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Details for Benchmark: HV4522

N 38° 53.245 W 077° 01.935 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 0

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is UNKNOWN and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA county, DC View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
setting not listed - see description

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Spotted whilst caching in the area.

found this one today while in DC

Found it today on my DC-Tour.


Spotted this tower while touring the mall area.

photoHV4522 Tower

Heute bei einer großen Tour auch diesen Benchmark entdeckt !

First try:

Second try:
Quite simply searched, found, finished ...

And now again right:
On our way from Leipzig on vacation to New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago, Sioux City, Badlands NP, Mount Rushmore, Bighorn Mountains, Cody, Yellowstone NP, Jackson, Grand Teton NP, Salt Lake City, Bryce Canyon NP, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Williams, Las Vegas, Mojave Desert, Los Angeles, Visalia, Yosemite NP, Modesto and San Francisco we came right here. Of course, we also wanted this one GeoCache / Benchmark on the To-Do list to pick up. And now there is a smiling face. There were no problems ... Yes, the destination fits. Thus: the end is good, all right ...

In other words:
Everything is there, where it belongs, undamaged and waiting for the next visitors.

Now we like to say:
Thank you for your GeoCache / Benchmark and another smiley on our map.

Greetings from Mrs. Lu and Mr. Lu

Mersi fir des Dous - Danke für die Dose - Thanks for that Cache- Merci pour la Cache - Dzieki za Cache - Grazie per questo Cache - Takk for at Cache - Obrigado por isso Cache - Gracias por el Cache - Díky za keš - Aciu už ta talpykla - Paldies par šo Cache - Aitäh selle eest Cache - ??????? ?? ?? ??? - Kiitos, että Cache - Tack för att Cache - Tak for denne Cache - Hvala cache - ???a??st? ??a t? µ??µ? cache - ???????? - Önbellek için tesekkürler - Köszönjük, hogy a cache - Bedankt voor de cache - Graças para o cache - Dankon pro la kasmemoron

Unterwegs auf einer großen USA Tour mit Stage_Worm.

Found it during the capital geocaching tour today.

Found this one on our first visit, could not mis it
De bizons


Found it on our DC trip.

Tower appears to be in good condition.

Yates Federal Building (U.S. Forest Service) Washington, DC

Nous avons visité ce Benchmark lors de notre voyage en Floride, du 14 janvier 2017 au 15 février 2017, en compagnie de nos amis Casper&Aero.
Cyrano-Bella de Baie-Comeau, Québec, Canada.


Aperçu lors de notre périple de Géocaching en compagnie de nos amis Cyrano-Bella... Casper&Aero de Baie-Comeau, Québec, Canada


Cool clock tower

Walked right next to the building during our visit to DC!

Recovered this Benchmark as described once I realized this is now the Yates Building.

photoHV4522 Bureau Engraving Red Twr (Yates Bldg)

Found while exploring the area.

photored tower

Tftc. Took the metro in and did a lot of walking. Caching with tg-meister and musical bug. The cherry blossoms were in Bloom. Made everything step worth it.

Found on trip to D.C.

Team-Gates, TheGrundalows, and I saw this while sightseeing in the city.

Found while doing a virtual!

After attending a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery we did some sightseeing and found this benchmark.

In town with friends
We spotted this one hike geocaching in the area

In DC for a conference and mapped out an ambitious agenda for finding virtual, earth, multis, puzzles and regular caches, as well as some bench marks!
Walked around the mall! The marine corp marathon was going on today, so it made it quite an adventure!
TFTC< ponil

During my visit in Washington I spotted this one as well. Thanks for showing. :)


I spotted this on a family trip to DC after taking the tour

Seen it during my stay in Washington DC.



Located this benchmark as we were walking to the view all of the memorials


After visiting the Holocaust museum, we saw this one.

Spotted from the Inlet Bridge


Got it

Found with shell1fish.

Easy to spot while visiting the National Mall. The tower is in good condition, and the posted coordinates are excellent. We also visited the USDA Forest Service Visitor Center housed in the building.

photoBUREAU ENGRAVING RED TWR - HV4522 Facing West


Seen this while visiting son and the DC area, many sites and beautiful buildings...

Easy to spot from the mall. (Sue-Cat)

photoThe red tower

Mrs. Seadog saw the Red Tower from near the Metro.


Spotted while touring the area.

My dad worked at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing the first 20 years of my life. Sometimes we took him to work and picked him up, that was long before Geocaching was invented... but I was a summer intern at the White House so I'm going to call this a find while I was there!

Discovered while spending some days in DC.
Logged with GCDroid.

Spotted this location many time. In fact everyday commuting home when I worked at State Dept. Just realized it was a benchmark today. Took some visitors to mall today and snapped the pick.

photo22 Sep 14.

Spotted this one while walking to the USDA Cafeteria for lunch across the street.


# 7

Found this wonderful building while visiting DC.

Greetings from Germany


photoThe red Tower

Still pedaling the Trek around the District adding a few more geocaches and benchmarks. This is another twofer.

photoThe mark

Found as described while driving around DC after work.

We found it, but Smoky the Bear has moved in.

