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Found it southpawaz found TABLE

Sunday, 08 November 2009

Recovered station TABLE, along with RM E (chiseled cross), RM NNW (1936), and RM 2 (1960 eccentric), all in good condition.

As a side note, TABLE has some historical significance, as one of the principal stations set during the 1908-1911 Texas-California arc of primary triangulation. This was the first major triangulation surveying done by the USC&GS in Arizona, making this one of the oldest triangulation stations set by the USC&GS in Arizona. The section across Arizona was surveyed in 1910-11, and stretched from Deming, NM to stations in California near Yuma and Needles, and also tied in to previous surveys of the southern border near Nogales and Yuma. Eleven of the principal stations in Arizona were newly set by the USCG&S, and the two other stations used were set previously by the USGS. Of these thirteen stations, fewer than six remain intact as originally set. Note that the surface of the station disk is flat, rather than domed. This style of disk was in use until circa 1920, when the USCG&S switched to domed disks.

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DA1442 TABLE closeup

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