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Details for Benchmark: KK1709

N 39° 44.354 W 104° 59.092 (NAD 83)

Altitude: 5492

Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is VERTCON and location is ADJUSTED. (more info)

In DENVER county, CO View Original Datasheet
Marker Type:
setting not listed - see description

Must Read!

Benchmarks may be on private property or in dangerous locations. Obey local laws. By using the services on you agree to this disclaimer.

It was hard to miss this one. Found it during our stop to the mile high disk.


Saw it upon my arrival in Denver, with a friend. I had the opportunity to visit it a few days later on the 03/06/2019. Still standing.

photoDenver Capitol, Denver, CO
photoDenver Capitol, Denver, CO
photoDenver Capitol, Denver, CO
photoDenver Capitol, Denver, CO
photoDenver Capitol, Denver, CO

A nice day to take note of this one.

Found it.

We saw this benchmark while we were at the Mile High Step at the Denver Capital. We took lots of pictures with the kids and each other. The weather was great. We didn't get there in time to look inside though.

Did a fancy tour of the capitol building - got to go up in the top! How cool was that?!

Visiting the Capitol we found this benchmark.

photoBenchmark Denver

Came to this part of the city for noodles and ate so much we needed a leg stretcher before the drive to Ft Collins. Didn't take a picture because I didn't want to engage the protesters.

Saw today while in Denver doing a virtual cache

Found while in Denver!

Found in Denver.


Still there in good shape, saw with geddygirl96

photothe dome
photofrom the front

Walking tour started nearby so I was able to get this one

We found this benchmark without searching ... GREAT.

After taken pictures we are going to visit the dome of the capitol.

Tante Tilly

photoBenchmark KK1708

Spotted this beautiful benchmark from several locations while traveling through the downtown Denver area on 04/19 and 04/20 finding caches for the DPL series.

photoGot stuck in 4/20 traffic - good photo op for dome

Found as described.


Went looking specifically for this benchmark due to the history. Found it while waiting for GirlonRoof to finish up at the USG meetings. There's a lot of wear on this disk, and I'm guessing it won't belong before it can't be read anymore.

photodenver capitol benchmark
denver capitol benchmark

Took a walk during the lunch break at the 5th International Earthcache event and found this benchmark as well as a few other caches.

Found this one while attending the Mega event today in downtown with a group of others!

Stopped here while attending 5iee.

photoMy Garmin Montana at KK1709

Found while at 5IEE

Discovered this benchmark while visiting Denver for the 5th Annual Earthcache Event today.

I snapped a terrible pic while driving downtown to the central public library to see author Herve Tullet.

photoDome. Ugh, this is a terrible photo.

Observed while traveling to Military Reunion and caching a little as we go.
Old Professor - Tipton, Mo.

Dome still there!

Impressive architecture!


Spotted this one when I cam back in the daylight to find the Mile High Benchmark.

Spotted helping a friend get a capitols challenge.

photoCapitol dome

Spied this while returning our rental car.

photocapitol dome

Late Log - Found while visiting Denver for GeoWoodstock.

Free holiday parking is a great time to come to the Capitol and nose around. This one was found without any difficulty.

photoColorado State Capitol dome
An easy find and very picturesque.

We could not leave Denver without logging the beautiful Denver State Capitol Dome.

photoThe Denver State Capitol Dome.

Found this benchmark while visiting with KinderKen. I couldn't get here for the midnight event a few days ago so we made a point of stopping today.

Fun :-)

In the area standing exactly 1 mile above sea level.

NurseB33 and I, both from Calgary, Alberta missed the midnight event that was here during GeoWoodstock so today, after attending the Farewell Event, we wandered over to admire the Dome and to see the historic mile high benchmark.

Found some and 1 mile disk

Sat on the lawn next to this building to watch fireworks.



Found this at the midnight event Geo Woodstock


Saw this during an event for Geowoodstock 14

Discovered during the GW 14er Midnight Event.

photoVoodoo Doughnuts Benchmark

Found the benchmark with CarlottaP.

Oaknest and I spotted the Denver Capitol Dome while geocaching.

