Spread Math Love with Texas Instruments

Spread math love!

It’s time to discover your own math love. Whether you already have an affinity for arithmetic, or you’re a numbers newcomer who’s just discovering this joy for the first time, this geocaching experience has something you’ll love. Share your experiences using #SpreadMathLove and #TICacheContest for a chance to win your own TI calculator and other fun prizes!

Contest Rules

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Log or Activate a trackable

Texas Instruments (TI) joined forces with Geocaching to release 3,000 trackables and help spread the love of math all around the world. For the first time, you can earn a special Spread Math Love digital souvenir, when you log any of the five math buddy trackables from June 1 to December 31, 2021!

First, it’s a chance to enjoy the outdoors. Mathematics surrounds us in nature, from the concentric circles on a tree stump, to the Fibonacci spiral in a seashell or pinecone. Even the symmetry of spider webs and the shape of tree branches are love-ly examples of math.

Second, it’s an activity you can share with those you love most. Adventures are always better when shared. When you find a math buddy, move it to another geocache so others can share in the fun. That way, the joy is always raised, exponentially.

Lastly, there might just be a special math bonus if you’re able to find all five trackables. Get out there and start your own math adventure. There’s a whole world of math love waiting for you. <3

We strongly encourage geocachers to follow the most current guidance from public health authorities when choosing how to participate in activities such as geocaching. Read the Geocaching Blog for tips about how to stay connected with geocaching during these challenging times, especially if you cannot go out right now. Your health and safety are the top priority!

Find a Math Buddy trackable near you!

Texas Instrument’s Math Buddy trackables are on their way to geocachers across the United States. They will get dropped in a geocache and show up on this map soon!

Cache the whole gang! A preview of the five different Spread Math Love trackables available to find.

Share photos of your Math Buddy trackable while geocaching!

Post your photos to Twitter or Instagram with #SpreadMathLove and #TICacheContest for a chance to win awesome prizes from TI graphing calculators to exclusive math love swag. See full rules and terms and conditions.