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Found it Harry Dolphin found HAMBURGH 1882

Saturday, 22 July 2006

This one intrigued me, so I went for it. It is located in Hamburg Mountain Wildlife Management Area. I parked at a parking area/large rock ledge on Sand Pond Road, just before the 'No Trespassing' signs. From there I bushwhacked the .35 mile to the station. Down to, and across, the stream, then a fairly gentle two hundred foot climb up Hamburg Mountain.
The station is located in bedrock 13 feet south of a five foot boulder, and eleven feet north of an exposed rock ledge with a guy anchor for the 1936 tower. The station is underneath two rocks with a piece of pink surveying tape.
Reference Mark 2 was recovered at hand-help GPS coordinates of N 41º 08.883 W 074º 31.801. Reference Mark 3 was recovered at hand-held GPS coordinates of N 41º 08.891 W 074º 31.801. Unble to locate RM1 (No directions or distances are listed.) Also recovered original Reference Mark 1 (cross cut on south face of large boulder). Unable to locate original Reference Marks 2 or 3. I also found two of the footings of the 1936 tower.
This is the only place I've seen Hamburgh with the 'h' at the end.

LY2618 Hardyston Sussex NJ Close Up

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