We were there for a midnight geocaching event. Saw the bencemark and the dome both.

photoState Capital Building
photoMile high benchmark

Walking around the area today.....nice building :)

Was here for the Midnight event

In Denver for Geowoodstock XIV.

Found it during the GW14er event tonight.

saw this one at Geowoodstock midnight event. wow, 1895!

Saw at Midnight Event last night, looked great. ACT


Found as part of GeoWoodstock's Midnight event. Found it in the rain.

photoOn the Steps

DOME and colorado markers on steps on MILE HILE

DOME and Mile High Markers on Steps

Nice shiney gold dome -- here for GeoWoodStock

Found while geocaching in the area.

photoCapitol Dome


With whtwolfden on our trip to Denver for Geowoodstock 2016.

photoAt the Capitol

In town from Las Vegas with whtwolf-Jenn for the Geowoodstock weekend. ??


As described


Found it in the rain during the Midnight Madness event. Had to struggle with my technology to get a picture, but with one holding the umbrella and me with a flashless flip phone and a flashlight, got it done.

Found during Geowoodstock

Found this one during the midnight event.

the dome was still there, even at midnight... in the rain!

Found while in town for geowoodstock.


I discovered this cool benchmark while gathering with over 500 people for the GW14er: Midnight Magic @ Mile High 5280 feet! event. This was one of my favorite memories of geocaching to date! Cheers!

Spotted at the GW14er midnight Mile High 5280 event.

Found at midnight during a pre-Geo-Woodstock Event.


Attended the midnight Mike high event at the Capital.

found with several other people at the midnight event

In town for GeoWoodstock. Beautiful capitol dome!

Found while geocaching.

first bench mark

Joined a group at midnight to log this benchmark.

Found this with the crowd.

This was the meeting point for the midnight event during the Geowoodstock weekend. Great to find a benchmark too with so many other folks.

Got it during a midnight event (well, one minute before midnight). Looked awesome even in the rain!

Saw as we were heading to the Midnight Event!

What an awesome dome. Saw while at the midnight event.


Beautiful gold dome shining through on a rainy night. Found it at the midnight event.

Found at the event

Yep, seen it while I was there.

Visited this one at the midnight event!

Found on a rainy night with dozens of other people at a GW14er event.

photoThe Capital

Spotted this one as I was driving into the area to attend the Midnight event.

Found while at the event.

It's here! Skaterags found it. Way off from the parking lot coords.

Found while out wandering around downtown today. Looks like it's in great shape & the building is getting some repairs done.

Eating some excellent vegan food, observing the interesting people of the area and spied this benchmark out the window. City O City yum!

We are going to the event tonight but I spotted this from my table at City O City while having breakfast this morning.

We found this one while attending an event at midnight. We were caching with TSAL13, Dondei, Sockmo, and Hutch081615. We were able to get this one from where we parked. Then we got up close and got the disc information as well. But because it was so dark and raining the disks are very difficult to read nture. We rode the cog train to the top of Pike's Peak. found the oldest cache in Colorado; toured the Garden of the Gods and threw an event. We went to the midnight event so some of Days 2 fun spilled over onto Day 3. It was such as great day. This one gets a favorite point from us
We want to reach 6000 finds while in Colorado for Geowoodstock so we hit the town to get a few more to make that possible.
11:39pm "It is not length of life, but depth of life." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

photoFrom our parking spot
photoThe newer disk
photoThe original disk
photoFrom the corner of the capitol grounds

here for the event... thanks!


Found just prior to midnight in the rain with the big group.

photoThe benchmark in its magnificence

Went to Geowoodstock with Sockmo, Dondei, and G.A.S.P. From Texas but meet up with them in Omaha and drove to Denver for five days of great fun. I got the chance to meet lots of new people and all the different events and had lots of fun caching with a great group of people. Mission Bound 2016.
Thanks for providing the caching fun

photoThe Dome

discovered on our way to Geowoodstock XIV

Spotted while walking up to the Midnight Madness Geo-event. Kinda hard to miss!

photoWide view

Did this one with everybody during the geowoodstock midnight event.

