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Details for Benchmark: UA0016

N 38° 53.388 W 077° 00.543 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 357

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is GPS OBS and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA county, DC View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
NGS Benchmark
setting not listed - see description
Mark of questionable or unknown stability.

Must Read!

Benchmarks may be on private property or in dangerous locations. Obey local laws. By using the services on you agree to this disclaimer.

Beautiful day and great fun logging the Captal benchmarks!

There is a life size version inside the building that's worth taking the entire tour! Great day in DC!

photoFound all 3 Capital benchmarks
Trackable capital

Spotted while walking the streets of DC with Matilda's, beautiful and majestic !


The Freedom statue on the dome of the US Capitol Building.

photoUA0016 - Freedom - Washington DC
The Freedom Statue on the dome of the US Capitol Building.

found while visiting Washington

tnks Zamorra


Found while walking around D.C. on a rainy morning. I logged the Capitol View virtual cache at this location as well. Will have to return to visit some of the other benchmarks in the area.

Freedom statue is at top of dome

Found while visiting the capitol!

Nous avons visité ce Benchmark lors de notre voyage en Floride, du 14 janvier 2017 au 15 février 2017, en compagnie de nos amis Casper&Aero.
Cyrano-Bella de Baie-Comeau, Québec, Canada.


Aperçu lors de notre périple de Géocaching avec nos amis Cyrano-Bella... Casper&Aero de Baie-Comeau, Québec, Canada


Another while visiting the capitol


Found this with Juggernaut7 while walking around the east end of the National Mall.

photoUp top... UA0016

Found the Capital while walking in DC!!

Found it while geocaching and waymarking in the area.


Spotted with The A-Team while walking around DC.


Found with TheG-Force while visiting DC.

photoThe statue of Freedom

cool thing


Recovered this Benchmark heading to take a tour of the Capitol. Photo from east side of building. Alas, building refurbishment was in progress.

photoFreedom on US Capital Building in Washington DC

Spotted this while exploring the area.


Awesome benchmark! It's hard to miss this one!


Found this when I was in DC, enjoy these when I stumble across them. Sorry it took so long to log as I forgot about the few of these I found

Visiting from Colorado with the wife.

Found in good shape while exploring Washington DC with TaGeez

Found while visiting DC. Too bad it was Sunday as the Capital building was closed


Station Freedom still there and looking great.

photoAtop the dome
I have been visiting Washington for over 50 years, some part of the Capital complex always seems to be under repair or renovation.

Walked around this area and took lots of pictures.

Found it Have seen it Awsome

Observe while watching the Marine Corps Marathon.

photoAmid the scaffolding

In DC for a conference and mapped out an ambitious agenda for finding virtual, earth, multis, puzzles and regular caches, as well as some bench marks!
I got to GZ looked around and all of a sudden it was obvious! TFTC< ponil

Benchmark visit during a day in Washington DC


Easy find while in DC.

photoFreedom atop the US Capital from Union Station

saw freedom through a lot of scaffolding around dome - didn't know repairs going on...

discovered while doing nearby virtual

On my tour through Washington I had a look at the capitol. :)


Cool Find on my Geocoin

See it

Saw this while walking around the Capitol. It sure doesn't look that big until you see the replica inside.

freedom statue on top of Capitol

yes, it's still in the top!

There it is!


Beautiful at night time.


Found during our DC trip while roaming the National Mall.

had a great view of the captiol dome today from Arlington . stood near the Lee mansion and could see the dome and the washington monument.

Another iconic benchmark. It was impressive to see in person finally.

photoCapitol View

Spotted while touring the area with GeoJudt!

Spotted this one while touring DC with 'PuterBoy!

Spotted while touring the capital!


During are School Trip to Washington

Fantastic Place


Found with shell1fish.

