Our business and our play have been linked for over 14 years, it’s about time we made it official.

Captain Rodney’s is releasing special trackables at events and in geocaches across the USA. Finders can share photos of their adventures on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win Captain Rodney’s prize packs and more! Submit your photo with the hashtags

#CachingWithCaptainRodneys #contest

Find your Treasure. Share the adventure.

Ready to get started?

Our business is making great all-natural foods. Our play is Geocaching.

Join us on our adventure #CachingWithCaptainRodneys #contest

We started our family business making all-natural products in 1995. This meant a lot of traveling, going to trade shows and sampling our products in stores. In 2003, a fellow traveler sent me a link to

That email changed our lives.

Travel now means more than an opportunity to share our products, it is also a chance to explore, to find geocaches in cool locations, the true “hidden treasures” of the game. If you’ve got to be on the road anyway, you might as well make it an adventure.

The game has given so much to us that we wanted to give something back. Our work and play have always been linked, so giving away trackables just made sense.  So, this summer we will be traveling across the country, attending Mega-Events and hosting our own events to give away Captain Rodney’s Trackable Tags. Nothing to buy, no sales pitch, just come out, visit with us, share your stories and be a part of the journey.

We will also be hiding unactivated tags and surprises in geocaches and random spots along the road, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see where we are and get a chance at one of these hidden treasures.

So, why are we doing this? Officially, we hope to “increase brand awareness” but it really comes down to telling our friends more about what we do. We would love for you to visit our website and learn more. We hope that when you see Captain Rodney’s in the store, you remember us and take a bottle home. Once you’ve tried our products, we know you will love them and tell your friends. Like a great geocache that you talk about at events, we want Captain Rodney’s to be a treasure that you share.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Captain Rodney’s treasure hunt without a little something extra, so we are hosting a contest to win Captain Rodney’s prizes! All you need to do is carry a Captain Rodney’s trackable geocaching anywhere in the world and snap a photo of it to share your adventure. Post the photo on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #CachingWithCaptainRodneys #contest to enter. On October 31, 2017, we will pick 25 of the coolest pictures, the ones that truly capture Geocaching, Captain Rodney’s and our shared spirit of adventure to win Captain Rodney’s prize packs!

So, from Monkeybrad, Evek, Scoot the Frog and Liam we invite you to

Join us on “Captain Rodney’s Great American Treasure Hunt” and take part in the adventure.

Congratulations to the photo contest winners!

Grand Prize Winner – Bill Bresee
25 Runner-up winners