Found while attending the GeoWoodstock's Midnight event.

having a great time with Sockmo Hutch n GASP

Found while at the midnight event

Found this one the night of the Event

Was here for the Midnight event

Saw at the Midnight GWS event!!Beautiful!!

photoDenver Capital Gold Dome
at Midnight GWS14 event
photoMile High Marker

Observed from a distance as we cached in town

photoNW @ BM #KK1709

Found while in Denver for GeoWoodstock.

photoCapital Dome at night

On our way to Woodstock with Marlin 01 and LCSM...


Out and about today geocaching and saw the dome....pretty impressive!

photoVeteran's Memorial w/ Dome
photoColorado Capitol Dome

On the way through Denver we could spot the dome.


Love this beautiful sight!

It's hard to miss this one while you are driving through downtown. ??

photoKK1709 Capitol Dome
photoCloser up

Located while driving through Denver today.

Easy to spot downtown.

Stopped in and took a tour of the capitol.

I have visited this park many times while living in Denver. The capitol dome is in great shape.

Found while in town for vacation

On our way to the Block Party when we got this one.

photoBenchmark GCKK1709

Seen while rygemini and I are in town for a three-day teacher's conference at the convention center. Benchmarks are always a bear to figure out and log, but I find they help me look at all the buildings, the architecture, the structures, even the sidewalks of wherever I go. Actually, we TOTALLY lucked out on this one -- hour 19th-floor hotel windows looked right at it. Got to see it as the sun came up in the morning and at night. Awesome view.

I can see the dome from my hotel room and I also saw it from below when I walked past the capitol earlier today.

photoDome in the distance

Found this while taking a tour of the Capitol. Saw it inside and out.

photoCapitol Dome
photoLooking up the Capitol Dome

Spotted this one at night driving through downtown. Looks nice all lit up.

Capital looks great today under blue skies.


Found it with FluffyNinja and BLegoDude.

Here for a tour with our homeschool group

Beautiful dome, one of the more beautiful Capitol buildings I've seen.

This benchmark finishes a 50 day benchmarking streak! I love benchmarking but I was running out of local marks. Fortunately this trip to Denver was just in time to refresh the supply. I logged a lot of great marks of my trip but saved this one for last bc I knew it'd be easy to spot before heading to the airport.


I can see this building from my office when I am in Denver. Looks fantastic in the morning sun.

photoDenver Capitol
KK1709 benchmark - Denver Capitol from my office

Recovered in good condition as described.

photoCapitol dome

One of the most favorite haunts of my grandmother and myself on hot Colorado afternoons as a toddler.


photoColorado State Capital

Found this benchmark while working through the earthcache.

Spotted doing the Earthcache

Saw this from the plane as we came into DIA.

In town for a work conference. Can see this benchmark from my hotel room. Trip wouldn't be complete, though, unless I got a little closer


Visiting from S. Florida and took a trip into downtown to check it out. The dome was undergoing renovations.


Can't hardly miss it when your visiting Denver.

Going through some old photos and came across one that I thought was a BM and sure enough. Was geocaching in Denver with djbtex July 21, 2011 at the time.

photoDenver State Capitol

Looks like the construction work is about halfway exposed - it's looking good.

They've begun reapplying the gold!

A beautiful Capitol building. Interesting checking out the various type of Benchmarks in our area.

Very cool. Been here a few times and of course never realised it was also a benchmark. Logging on a data I was there.

Still under construction. But at least the lighting was pretty nice in the late afternoon.

photoColorado State Capitol building, Denver

Found while caching the midwest with magtfplanner, memomls, and InxtricablFate.

Discovered with memomls, inxtricablfate, and -Hellfire- while touring the Midwest.

photoCO Captiol Building
photoCO Dome (Under Construction)

The dome was under construction. No problems with the benchmarks.

photoMile High in Denver

Dome was covered up, but we found where it should be.

Found this while touring downtown... Too bad there was so much scaffolding... -TWT


I love the landmark benchmarks...

Just discovered the dome of the capital is a benchmark! Sweet! My first! ;-)

photoDenver's Capital's Dome
Dome Colorado

Found this one after visiting the Colorado History Museum.