Saw the statue of Freedom on the dome of the Capitol building as described, above the scaffolding covering the dome itself. The posted coordinates are perfect, and the benchmark is in excellent condition.

photoFREEDOM - UA0016 Benchmark Facing NW

Easy to spot from many places around the mall.

photoIn its scaffolded glory

Discovered whilst walking around DC.

Spotted while touring the area.

Saw on a cold and windy day

Out and about with Two000miler - not covered with scaffolding yet.
Discovered as described.

Recovered in good condition.


Can't miss this one!

photoThe Hill

Visited back on the coldest day in January 2014 (1/22/14) on the March for Life. What does freedom really mean?

Spotted this one as we walked to the Capitol. The Capitol Visitor Center currently has the original plaster model of Freedom on display.

photoFREEDOM UA0016 Capitol Dome, Washington DC

# 10

Found while visiting DC. Very nice building !

Greetings from Germany



It's hard to miss "Freedom." Nice to see the plaster mold while on the Capitol tour.

Found it while visiting Washington D.C.!


First full day n DC.

We're on a road trip across the northeast in search of some fun caches.


Discovered while visiting the area.

Walking the mall collecting benchmarks and virtual caches. I love this city! CC76...


Mark found as described. I was going to save this one for my 365th in the streak, but with construction upcoming, it seemed prudent to just grab it now.

Saw while visiting DC

Found while visiting DC!

Got this one while attending a March with two close geocacher friends and several thousand other people from infants to the elderly!

Located on a foggy DC day. Placed my Waterfieldusa HFH coin on site.


Foundit at my US -Holiday !
Greeting from Emden , Germany


Found it during trip to WSH.


Late log that we found while sightseeing.

Found while on a tour of this end of DC today. Freedom is still standing.

photoUA0016 - FREEDOM

Found while logging virtuals!!!


I think I saw it from all angles during our sightseeing today, but here is one photo. I don't normally log benchmarks that are the tops of buildings, but I'll make an exception for this one (and the Washington Monument, too).

photoWith the sun shining behind

Amazing place, thanks


Saw this from several angles today while in DC.


Observed as described

Photograph taken from SW near intersection of 4th and Independence.

Found while sightseeing.

Seen during our visit to Washington D.C.

Observed as described.

photoview from the Freedom Plaza, about 10 blocks away

Found on our way home from vacationing in Washington DC and caching the NE states.

Picking up a few benchmarks on this beautiful springlike day. My family and I were in town for a day trip and enjoyed a great walk around DC. I snapped a photo of this benchmark from quite a distance away near where we had dinner after the sun had set.


Still standing


I love this wonderful city.

Found while in town on business.

Great One


While traveling by bus through the eastern United States and Canada sought and found the benchmark.

TFTC Lutz (Blase) from Germany


wonderful building!!!!!!!!!! very very nice, we visited it during a North America tour




[navy]Vu lors de notre voyage à Washington et plus spécialement lors de la visite du Capitol,

[b]Ours Curieux...
[/b]Frpm Sherbrooke, Québec-CANADA
:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

photoOurs... et Freedom

found it ...

Saw this one a couple times today. One of the best benchmarks we've ever found. Elevation was the biggest barrier to getting closer to it.

photoOur GPSr near the Benchmark
This was about as close as we could get.
photoMama star* and the Benchmark
Lady Freedom is waaayyyy up there!
photoThe Benchmark
As viewed from inside the Capitol Visitor Center.


Located while walking the national mall.

Found this one while on my virtual Geo-tour in DC. Like others have said, this one is tough to miss.

Found while roaming around during the GS 100th anniversary celebration.

Spotted while driving through

Found this one while in D.C. on an Honor Flight bringing our veterans to see their memorials. Easily spotted from the street

Observed while touring capital with family.

Eine interessante Variante von Geocaching, die ich so bisher noch nicht kannte. Und wenn man schon mal über den großen Teich gereist ist, muss man dies natürlich auch mal testen! Der Benchmark befindet sich wie angegeben in gutem Zustand am bekannten Ort!! Vielen Dank fürs Zeigen!!


