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Thursday, 13 October 2011

I am not sure what I found. At first I was excited because I thought I found the remains of a large concrete arrow (see photos of an east-west concrete strip that could be an arrow with no head). However, after picture taking, I spoke with a neighbor across the street (who had lived there for 20 years) and he said he thought that was the foundation for an old chicken coop that used to be there… (the sound you just heard was my bubble bursting).

I guess I don’t even know if the station IS supposed to be a concrete arrow – it does not specifically describe the station in the description.

So – I either found an awesome portion of an old rare airway beacon or I found the underlayment for chicken poop.

(Note, in 2007 legacypac mentioned a concrete arrow, however, Google Earth images back to 1998 only show a rectangular concrete strip. From Google Earth, the concrete strip I photographed was about 120 feet x 25 feet - aligned east-west.)

A concrete strip near TR1852. Looking north-northeast. Could just be a building foundation.

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