?

Found it while caching

Found it while finding the cache at the same location. I like nice easy finds.

terri and billy

This is it!

Found while caching in DC. Loved the history behind this spot.

Found it.

Doubled up while geocaching for Mile Zero cache.

The mother of all bench marks Cool!!!!!!!

Great benchmark. Good condition.

Found it in the rain today! Never knew this existed till today! Cool!

found it

Wow, this place was busy today. Everyone's out for spring break I guess. Mark looks in good shape.

found it late night while geocaching =) what a great site.

the white diamond pirates
lexington, ky

Found it while sightseeing from NH. My first celebrity benchmark!

My first benchmark.

What can I say that Warped Racn and Harmony Smurf have not?

Found this with Warped Racn and GadgetGuru. Didn't know this was a benchmark either!

Realized that this was a benchmark as well. Seeing the survey disk didn't click for me while doing the cache but realized it soon there after.

Out finding a few quick virtual caches today and came across this benchmark. Very interesting history of this one. Nice view of the White House as well.

I was in town for the day and I finished up my business around 5:00 PM. Made it here as well as some of the virtual caches in the area. My friend and I were asked twice where this benchmark was located, and we were asked to take pictures of the seekers standing next to the benchmark.

Found this as a virtual cache on a foggy night at week before the inauguration. Cool spot.

Found as part of a virtual cache on a trip to DC

We had a great day in DC...really enjoyed this find.

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photoThe disk on top of the Zero Milepost

Some days we (hunted in DC with MooseMaMa today) hunt benchmarks, some days we hunt geocaches - today we found both Very impressive disk.

Found this one while doing the cache here. It's the biggest one that I've found so far.

Hadoz from The Netherlands, was in Washington for a conference and spend a weekend walking the Mall

Found this while doing the virtual cache at the same location. I haven't done many benchmarks, but this is the biggest disk I've seen yet!

photojust across the street
makes this is one high security benchmark!

Whenever I visit DC I am usually on the other side of the road and do not remember seeing this before.
Great photo spot as well.
Happy hunting,

Found on a caching run with Zinnware and Highgear

Sightseeing in DC, looking at monuments & seeing how many virtual caches & benchmarks we would come across. Found this while looking for the Zero Mile virtual.

This weekend cache run put 1,502 more miles on the geocaching vehicle. We only found around 44 caches, but we got to add a few more states to our list of cache finds! This benchmark was easy to spot while on our cache run.

This is perhaps my favorite benchmark find!

– Team Skeeter Feeders (TheStosh, iontarget, Squishtish26) 05-31-2004

Here is a little history lesson for you! - Enjoy

The Washington zero meridian is established by Andrew Ellicott (1754-1820) in laying out the streets and lots of the City of Washington in the District of Columbia according to the plan of Pierre L'Enfant. The Washington prime meridian (0° 0') is drawn through the site of the proposed Capitol, 77° 00' 33".533 west of Greenwich, England. An east-west line, also passing through the Capitol, is established at the same time.
In 1804, a new Washington meridian is established through the center of the White House that extends north on contemporary 16th Street (source of the names for Meridian Hill and Meridian House, headquarters of the Association of American Geographers). The intersection of this second Washington meridian and Ellicott's east-west baseline is delineated with a stone marker. Although the original marker is subsequently altered, the Jefferson Pier, as it comes to be known, continues to delineate the site today. It serves as a Federal Base Network point (the geodetic control point with the highest level of accuracy in the District of Columbia) and is located 371 feet west and 123 feet north of the center of the Washington Monument. The location of this second Washington meridian is also delineated by The Zero Milestone located between the White House and the Washington Monument, which is established in the 1920s to serve as the point from which highway distances from Washington, D.C. are measured. It provides a contemporary rendering of the Itinerary Column originally proposed by Pierre L'Enfant to measure distances from the capital city to other portions of the continent.
The White House-centered meridian, along with a third one established in the 1840s at the Old Naval Observatory, serve as zero meridians for numerous American maps throughout the first half of the nineteenth century. Zero meridian lines are established for mapping purposes elsewhere in the United States-Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Charlestown, South Carolina among other locales. The United States Congress on September 28, 1850 officially adopts the Old Naval Observatory as the national meridian for astronomical purposes and well-known meridian at Greenwich, England for nautical purposes. (see International Prime Meridian Conference entry at 1884)
[Joseph Hyde Pratt. American Prime Meridians. Geographical Review 32 (1942): 233-244; Matthew H. Edney. Cartographic Culture and Nationalism in the Early United States: Benjamin Vaughan and the Choice for a Prime Meridian. Journal of Historical Geography 4 (1994): 384-395.]

Travels Through North & South Carolina, Georgia, East & West Florida..., by William Bartram (1739-1823), provides a regional geographic account of his predominantly natural-history focused exploring expeditions in the American Southeast (1773-78). Widely read European editions are republished in England, Ireland, Germany, and France.
[William Bartram. Travels through North & South Carolina, Georgia, East & West Florida, the Cherokee Country, the Extensive Territories of the Muscoculges, or Creek Confederacy, and the Country of the Chactaws; Contining an Account of the Soil and Natural Productions of those Regions, Together with Observations on the Manners of the Indians. Philadelphia: James and Johnson, 1791; and in William Bartram: Travels and Other Writings. New York: Library of America, 1996.]