Located while on tour.


Visited with the family on our tour of D.C. One of our main goals of the day was to visit the capitol building ! Of course, we knew it would be a benchmark too .

photoUA0016 - Front
photoUA0016 - Back

hard to miss this one

Another Benchmark in DC

Love the name for this benchmark. Family trip to DC yielded some excellent virtual caches and this benchmark as well. GORGEOUS June day!

photoFREEDOM - UA0016 - June 15, 2011

Daddy & Jules spotted Freedom on our visit to DC and learned a bit about statue regulations as well!

I spent my holidays in the United States. I took the opportunity to visit Washington, wonderful city full of magnificent monuments and sculptures. I went looking for geocaches, waymarks and benchmarks. Thanks for this one.

photoAvril 2011 - voyage 338

nice :)

Found it during our vacation in DC.

photoLady Freedom
My wife and I with Lady Feedom.

After the Ikebana exhibit this morning at the National Arboretum, we spent the afternoon geocaching and benchmarking around the National Mall. Found this one straight away - lovely day, lovely view of Freedom!

photoSide view Freedom
photoThe skies cleared above Freedom

Found it

Lady freedom


We have visited Washington several times and always stop to admire the Capitol Building, the grounds and the dome itself

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photoCapitol Dome

yep its still there

Found Lady Freedom as described.

photoUA 0016 - Lady Freedom - Washington,DC
Closeup of Lady Freedom
photoUA 0016 - Lady Freedom - Washington,DC
The Nations Capitol

found it

Saw this one at night after a caching run.

It still there.

photoStatue of Freedom
This is also a benchmark that stand a top of the nation's capitol.

Didn't need to look too hard.

Spotted this one after the "Restoring Honor" rally. Still standing loud and proud!

Was walking by the Capital and looked up, gee I bet this is a BM and took a quick pic to make sure I didn't forget to log it!

photoCapital Bld DC

Discovered from grounds of National Cathedral - nice view across town.

photoUA0016 - FREEDOM, from a distance

Found while touring our nation's capital


Learnt quite a lot about this benchmark while onthe DC by Foot tour plus a lot of cliches. She sure is a benchmark for all the other statues in the city as none can be taller than her - so all others in the city are less than 19'6" tall.

Spotted this one way up there. Also found the replica in the new entrance.


Found the one on top of the Capital and also a replica in the rotunda of the Capital Visitors Center...Definitely call your Senator/Representative to arrange a private tour...VERY CROWDED!

Still there....occupants still raising my taxes too


Spotted it in good condition while taking a tour of the Capitol.

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Saw from a distance while visiting the mall this afternoon.

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FREEDOM stands clear & visible.

Found it while looking for GCDE1, Capitol View.
[b][green]~ecrane b#31


Visited by Brigitte (the "B" in JCLBA) during her schooltrip to Washington.


No chance to miss this one

[blue]Found Benchmark Standing Tall and in GOOD Condition.[/blue]


In DC for the week to attend a Geographic Conference, so I thought I'd log a few around my hotel today. Yuo can see this one from anywhere in town. Due to the rain the photo did not turn out very good, so I am posting one taken Dec 3rd.

photoUA0016 Freedom

Found it while on tour in DC

It's still there, a shining symbol of Freedom.
Al & La

Found It

Found while in D.C. on vacation and geocaching!

One my sister forgot to log. We always have a great time when we visit the area.

Always enjoy visiting the Arlington VA/Washington DC area especially with my sister and doing some caching.

How could you NOT see this one?


can see this one from all over Washington

A little hard to miss this one!

photoFreedom US Capitol

We were in DC for the day taking a tour. Took picture as close as they would let us get today.


Can't miss it, but can't occupy it either! ha

photoUA0016 FREEDOM US Capitol Wash DC

I almost touched it... Not.

Kinda hard to miss this one!

