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Details for Benchmark: KW3117

N 40° 15.864 W 076° 53.025 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 0

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is UNKNOWN and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In DAUPHIN county, PA View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
setting not listed - see description

Must Read!

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Found on a pleasant morning walk in the capital.

photoHarrisburg Capitol

Working on the earthcaches, loves the picture of the morning sun on the dome.

photoDone with flag and morning sun

Caught this benchmark while passing through the capital today. As described.


Snapped a photo of this while working on the earthcache here.


Recovered as described

photoThe Dome

Observed on my visit to Harrisburg and Capital Hill.

Beautiful day to find a few benchmarks. This one was wonderful.

photoCapitol Dome

Found while geocaching and touring the building.


Found while touring the state capital with cacheriprock and BaxterSnooper

Out geocaching in Harrisburg. Hard to miss from the outside!

We found the Dome while visiting Harrisburg

Took me about 45 minutes to locate this tricky benchmark due to signal bounce, but i found i eventually. ;) Was lucky and arrived just as the guard was locking up, and he let me in for a few minutes. The interior reminded me of St Paul's London. Absolutely gorgeous.

photoBeneath the Dome

It's kind of hard to miss this one when you're in Harrisburg, but a quick visit to the PA Capitol Building made this one easy to photograph--both inside and out!

photoCapitol Dome
photoUnderneath the Capitol Dome (rotunda)

Saw it and took a pic after finding a nearby virtual cache.

photoKW3117 as seen from Market Street Bridge

enjoyed a tour of town working on the earthcache and virtual caches and had a chance to visit the capital building.


Found it!


Saw the dome while caching around the area.


I was out getting the earth caches in the area. Got back to my hotel and looked at the benchmark lists. I realized I had been at the benchmark so I am submitting the log.


I love visiting Capitol buildings. Explored the area and took a few pics.

photoPA Capitol Dome

Found with my dad Marcelteun and my brother Basse05.

Found with my dad Marcelteun and my brother Raleks.

There are no bbenchmarks in Sweden so while visiting the US we took the opportunity to log some. We are visiting friends at Harvey's Lake and drove to Harrisburg to look at the most beautiful Capitol of the US. We drove over Walnut street and could see the dome from long.

Easy! And indeed is very beautiful inside too!

Seen together with Basse05 and Raleks

photoThe dome and my GPS

Fun and interesting, historical find
Seen this while on a trip few years ago

Recovered as described.

Found while on a geo trip.

Found while geocaching

Visited today on a trip to Harrisburg.

photoCapital Dome

Saw while driving by today.

Made this easy BM find with my son today while doing some caching.
Jimmy Z

photoCapital Dome
photoView from Capital Dome

Observed Benchmark as described with CacheClown76 and Awesnap.
See photos on log by CC76.

Observed Bench Mark with CacheClown76 and VPDJ.

Observed as described with Awesnap and VPDJ. See photo(s). CC76...

photoScreen Shot

We stopped by on our way to Geowoodstock XIII in Maryland.


Walking around Harrisburg with Piger caching today, hard to miss this one! :D

photoDecer & Piger @ The Dome

Definitely saw this dome while doing the "Complex Observations" cache. My picture is attached to that log.

Logged on a dreary February day - impressive even in the gloom!

photoKW3117 - Capitol Dome - 2/16/2014

Found while on a trip with friends.


Found on our fall trip to the northeast states.

photoBenchmark KW3117

Found on my way home from work

Passed by this morning while in town for my daughters championship color guard competition. Neat looking building.


It's tough to get real close to this benchmark , but it looks like it's in pretty good shape. Saw this while doing the picture-puzzle cache.

photoBenchmark from afar

Visited while doing the nearby geocache on the 4th!

Visited on the way to RI.

Another Capital dome down!

Found while I was in the Capitol complex looking for a multi-geocache which I eventually found after 4 or 5 trips.

Had no idea this was actually a benchmark. Cool!

Visited the capitol of PA with Kei and Orion on a short day trip .

photoWith KW3117

Obvious benchmark is so obvious it never even occurred to me that it might actually be one~ Drive right by it every day. Shying away from uploading a photo since I'm sure this is a documented enough landmark :D

found it while hanging out at tom sawyers.....walking to my car

See this one everyday; more so from underneath inside.

You can see this from many places. What a great capitol building.

photoview of dome from the State St Bridge

I find this one five days a week.

In Harrisburg for training and found this as I walked the streets after training.

In town on a business trip.

Enjoyed my visit to the Pennsylvania State Capitol today.

photoPennsylvania State Capitol Dome

I see this benchmark all the time. I live 10 minutes away.