Found it while visiting Washington D.C.!


easy find.

Discovered while visiting the area.


While in town doing verts

Walking the mall collecting benchmarks and virtual caches. Spotted this one from afar. I was running out of time and was tired from walking all day, so I just captured this from about .4 miles away. CC76...

photoTower close up

Saw while visiting DC

Spotted while out geocaching. There as shown in recent pictures posted here.

Saw this one while walking all over town for virtuals today.

Mark found as described.

Found while walking around DC. Tower is in good condition.

photoHV4522 - Bureau Engraving Red Twr

Spotted on a hot day while wandering all around the Mall area.

One of the many sights I saw while wandering around DC today.

Found in good condition while wandering the mall. My photo posted.

photoHV4522 area view
Area view to south-southwest of HV4522.

Found while caching in the area.

I work within a block of this structure and drove past it this morning.

Observed from on top of the Washington Monument.

Found while touring Washington DC

Found on our way home from vacationing in Washington DC and caching the NE states. TFTC

Picking up a few benchmarks on this beautiful springlike day. My family and I were in town for a day trip and enjoyed a great walk around DC. I snapped a photo of this benchmark from quite a distance away.


Still standing


Observed as described, except that building no longer houses Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

I love this wonderful city.

While traveling by bus through the eastern United States and Canada sought and found the benchmark.

TFTC Lutz (Blase) from Germany

photoHV4522 insite

Found it!

Recovered in good condition. Passing through to the Earthcache Mega event in Maine.

Found while on vacation

Got it after walking The Mall.


Found while in town for the GS 100th Anniversary.

Walked by on a hot day, Memorial Day weekend.

Found this one while in D.C. on an Honor Flight bringing our veterans to see their memorials.

Observed while touring capital with family.

Tower is still there.

Eine interessante Variante von Geocaching, die ich so bisher noch nicht kannte. Und wenn man schon mal über den großen Teich gereist ist, muss man dies natürlich auch mal testen! Der Benchmark befindet sich wie angegeben in gutem Zustand am bekannten Ort!! Vielen Dank fürs Zeigen!!




Located while in DC

phototower found at the very right edge of this photo

Observed while traveling to a Military Reunion.
Old Professor - Tipton, Mo.

Spotted with Kei and Orion on our walking tour of D.C. !


In D.C. for a meeting and decided to get a few caches and benchmarks.

Couldn't miss this one

Spotted while riding the trolley!

Found it with my dad (Dukemartin) and my mom.

Found in good condition at the posted coords.


Out in DC again with another bus load of people that are sight seeing so I went looking for BM. Easy find.

photoBenchmark HV4522

cant miss this one

oh yeah.. print me some :_

found it

Found it while on our fabulous DC trip as a family.

Found it

found this with werewolf while ckg out dc

these are the kind of benchmarks that are hard to miss

Easy find on our DC trip.

found it


It was a pretty sight at night.

photoThe Front of the building at night
photoThe tower on the way into DC

Hard to miss this iconic building.

Found this benchmark whilst doing a rapid tourist trip around Washington. We visited Smokey in this building. Photos to come.

photoHV4522 from the west

Again walking and talking and looked up to zoom in for this picture of the Tower and the date! Another BM to add to collection that is starting to grow!

photoOld Post Office Tower BM Wash DC

Found today on our whirlwind tour of DC. I must say the benchmarks around here are very beautiful!

Found this mark while on a tour, my pic didn't turn out well, but I did see it!


Traipsing all over DC.

Can't miss this one! My coords. were: N 38° 53.289' W 077° 01.902' with an elevation of 9 meters.


This one is definitely there.. and found today!

photoBenchmark HV4522
Looking SE. Benchmark is beyond (and to the right) of the Monument in this picture.


Easy to spot.

No chance to miss this one

[blue]Found Benchmark Standing Tall and in GOOD Condition.[/blue]


Cannot really miss this one.

In the area with DJohnson28 & Smileez when we spotted this one. "Quick" find

Easy find while visiting the mall area - DJohnson28

Easily found the red brick tower while hiking around the city. The tower is now part of the Department of Agriculture.

This is a good place to point out the Department of Agriculture US Forest Service 100th Anniversary high order monument approximately 320' northeasterly of the tower and across the street to the west of the main Department of Agriculture building.

photoUS Forest Service 100th Anniversary - WashingtonDC
photoUS Forest Service 100th Anniversary - WashingtonDC

Found while in D.C. with the family geocaching and vacationing!

Spotted it easily today.

Spotted this one from the grounds of the Washington Monument.

photoBureau of Engraving tower

On my GW7 trip, thanks.

Found it!

Found when I was standing near the Washington Monument. Easy to find in the distance.

Found this while out touring around DC.

Recovered in good condition..

..looking SE

Found with my dad Moozer on vacation from California.

Saw this after our tour of the BEP.

Found on a rainy day in DC, but photographed on a pretty day. Unfortunately, the buidling is under renovation so the scaffolding is in place.

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photoHV4522 Bureau of Engraving Red TWr Wash DC

Found as described

photoBUREAU ENGRAVING RED TWR DC 14th and Independence
View of the mark to the WSW.

