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Details for Benchmark: LO0787

N 40° 14.591 W 111° 39.810 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 4705

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is SCALED and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In UTAH county, UT View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
setting not listed - see description

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Its gone.


The stack has been removed. No trace is left. Benchmark destroyed.

photoNow you don't.
photoNow you see it ...

found during road trip through Utah

Found during trip to Utah with Memfis Mafia

My dad was down in Provo for a dentist appointment. There is scaffolding around one of these stacks. Was in the newspaper that they are tearing one of the stacks down brick by brick. They stated that it is not up to earthquake standards. You might want to find this benchmark before it is gone. Sad that old things are fading away. Happy we found it before it was too late.

In town doing some geocaching grabbing a nearby WebCam, and I saw the stack it I figured it was a benchmark the stacks actually get a spa treatment right now as you can see from the picture and the scaffolding.


I have seen this location since my earliest memories in 1975 when I lived just another 1/2 mile North and learned to swim at the old Provo pool nearby. Hope it doesn't still get torn down. I took the best pic I could for nighttime.

photoAnother tall benchmark

These stacks are a staple landmark!

These stack are a great landmark. I hope they don't get torn down either. To bad old things get lost to make way for newer things.

The benchmark is still there but will be gone within a short period of time, I guess. Glad that I have been here before.

So glad this benchmark is still there -- the rest of the facility has been torn down. My kids used to think these were rocket ships and kept waiting for them to blast off.

I lived very close to here for many years. Didn't know it was a benchmark until I was researching nearby ones. TFTB!

found with the gang

Found this benchmark while out caching with ETrunner and M/cws. Thanks

Found right by where we were caching.

Found Station in good condition, as described!

photoBenchmark LO0787, Power Stack

Always love when I get brought towards a benchmark by a geocache.

Didn't realize this stack was a benchmark. Guess I'm still stuck in a "little bronze disk" mindset. Logged it after finding a nearby geocache.


Grabbed this benchmark while getting the cache acrossed the street.

Found today while I was getting the cache across the street. Hurrah for benchmarks!

Haha i have seen this SO MANY times, and i never knew that it was a benchmark. Wow. Took me a moment to realize that the actual stack WAS the benchmark, i had to read this info. A nearby cache was actually what revealed this to me

Found this while visiting Provo and having a grand geocaching adventure for the week!

I've seen this so many times. The nearby cache sparked my interest in this.

Found the cache and found the benchmark.

Found today with Toja7 and Soul Dominator.

Grabbed a nearby cache that sparked my interest in benchmarking, this is my first one to log!

Got it with the associated geocache.

Picked up this benchmark today while I was picking up the nearby cache!

can't miss it

Never knew.

photoBenchmark LO0787 Provo, Utah

Drive by this one on the way to work all the time.


Who would have thought?

Driven by so many times. Found today.

In Provo with HockeyHiker19 picking up some geocaches. We were across the street, it was getting dark, and we wondered if either of the smoke stacks were loggable. By golly, one of them was!

photoProvo power smokestack

Found this benchmark with Papa EGTH while we were on vacation.

Always post photos of benchmarks with your logs. How else do you prove you found them?

photothe stack

Saw while geocaching in the area. Alive and well.

Found while staying in town.

Found today. thanks ',,'


We were out geocaching and waymarking with the Simpson's and stopped by this benchmark. It is a nice one.

photoPower Stack

We thought we had already logged this one. Found today with Mom the Cook & cashnhubby

Found this Benchmark while traveling with Queens Blessing. ORNITH

Posting a find and a photo.

photoLO0787 Utah Power Stack

Grabbed this after getting lunch nearby

Easy one to spot. :)

Wow. didn't know this was a benchmark. I've seen it hundreds of times.

Found it.

Found this on a cache run with linearlane.

Went on a caching spree with Cheddarphysics. TFTBM

photoProvo Power
Provo Power

Found as described

Good condition


Lived next to this one...didnt realize it was a benchmark :P

I lived right by this for two years; I just barely learned it was a benchmark.

Check out for more info on this stack.

Saw this one yet again on our way to lunch.

Found it.

Found it.

Found it.

Boy that one was easy enough from the road!

in the area caching. This one was enough to spot

Yep! Still there. Found today with my two granddaughters!

We go past here a lot. Finally took a picture of it for our third "find" of the day.

photoProvo Power Stacks
Took this from the intersection where the power plant is located. Looking SW, traveling west.

I didn't know it could be so easy to find a benchmark... See this one every day. Got as close as we could while looking for Son of Challenger and Mr Anderson/Power Wizard caches.

See it almost every day!!! I didn't know they could be so obvious. NICE!!

Found this one while finding the Mr. Anderson and the Power Wizard Cache. Thanks!

Didn't know this was a benchmark...glad to pick another one up...yep, Karlsruhe...

[This entry was edited by toofah on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 at 9:31:14 PM.]

Funny - Just like SlinkTeam6 I was thinking how much this reminds me of Karlsruhe. I never would have known. I guess benchmarks come in all shapes and sizes.

photoFrom the Car

Stopped by with the fam--we often picnic at the park across the street. Somehow it reminds me of Karlsruhe, Germany.

photoTower from the car

Nice to know this is a benchmark. Different and fun.

Wow, who knew this was a benchmark?

I have been driving past this benchmark every day for many years. Today I finally looked at it on my way home from work and mentally logged the benchmark. I'm recording it now.

This was easy as I work very close by.

Drove right past this benchmark 3 or 4 times today. My first benchmark log, and I hope to find more.

Used to live in this Neighborhood. Saw it everyday for 20 years.

Have looked at these stacks many times over the years but finaly looked at them and studied them with the intention of logging a benchmark.

I used to live 4 houses away.

Seen many times

I have found this one many times without even knowing it.

Not too hard for me to find. I work in the new building about 50 ft. to the north of it. Perfect for my first benchmark post.

Driven by this one many times.

Now, that was a tough one for my first benchmark, NOT.

Seen these many times. Thought I had logged them last year. In-laws own a home in their shadows that is rented to students.

I finally feel like I can log this one. I too drive by them every day, but didn't feel like I could log a find until I devised a way to be sure which stack it was. Now I know. It's the north stack.

The coordinates are exact for this mark, you can tell that by reading that the location is "Adjusted" rather than scaled. Also if you view the full datasheet, the coordinates are given with 5 decimals of precision. So walking around the outside of the fence on the sidewalk will quickly show you which of the stacks is closest to the supplied coordinates.

There is no disk at the top of the stack either. Note the "Marker Type: stack". This means the marker is the stack. Nothing to climb up and see.

I drove by these today while spending time with my family. These are very hard to miss.

Been by here many times.


I drive by this one daily.

Stack is still standing

photoProvo power stack

Peanut found it.

Recovered as described in 1946, however 2 stacks now exist, and it is unclear whether this is the northern or southern stack.

yes, it's still there

Saw this a while ago,

Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1946 by USGS (FIRST OBSERVED)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were established by classical geodetic methods and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in November 1997.
  • The orthometric height was scaled from a topographic map.
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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