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Didn't find it pgrig couldn't find MEL 1935

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Station was searched for on 5/16/08, but was not found. It should be recoverable, however.

References were used from the telephone pole and the corner of the house next door, at #22 Melvin St.

But the general area of the mark is in the midst of heavy overgrowth and poison ivy (see photos). A reflective target was not used, so it was hard to hold the laser rangefinder on the house corner. The immediate area is covered with a patchwork of exposed ledge, much of which has been encroached by creeping sod and moss, so the drill holes were not found. Another try is called for.

MY2590-Area-1Photo looks (NNW) towards #22 Melvin St. Supposed location of station is indicated by yellow square.

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