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Details for Benchmark: RC1539

N 45° 39.700 W 121° 53.900 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 176.03

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is ADJUSTED and location is SCALED. (more info)

In HOOD RIVER county, OR View Original Datasheet
K 380
Marker Type:
bench mark disk
abutments and piers of large bridges
Probably hold position/elevation well.

Must Read!

Benchmarks may be on private property or in dangerous locations. Obey local laws. By using the services on you agree to this disclaimer.

Finally figured out how to log these. Just happen to see this one and got coords and a picture to have the data to log it. Valentine's Day caching with firejoewife, awesome. We are making a round trip from Vancouver to bridge of the gods and back to troutdale.

photoNear the benchmark.

Me Too.

Can't miss this one.

A few people have found this one. My turn after celebrating my wife's completion of the Oregon PCT. The scary thing is that the bridge is 72 years old.

photoVertical marker low on the bridge pier
Looks the same as 10 years ago.

Was great. I got a fantastic photo by standing centered under the bridge and looking north.

its a crappy day for caching but we are determined so we stopped in town to refuel

out with our geo-buddies doing the Tomb Raider series and stopped in town for a bite to eat

I found it right when we pulled up in the geo-mobile. Papa-Penguin logged the picture.

Out with the kids today for a family bike ride. We discovered this one when parking. Papa-Penguin has the picture logged.

Discovered while getting ready for a family bike ride.


In the area getting some caches and stopped by to find the benchmark here.

photoRC1539 looking North

found this while grabbing a nearby cache with BlueMoth


Got it!

Had lunch at Char Burger & found this in the mural at Bridge of the Gods.

I did not know you could log these. Very cool. More things to find.
Thanks uncle sam.

First Bench Mark for me. Too dark to make it down the trail under the bridge without becoming part of the legend. Scary ! Had a nice chat with the County deputy as I am climbing around the bridge. Seems my license plate light is out. I also looked a little suspicious backing up when he was sneaking up on me. It also looked a bit odd when one of my caching partners jumped out of the rig and ran across the park just before he turned on the colored lights. All in the life of a geocacher after dark. (chuckle) Actually he was great and once he realized we were not terrorists he was very helpful, showing me how to get to the murals on the bridge uprights and the info booth. TFTC

9:06 pm #64. First Bench Mark.

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Out from the big city (Bend) doing a little caching in the area as we drive to Portland for a little caching.

Found going home from staying with some family for the week. This is my second Benchmark found. What a beautiful place it to be at


Got these on the way back home from seeing family and looking at college's This is my second benchmark. Found with Native Blood, countrymonkey, & Reindeer Games.


My second benchmark found! We found this one after making the necessary stop for ice cream at our favorite place there. This is such a beautiful area. The mural is amazing, but am curious as to how the eagle got painted on the bottom of the bridge. It is so neat!


Found it! It's in good condition and easy to spot if you know what you're lookin' for


Our first Benchmark find!!

I had spend the day doing The Dalles cache machine with 3MudDogs and Snark-Hunter. We stopped here since I love logging benchmarks and this was a neat one. Very cool being right IN the mural.

I had spend the day doing The Dalles cache machine with glorieme and Snark-Hunter.

geocache was nearby, was more excited about spotting the BM then cache

photoPhoto048 (2)

Great Shape -


found it while logging the cache nearby

Saw this while grabbing the nearby cache. Totally missed it until the Indian guided me.

Cascade Locks Mural

photoK380 mural

Made the find=still in the middle of the cement-looking perfect

Found this while in the area to visit the Original Geocache


Found the nearby geocache so I had to log this benchmark as well.

would have passed this one by if not for the geocache in the same area.
the bridge keeps your eyes looking much farther up
thanks for the hint

Out on another caching adventure with Gravyman and KenandI. Cool mural and bridge.

Grabbed this benchmark while checking out the mural. In the right angle it looks like K680 instead of K380.

found while checking out the mural

Saw this while getting the nearby cache.

Love how the Indian is the guide to the benchmark. My first one!

photoBridge of the gods

Found the benchmark while caching in the area. Nice mural.

photoK 380 - Bridge of the Gods 10October11

Nice quick find while searching out a geocache.

photoRC1539---Bridge of the Gods Wall
photoSame disk--Nov.2014
photoLocation on wall

also while finding the nearby cache

Found benchmark while taking picture of bridge and caching nearby.

photoBenchmark at Bridge of the Gods, OR

Found this one after purchasing a few cherries and picking up the cache nearby

Found while doing a Cache near by. it's in good shape

Found this after finding a cache very nearby.

found while doing bridge of the gods cache.

bench mark at bridge of the gods

Out with klien and fleet fouses today working on the twilight series... nice mural... ate at the close burger place... forgot to log this one. TFTB

We found this on the last day of a get-away weekend. Fun find!

