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Details for Benchmark: LO1011

N 40° 46.261 W 111° 53.358 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 0

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is UNKNOWN and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In SALT LAKE county, UT View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
NGS Benchmark
setting not listed - see description

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Mark found as described

Out to keep the fun going with drgw3128


My recent fervor to locate benchmarks has led me to the knowledge of this one. I'm doubtful that it's the tallest building in town anymore, but it's still a prominent part of the skyline nonetheless.


Together with my B@cker and a lot oft crazy cachers from Germany we have an exciting round trip to the USA. With us was the Geocaching Vlogger J
Exhausting but beautyful.
Best regards from Buxtehude (Germany)

Zusammen mit meinem B@cker und einer lustigen Gruppe aus Deutschland ging es zu einer aufregenden Rundreise in die USA. In Seattle kam noch der Geocaching Vlogger Josh zu uns.
Anstrengend aber schön.
Liebe Grüße aus Buxtehude ( Germany)


today we Found this Benchmark. Thank you for showing!


During our short stay in Salt Lake City we could also find this Benchmark.


Discovered on our USA-trip "Going HQ" with 37 crazy germans.

During the last two weeks we visited with several likeminded cachers from Germany, accompanied by the famous Vlogger, inter alia caches hidden in the months from May to December 2000 as well as the Seattle Geocoinfest Mega, the HQ and the ape cache. We toured five US-states in the Northwest on a threethousand miles plus roundtrip by bus, with a short trip to Vancouver, Canada, as well. Besides the caches also the ever changing landscape and weatherconditions were very fascinating and well worth seeing.

On our way we also found this Benchmark.

Discovered on our USA-trip "Going HQ" with 37 crazy germans.

Found during our geocaching vacation


A group of 37 German Geocachers made a trip to the USA to search the oldest Caches, the Stash, to walk through the Tunnel of Light and to visit the Headquarter. With us traveled the GeocachingVlogger from Michigan. We all logged with "Team Going HQ2018".
It was an interesting tour and we had much fun.
Thanks to all Owner for the new Smiley on my map, our Group for the nice days here in USA.
Greetings from Good Old Germany.

37 a little bit crazy Germans and an American, have set in mind to sign all the old caches from the year 2000 and 2001 in the US. Further, we wanted to visit Vancouver. Another highlight was a few caches of E.T. Trail. As well, the reactivated APE cache. A visit to Mega's "Geocoinfest-Seattle 2018" and, of course, a visit to the headquarter. Our journey went through the states of Washington Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Oregon. A
MEGAhugethankyou goes to "Dave" our amazing bus driver drove us a totaly 3000 miles. (We can’ t thank you enough). We have logged under "Going HQ 2018" so that the logbooks are not full. Member of our group were.
Andrega, B@cker-1,baerbel0908, Batmash, Bi52, Brummelbären, Bunkerpirat, Cache-Taucher, Cachy, DeM-inon, Ecki_DD, FCB04, Gilaberka, GoaßnToni, GöSven, Handkopfler, Hupsi-1, Lissy04, Lupus54, Monrega, MP-Commander, Penalty96, Schattenhand, SilverJohn, Team Zyanor, thunder.bird.393, Vlogger, Webmas-terrollerin, Wühlhase, xt660r und Zatre
At this point I would like to thank all Americans and Kandier. Everyone we met was very, very friendly and always asked if they could help us. For a giant big
Pirattankeyou !!!!! LIFE LONG AND PROSPER !!! ????????

37 etwas bekloppte Deutsche und ein Amerikaner, haben sich in den Kopf gesetzt alle alten Dosen aus dem Jahr 2000 und 2001 in den USA zu signieren. Ferner, wollten wir Vancouver einen Besuch abstatten. Weite-re Highlight waren auch ein paar Dosen von E.T. Trail. Ebenso der reaktivierte APE Cache. Ein Besuch des Mega’s “Geocoinfest-Seattle 2018“ und selbstverständlich ein Besuch des Headquarters. Unsere Reise ging durch die Staaten Washington Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Oregon. Ein MEGARiesendankeschön geht an „Dave“ unsern Busfahrer der uns insgesamt fast 5000 km gefahren. (Wir können dir nicht genug danken). Damit die Logbücher nicht gleich voll sind haben wir unter „Going HQ 2018“ geloggt.
Mit von der Partie waren.
Andrega, B@cker-1,baerbel0908, Batmash, Bi52, Brummelbären, Bunkerpirat, Cache-Taucher, Cachy, DeM-inon, Ecki_DD, FCB04, Gilaberka, GoaßnToni, GöSven, Handkopfler, Hupsi-1, Lissy04, Lupus54, Monrega, MP-Commander, Penalty96, Schattenhand, SilverJohn, Team Zyanor, thunder.bird.393, Vlogger, Webmas-terrollerin, Wühlhase, xt660r und Zatre

Spottet it during our roundtrip.


