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Found it Montana Latitude found WARD MTN ET

Saturday, 07 June 2003

N 46° 00.000 W 114° 00.000

Kick In the *Ss, to the top, and in the snow. Found it, I have't been up here for probably 25 years. I picked a day in June and this was it,,,I lost the trail at around 1.3 miles from the Benchmark,, exactly where the trail gets to Judd Creek but proceeded to venture on, there was an average of 5 feet of snow still on the ground,,,guessing here there could have been 4 and a half and could have been 10,, who knows I never measured it with a tape.. Just judge for your self by the photos,,,of course there was none on the top of the mountian,,,,,,dah. I would'nt have located the Benchmark.

[last edit: 6/9/2003 4:54:33 PM PST]

View of the benchmarkThis is the benchmark,, found as data sheet described.