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Details for Benchmark: JZ0826

N 39° 08.633 W 084° 31.133 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 669.75

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is ADJUSTED and location is SCALED. (more info)

In HAMILTON county, OH View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
survey disk
set into the top of a round concrete monument
May hold, but of type commonly subject to surface motion.

Must Read!

Benchmarks may be on private property or in dangerous locations. Obey local laws. By using the services on you agree to this disclaimer.

As noted below, a disk out of its original position is Destroyed, because it is no longer marking its elevation.

You wouldn't log a cache that somebody brought to a meeting, would you? And just seeing a picture on line???

Discovered this benchmark on Facebook. I hope to see it someday at an event like most cachers do. I know of another unearthed slab of concrete with the benchmark still inside. Perhaps I will do the same thing. Thanks for sharing.

photoJZ0826 Benchmark No. 74

Discovered this one on the wall where it resides.

Discovered this one online.
1st one I have seen...
Thanks for sharing..

Spotted this one in the hands of its owner while attending the event "Reisterstown Meet & Greet" (GC1V9ND). Fascinating story as to how this benchmark ended up where it did; thanks for sharing!

Coordinates where I spotted the benchmark:
N39* 26.446
W076* 48.328

  • Mrs. SeeKPeeKRs

N 39° 26.446 W 076° 48.328

Spotted this benchmark in the hands of the owner. Quite a story and thanks for sharing it with me.

photoredlights w/ #74

Saw it at Fluttercat's Chat V - N 39° 18.518 W 084° 18.865

I discovered this benchmark at Fluttercat's Chat V while out caching with Grey-n-Red.

Found this one at Fluttercat Chat V, 39 18 518 084 18 865.

Dicovered at the 5th anniversary event and just found my list. Thanks for sharing. Glad you saved it.

Discovered at the MGS 5th Anniversary picnic. The easy way to find a benchmark. Thanks!

What a cool way to find a benchmark!

Thanks for sharing at the MGS picnic!

Got a chance to see this one at the 4th annual Kentuckiana Meet & Eat. coordinates were N 38.18.017 W 085.45.714 Thanks for sharing it !!!

I got to take a look at this benchmark at the 4th Annual Kentuckiana Meet & Eat. Thanks

this was a neat thing to get a look at.

I found this at N 41° 03.202 W 083° 36.525. I must've walked by it a hundred times during 1989-1994, back when it was still planted. Brings back memories of many late night visits to Skyline, and nearby Uno's and Arlin's.

A cool thing to bring to an event. I'm glad you managed to get it out of there before Lil' Miss was able to hide it under a table or something.

photocincy benchmark.JPG

Thanks for sharing.

Great way to learn about benchmarks Thanks for sharing this piece of knowledge and history Thanks ! ! !

Able to sneak a peek at this beauty last night, due to the light created in the roof hole from the falling benchmark.

Very cool traveling benchmark, gotta get me one of them sometime, it doesn't look too hard, LOL!
N 41* 03.202 W 83* 36.525

I broke it.

That was an easy benchmark. Thanks.

Found this benchmark on December 29th, 2006.

This was an easy one .

N 38° 59.607 W 084° 29.897

I found this at the O.K.I.C. Winter Event.

nice benchmark did not think I would have seen it here at all
N 39° 07.680 W 084° 29.750

Wow...our first traveling benchmark! It was great to meet you 4leafclover and thank you for sharing this at the Cabela's event!

Saw this at the OKIC holiday event

Found this benchmark at the OKIC Holiday Party 2005.

Found at the holiday geocaching event in North Olmsted
The Jester & Granny


Found at the holiday geocaching event in North Olmsted.

This was one of the easiest benchmarks I’ve stumbled across.

Seen at FunkyMonkey's event.

We go through Cinci every so often, so it was pretty cool to log a benchmark from Cleveland.

Talked with 4leaf for a bit about how this was recovered... good story. And to think that the survey office said it was cool.

Had fun (what this is all about) logging this at a Holiday event.

Our first moving benchmark, found at FunkyMonkey's event.



Cool idea. Good thing this is the geocaching side of benchmarking, or I would feel really silly claiming this as a find! I have found a few benchmarks, but this is the first time I have claimed a moving one. Way fun! Thanks for sharing the chance to log this now-destroyed one.

found it.

a moving benchmark, i find this most interesting !

Forgot to log this one a while back, so decided to do it now at the Geobash. Thanks, K!

Found this traveling benchmark at the 2005 Midwest Geobash. How cool is that! A Cincinnati benchmark near Toledo.

I see that the NGS now lists this one as officially destroyed. Thank you for reporting it to them.

I hope you don't mind, but I am logging this cache I found rather some time ago. I used to have a joint geocaching I have my own. I am trying to log all my own finds...over 2000 of them. This might take a while... :p

Thanks for the cache and the journey.


Saw this at the picnic.

Saw this benchmark at the picnic.

Found at the OKIC summer event. N39"29.900 W084"3.820

Found it at the OKIC Summer Picnic 2005.

I don't think it is proper to claim a "found" on a disk that has been removed from its mounting.

The point of a benchmark is that it marks a precise elevation at a location (or just precise location, also loosely called benchmarks). This one is destroyed because the position is no longer marked, and it should be logged as such.