DadwithTools and I spent the afternoon in the temple square. Quite the obvious building in the area. It looks in good shape.

Found on our way south and again two weeks later heading north.

Explored the temple square this morning and caught a few benchmarks along the way. This is such an amazing place


Still there and looking good.

Observed wile traveling to and attending a Military Reunion.
Old Professor - Tipton, Mo.

Found with brigitte15 while on our annual cross country mother daughter trip from PA. Saw this while touring the LDS area.

photoLDS Bldg, SLC

Seen on holiday trip. Thanks for showing.

Saw this while in the area caching

Yes, it's still standing strong!

found during utah road trip

Found during trip to Utah with Memfis Mafia

Not too hard to spot this benchmark

photoA prominent SLC landmark

seeing the sites around temple square and surrounding area

Found during USA trip with Trebbi.
Thanks for showing us this place!

Found during USA trip with ErikSi.
Thanks for showing us this place!


Still there

during our visit

Saw this building while caching in the area.


With a long layover my wife and I caught a ride to the temple, and spotted this benchmark.

I drove by today. I was at the base right after Thanksgiving last year. Been there many times, but I've only been inside once.

Saw while visiting downtown

Found while on a date with Lady Hawke.

Found while out with Steel Hawke for "Dinner & the Theatre" :)

photoLDS Church Office Bldg
photoTemple Square & Plaza

Spotted this one while enjoying a nice walk around Temple Square!

photoMarch Blossums

Found while visiting the Salt Lake City area for the Girl Scout National Convention at the Salt Palace. I enjoyed seeing the sights and waymarking and geocaching along the way.


I erroneously believed that this benchmark could be spotted from Temple Square, which we visited on Sunday, September 14. However, further research indicated that the benchmark is most clearly visible looking westward from an eastern viewpoint. We certainly took care of that today, grabbing photos of the benchmark in the daytime and the nighttime. Station is in good condition!

photoBenchmark LO1011, Center Frame, Daytime
photoBenchmark LO1011 In Situ, Daytime
photoBenchmark LO1011, Center Frame, Nighttime
photoBenchmark LO1011, In Situ, Nighttime

Found on a run to slc


Found this benchmark while on our self-guided tour of Temple Square and the Utah State Capitol areas.

Found while doing the Temple Square cache.


Salt Lake City LDS Church Building Light. Clearly saw the red light tonight walking down State Street from the capitol building

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Saw this while doing the virtual at Temple square.

This was a good day to explore downtown SLC.

Found while geocaching in the area

Found while Geocaching nearby!


I live next door to this and see the red light all the time.

Came down a little early for this evening's concert for the Pioneer Day's Celebration. Guests were Lindsey Sterling and Nathan Pacheco. Awesome concert and bonus of being able to find a benchmark so close. Happy Caching.

My geocaching idioms:

  1. A cache a day may keep the doldrums away but eventually you use a lot of gas.
  2. One man's trash is another man's cache swag or container.
  3. Live life like you are going after a 5X5 geocache with family and friends - it is all about the journey and may it be serendipitous.

And finally 4. Rock hounds were the original geocachers unless you take into consideration the Ancient Egyptians but they tended to Booby trap and curse their hides. Hmm.... maybe a few of them are still geocaching.

Found in good shape, as described.

Visited while doing a nearby virtual cache.

Found while caching

Found It. Can't miss it.

Saw the building while visiting temple square.

A pretty tough one to miss if you're anywhere in the Salt Lake area. I was out hunting BMs and caches on a one day trip through the area, and saw this one along the way.

[font=Tahoma]Found while on our SLC Virtual Cache Adventure.
[brown][I][B]~~ I FOUND THE BENCHMARK!!! ~~[/brown][/I][/B]

Found with lwnam91

Found with Lwnam91.

Grabbed a picture while doing virtuals.

Can't really miss this one. We were in the area today snagging caches and benchmarks.

Never knew this was a benchmark. Kit spent a lot of time in this building as a child as her Father worked here.

I like this type of bench mark. ',,'

photoFrom the East
photoRed Light at top

passed right by on my way to meetings at the capitol



Found the LDS church office building. Thanks for this nice benchmark.

photo1-29-2011 Waymark 048

Saw it with my Dad and the Scouts.

Intersection Station (Benchmark) is the red light on top of the building, NOT the building.

photoTop of LDS Church Office Building
Photo taken from just west of intersection of A Street and First Avenue facing slightly north of west.
photoIntersection Station on Top of Building
The red light is the actual target for surveyors.

Yup, it's still there.

Found while on a virtual tour of the area.

Found with my daddy on a virtual tour of the area

Found on a virtual tour with ziggy and daddy'slittlesailor.

Found in conjuction with a virtual cache tour.

Can't miss this one

photoLDS office building
It's the building in the back

This is a beatiful city, thanks for these listings.

