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Found it Papa-Bear-NYC found 367 NYBE+A

Friday, 07 July 2006

Found as described in good condition.

The monumentation date on the datasheet is wrong. It was actually monumented in 1909. This bench mark is one of the over 1100 marks set in 1909-1913 in the first city-wide survey done after the consolodation of the 5 boroughs of the city in 1898. The survey is documented in the volume [i]Precise Leveling in New York City[/i] by Frederick W. Koop, available in the NY Public Library. "NYBE+A" stands for the New York Board of Estimate and Apportionment.

The disk is one of only about 20 surviving in the city.

KV0568 "367 NYBE+A" setting, Redhook,BrooklynThe two marks are set one above the other in the base of the school.

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