Nice spot here.

photoBridge of the Gods.

Was checking out the mural after doing a little brunch on the Sternwheeler

Found as described

took us two trips out here, but we got it

Zowaar! Benchmark found


Too many muggles for the cache, but I scored the benchmark!!

Thanks to the Bridge of the Gods cache we found this benchmark too! Love how the mural indicates where the benchmark is.

Yea! Cache, bm and french toast.

Local cache helped us find this one.

photovery cool location

This was our first benchmark find. Found it on the way to Pendleton geocaching. Cool. Thanx!

First benchmark find, found it while geocaching.

Found this one on the mural and real close to a cache.

Benchmark in good condition although it is hard to read the first number on the brass insert. Benchmark insert in concrete abutmunt and blends in well with mural that is painted on the base

photoBench mark and GPS

Already have the cache from a previous trip - just happened to park next to this one before a hike up to Benson Plateau.


Found this on the mural with geo-buds rygemini, youdad, and little_nemesis. Youdad took some pics. We enjoyed finding this today.

Found this while out with VikingChick92, Little Nemesis and rygemini. They know I like these things and pointed it out to me. Had a hard time making out the 3 and kept thinking it was K 680.

This was our first benchmark find. We found while geocaching.

photoour first benchmark
Cascade Locks, OR

Located with the gang.

Great mural, cache, & benchmark.

Nice mural and story of ancient natural bridge. Found while geocaching nearby.

Found this benchmark on the road to Geowoodstock VIII. We really enjoyed stopping for the cache here and seeing the sights!

Found while grabbing the cache near by - on way to Geowoodstock VIII.

Enjoyed the view, the bridge, and logging the BM. Thanks.

We stopped by here and signed the log on a nearby cache on our way to Geowoodstock VIII..

Much easier to find than was the cache. I think the bridge was messing with my GPSr signal.

Found it while caching today.


Saw this benchmark while caching.


Found this benchmark while finding nearby cache.

photoAt Bridge of the Gods

Got this while grabbing a nearby cache...thanks Ornith

I found this benchmark.

Our first benchmark! :D

photoBridge of the Gods
US Coast & Geodetic Survey Benchmark @ Cascade Locks, Oregon

Our very first benchmark found and a cache nearby was our 500th cache. A great day. Will post photo when we get home

Found this one today while hunting the nearby cache.

It looked like the belly button of the mural :)

Was caching in the area stopped and found this while I was here.

Found this benchmark while at a waypoint for a multi-cache.

My mother, sister, brother and I drove east on Hwy 14, stopped briefly at Skamania Lodge, crossed the Bridge of the Gods and drove west on I-84 on a very windy, cold afternoon enjoying the scenery and finding a few geocaches and a benchmark.

Checked this one out while finding the nearby microcache.

Found this one while checking out the mural under the bridge.

on my way home to Pullman from the coast. This is my bonus got the cache nearby.

photoMe at the benchmark
great mural

Found today with hubby while on a day trip along the river.

Found with the wife while on a day trip to the falls. Camping near by in the Carson River Valley, enjoying the area. Yep got the cache here too.


Found this on The Bridge of the Gods...and got the nearby cache! Beautiful mural on the bridge support.

We found this one back in August, but it took us this long to figure out how to log it.

Out cacheing and we get a bonus.

Looking for a micro. Scored this. Nice painting.

Wow, I just happened to stumble upon this benchmark while looking at the mural under the bridge. This is also my first benchmark find.

Up close and personal doesn't always work. When we stood back it was easy to spot. Havn't figured out the other one there, maybe on the way home.

Loved the mural (and took lots of photos, one of which I will upload tomorrow).

photoSurvey disk in the mural

Found on a nice day of biking to Eagle Creek. Can't miss.

I've seen a few benchmarks in vertical concrete piers, but never one with a mural painted around it.

My #2 son, Christopher, and I attended the 8th Annual Columbia River Gorge Geocachers Potluck in North Bonneville this afternoon. We did some benchmarking and geocaching before and after the Event. This was Christopher's 9th find of the day.

photoK 380 bench mark disk
photoSpirit of St.Louis flying under Bridge of the Gods

Found this benchmark while hunting the nearby cache.


Located the benchmark in the mural. There are two other benchmarks in the bridge area.

