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Friday, 02 June 2006

[b]Bar Harbor Tidal Station[/b]

This bench mark and several nearby bench marks are [b]Tidal Bench Marks[/b]. They are associated with the Bar Harbor Tidal Station. Stations such as this one are maintained by the National Ocean Service (NOS) and the data are administered and published on the web by the Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS), and serve to track local tides and water levels. NOS and CO-OPS are agencies within NOAA, as is the NGS. See the page on the Co-OPS web site for this station: [url=,%20NY&type=Bench%20Mark%20Data%20Sheets]Tidal Station 841 3320[/url].

The bench marks are at the Municipal Pier and on nearby areas and one is on the Post Office up on Cottage Street. The Tidal Guage is located on the pier at the outer left (north) corner.

The [b]Primary Bench Mark[/b] (NOS #169 "841 3320 TIDAL 13") is a non-NGS station, so I'm putting this note here which happens to be the only NGS station (aside from the one on the Post Office) that is not destroyed. I have also put the photos for the non-NGS stations here. The NOS datasheet has directions for finding these marks, so make sure you print it out before you drive up there, and give them all a look.

There are 8 bench marks currently associated with this tidal station, plus 3 that are no longer used and 2 brand new ones that I found that are not yet in the NOS database. Of these 13, 4 were destroyed by the park and sea wall rebuilding project in late 2004 and early 2005. I did not look for 2 others, but the remaining 7 (including 2 NGS stations) are all in good condition. I suspect the two new marks were set in part to make up for the 4 marks that were lost in the last 2 years.

NOS #164 [url=]PE0283[/url] "TIDAL 8 STA 11" deserves special mention. It was set on a park bench which was removed during construction, and then put back last year at a different spot. You can still find the disk but remember, as a bench mark it is destroyed. See my note for that station.

The benchmarks are:

Current NOS datasheet: [url=]Current 841 3320 bench marks[/url]

169 "841 3320 TIDAL 13" Primary - Good condition
163 [url=]PE0281[/url] K 22 Good condition
165 PE0282 "TIDAL 9 STA 11" [b]Destroyed[/b]
166 PE0284 "TIDAL 10 1968 STA 11" [b]Destroyed[/b]
167 "841 3320 TIDAL 11" Good condition
170 "841 3320 TIDAL 14" Good condition
172 PE0286 "TIDAL 6 STA 11" [b]Destroyed[/b]
13826 AI8315 "841 3320 TIDAL 1" Good (this station)

Superceded NOS datasheet: [url=,%20ME&type=Superseded%20Bench%20Mark]Superceded 841 3320 bench marks[/url]

164 [url=]PE0283[/url] "TIDAL 8 STA 11" [b]Destroyed[/b]
168 "841 3320 TIDAL 12" not searched for
171 "841 3320 TIDAL J" not searched for

New bench marks found, not yet on the NOS datasheets.

"841 3320 TIDAL A" Good condition
"841 3320 TIDAL B" Good condition

[This entry was edited by Papa-Bear-NYC on Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 5:32:55 PM.]

NOS #170 "841 3320 Tidal 14",Bar Harbor ME

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