Found as described, apparently in good condition. Couldn't get too close due to preparations for the inauguration in less than 2 weeks.

photoUA0016 area W FREEDOM Washington DC
Early morning view to the E from HV1827 (M 13 PBPP Grant's Memorial).
photoUA0016 area E FREEDOM Washington DC
Late afternoon view to the W from near HV4165 (Library of Congress).
photoUA0016 mark W FREEDOM Washington DC
Closer view of Freedom from the W
photoUA0016 FREEDOM plaster cast
This plaster cast is in the new Capitol Visitor's Center underground on the E grounds of the Capitol. It had been in storage and was restored for the visitors center.

Nice easy find on my first ever trip to Washington DC from the UK.....
So much to see here!!!


I see it every day on the way to work. The replica used to be in the Russell Senate Office Building Rotunda, but has been moved into the CVC Main Hall. The replica was cut into four pieces for it's big move. It's well worth seeing to get a good close up view.

Love learning about history. I had no idea this statue was even there, to be honest, but definitely didn't know it was called Freedom. There she rests on top of the dome.

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on top of the dome

If you miss this one, you might ought to get glasses

Even visible under cover of darkness.

photoFREEDOM by night

Logging Freedom along with ORNITH; visited DC for just one day and enjoyed the sights.

Located this Benchmark in DC while on an East coast trip. ORNITH

photo"Freedom" to the left of "Washington" BM.

Visiting from Arizona, found on our 3 week East Coast Adventure!

photoUA0016 - Taken by our geokid

Here with leadership student on a tour.

photoLooking up

Found while on vacation in DC.


Anyone else remember when they took her down for a short time?

On vacation with my kids.

There she is, up on top! You can't miss her!

photoFreedom's way up there!

Fun Find. Thanks

Saw while waiting outside for our tour of the Captiol.

Walked around the US Capitol after visiting the Library of Congress on this rainy day with my family. What a wonderful Building.
King Hubi

photoUA0016 - FREEDOM [US Capitol]

You can't miss this one!

My daughter, Catherine, and I did a self walking tour today of Washington, D.C. from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial via the White House.

photoInformation at Old Post Office Bldg. Tower
photoOriginal Plaster Model of the Statue of Freedom

Found while on a tour of the Capital.


Found while touring Washington DC on Presidents Day Weekend.

photoNight Time Shot

Found it

Found while in touring the area today! One of many photos taken today.

photoUS Capitol

She is covered in schaffolding and from a distance.


Saw this while caching in the Nation's Capital. Currently surrounded by scaffolding, but it's still there.

It is there at the dome but being worked on. Not a clear visible image of Freedom possible.

photoFreedom on Capital Dome

Yes it's still there.

photoFrom a distance.jpg

found while on the mall. looking intact on this date.

Found this one while on vacation and doing caches.

Forgot to log this in during one of our visits to DC during the summer. Come by here often.


Nice view from the tree I planted for the American Foresst on the mall NW of the Capitol.

It is still around.

Walked by Freedom many times today. I am proud to log it!

Can't miss it.....(*v*)

photoVA 062.jpg

Recovered in good condition...

A beautiful day in D.C.


Have seen Freedom many times on my trips in to DC just never realized it was benchmark until today.


A great symbol of Freedom, indeed.

photoThe US Capitol with Freedom on top

This one can be seen from all over DC. Found it while visiting the Capitol.

photoFreedom - UA0016

Found it during my vacation in the USA.

Greetings from Germany!

photoin front of the Capitol

Pretty easy to spot this one, saw it back in 06 but just found this was a benchmark today. (9/29/09)

We did a tour of the Capitol on the 4th of July.


Found on a trip to DC. This is a prominent one!

photoFreedom atop the dome

Freedom has her back to the National Mall. The statue is visible from the building where I work (though not, alas, from my office, where the window looks out on someone else's window). Observed on a lovely Spring day from Capitol Hill.