We saw this one after visiting Temple Square.


Found this while at GeoCoinFest. Checked it out while on the way to the Tabernacle to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir reherse for Music and the Spoken Word program. Afterwards then headed back to Las Vegas.

Found on a walking tour of the city while in town for Geocoinfest.

saw during geocoinfest

Saw this while exploring the area after Geocoinfest.

In Salt Lake City for the 2009 Geocoinfest.

Found this benchmark while attending Geocoinfest 2009 - Salt Lake City.

photoBenchmark LO1011
Salt Lake City LDS Church Building Light

Found while attending the coinfest

Saw the Geocoinfest 09.

photoBenchmark in Salt Lake, Utah

During our vacation-trip through parts of the western USA, we did “some” geocaching.

We had a lot of fun, we saw lots of amazing places and we say thank you to everyone who shared his geocache with us!!

Team [b][red]Rote Teufel[/b][/red]

photothe building

Saw this while visiting the Temple Square area

Found in good condition. The building was observed during a tour of downtown.

Thankx to STB for letting me know about this.

In town today whit 7ofClubs and Dix1 and 7 pointedn this one out to us.

I've seen this many times but am just logging it on this visit to Salt Lake.

WOW. Standing right on the steps of the building and didn't even realize that I was standing on the benchmark. Its still there!

Got this while in SLC for the day.

another easy one. :)

Found this with LilSemaphore while doing the Temple Square Virtual cache for my 1000th cache!!!

Found while caching in the area.

Hard to miss

Have driven by here alot over the years, but took a drive out by there today to officially log it as a "find"

We saw this one while in SLC this evening.

was sight seeing while in the area. mostly looking for older churches.

Found in good condition.

photoSalt Lake City LDS Church Bldg. Light

Was taking in the sights.

Found while caching in the area. Look up.

Easily found in Salt Lake City!

photoLDS Office Tower

Found while geocaching

found it


Walking around down town. "Look up there!"

Found with Susan55115


Found with DCJ.


Found while downtown doing the virtuals.. thanks

Hard to spot the red light during the day, but we saw it at night as well. So FOUND.

my pretty princess's had fun going to the top

Found on Easter break.

Found as described

Found while playing the tourist.

Visited SLC again today!

Spotted it!


Nice day in wonderful SLC, saw it there.

Got it! Close to work. Thanks.

Fo.und while driving on I-80

always wondered what this red light was for

On the way home from the zoo. DD thought this was more fun to find than searching for caches in the hot sun after the zoo all day.

In town for a wedding, and it's still there.....(*v*)

Lunch walk

Just out looking around.

I've been here many many times and my sister used to work here!

Live close to this one.

This one is pretty easy to spot!

Found while passing through this beautiful city today. Stopped to get a few caches downtown while touring Temple Square and the grounds. Very tall and beautiful building.

Found this, hard to miss

Found it.

Got this one while downtown w/ my family this afternoon.

Spotted it.

Drive by this every day. Easy find.

Logged this one after an afternoon of post-conference (regional) caching downtown. CILOL

Found this benchmark while caching in downtown SL

Yep, the building is still here.

Saw this while caching in Salt Lake City

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Grabbed a cache today and then went after some benchmarks!

still there

Found it

View from my balcony.

photoChurch Office Building

It's still there

wow one tall benchmark

The red light was flashing tonight and the building seems to be in good shape.

Found the benchmark in good condition. Unable to verify actual coordinates due to the nature of the benchmark. Surveyors have to have a good eye to see the light during the day.

photoChurch Office Building LO1011 facing SW
photoChurch Office Bldg red light detail LO1011

I rode the TRAX to this one, so it was tough to get back far enough to photograph the “red light” on the top that serves as the actual benchmark.

photoHuge Benchmark

Found as described.


Confirmed that the light is still there during a recent visit to temple square.

The LDS General Church Office Building was recovered as described, in good condition.

photoThe LDS General Church Office Building

Yep, it's there

It's definitly there.

I think this is the highest benchmark from the ground I have found and impossible to miss.

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This one is big.

Hard to miss!!!

This building is not hard to find. Just look up!


photoView from North Temple
Looking east up North Temple toward the LDS Church Office Building.

Present as described.

Golly Golly I think I saw this bulding once:)

Hello All,

Cutie Bear and I found this benchmarker from the State Capitol Building. We also took a visit to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church office Building for this marker. We took the tour to the roof/view area. This is the tallest building in Salt Lake City, Utah. I checked the ALT on my GPS and found it to be 4717 ft. at the view area. WE checked with Church Security about the red light and benchmarker... They were happy to give us a report! Yes, it still there in good cond. He also told us about the benchmarker on the grain towers too.

Yogi Bear

photoLDS Church Office Building From the Utah State Capitol parking arep

drive by

Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1973 by NGS (FIRST OBSERVED)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were established by classical geodetic methods and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in November 1997.
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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