Never realized this was a BM, awesome!

I never knew the dome was a benchmark. I guess I found it a long time ago I go by it all the time. That's really cool.

Found it with RoxieMama. Beautiful.


Had gone on a tour of the capital a few years ago. One of my cousins used to work for customer relations there and gave us a private tour. Today we just did a drive by. The capital is under some renovation now so parts of it can't be seen.


Spotted it with GeoJudt!

Found while checking out the Mile-High benchmark!

Found on our guided trip through the city of Denver.
Thanks for showing,
The Sixties from Austria/Europe

photoDenver Capitol from inside
photoDenver Capitol from outside

Found while biking Denver

Got this while at the food fest in the Civic Center. Also visited the thirteenth step.

The Dome is a benchmark? Who knew! Haven't found many benchmarks, but this was certainly the easiest!

Found while touring Denver, mostly on foot

Found this cache with Motrin Man and Blinky7 on our 23 state, 2 Canadian province, 5,900+ mile road trip across North America! Easy benchmark find!

photoMe at the CO capitol

My first ever benchmark while visiting Denver!

photoCapitol Dome

In town for a couple of days. Found a few of the benchmarks close to where we were staying. This was one of them.


A great day in the park

Seen while My visit in Denver downtown


Found while doing the Denver Stones earthcache.

They're doing some work around here, so the photo isn't as nice. Saw it though.

photoCapitol Dome
photoOn steps

Observed while visiting the U.S. Mint.

I work just a couple of blocks away from here, and used to work under the dome. I have no idea why it took me so long to log this benchmark. I took a look around the Capitol during a lunch-hour walk today and made a note of the mile-high markers on the west steps, and made sure the dome is still in place. Yep, sure is.

My very first benchmark! Found it at 9h55 on my first complete day in Denver! Cool !!

photoOne Mile!

Enjoyed my visit to the Colorado State Capitol today.

photoColorado State Capitol Dome

Yep, it's here.

Found while in town visiting family.

Found in good shape, as described.

Found the benchmark of DENVER STATE CAPITOL DOME together with Napoleone1972 today.
My very first benchmark as well. I study in Denver until August and I had a really great time in this City.
TFTC and greetings from Germany !!!

Found the marker(s) of DENVER STATE CAPITOL DOME - one mile high markers

My very first benchmark, and of course I chose this emblematic one for my visit to Colorado and Denver (10 beautiful days)


photoDENVER STATE CAPITOL DOME - one mile high NAVD83
DENVER STATE CAPITOL DOME - one mile high marker NAVD83
photoDENVER STATE CAPITOL DOME - three different
photoDENVER STATE CAPITOL DOME - one mile high markers
DENVER STATE CAPITOL DOME - one mile high markers
photoDENVER STATE CAPITOL DOME - highest markers

[(:)] found on a beautiful trip to Denver. love the weather here.

Visited the Mint then the capital. Both were very cool and now I get to log this benchmark as well. Got pictures of the 2 Mile High medallions as well.

photoCapital Building
photoBoth Mile High Medallions

Beautiful building! On our way to Grande Junction.

Visiting Denver for a couple of days on the way to Grand Junction. Found this marker, and the other two as well.

This iconic benchmark needs a little TLC...

a cool day at the capitol

photoone of the benchmarks on the steps

visiting family in Aurora, and a side trip to the capital

We've been here before but didn't know about this benchmark so we stopped by on our way home from a geocaching event in Greeley today to log this one. Looks beautiful lit up at night! :)

photoDenver State Capitol Dome
The batteries were dead in my camera so I had to take this one with my phone :(

The dome is still there.

photoThe dome.

Does anyone else find it curious that the altitude is listed at: 5492 feet?
OK, OK, so the KK1709 referrers to the dome not the disk....

yeah, it is still there...

photoMile High Benchmark, via the steps (photo a)
photoMile High
photoMile High Benchmark (2nd B/M)
photofamily shot on the steps

been there a number of time it is cool

We found this benchmark in front of Denver State Capitol during walking around.

Me in front of Denver State Capitol ... one mile above sea.

