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Found it ribozyme found ILLINOIS

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Although it is mentioned that this mark is underground I wasn't sure what to expect and was at first disappointed when I saw a large metal cover that appeared to be set into the sidewalk where the mark should be. However the metal cover easily slides off revealing the mark below. The mark was a bit muddy and hard to read due to recent rain, but it was easy to find.

Strangely, the datasheet provided by this site is missing a significant recovery log from 1984 that is present in the official NGS datasheet. This log states that the number two azimuth mark was destroyed and that a third azimuth mark was set. I've included pictures of that mark as it doesn't have its own PID. This mark is located at approximately:
N 40° 05.869 W 088° 14.008

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