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Details for Benchmark: JS4134

N 38° 34.744 W 121° 29.538 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 0

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is UNKNOWN and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In SACRAMENTO county, CA View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
church spire
setting not listed - see description

Must Read!

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This is a beautiful church spire and really stands out.

photoChurch of the Blessed Sacrament spire

Found it!


When seeing the building its not that hard to find this benchmark as well :P

Oaknest and I spotted the church spire while on the Capitol grounds.

photoSpire - Church of the Blessed Sacrament

Found it while looking for the other nearby BM


In the area capitalizing on some of the benchmarks near caches.

Middle spire and tallest.

photoChurch Spire

The middle of the three spires and the tallest one.

photoBM JS4134

Sacramento Ch Bless Sacr Spire

photoSacramento Ch Bless Sacr Spire

Found on a Family Trip to San Francisco.

Visiting the area


During my Vacation found this Benchmark.


Walking around down town on a nice afternoon sight seeing.

Found while visiting the State Capitol building. The church spire is in good condition.

Facing North

Found this one while spending a few days in Sac

On our 2nd day in Sacramento, we add a few Benchmarks to our list... Thanks.


While downtown caching today we walked around the block that the church sits on and then to the top of the parking garage next door. Everything appears to be as described.


Saw while visiting the area.

Spotted this while caching.

We could learn a lot by duplicating architecture like this. Our modern style has a lot to be desired compared to buildings like these and the amount of time they have been around.

Found it!

Found it

Found after looking for five crosses...

Found while visiting Sacramento. Beautiful spire in good condition.

photoJS4134 Church Spire

Still here. Where else would it go!? Didn't know that something like this could be a benchmark. Discovered this today while looking for the Five Crosses Cache. Unfortunately, I didn't save the picture I took on my phone.

I spotted this benchmark while I was in the area today.


photoJS4121 & JS4134, Sacramento, CA

Out and about in Old Sac today and the surrounding area. This Cathedral was one of the most beautiful stops of the day. I love Benchmarking!

This entry was edited by 2DVS4U on Sunday, 09 October 2011 at 09:17:54 UTC.

photoCathedral of the Blessed Benchmark 4134

Beautiful! This was a busy place today. We saw two wedding parties back-to-back!

photo5 Crosses

Out for the day doing benchmarks


Went for a walkabout with Dongdidi & SoSoBean and as we were walking by I wanted to get a shot of this so I can also log the benchmark.

photoBenchmark located.
Me and the benchmark in the background. Thanks! for taking the pic SSB.

found it with Dongdidi

Found it with SoSoBean


Forgot to log this one when I found it back in December. Beautiful benchmark!

photoSpire and Dome

EUREKA!!!! Look close. From my office you can see a Grand slam of four benchmarks between two "uprights" .

EUREKA!!!! Look close. From my office you can see a Grand slam of four benchmarks between two "uprights" .

Found while searching for geocache. Beautiful.

Spotted this while searching for a nearby geocache.

Here is a pic of the spires


Found this one because a geocache reminds about. :)

On a lunchtime foray finding benchmarks.

photoSpire and Dome

more sad looking cell pics...


With this log I cite the sight of this site.

Found while geocaching got the dome, shire and three other crosses makes five.

photoFive Crosses
Five Crosses a dome and shire

Found with Joe of Team Pluto after having lunch with him and jimlips.

photoJS4134 spire + JS4121 dome

Found this as part of "Sacramento's Second Webcam Cache".

Found while looking for the Five Crosses Cache. Great view!

I was here so I look at my new garmin 400t and here it is good two today

Found this as part of "Sacramento's Second Webcam Cache".

Found this BM while getting the webcam "Sacramento's Second Webcam Cache"

Found while working on "Sacramento's Second Webcam Cache", GCH5EF


I found this Benchmark while looking for GCZ587 - Five Crosses Cache. Beautiful church.

Some pretty cool archetecture out this way.. Spotted while seeking a Webcam cache.

Found as described

What a beautiful church... too bad it's now overshadowed by the taller buildings!

Found this while caching downtown after a training class.

photoBM JS4121 and JS4134

Out with Mckenzie~Binns. Good day.

After Sacramento's 2nd WebCam Cache.

Found this one too.

Finally logging this benchmark that I pass regularly.
~ecrane b#9

The second benchmark atop this beautiful Cathedral. I was able to discover this while looking for the Five Crosses Cache.

photoThe Cathedral

Found this as a bonus to cache GCZ587 during our trip to GW6!!

A weekend in the area for GWVI so trying to scoop up a few other caches. This was a bonus find with GCX587.
BAKO1313 & MRS

Wow, did not realize the Spire was a Bench Mark. I see it every time I go to work.