I have visited this place several time, but only today I found out that there was a benchmark. Nice. :-)

Found while caching around town

Found this one and even did the dome tour. Although on the tour you can only get up to the part with the big windows that is the layer just below the gold dome.

Our first Benchmark at my moms old workplace

As described.

photoDenver CO Capitol Dome

Kinda hard to miss with all that gold!

photoDome at midday
photoElevation 5280
On capital building west stairs

Easy to see, especially at night.


Beautiful! We saw this today on our way to the hotel.

Yes, and took the free tour of the state capitol. There is a dome tour, but maybe another day.

Viewed along with ORNITH.

Found with Queens Blessing. Pretty hard to miss! Photo posted, ORNITH

photoColorado's "Dome".

I can see this one from my house.

Found while looking for the mile high benchmarks, and there it was.

Visited the capitol and the mint today.

Found this marker while visiting the State Capitol.

Found it??? Like you could loose something this big!!


Impressive dome


Found this one while attending a quilt show at the State Capitol.

Found this with my family today while completing a coin mission

photoMy daughter, the coin, and 3 markers
photoActual Benchmark (the dome)

Very cool benchmark to find.

Found (and entered) with visiting family.

photoEntering the Capital

Found (and entered) while hosting relatives from out of town.

Saw while hangin out in Downtown Denver today. Beautiful indeed!

My favorite benchmark find of the day.

Got this one with SkeletorCO.
The pic shows the BM and the matching BM coin!!

photoBM and Matching Coin

No problems finding this one.

Found while on a tour of the city.

Saw this one on a trip to Denver a few years ago. Just logging it now.

The Colorado State Capitol is the first US State Capitol building to receive LEED certification - proving older buildings can also be made energy efficient and keep their charm and history.


Got curious about benchmarking yesterday at the Colorado Geo Caht 2009. this was an easy one

Bear and Soup
Jay and Linda

My first bench mark.

photoPicture 884
photoPicture 886

Pretty cool to see this, looks like they made a couple of adjustments over the years.

The whole family found this one, not just dad. Mom's family was in to visit so we took Papa, Bema, Ty and Alison downtown and we made this fun discovery on the Capitol steps. First family benchmark!

Awesome find. Wasn't expecting it at all.

Toured the capital and stood on the mile high step(s) for my birthday.

Found this old picture from before we were on and thought we should add this one.

photoReflection in the Benchmark
photoCapitol Dome

Officially logging this as our first Benchmark. Enjoyed viewing the Capital/Dome while downtown taking the photo of Snuggly Kitten and the $20 Coin of Dooom! @ The Denver Mint.

In the area for a vacation.....climbed inside to the very top for the view.....(*v*)

Visited Colorados State Capitol building in Denver with my family on a vacation trip. You can't miss this wonderful golden Dome. We also discovered the three Mile High markers on the western stairways. Also very interesting for us were the portraits of all American Presidents in the building under the dome. Who will be the next in line? There is still some room for more.
King Hubi and Family

photoKK1709 - DENVER STATE CAPITOL DOME [west side]
photoThe golden Dome from inside
photoWho will be the next in Line
photoThe three Mile High Markers in a row
... It seems there was some confusion over the years as to exactly where the celebrated spot falls on the Capitol's steps. In 1909, officials tried to keep a marker on the 15th step, but in 1947 etched in the words "One Mile Above Sea Level" after the plaque was repeatedly stolen. Engineers in 1969 determined that a new marker should be placed on the 18th step. In 2003 land surveyors moved the point to the 13th step - 3.03 feet down - and installed a third marker ...
photo1969 - Mile High Marker [closeup]
photo2003 - Mile High Marker [closeup]

Took a nice dome tour this morning. The tour guide was very friendly. Nice view from up there.

Interesting story in one of the logs.

photoshiny benchmarks
photoone mile engraving
photoat night
photoduring the day

Been inside the Capitol building several times when I lived in Denver; I always made a point a taking out of town guests to the mile high step!

Stopped by to get the survey marker on the steps-n-had to check this one out from inside. Stood on the steps dead center. An awesome sight.

photo2003 Mile High Benchmark

1 Mile above Sea Level! Whew!

HA HA ha it took me a while to re find this site.