Been here many times.

I was logging L3 from a few weeks ago and here I find that the Capital Dome is a benchmark! Who knew? Not me. I see this one just about every day.

photoView from the 12th floor at DEP
Picture was taken on 12/18/2009

Spotted this one from the river today. Came by with Mrs SeeKPeeKRs and jfigel.

photoHarrisburg Dome

While in the Harrisburg area kayaking and caching with jfigel and redlights, spotted the capital dome.

  • Mrs. SeeKPeeKRs
photoPA Capital Dome

Found as described on day 2 of 3-day bike ride from Baltimore to the Poconos. Somehow even without a datasheet I knew this would be a mark. It's the 4th or 5th Capital building I've "found."

View of the top of the dome
View to the NE; mark in the background, my trusty steed in the foreground.

Yup, kind of hard to miss this one.

Is there anyone who doesn't find this one as the go by? Wondering what the exact point of reference might be.

Was here while visiting relatives in PA. Didn't realize until later that this was also a benchmark!


Found this Benchmark when Queens Blessing and I were touring the Northeast. Many thanks, ORNITH

Ornith and I were passing thru on our vacation and he asked me to write a reminder to log this when we returned home. No photo, unfortunately.

Just found out that this is a benchmark. We live here in the city and see this building everyday.

nice morning, beautiful building

photoHarrisburg - State Capitol

I am probably one of a few that have actually been up on the dome. I work for the commonwealth and occasionally my job requires me to go up there.

Logging in the dome, just a quick trip over lunch...

Found as described

I can actually see this one from my office window. Cool. Also visited the others over there.

Easy one


Have seen this many times. We were in Harrisburg today finding a couple caches in town and then this....

Recovered in good condition..

..view from other side of river

Was just at the Whitaker center and didn't know the dome was a benchmark! got home and found it was;Took a picture of the dome like a good tourist! :-) Now I can use it as a found Benchmark! HA!

photoPA. State capital dome.

See this one frequently but never knew it was a bench mark.

I drive by this every day on my way to work. Beautiful sight in the morning when the sun is shining on it.

Not much to say...beautiful covering.

Thanks to Fairbanks, the easiest benchmark find in PA

Yeah I found it too, but the real question, since there is no descriptive text, is WHAT is the point of observation? The staff is not over the center of the dome, so it is unclear what exact point was being measured.

photoKW3117 Harrisburg Capital Dome, Dauphin County, PA
The head of the statue "Commonwealth"? The staff? The base? The ball under the statue? Hmmm.
photoKW3117 Harrisburg Capital Dome, Dauphin County, PA
From a bit farther.

Took Chuck to see this benchmark.

Wow - I didn't realize this was a benchmark until now. I pass this one every day to and from work so I'll be sure to post here if it goes missing or moves at all.

Passed while caching in the area.

Had to stay late at work tonight. I needed some fresh air so I tool a walk... Beautiful Dome at twilight and later. Clear night. I 'll try to return on a night like this and get a picture.

Found this one while looking for a few other nearby geocaches! Easiest to find!


Can see this benchmark from my office window. Had no idea it was a benchmark until now. Probably the easiest benchmark to find in PA!

Found this one while doing some virtuals in the area. Very easy to spot!

No worries find this one as it's right out my work window!!
Team Hakuna_Matata (Harrisburg, PA)

Retrieved this benchmark with no problem at all. Position has probably not shifted much over the years! (g) Team Jee*P*S - Chandler, AZ

Greetings Geocachers/Benchmarkers,

I’ve seen this elevated dome benchmark many times. Nevertheless stopped by to check it out. Yup, it’s still there. Sure hope this one doesn’t go missing!

Happy Benchmarking,
Gettysburg, PA

Found this one with Stormshadow. First Benchmark find!

I see this baby every day. I'll load a couple pics here for you.

10-11-2003 2:40PM
Found this one very easily. Got remarkably close. Will post my pictues as soon as I get around to it.

This benchmark can be seen several blocks away. Its the dome of the Capital Building. The statute on the dome of the building was recently removed and restored.

photoCapital Dome
Accross the street from the Capital

Documented History (by the NGS)

1/1/1934 by CGS (FIRST OBSERVED)
1/1/1950 by CGS (GOOD)
1/1/1957 by CGS (GOOD)
1/1/1960 by CGS (GOOD)
1/1/1962 by CGS (GOOD)
1/1/1989 by USPSQD (GOOD)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were established by classical geodetic methods and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in July 1986.
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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