Geocaching in the News

Since Geocaching was first profiled in the New York Times in October of 2000, the sport has been on tv, radio, national and local magazines and newspapers. Below is a list of press in the current year. If we are missing an article, please let us know. Past years articles can be found in the archives.

17 May 20 Online The Wichita Eagle
(Wichita, KS)
Geocaching: 12,000 Kansas treasures waiting to be found Michael Pearce
17 May 18 Online Eugene Weekly
(Eugene, OR)
A Modern Treasure Hunt Carl Segerstrom
17 May 16 Online Credit Donkey
Best Travel Apps You're Missing Out On Staff
17 May 09 Online Destin
(Destin, CO)
Hide & Seek: Geocaching Destin Savannah Vasquez
17 Apr 10 Online Reporter Herald
(Loveland, CO)
Loveland Classical students hunt, hide treasures Pamela Johnson
17 Apr 09 Online ActionHub
The Case for Taking Up Geocaching (and How to Start) Connor Mollison
17 Mar 30 Online WUFT
Explore Florida: A Geocaching Challenge Chase Drayer
17 Mar 25 Online
Tech Talk: Five apps that encourage users to leave the house Mark Nessia
17 Mar 25 Online Bristol Herald
(Bristol, VA)
CACHE IN, TRASH OUT Participants search for geocaches at Sugar Hollow Park ROBERT SORRELL
17 Mar 16 Online The Journal
(Martinsburg, CA)
Geocaching seminar set to entice newcomers Emily Daniels
17 Mar 13 Online The Panther
(Orange, CA)
Geocache me outside Alana Williams
17 Mar 12 Online The Mercury
(Manhattan, KS)
Enthusiast moves regional geocaching event to Kansas Ron Wilson
17 Mar 06 Online Campus Times
(Rochester, NY)
Treasure hunting in the 21st century Nina Listro
17 Mar 05 Online The National
Why don't you try this...Geocaching Staff
17 Mar 04 Online Hays Post
(Hays, KS)
Now That’s Rural: Ryan Semmel, Geocaching Part 1 Ron Wilson
17 Feb 27 Online Health 24
Running out of ideas? Here are 6 fun ways to keep kids active Staff
17 Feb 19 Online Statesman Journal
(Salem, OR)
Kid Trips: Geocaching uncovers neighborhood treasures Holly Hamlin
17 Feb 05 Online NR Today
(Roseburg, OR)
Geocaching brings enthusiasts to Roseburg Emily Hoard
17 Feb 02 Online Central Jersey
(Princeton, NJ)
Treasure hunting around princeton Keith Loria
17 Jan 24 Online Women Love Tech
(United States)
Geocaching : The Treasure Hunting Game For Adventure Seekers Emma Crameri
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