Geocaching in the News

Since Geocaching was first profiled in the New York Times in October of 2000, the sport has been on tv, radio, national and local magazines and newspapers. Below is a list of press in the current year. If we are missing an article, please let us know. Past years articles can be found in the archives.

17 Aug 07 Online Resident News
(Jacksonville, NC)
Geocaching a high-tech game of hide-and-seek in Historic Districts Lilla Ross
17 Aug 05 Online Shanghai Daily
(Shanghai, China)
Hide-and-seek: Treasure hunters use GPS to lead them to caches Lu Feiran
17 Jul 06 Online The Conversation
Forget cash: geocaching shows there are other ways to create value online Martyn Wright
17 Jul 06 Online Yesterday Island
(Nantucket, MA)
A Hunt for Real Treasure – Geocaching Sarah T. Bois
17 Jul 03 Online GraysHarbor Talk
(Grays Harbor, WA)
Geocaching Around Grays Harbor Douglas Scott
17 Jul 03 Online Sault This Week
(Sault, O)
Web-based, eco-friendly sport gets players outside SARA McCLEARY
17 Jun 30 Online Corvallis Advocate
(Corvallis, OR)
Corvallis Geocaching: Hidden Places, Tiny Delights Corvallis, OR
17 Jun 29 Online Petoskey News
(Petoskey, MI)
The Graphic Grace Ellwanger
17 Jun 19 Online Thurston Talk
(Thurston, WA)
Trekking around Hood Canal on a Geocache Hunt Anne Rowley
17 Jun 19 Online Davis County Tourism & Events
(David County, UT)
Five Great Geocaching Spots in Davis County Staff
17 Jun 15 Online Geocaching Revelstoke
(Revelstoke, BC)
Revelstoke Review Alex Cooper
17 Jun 12 Online Charlotte Parent
(Charlotte, NC)
How to Geocache in Charlotte Courtney MCLAUGHLIN
17 Jun 07 Online The Hindu
How to fill the unforgiving minute Prathap Nair
17 Jun 04 Online Times Free Press
(Chattanooga, TN)
Hidden Treasure without the 'treasure' part Mark Kennedy
17 May 20 Online The Wichita Eagle
(Wichita, KS)
Geocaching: 12,000 Kansas treasures waiting to be found Michael Pearce
17 May 18 Online Eugene Weekly
(Eugene, OR)
A Modern Treasure Hunt Carl Segerstrom
17 May 16 Online Credit Donkey
Best Travel Apps You're Missing Out On Staff
17 May 09 Online Destin
(Destin, CO)
Hide & Seek: Geocaching Destin Savannah Vasquez
17 Apr 10 Online Reporter Herald
(Loveland, CO)
Loveland Classical students hunt, hide treasures Pamela Johnson
17 Apr 09 Online ActionHub
The Case for Taking Up Geocaching (and How to Start) Connor Mollison
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