Visiting from Arizona, found on our 3 week East Coast Adventure!

photoHV4522 - Bureau Engraving Red Tower

Seen many times as I drove by.

Fun Find. Thanks

I'll log the BM even if I can't log the virtual.


Visited with my family the national headquarter of the US Forest Service which is located in this nice building.
King Hubi


Isn't that a great building.

Found on a virtual / benchmark run in the mall


Found this while taking a tour of the mint.


Found this while in DC for a virtual run on the mall.

Spotted while logging D.C. Virtual Geocaches.

Found as described.

walked right past this one on my way to see how money is made

Yep, it's still there! Caught sight today as we completed our walking tour of the tidal basin.

Also found a virtual cache here...beautiful building.

Beautiful day here on the 23rd...

On a two week work detail in this building so thought I'd claim this benchmark.

This was a very easy find and very tall too!

Found / Photographed

photoTower HV4522 Wash DC

Can't miss it.....(*v*)

Recovered in good condition...

Found while vacationing in the area.

Found it while visiting the city.

Saw whilr in D.C

Found this while visiting the Forest Service Info Center.

photoBureau of Engraving Tower - HV4522

Took a tour right here! The buck starts here....

Found it

Can't miss this one

Found it here's a pic for ya.


Found it.

Easy to find from almost anywhere on the mall.

Found while hanging around D.C. early in the am. Got tickets to the BEP and caught GC1600 Too!

saw tower as i headed in for the virtual, then got talked to by security guards as i accidentally went in wrong door to view displays (I was just following the other people like a lemming, I guess they were going to work, though. they even held the wrong door open for me)

found it

Recovered in good condition.

Many years ago I worked just down the street at USDA, registering students for the Agricultural College...nice to be back in the area. All these old red stone buildings are impressive...a beautiful tower.

photoTower across the Tidal Basin

This benchmark is also a geocache (GC1600), downstairs and inside.

This was my first benchmark find. It's addicting!


This weekend cache run put 1,502 more miles on the geocaching vehicle. We only found around 44 caches, but we got to add a few more states to our list of cache finds! This benchmark was easy to spot while on our cache run.
– Team Skeeter Feeders (TheStosh, iontarget, Squishtish26) 05-31-2004

Found with Iontarget and TheStosh in D.C. while geocaching. The towel was recovered and is in good condition.

I was in D.C. for the WWII Memorial dedication and confirmed that the Red Tower was still there. Thanks, Fort Rectus

As seen in my photo.

photoTower on the left in the picture

The Bureau of Engraving Red Tower (Now the U.S. Forest Service Information Center Tower) was recovered as described, in good condition.

photoThe U.S. Forest Service Information Center Tower

Tower was found on station in good condition.


Visited the Holocaust Museum, and passed by this building several times. Spotted the mark, but completely forgot about the virtual here until it was too late.

The 1979 official history describes this benchmark as the “red tower on the old section of the Bureau of Engraving Building . . .” at 14th and Independence. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing actually is two doors south, beyond the Holocaust Museum. That “old section” was called the “Auditors Building” (and is still shown as such on many maps) before it was dedicated as the Sidney R. Yates Federal Building. The date that happened is the response required to claim the same building as the “USDA Forest Service Information Center” Virtual Cache which we established August 12, 2001. Thanks to ArtMan for bringing this “twofer” to our attention. While working in this building for several years, we actually once had the opportunity to visit a portion of the tower from the INSIDE!

Erected in 1879, this is now the Sydney R. Yates Federal Building. It's an easy find.
Revisited on 12/02/2005 to recored the US Forest Service 100th Anniversary commemorative disk that is located about 300 feet north-northeast. For a detailed description and photos, see the Waymark for that disk at:

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photoHV4522 - the Tower
photoHV4522 - Yates Federal Building in Wash, DC
Looking SSW from about 200 yards north on the east side of 15th Street.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has moved down the street. This fine tower is across the street from the Agriculture Department and has round windows that look like they once held clock faces, but they never did. Just south of this building is the Holocaust Museum.

Editing on 9/4/2005 to add a nearby point of interest, a granite monument in the lawn along 15th street diagonally opposite BUREAU ENGRAVING RED TWR (HV4522), and just west of the Dept. of Agriculture building.

As noted recently in the Benchmark forum, this is one of a series of marks set to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Forest Service.

Dave Doyle of NGS notes that "the GPS observations have been performed by USFS and are currently be processed for submission to NGS for inclusion in the National Spatial Reference System."

So this will eventually appear in the NGS database, but you won't be able to log it here at unless they bring the aging benchmark database up to date.

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photoFormer Bureau of Engraving and Printing tower, Washington, DC
This view is from the Washington Monument. To the right you can see to top of the Holocaust Museum
photoNearby Forest Service commemorative mark, Wash. DC
photoDetail, USDA Forest Service mark, Wash. DC
Closeup of 12" disk on top of monument. Note dimple in center of tree logo for measurement.

Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1979 by NGS (FIRST OBSERVED)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were established by classical geodetic methods and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in November 1994.
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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