You wouldn't claim a cache if somebody had it in their car or brought it to a meeting, would you?

N 39° 14.679 W 084° 35.667

Wow! A traveling benchmark, and a shiny one at that. How unusual. This benchmark and I met at the Coffee & Chat Event I at the Panera Bread Co. on Colerain Ave. in greater Cincinnati. Thanks 4leafclover for bringing it to the event.


N39°15.484, W84°28.221

Found on a table at McDonalds in Woodlawn, OH.

Cheers ... BVCY Swim

Found it at N 39° 04.048 W 084° 31.786, it must be a traveling benchmark. I think the owner need to attach a chain to it and wear it around her neck.

Found on a table at the Coffee & Cache Event - Northern KY (GCMQQH).

N 39° 04.048 W 084° 31.786
Found this one at the Feb. Coffee and Chat Event - Norther KY. Thanks for the benchmark Katie.

Templer Knights

N 39° 09.115 W 084° 36.943

It found me while Web-ling and I were logging the Step 6 cache. 4LC also gave my dad a benchmark of his own to take home!

A floating benchmark…who ever heard of such a thing? Thanks for helping me find my first benchmark!

N 39° 56.170 W 082° 47.335

This by far is the most interesting benchmark.
If/when I see it again can I claim it again?
39 56.170
082 47.335

N 39° 56.170 W 082° 47.335
My first benchmark as well. Thanks 4LC!

N 39° 56.170 W 082° 47.335

Cool. My first benchmark. I found a couple others, but did not log them. I was not sure what it was all about. Thanks! Interesting circumstances around this one!

N 39° 56.170 W 082° 47.335

Found my first benchmark today, though posted coordinates were off by 100+ miles. Thanks!

N 39° 56.170 W 082° 47.335

Hmmmm " Stability: May hold, but of type commonly subject to surface motion.". Subject to surface motion. Yeah, I would say so.

N 39° 56.170 W 082° 47.335

Wow this benchmark really gets around. It was neat to see what tthey lok like out of the ground. Thanks 4LC

N 39° 10.674 W 084° 45.789

Met up with Katie-4leaf and her bling-bling benchmark while on the caching trail. She looked mahhhh-velous!!!!!!!

Helped out today, Glad to see that we finally came prepared

Stopped by to look at this benchmark after a description from 4LC. We came up with a game plan for it's removal pending the authorization letter from the city of Cincinnati. Once Katie had that in her hands we just had to get together to remove it. Today was the day. Mrs Ladybuggers, RTJM, 4leafclover and I came equiped with all the tools needed for removal and after about 25 minutes we finally had it in her hands.

Note to anyone that gets to remove a benchmark in the future: It is a large cap that is screwed onto a large pipe. Unscrewing it wasn't an option for us. We actually had to cut the pipe in two to remove it.

Thanks for letting me be part of this unusual event.


this one is officially "off the books" according to the City of CIncinnati.
Of course, it is now in my posession, shined up.

photoAll cleaned and shined
this hardly looks like the same item extracted from the post.

#223 I figured I'd better find this one in its natural habitat before 4leafclover sticks it in her trophy case.

photoJZ0826 (survey disk)
photoJZ0826 (yanked out of the ground)
Headed for 4leafclover's trophy case?
photoJZ0826 (big ol' hunk of concrete)

I was with 4leafclover on the expedition that found that the benchmark has moved a couple feet (including the entire concrete mounting that it is located in). How often do you hear about a benchmark moving, and I've heard rumours that this one may move again.

photoThe benchmark
here is the benchmark itself....
photobenchmark and gps
here is my gps with the benchmark... does something look odd?
photoBenchmark and its mounting
yup, here is the benchmark and the large block of concrete that it had been mounted in while in the ground...

The city has done soem concrete repair work, and the benchmark is currently out of the ground. I am hoping to contact the city to find out what the plans are for it.

photopost out of ground

Was down here to check on a cache I own; GeaugaGarmin clued me into the benchmark here.

I have my daughter to thank for this one. It was her first find, both as a geocacher (reluctant) and as a benchmark hunter. Then she's the first finder on the benchmark! It's a fun one, and if you're in the neighborhood for chili or ice cream, an easy one.

I'm not the first finder as my niece, Bearkat Rocket Scientist, found it first and told me about it. Wonder when she will log her find? MapQuest shows this one block away from it's described, and actual, location.


First finder, it's located at the corner of Senator Place and Clifton Avenue right on my walk to class. The disk dates itself to a 1912 survey by the city of Cincinnati.

[last edit: 10/9/2003 11:20:15 AM PST]

Documented History (by the NGS)

Unknown by OH1610 (MONUMENTED)
01/01/1947 by NGS (GOOD)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were scaled from a topographic map and have an estimated accuracy of +/- 6 seconds.
  • The orthometric height was determined by differential leveling and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in June 1991.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.
  • The dynamic height is computed by dividing the NAVD 88 geopotential number by the normal gravity value computed on the Geodetic Reference System of 1980 (GRS 80) ellipsoid at 45 degrees latitude (g = 980.6199 gals.).
  • The modeled gravity was interpolated from observed gravity values.

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