Note that the monumentation date is 1993, presumably after the statue was returned to the Capitol dome on October 23 of that year. It had been removed in May for repairs. Both the removal and reinstallation were done by helicopter. Details at the Architect of the Capitol website.

photoStation FREEDOM (UA0016), Washington, DC
Photographed from Independence Avenue sidewalk adjacent to the Cannon House Office Building.
photoStation FREEDOM (UA0016), Washington, DC
Photographed from Independence Avenue sidewalk adjacent to the Library of Congress Madison Building.
photoStation FREEDOM (UA0016), Washington, DC
Detailed photo from Architect of the Captiol website.

Saw it.

Walked 7.1 miles today. I think we have seen the Mall.

Saw this mark whil travelling with Piccadilly, Evrik & Benjarama.

Saw it while travelling with family.

This one can be seen from a distance.

Found this one, as part of a grand cache tour of the mall.

Yup, still there, with some nice men in black face masks and M16's making sure she stays that way.

Been by the DC landmarks many times over the years but don't seem to have any good quality photos of the Capitol.
This one was taken sometime around the very early 1970's from close to the Washington Monument.

photoUS Capitol Building
photoFREEDOM UA0016 Wash,DC
Photoadded 11-11-06

Freedom shines in the morning light.

photoFreedom Stands Alone

Found mark as described. Sighted Washington Monument from position just east of fountain in front (east) of Capital. This point provides excellent vistos to WM and White House.

Can be seen for miles.

Found on a tour of the Mall

found this one on our DC trip

There it is.


Recovered in good condition.

photoFREEDOM - Washington, DC

"Stability: Mark of questionable or unknown stability"
I dunno, she seems pretty stable to me.
Saw this while doing our tour of the mall.


Another of those "easy finds" and one that can be seen for miles around.

Discovered while touring the capital.

This weekend cache run put 1,502 more miles on the geocaching vehicle. We only found around 44 caches, but we got to add a few more states to our list of cache finds! This benchmark was easy to spot while on our cache run.
– Team Skeeter Feeders (TheStosh, iontarget, Squishtish26) 05-31-2004

Found with Iontarget and TheStosh in D.C. while geocaching. The dome and statue are still there an are in good shape.

The Capitol Dome and the statue are still there, I was in D.C. for the WWII Memorial dedication. Thanks, Fort Rectus

Saw it in distance while visiting the Washington Monument.

photoFreedom is easily seen from a distance.

FREEDOM recovered as described, in good condition.

photoThe Capital Dome with FREEDOM

Freedom was found on station in good condition.


Probably one of the most famous benchmarks in the country. Saw this one from outside, and also visited the spot exactly below it while on a tour of the Capitol.

Rode a train from Jacksonville, FL to Gallup, NM. Had just enough layover in DC to catch this benchmark.

Found as described. Lots of construction and lots of security in the vicinity.

photoLady Freedom atop the Capitol Dome, Wash, DC
photoEast facade of Capitol from the northeast, Wash, DC
Looking southwest from the steps of the Senate (north) entrance.
photoEast facade of the Capitol from the southeast, Wash, DC
Looking northwest at the east facade. This is the House end of the building.

Found with Charlie. Seeing for the first time. Freedom is very neat. A great history lesson.

Where Freedom Stands,Thanks DaveD.

That is where she Stands.

Observed the monument while walking the mall during a family trip to the city.

Seen while walking thru DC.

photoDigital Camera 046

Lady Freedom perched on top of the Capitol Building.

photoFreedom is still standing!

Found while on vacation in DC... Proud to be AMERICAN!!!

photoLong shot
photoBack Side
photoThere she is. ON TOP
photoFrom the lawn

Documented History (by the NGS)

1/1/1993 by NGS (MONUMENTED)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were established by GPS observations and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in June 1994.
  • The orthometric height was determined by GPS observations and a high-resolution geoid model.
  • The X, Y, and Z were computed from the position and the ellipsoidal ht.
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The ellipsoidal height was determined by GPS observations and is referenced to NAD 83.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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