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Details for Benchmark: KU1448

N 40° 45.167 W 073° 58.867 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 80.57

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is ADJUSTED and location is SCALED. (more info)

In NEW YORK county, NY View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
NGS Benchmark
setting not listed - see description
Mark of questionable or unknown stability.

Must Read!

Benchmarks may be on private property or in dangerous locations. Obey local laws. By using the services on you agree to this disclaimer.

Found as described

photoFor reference

Auf unserer New York Reise konnte auch dieser Punkt geloggt werden.

Vielen dank, sagt Oliver535i

Found it during my Holiday in New York .Thank you

An easy found with Olaf III.

Greetings from Germany from Familie SMSs

photoBenchmark with Olaf III.


With Sahlinabac, Superpipoca and my mother.


Com o Sahlinabac, a Superpipoca e a minha mãe.


With Sahlinabac, Bamiel and my mother.


Com o Sahlinabac, o Bamiel e a minha mãe.


With Superpipoca, Bamiel and my wife.


Com a Superpipoca, o Bamiel e a minha mulher.


1000 Dank für diesen seltenen
Viele Grüße


Found it during my Holiday in NY


Found it!


in the area chasing caches and benchmarks all in good shape here

Our first trip with our teenies through the States. At the moment in New York.

Greetings from Austria

TFTC .... Zamorra


Our first trip with our teenies through the States. At the moment in New York.
This was my first benchmark

Greetings from Austria

TFTC .... Zamorra

photoFound it

Found this Disc during our 8 days stay in NYC

found while walking around caching

Found while in the area.


Even my muggle coworkers were able to find this one. Looks to be in excellent condition.


Found in our visit to NYC

Thanks for showing

On a NYC Visit I have this Benchmark found. Thank you for showing


Wouldn't have known about this benchmark without the help of a local cacher. Sure enough, its there and in fine shape.


Beim Rückweg vom Timesquare zum Hotel gut gefunden!
Sehr eindrucksvoll!

photoVor der Bibliothek

My first time in New York and it's been a great and busy day: Times Square, Empire State, Top of the Rocks, Met, Staten Island Ferry, and last but not at all least impressive, the 9/11 memorial! Oh, yes, not to forget this one!


Found it during our visit in NYC.

Found the chiseled T as described and in good condition.

photoKU1448 BM
chiseled T
photoKU1448 BM w GPSr
photoKU1448 BM in situ
visible T in base to left

Found during a vacation in NY. We saw many beautiful and interesting places. Greetings from Czech Republic.

photoLion of Library

Found in good condition as described. NYBE+A marks 812 and 813 are at the NY Public Library, as well.

photo814 Chiseled Tee
photo812 Bolt
photo813 Cross Closeup

when is a good time to cache in NYC? when everyone's home during a state of emergency, of course! I was staying in town for a training class and suddenly had today free, so I walked the town!

Decided to swing up towards the NYPL on this snowy day to see if I could find my second-ever physical benchmark. Luckily, the snow wasn't piled very high, so I was able to take the attached picture.

photoNYC Jan 2015 - 12

Found during my stay in NY...

Seen it during my stay in New York City.



Found the Benchmark during our visit in NYC

Found with spooky_luke whilst on our way to the Central Library

Found whilst visiting Central Library

My First day to find benchmarks !
Nice !
This morning I decided to find Some benchmarks.
It's ok for this one ! Found it !
Thank you & greetings from France !


photoLion Statue

On our way through NYC we spotted this one as well. :)


After finding the benchmark just around the corner, for the nearby geocache, I decided to give this one a look, considering I was able to find it on the app I use for benchmark hunting. After getting my bearings right I was able to spot this one easily. It is in terrific condition. Pictures included.

photoKU1448 Location
The mark is at the tip of my umbrella.
photoKU1448 Close up

Found it during our visit in NY

Found these benchmarks while one my one day trip to NY from NC. All benchmarks found as described.

Found this benchmark after breakfast in the nearby Bryant-Park.

Visited with Bernd_63 this benchmark near Empire State building. TFTC

Found it on our walk along the 5th avenue.

Found this Benchmark out our Way to the Empire Building

Foto will follow, when we are back in Germany,


Found after dark on our walk back the car after a trip up to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building to watch the sunset. Nice setting.


