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Thursday, 22 March 2007

This was a very interesting recovery. Not wanting to bother firefighters that might have been up all night or something, I have previously refrained from asking permission to go up in their fire training tower. Drove by again today, as they were driving back into the station. Couldn't be sleeping now! Walked over and asked, considerable explaining, phone call to the Battalion Cheif (BC), and we had permission.

Found out that the tower is due for serious refurb, or maybe destruction (budget pending). The stairs and roof are in need of replacement, and the tower is not being used at this time for training. We had to be very careful on the stairs, and the roof is a little soft in places.

Oh, and just as I finished snapping my pics quickly, of course, they had another alarm to respond to! We really hustled down the four floors of stairs, so they could get ready to respond to another potential life saving trip. Keep up the good work, guys!

The mark recovery will be documented on NGS. Other geocachers, please refrain from bothering the firefighters. They have enough to do as is.

Fire Training Tower of DX4819The marks are on the top of this three story tower.

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