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Ranger Rick's Geocache Trails™ — Calling All Adventurers

Greetings, fellow geocachers! My pals and I went geocaching and left behind a trail for you to follow.

Join Ranger Rick and his pals on their latest adventure — Geocaching!

Grab your passport and hit the trail to solve
Ranger Rick's mystery.

Print your Ranger Rick's Geocache Trails Passport >>

How to Play:

First, download the coordinates for each geocache on the trail to your GPS device.

Note: Each trail will have 3, 5, or 8 geocaches to find.

Hit the trail and find a cache! Every geocache along Ranger Rick's Geocache Trails contains a clue card and stamp. When you find each geocache:

  • Answer the riddle on the clue card.
  • Use the stamp to mark your passport with the correct answer. (Please leave the clue card and stamp in the geocache for others.)

Next find the other geocaches on the trail.

After your adventure:

  • Log on to and record your findings for each geocache you discovered.
  • Visit to check your passport answers and learn more about Ranger Rick and his pals.

Find A Trail Near You! >>

As you find each geocache, try to guess which one of us was there and left behind the clue.

There's more to explore.

Look for the "More to Explore" activities on each clue card, for extra things to do on your adventure. To complete the bonus activities, bring along a notebook, pen or pencil, crayons (for rubbings), and a camera.

Check out these geocaching tips for a safe and fun adventure. >>

More on Ranger Rick's Geocache Trails >>

Ranger Rick's Geocache Trails™ are a part of Be Out There, NWF's movement to connect kids with nature.

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