I've seen this many times, I didn't know it was a benchmark. I am used to the brass discs.

Found while in Sacramento on vacation.

photoThe Spire

I was in the area and stopped to look for some benchmarks. This is a great area of town The library a few blocks away has wireless internet on the fourth floor.


I see this one daily as I come to work. Never knew it was a benchmark until I looked it up. NEATO!

Spotted while searching out a nearby cache.

TFTB We enjoyed this beautiful weather!! Now it is back to snow, ice and good ole OHIO weather.

Very nice building - I like the insides also. -40-

What a great church... never took the time to enjoy it before. You almost miss it squished in between all these buildings!


In town for a work thing, grabbed a nearby cache with friends, and enjoyed this view.

Another convenient benchmark located near my stop today for business.

Found the location, using this spot makes sense. Jasc the Brat and the Schooltch4daz.

Found it, this location sure makes since knowing the history of this location. Schooltch4daz and the Brat.

This church boasts two vertical benchmarks. There was a wedding in progress when we went by. Lovely building.

photoChurch of the Blessed Sacrament Spire

Found this spire at the opening to the church. Then went inside - wow. part of webcam cache. cj1

found while doing Sacramentos second webcam cache

In town with dadfish, we were close by for another geocache.
Thanks for bring us here, Don


Got a great view of this Benchmark while finding Guido O's Five Crosses cache.

I can see this from my hotel window @ the Sheraton.

Hard to miss if you look up.


Since we saw this spire also, we'll count it as a find!!

Found it while searching (unsuccessfully) for the Five Crosses Cache.

Know right where it is but can't get to it to take a photo

Found while caching in downtown Sacramento thanks to Guido O.

Thanks Guido O; it was a fun day finding your caches and these benchmarks!

Guido notified me that the Spire was actually a benchmark. Spotted it on 12/4/06. Thanks Guido.

The cross on top of Spire is one of five visible from Guido's Five Crosses Cache.

Ran accross this one while unsuccessfully looking for the 5 crosses cache

Saw this while grabbing Guido's Five Crosses Cache

Spied this benchmark while visiting Guido's Five Crosses Cache.

I can see this one from my building at work.

Found this as part of the webcam geocache together with the other benchmark on the dome.

Found with bullit on the GBES Rally trip. Bullit was our Designated Photographer. Surprising that there are so many logs on this one but so few pics.

photoCloseup pic JS4134, from 11/08

Found with Nazgul on the way back from the GBES rally.

photoSpire on the right

1323HR We Found It, Out Caching & Benchmarking w/Scooby's Helper.

Nice day to go caching/and benchmarking I was w/Pathfinder and my mom.

Found this on a super windy day... had to hold the hats down!

TRAKD Was Here! :-)

Found with Hynr while doing 47Dad47's webcam cache.

Construction made it difficult to get right to the building, but we could easily see it anyway.

Jeo was here
Had to leave kind of quick due to a fast approaching lightning and thunder storm

One of several easy benchmark finds while spending the day wandering around downtown.

Been inside here many times, love the church.

can't miss this one on the way to work this week.

Have attended Church here

Nice place.

I wuz 4wheeler's designated driver today.

Found it with TeamAlamo and 4wheeler. Part of 2nd web cam cache.

Found with TeamAlamo and Wyldwood while working on "Sacramento's Second Webcam Cache"

Part of Sacramento's Second Webcam Cache hunt.

Working on "Sacramento's Second Webcam Cache" on the side while walking between geocaches here in downtown Sacramento on a beautiful day. mr mo of "two bison"

Found this one with NightKnight but didn't have a profile yet. Just catching up.

Found it late at night, working through Sacramento's Second Web cam cache. This is a nice building.

It's always nice to see something you hadn't noticed before.

Caching and benchmarking around town this evening.

Another one found as part of Sacramento's Second Webcam Cache. What a beautiful building...sort of sad that it's so encroached upon by downtown skyscrapers.

I attended this location in the process of doing Sacramento's Second Web Cache. The photo proves that I was there.

photoThe church spire.

Benchmark is the Church Spire of the Cathedral-Blessed Sacrament.

photoCathedral-Blessed Sacrament Spire
photoCathedral-Blessed Sacrament Spire

Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1931 by CGS (FIRST OBSERVED)
01/01/1966 by CGS (GOOD)
01/01/1970 by NGS (GOOD)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were established by classical geodetic methods and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in March 1994. The horizontal coordinates are valid at the epoch date displayed above. The epoch date for horizontal control is a decimal equivalence of Year/Month/Day.
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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