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Our location-based, experiential marketing programs are innovative, measurable, and customized. Reach new markets and gamify story-worthy moments both online and in the real world by working with Geocaching Headquarters.

Engage with a large, playful audience

Create self-guided walking tours, interactive challenges, treasure hunts, and more. Attract both experienced players and brand new visitors to locations that unlock Adventures into the virtual world and leave physical containers behind.

Adventure Lab®

Connect your brand

Engage with a global audience of outdoor enthusiasts and tell your brand’s story to the geocaching community with live experiences that are meaningful and authentic. Ignite the spirit of discovery with customized promotions that create lasting brand impressions for years to come.

Partnerships and Promotions

Attract travel-ready geocachers

Local gems are already all around your destination waiting to be highlighted. Hide a clever set of geocaches at these interesting locations and invite visitors to stay a few days to find them all. Join destinations around the world offering our self-guided solutions.

Travel and Tourism

API Developers

Create innovative tools for the geocaching community using the official Geocaching API.


Merchandise Program

We provide physical products and branded items related to geocaching. We sell retail in the United States and globally through a network of approved distributors. Connect with us for both vendor and reseller opportunities.

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