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Found it Lacknothing found PIRATES ASHORE!! Lies o' t' Seven Seas

Monday, April 8, 2013Wisconsin

Out with Hearty Soles, Hack1of2 and redwingrr today enjoying a day of caching with the girl posse. Arghh...that's all I have to say. Actually, I have a lot more to say that is just not fits for the likes of this log. This one gave us a heap of trouble today. We found the first WP without any problem, but then the trouble began...and we could not for the life of us, figure out a solution. We knew there was booty to plunder, but how to get at the booty we knew not. We tried a number of things, but nothing....then we decided to go on to the next cache and come back to this one. Still no thoughts on what to do. So we backtracked to where we were doing laundry and took a good look at that one and still found nothing. Renee thought she remembered seeing something, but turns out she had been drinking (we found her empty bottle nearby). So off we went, back to WP1. Sue even tried calling that pirate husband of hers....but that scallywag couldn't remember anything either or at least what he did remember, made no sense. As it would turn out, that scallywag remembered very well - if only we had heeded his counsel more. Arghhh...what's a pirate to do?! Back to WP1 we practically crawled, our spirits low....we could smell the loot of the final - so close and yet so far away. We needed the last pieces of eight to complete the treasure map. Would the day be for naught? Wouldn't you know that it was that scallywag pirate Sue, who came to the rescue. She spotted something that was like invisible ink....whoa....that is off we go to investigate....and wouldn't you know she was right?! Kim with the find here, but we STILL WERE NOT DONE....the booty is so close and yet we still do not have it. Back down the trail we go and we arrive at GZ and it is now that the memories come flooding back to Sue....this is the part she remembers.....she has been telling us about this part for quite some time, and we did not believe her. Now we do. She is a much better pirate than the rest of us scallywags. So we draw straws and I get the short one. Did I mention that my wash machine is broken - this does not bode well for me, but I suck it up like a good pirate should and do what needs to be done. The booty is finally in hand and we are all strutting around like good pirates do (well everyone else was - I wasn't really able to from my position). Then photos of everything....signed the log.....looks like this one has not been found since October 9, 2011 - so we are confused about the find logged in December of 2012. This was a super fun, super frustrating, super rewarding multi and definitely my favorite of the entire series! Thanks for a well done mutli!

Not found since 10/09/11 - hmmmm....

Additional Images Additional Images

Not found since 10/09/11 - hmmmm.... Not found since 10/09/11 - hmmmm....

Just a bit dirty...but... Just a bit dirty...but...

It gets better!  Just a bit dirty.... It gets better! Just a bit dirty....

infoA multi-cache ("multiple") involves two or more locations, the final location being a physical container. There are many variations, but most multi-caches have a hint to find the second cache, and the second cache has hints to the third, and so on. An offset cache (where you go to a location and get hints to the actual cache) is considered a multi-cache.
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