Easy find. The legislature was in session today and my daughter and I stopped in for a quick peek.

Not hard to find on a clear day. Found while visiting Denver for the Geological Society of America annual conference, 2007. Hello to Penn State Brandywine!

Had to find while in the area.

Hard to miss this one!

Found this benchmark while navigating through the Taste of Colorado festival area to pick up a tux for a wedding.

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photoColorado State Capitol Dome

Not hard to find.

Nice, the dome is also a benchmark, who would have thought.

My wife's hometown. Her grandparents weren't in good enough shape to make it out for the wedding, so we came out from Indiana to spend our 1-year anniversary with them. My first real time spent in Colorado. I think I'm going to like coming back here. I like this picture since you can see my awkward attempt at taking the picture.

photoMagic 8 Ball at the Dome

Had to see this while on a move from Green Bay to Prescott, Az.

Found this while on a walk to complete an Earthcache.

I have lived here 20 years and always assumed I had visited the capital building. That's what you get for assuming! Tour was neat, quilt expo also going on.

Walked all around this area today, glad I noticed that this was a benchmark.

I was earthcaching (Denver EarthStones - Capitol) and decided to grab this benchmark too.

Found & wandered around inside Capital for a while.


Saw it while picking up KK0359.

View from my office

Found while attending FEMA's MapMod Denver Summit.

The datasheet available from the NGS does include descriptive text.

Report submitted to the NGS.

photoKK1709; DENVER, CO.jpg

Logging this late. I always seem to forget to log the benchmarks I run across while geocaching.

Looked all over found the mile high markers didn't realize that the dome was the benchmark, was told by someone who worked there that the small dome on top was the offical marker. Will have to bring my camera with the telephoto lens to get a close up. Was fun looking for it!

Found this one while out west.

A mile-high find on a beautiful day. Hard to miss this one!


Drove all the way around the block to find it.

see the ball.

Yep, it's still there.

Nice and amazing building and easy to find – and very interesting.
Best Regards
willimax from Germany

photocapital dome

Great easy find. First observed in 1895 that's amazing!

16:51 Found it but who has not seen this???

photoCapital Dome...

Found as described. This was pretty easy as I work 1 block away. I never noticed the ball where the official benchmark is, though.

Thanks to this benchmark I was able to find my way around downtown Denver. Can't wait until the tour is open again

Found it right where they built a few years back. I also found the Mile High marks in the capitol steps.

photoDenver State Capitol Dome - Colorado
photoMile High 2003 - Denver, CO
photoMile High 1969 - Denver, CO
photoMile High 1969 - Denver, CO

Found while bagging the nearby Earth Cache.

I have driven by this location many times.

Found many times traveling




In Denver and had to check out these benchmarks. This one was too easy!

I work close by and can confirm that the dome is still there.

photoState Capitol
My view every workday.

A very nice capitol building dome. Gold!

Been here several times as a 'non-cacher,' who knew?! Didn't get to take photos of the mile high markers because of a big race this morning. Will get back there another day. [:-)]

Found the capital dome (surprise!), and all three 'one-mile' designations. I teased the Denver local that was with us about the fact that the only place around here that's 5,280 feet is well above the surrounding street level...and then we went over to a Rockies game, where 5,280 feet is practically at the top of the upper deck! If you ask me, Denver's claims to be the "mile high city" are a bit dubious at best. --ooga booga, springfield, mo

N 39° 44.356 W 104° 59.117

Here's a shot of the Capitol Building. The dome is really made of gold. Also, shots of the mile high markers from 1969 and 2003. The coords are for the 2003 benchmark, and whatta ya know, my gps actually registered 5280 feet!!

photoColorado State Capitol
photo1969 Mile High Marker
photo2003 Mile High

Found on vacation with the other Benchmark Blasterz!

photoCO state capitol dome, Denver CO

Hard to miss this one!