Pretty in blue!

photoK380 Bridge of the Gods

What a beautiful bridge and a benchmark placed as part of a mural or the other way around?

photoBenchmark BOTG
photoMural with location of BM

Found it while at Bridge of the Gods geocache.

Looked for this because of a nearby geocache. Pretty easy find.

Found it while visiting the nearby cache.

Found this one easily with the information provided from nearby geocache.

I have never seen a benchmark location quite like this before. Atleast it won't get vandelized as easily.

photoholding up the gps

Found this next to a cache.
Found with halfwaycrazy.


Found this while searching for GC1D65T.

photoBridge of the Gods benchmark

Actually wasn't looking for this one, we were geocaching and tripped over it, so to speak.

photoThe Benchmark

Couldn't find the nearby cache in the snow and horizontal rain but the benchmark was easy!

photoBenchmark K380

Found intact on this very wet day of caching.

photoRC1539 Benchmark

Was quite obvious, easy to find. This is the first time have logged one but have seen many so may start .

Spotted it.

Found as described. Handheld coordinates are N45-39.712 W121-53.910.

photoRC1539 BMDisk K 380
photoRC1539 BMDisk K 380, Hood River Co., OR
Looking northwest

My first benchmark found.


Hit a few caches and benchmarks while on our way to ride the Hood River Railroad Mystery train. This was our first Benchmark.

photoMural with Benchmark

Visiting from Ithaca, NY, we enjoyed visiting here during a wonderful day in the Gorge and saw the benchmark after finding a nearby geocache.

Spotted this elevation marker in the middle of a wonderful mural.

photoBridge of Gods
EV mark

Found it easy enough, nice mural too.

Found on a nice day back from Carson Hots Springs. Been here several times, but never looked at it this up close!

photoBridge of the Gods benchmark

Located easily when examining the great mural!

photoBenchmark at Bridge of the Gods

Found when we stopped to take some pictures of the bridge.


Doing my thing finding things.

Liked the mural and the arrow pointing the way.

Found while hunting for a cache near the bridge.

Found this after spending 4 days hiking on some trails in the Columbia Gorge. It was interesting to spot it right in front of me sort of out in the open.

Found with dlbisblest when we were on a Volksmarch in town.

Found while on a Volksmarch in Cascade Locks.

I attended the Country Caching: WSGA Southwest Washington Chapter Potluck Event at Rock Creek Park in Stevenson, WA. It was an absolutely beautiful day however the wind was quite strong and cold at times. Afterwards I did geocaching and benchmarking on both sides of the Columbia River.

photoMural on SE face of concrete pier
photoK 380 Benchmark on SE face of concrete pier

Found this with some geocaching friends.


photojmerganser with GPSr and benchmark

I picked this benchmark up as part of a cache nearby.

Stopped here for the new cache and made the find.

Ornith showed me this one.

Stopped to look over the river at the overlook and to enjoy the bridge. Thought there might be a BM here so I kept my eyes open and was not disappointed.

photoMural with mark in the center
photoThe Mark

Nice murial with a mark in it.

photoBenchmark in Cascade Locks, OR

Actually took a photo of this mural w-a-a-a-y back and didn't even realize that there was a Benchmark in the photo. Recorded it this time on our way to geocache in Pendleton, Oregon. ORNITH

I've viewed this mural many times and completely overlooked the disk as I was not logging benchmarks at that time; returned with ORNITH to check out the disk today, and it is in fine shape.

I saw this benchmark in the mural on the support for the Bridge. I was on my way to hike on the PCT.

I saw it as we drove past. Came back to get a closer look after going to the East Waind Drive In for an ice cream cone.

One of our last trips through the Gorge before moving to Montana. Had a good bye lunch at the Charburger :-)

I just happened to notice this on a cool January Day. It is in the center of a mural depicting Cascade Lock's History.Great Location and beautiful Bridge.

photoBenchmark in the middle of the Mural
photoBenchmark on Bridge of the Gods- Lower Right

Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1943 by CGS (MONUMENTED)
01/01/1974 by USGS (GOOD)
01/01/1987 by NGS (GOOD)
01/01/1989 by USPSQD (GOOD)
01/01/1990 by USPSQD (GOOD)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were scaled from a topographic map and have an estimated accuracy of +/- 6 seconds.
  • The orthometric height was determined by differential leveling and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in June 1991.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.
  • The dynamic height is computed by dividing the NAVD 88 geopotential number by the normal gravity value computed on the Geodetic Reference System of 1980 (GRS 80) ellipsoid at 45 degrees latitude (G = 980.6199 gals.).
  • The modeled gravity was interpolated from observed gravity values.

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