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photoThe biggest? benchmark disc
photoHow big?
photoZero Mark
photoStarting Point
photoHighway Measurements
photoSecond Starting Point
photoplaque at base of monument
photoNearby plaque
photome at the zero mark
photoView from zero mark
photoView from the mark

Found with Iontarget and TheStosh in D.C. while geocaching. This is the biggest benchmark that I have ever seen. It was in good shape, but the engraving was a little worn off. We had to leave here quickly because G.W. was leaving the whitehouse.

This was an easy find, excelent description, coordinates within 15 feet. It is located on the north side of the ellipse and just south of the White House security fencing. Thanks, Fort Rectus

N 38° 53.708 W 077° 02.193

The Zero Milestone was recovered as described, in good condition.

photoZero Milestone Compass Rose Pyramid w/GPSr
photoZero Milestone Compass Rose Pyramid
photoZero Milestone Compass Rose
photoNorth at the Zero Milestone
photoSouth at the Zero Milestone

Mark was found on location in good condition.

photoCompass rose with mark

Found it while geocaching in D.C.

Visited from Annapolis just before the national Christmas tree was taken down. Great display and tight security, too.
Enjoyed checking out W's crib.
Cheers, Schnuggapup, Sweetlump, the Monkeyboy and HoneyBun

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photoMile Zero Marker
Here is Sweetlump at the Mile Zero marker in Front of the White House
photoMonkeyBoy and the SWAT Team
MonkeyBoy and a giant SWAT officer at the White House.

A great place to be this time of year!

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Tough to miss this one. Shortly after New Years Day in 1992 I proposed to my wife on this very spot. I'm still married and Zero is still here.

I ran into ( JoeCthulhu and the rest of ( The 2nd Annual Capital Cache Walk mob while here. Despite having different destinations after this, the whole mob of us ended up heading in the same direction for a while.

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Found this by chance when looking for the "Mile Zero" virtual cache. I wasn't really looking for benchmarks but had my first sightseeing tour based on geocaching.

photoa busy spot

found with charlie. this is the day we got stopped by the secert service.

My Thanks to the SECRET SERVICE for their continued work on the protection and Safety of our National Monuments.
I am glad to see that you are watching.

photoMile ZERO and the Peace Medal
The Peace Medal in Washington D.C. as the SECRET SERVICE watched.
photoNear Mile Stone 0
US Engineers

Hey wow! It's still here!

Late log on this one. I was in DC a few months ago, and just for the heck of it thought of checking this out to see if it was a BM. Sure enough, it was. This is the first BM I don't have a pic of, but I suppose I'll live.

Found as described.

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photoZero Milestone - top of mark
photoZero Milestone Monument in Washington, DC.
Looking North at the monument. Large, familiar-looking house in the background.

Found it as a Virtual Cache (

No particular challenge to this, but I was just a few blocks away seeing a photography show at the Art Museum of the Americas (, so why not....

photoTourist at Zero Milestone, Washington, DC
photoZero Milestone looking north to White House

Yep, you guessed it. I was virtual caching this spot and wondered if it was logged in as a bench mark. It is, so add my name to the list of finders.

Found this benchmark like everyone else while hitting the virtual cache here.

As with many others, I claim this along with the virtual cache of thes marker.

Found it along with the virtual cache.

Found this today in conjunction with a Virtual cache. First Benchmark logged for me.

Located just south of the White house, very easy to find.

9:20 pm.
Logging in conjunction with virtual find GC2E52. Had to vacate the area when bicycle patrol officers swept the area for the President's return from giving his State of the Union address.

Nice view of the Nations Christmas tree from here

photoMilestone 0
Washington Milestone 0
photoNations Christmas Tree
The nations 2002 Christmas tree
N 38° 53.707 W 077° 02.191

Log added 11/17/2003 - We just got into GeoCaching and saw the BenchMark page as well - we logged the GPS of this benchmark when on a vacation last year in Washington, so took the liberty of dropping this comment in

The picture link is showing the benchmark is

[last edit: 11/17/2003 1:09:10 AM PST]

12:58 PM Sunday 14 July 2002. Rain. Recovered in good condition as described. PKPaul.

photoSouth, Wash Mon & Jeff Mem
photoMarker Side
photoNorth, White House

This is daughter crew member on class trip to DC area.

Found with virtual cache also.

We are coming here for July 4th hopefully this year also as a family. Will follow up with picture hopefully when I get home.
We are from Hamilton, Ohio (near Cincinnati)


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Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1926 by CGS (GOOD)
01/01/1974 by NGS (GOOD)
01/01/1979 by NGS (GOOD)
01/01/1984 by NGS (GOOD)
06/15/1992 by NGS (GOOD)
06/15/1992 by NGS (GOOD)
09/28/1998 by NGS (GOOD)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were established by GPS observations and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in June 1994.
  • The orthometric height was determined by differential leveling and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in May 1999. WARNING-Repeat measurements at this control monument indicate possible vertical movement.
  • The X, Y, and Z were computed from the position and the ellipsoidal ht.
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The ellipsoidal height was determined by GPS observations and is referenced to NAD 83.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.
  • The dynamic height is computed by dividing the NAVD 88 geopotential number by the normal gravity value computed on the Geodetic Reference System of 1980 (GRS 80) ellipsoid at 45 degrees latitude (g = 980.6199 gals.).
  • The modeled gravity was interpolated from observed gravity values.