Walked over to this one after finding the disk thanks to a log that I read from Papa-Bear-NYC. I would not have known this was a benchmark if I had not read that. Very cool that it has been here for so many years!

photoChiseled T at library

Another one!

Found it as described. My first chiseled benchmark.

photoNY Public Library

Our second Benchmark in New York - and it will be the last for a longer time...
As it was quite late and the surroundings almost dark, the quality of the photos
ism't that good,


Found in good condition


I was here on my trip to New York !


Found it on "Fortitude", the "Lion of the North". By the way, Patience is the "Lion of the South"

N 40° 45.174 W 073° 58.878

These old cut stone marks are quite interesting. Went right to this one from the directions.

photoKU1448 - 814 - A chiseled "T"
Not many of the numbered one's left.

These chiseled T's are very interesting. I've looked at the NYPL lions any number of times while visiting the city and the library, but today I felt like I was part of a Dan Brown novel, searching for this easily overlooked symbol carved on the stone. I garnered a few strange looks as I took my pictures.

photo814 - area view
photo814 - closeup
photo814 with my Garmin 60CSx

Very cool benchmark. I was in the are looking for information on a nearby puzzle cache.

Eine interessante Variante von Geocaching, die ich so bisher noch nicht kannte. Und wenn man schon mal über den großen Teich gereist ist, muss man dies natürlich auch mal testen! Der Benchmark befindet sich wie angegeben in gutem Zustand am bekannten Ort!! Vielen Dank fürs Zeigen!!


Found it on a nice place during our New York trip!

one of the easier ones

Found it while geocaching in New-York for the week-end. First benchmark of this type.

photoThe proof !

This was our first benchmark of this type. Found it on Fortitude, one of the library's guardians. It was in good shape and clearly visible once I knew what I was trying to find.

photoKeeper of the Benchmark
Fortitude's benchmark at the NY Public Library
photoT Marks the Spot
Our first benchmark find of the T type.

Found while getting the cache here.

Came to the library to look for the Patience and Fortitude geocache. Didn't find that but were able to locate this BM on the base of Fortitude.

I am just now discovering these. I didn't know the purpose of this marking until now. Thanks.

photoDiscovering the markings

Found this on an awesome day trip to NYC...The location is pretty awesome.

Recovered as specified.


Seen a few times and didn't know what it was until this date.

Found while getting a little history lesson on these lions.

Found it.


Found during a whirlwind tour of NYC for a mini-family reunion. Found this one due to the detailed description left by previous finders.


Found this one as discribed!


All found as expected and where specified. See photos

photoT marks the spot
photoSnow Lion

An easy benchmark. T-Spot is marked!


Nice simple find once the street sleeper moved away from the shelter of the feature.

photoT marks the spot

Found this and KU1449 while looking for Patience and Fortitude cache (not found).

Found this one during my walk through New York City.

Poor photograph, but located easily. This lion's name is "Fortitude". (The other is named "Patience")


Found it while looking for another cache (the second time but still a dnf). Glad I saw the pictures before otherwise I wouldn´t know what I was looking for.

Yep, this was an easy one. I was searching for the nearby cache, but way too many people around.
Notice the tacky cigarette butt in my photo. Didn't even see it until I was posting the find.

photoKU1448 814 091908

Easy find if you know what you're looking for.

photoWith Fortitude

could not miss it ...

Found after a short search. The orange paint helped.

Forgot to grab this one when finding the nearby cache. Grabbed it today after a DNF on my way to work to cheer myself up!

photoLion Cross
The cross of de lion.

Found while caching around the area. Had some virtual help from JoeyDude!

photoBenchmark KU1448
photoBenchmark with it's Guardian

Couldn't find the cache nearby, but I did settle for a benchmark find to round out a week in the city.

Found it.

Found it on my way caching in Bryant Park. This one was safely guarded by Patients or Fortitude

Spotted this while in the area.

Glad I had looked at previous photos or I may not have realized what I was looking at. Very cool!!!


My first chiseled "T." Found en route to a corporate function at Bryant Park Grill. Found KU1449, NYBE+A #812 & #813 as well as GCHV7T after the park cleared out a bit. Thanks!

