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Geocaching in the News

Since Geocaching was first profiled in the New York Times in October of 2000, the sport has been on tv, radio, national and local magazines and newspapers. Below is a list of press in the current year. If we are missing an article, please let us know. Past years articles can be found in the archives.

18 Sep 24 Online Medical Xpress
The 'gamification' of health: What motivates you? Rose Trapnel
18 Sep 23 Online HeraldNet
(Mill Creek, WA)
Geocaching: A treasure hunt for the turn of the century Evan Thompson
18 Sep 19 Online Pickens Progress Online
(Pickens, GA)
Geocaching couple hiding local treasures Dan Pool
18 Sep 14 Online Haven Magazine
Hide and Seek Belinda Glindemann
18 Sep 09 Online
Let's play treasures? Natalia Costa
18 Sep 07 Online Jasakom
(Jakarta, )
Sensation of Real Treasure Hunt Through Application Detik
18 Sep 04 Online
(Drosendorf, Germany)
The treasure hunters of modern times Staff
18 Sep 03 Online
Seine et Marne. Thanks to geocaching, discover Provins differently Maxime Berthelot
18 Sep 03 Online The Villages Daily Sun
(Lady Lake, FL)
Go on a tech treasure hunt Michael Salerno
18 Sep 02 Online Sksd
(Bokskogen, Sweden)
Keep in the woods Kristina Davidson
18 Aug 31 Online NRZ
(Heike Waldor-Schäfer)
NRZ Geocaching: The adventure lurks behind every stone Heike Waldor-Schafer
18 Aug 28 Online News.Merumo
Treasure hunt on a global scale? Geocaching rules and participation methods Kanau
18 Aug 27 Online Volksfreund
(Trier, Germany)
A secret scavenger hunt through Trier Alexander Krist
18 Aug 26 Online Gear Hungry
(United States)
15 Best Fitness Apps for Men Jordan Carter
18 Aug 25 Online Park Rapid Enterprise
(Park Rapids, MN)
Geocaching galore: Treasure hunters meet in Menahga Shannon Geisen
18 Aug 25 Online Williston Herald
(Williston, ND)
Tiny treasures await here, there and everywhere Renée Jean
18 Aug 25 Online L'EST Republican
(Malzeville, France)
An ecological treasure hunt on the Plateau Staff
18 Aug 23 Online GP
(Gothenburg, Sweden)
Finding hiding places with geocaching - a modern treasure hunt Staff
18 Aug 21 Online Nord Bayern
(Bayern, Germany)
Outdoor scavenger hunt with digital help in ERH Max Danhauser
18 Aug 20 Online Waz
(Toeppersee, Germany)
Geocachers from Rumeln-Kaldenhausen clean up at Toeppersee Petra Kuiper
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