I found it interesting that there were three different markers indicating where 5280 feet was at. According to a pamphlet I picked up inside the capitol building, the letters on the steps were the first mile-high designation. In 1969 a group of engineering students made a new measurement and placed a marker three steps above the original one. There is also a marker dated 2003 that is located two steps below the original letters. I guess the whole stae of Colorado keeps moving up and down!

photo2003 Mile-High marker
This is the most recent marker, two steps above the original one.
photomore Mile-High markers
Here's a picture of me with the engraved mile-high marker, and the 1969 disk that "corrected" the designation.

Came here at night and got a shot of the disc on the steps. My GPS said the elevation was 5,279 feet.
Team Ferret
Mark & Terre

photoStep benchmark

Been here before, but went back to log the find.

Found this one while in town for a wedding. Very nice capitol building. I've been here before, but that was before i knew about benchmarks!
Clements Cacher

Took part of the tour. Picture from beneath enter of dome. 2 other can be found just out the east enterance KK0359 and KK0360

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The spot in the middle

The previous comments on this one are very funny. Thank you all for ensuring that our state capitol dome is still there. Could you check the other 49 states while you're at it?

Found this while actually looking for the famous no-PID Mile High mark. Big dome.
REVISED 05/17/06: MILE HIGH 1969, CO, is a “geodetic survey plug” mounted vertically in the face of the 18th step of the west stairway entrance to the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver, CO. It is stamped ELEVATION 5280.000 ONE MILE HIGH 5-12-69. From 1969 to 2003, it marked 5,280 feet above sea level. Handheld coordinates are N39-44.354 W104-59.110. The “mile high” spot was set originally in 1909 by “Professor Herbert A. Howe”, and marked with a tablet on the face of the 15th step (from the bottom). Over the years, vandals stole four separate “mile high” tablets. So, in 1947, the capitol building superintendent had “ONE MILE ABOVE SEA LEVEL” carved in the face of the 15th step. In 1969, students from Colorado State University determined that the original “mile high” mark was inaccurate. They installed a “geodetic survey plug” (disk) at the corrected location, the face of the 18th step. In 2002, “engineers” determined that the new NAVD 88 datum yielded a different location for the “mile high” mark. Personnel from the Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado, Metro State College and the Colorado Department of Transportation worked together to determine a new “mile high” location and mounted a survey disk (MILE HIGH 2003 – stamped STATE OF COLORADO 2003 MILE HIGH MARKER 5280 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL NAVD88 ) in the face of the 13th step. None of the three “mile high” marks are in either the Geocaching or National Geodetic Survey databases. To reach, go to the west stairway entrance to the Colorado State Capitol building in Civic Center Park at the intersection of Colfax Ave (also known as Business Interstate 70 and US Highway 287) and Sherman Street.
See the Waymark files at:

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photoColorado Capitol Dome
Looking NE at the dome.
photoColorado Capitol in Denver
Looking east at the capitol building in Denver.
photoMile High disk
photoCO Capitol, west entrance
Mile High disk is right of the camera bag at center. Note the incription on the third step down. Also note the disk scar on the face of a step at lower left.
photoMILE HIGH 1969 (no-PID)
photoMILE HIGH 2003
photoMILE HIGH 69 & 03, Denver, CO (no-PIDs)
Looking east up the capitol building steps, MH2003 is at the white notebook, MH1969 is a few steps farther up and to the (apparent) left.

Still there.

hard to miss this one, an easy find.

it's a big gold dome. hard to miss

yes, the dome is still there.

The Colorado Capital Dome in Denver is still in place!!

photoColorado Capital Dome

Can't believe no one has claimed credit for this yet. Dome is still in place, though I could not get close enough for measurements.

Documented History (by the NGS)

01/01/1895 by CGS (FIRST OBSERVED)
01/01/1942 by CGS (GOOD)
01/01/1953 by CGS (GOOD)
01/01/1958 by CGS (GOOD)
01/01/1964 by CGS (GOOD)

Control Text

  • The horizontal coordinates were established by classical geodetic methods and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in January 1993.
  • The NAVD 88 height was computed by applying the VERTCON shift value to the NGVD 29 height (displayed under SUPERSEDED SURVEY CONTROL.)
  • The Laplace correction was computed from DEFLEC99 derived deflections.
  • The geoid height was determined by GEOID99.

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