A quick lunchtime find.

Found like many others while doing the Bryant Park Micro cache nearby. The Lions are quite famous and it was a must see even with out the BM here.

photoKU1448 - Base of Lion (see Arrow)
KU1448 - The Chiseled 'T' in the Base of the Lion at the NYC Pub. Library. Family and I were in the City for a show and stopped by to see this location and the BM
photoKU1448 - Close up
Here I'm looking/facing SE and taking a close up Picture of the station.

Catching up on benchmark logging from after Thanksgiving. Nice to see a chiseled mark in NYC. Very good condition.

photoTo a T
photoView of benchmark in its greater environs

Found while in the area, searching for the Bryant Park Micro. I too enjoyed the prior caption about different types of benchmarks. Here I thought they could only be disks! Thanks for the history!

Found in Good Condition.


Out caching with Trendy Magic. Late entering as never got this logged when he did and he's just now pointing that out to me. Thanks!

got it as well.

Found it on our first try to get the Bryant Park micro.


Found as described, and also looked for and found the two other marks Papa Bear mentions and shows.

photoKU1448 814, Manhattan, NY
Not hard to spot, even in the rain at night.
photoKU1448 814, Manhattan, NY
The picture looks like it was daytime, but it was about 5:30 and drizzling/raining. My wife was even impressed at this one.
photoKU1448 814, Manhattan, NY nearby bolt
THe bolt described by Papa.
photoKU1448 814, Manhattan, NY nearby bolt loc
The bolt's location. This was after we went to the map exhibit and it was truly dark and really raining! Wife waited in the building for me on this one.
photoKU1448 814, Manhattan, NY date stone mark

I loved reading Papa-Bear-NYC's detailed Benchmark posting for this and others in the area.

Peace - Love - Fog

photoBenchmark 814 and Fog's Bead Tassle

Went back to find this. I had looked for it a while back and missed it in the rain. Thanks for the historical notes as well.

The lion thing is not trivial. Pay very close attentinon to the description and you will find it. Also found the other two 812 and 813 but they do not appear to be in the database.

Found it this afternoon after doing the Bryant Park Micro just round the corner. Tricky to get real close by wheelchair as there were street performers in front of the library (and a large crowd of onlookers)and I couldn't find the ramped access, so had to zoom the camera in from the bottom of the steps and it was clearly visible.

Found the T after wandering around both lions a few times, eventually had to resort to looking at other people's logs to discover the exact location (good job there is free wifi in Bryant Park!) Once we knew where to look it was a doddle, don't know how we missed it in the first place!

photoThe "T"

[b]Historical Note:[/b]

The chiseled "T" on the base of the lion is one of hundreds of bench marks which were set by a team working for the New York City Board of Estimate and Apportionment from 1909 to 1912. The marks in Manhattan go from #738 (on Governors Island) to #952 (at the northern end of the Island on the Broadway Bridge leading to the Bronx), or 215 marks in all. Of these, just 13 were put into the NGS database in 1952. You can tell if you get one of these if the designation is a number between 738 and 952.

Many of the others not in the NGS database are lost, but many are still around. The whole project and descriptions of each mark can be found in the volume [i]Precise Leveling in New York City[/i] by Frederick W. Koop, published in 1914 and available - you guessed it - right here in the New York Public Library. Mr. Koop was head of the surveying team that set the marks.

The Public Library has 3 of these bench marks. Besides the "T" (#814), there is a 7/8" copper bolt on a step (#812) and one of the ornamental crosses on the building's cornerstone (#813). After you find the "T", check out the other 2 as well. Locations are given in the photo captions.

I went by there today and took a few photos. I looked for about 8 others of these old marks in the general west side mid town area, but alas, the 3 at the Public Library were the only ones I found.

[This entry was edited by Papa-Bear-NYC on Tuesday, November 29, 2005 at 3:22:33 PM.]

photoNYBE+A #814 , NY Public Library, NYC
Here's the old Lion. The "T" (this station) is on the right (north) side of the bottom granite foundation block, near the front top corner. The actual mark is considered to be the top horizontal bar of the "T".
photoNYBE+A #814 , NY Public Library, NYC
photoNYBE+A #812 , NY Public Library, NYC
The mark is a 7/8" copper bolt at the far right (north) end of the first step. This shot was taken at the corner of 42nd and Fifth on the sidewalk. The mark is on the step a few feet behind the guy in the red jacket holding the sign.
photoNYBE+A #812 , NY Public Library, NYC
photoNYBE+A #813 , NY Public Library, NYC
This is the building's corner stone. It is located just around the corner on the 42nd Street side of the building at the corner of the building. If it wasn't for a tree in the way, you could see it the previous shot of the stairs from the sidewalk. A walkway goes right under the stone. The actual mark is the horizontal bar of the little ornamental cross to the left of the Roman Numeral Date. Yes, the surveyors occasionally used "prior art" in setting their marks.
photoNYBE+A #813 , NY Public Library, NYC

On the north side of the base of the right lion.

photoKU1448 "814" benchmark
New York Public Library, New York, NY
photoKU1448 "814" setting
New York Public Library, New York, NY

Found by "We're the Heckawee?"

On my previous visit to NYC, my GPS unit had trouble with the high canyon walls of tall skyscrappers and eventually conked out on my altogether.

This trip, I brought my trusty "analog" compass. It told me that the NE lion was the left-most lion as you face the library. After spending 20 minutes searching for the "T" with no luck, I stopped and realized that traveling from 42nd to 41st street is moving south, not compass was BACKWARDS!! The only thing I can figure is that it somehow got demagnetized or repolarized by all the electric motors while I was riding the subway.

Once I figured out the problem, went straight to the correct base and located the "T". My first chiseled mark find!

photoChiseled "T" mark at base of right lion

Found this one while caching in Bryant Park.

Found this one after KU1448. A couple days later, we found out that we missed seeing the Declaration of Independence on display in the library while we were here.

photoKU1448 lion.jpg

found em!

Found after getting my library card. My first "chiseled" mark.

Second chiseles mark. Found this along with KU1449.

Found it circled with yellow chalk.

I am liking this urban benchmark hunt with lots of easy and interesting tags to be had. Look for the plaques in the sidewalk near the library with quotations. Greetings from California.

Found as described...this is my first "chiseled" bench mark of any kind. Very cool. Description is adequate.

Didn't find this one.

Attempted after finding KU1449 just around the corner.

My gps unit conked out on me. So, even though the lions are a very obvious landmark, I wasn't sure WHICH lion. I examined the bases of both but time was short. After spending about 10 minutes examining the bases of both statues, I had to move on. Turns out I wasn't quite sure what "2.4 ft above the apron" meant. So I was looking too high up on the pedestals.

I'll be back.

Wow so cool. My first "CHISELED T".
GeoJem from Coppell, Texas


Observed station beneath the lion.


Easily found. Very stable.

A quick find while walking up the steps.

Yep, found it too -- also found its twin, KU1450, on the pillar just "downtown" of the central door of St. Patrick's Cathedral, another "T" chiseled into the stone. So, which of the lions is named Patience and which is Fortitude?

Also found this one while searching for Bryant Park micro.

awesome...after some searching, we found this one. people thought we were crazy...

a very interesting benchmark!


Who would have thought that an inconspicuous T would be a national mapping reference point? It is a strange world we live in.

After much circling and trying not to look too conspicuous found the engraved T on the lion statue. Cool find!

As described, although we ended up walking around and around the lion a couple of times before we found it.

photo814, New York Public Library Lion
Close-up of... ahem... the T.
photo814, New York Public Library Lion
Looking S towards the Library main entrance.
photo814, New York Public Library Lion
Looking SW along 5th avenue.

Documented History (by the NGS)

1/1/1952 by NGS (GOOD)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were scaled from a topographic map and have an estimated accuracy of +/- 6 seconds.
  • The orthometric height was determined by differential leveling and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in June 1991.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.
  • The dynamic height is computed by dividing the NAVD 88 geopotential number by the normal gravity value computed on the Geodetic Reference System of 1980 (GRS 80) ellipsoid at 45 degrees latitude (g = 980.6199 gals.).
  • The modeled gravity was interpolated from observed gravity values.

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