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Found it RonGerth found Charlie Brown: Linus

Tuesday, August 11, 2009Minnesota

Ahhh, where to begin. I will begin at the end.

Found the cache after a pretty good search. When we finally found it you could tell that it has been awhile since it was found last as the camo job on it that Mother Nature did was a great one. Anyhow, found it, signed the log and traded swag. No travel bugs or geocoins as I figure their owners would not be happy if I did that to them. We rehid the container.

My wife and I worked on this cache puzzle for around 15 hours to get it finished. She took it upon herself to solve this thing and went for it. I am sure that between the 2 of us she spent the lions share of the time doing the puzzle and hunting the words for it. I helped but was also smart enough to recognize that look in her eye that said, "later". The hint page was a great help, without it we could not have done the cache. We spent lots of time on it and found a few words that no matter how hard we looked we could not get and then after taking some time off of it (a day or so) a couple of them popped in and then the last word that I got was one of those that I knew was not right but it seemed to "fit" so I figured I would take a run at it. I did the math and eagerly entered the coordinates and took three times to punch in the code check box to get it right and then the answer came back to me wrong coordinates. Went back to the puzzle. Worked on it for an hour or so and then had to take a side trip so I took more time off of it. I have to confess that I shot off a hint request through the webpage and waited with baited breath for an answer. When i got it I was not ready for what I got back. The wrong answer was right and the digit that I knew was right, was wrong. Insert sinking feeling in stomach here....

I took a look at the words and they seemed right. I went back through the puzzle to check it out and .. Let me digress here for a second. I have had many math classes. I took calculus in college. I took geometry and trigonometry and tutored Algebra to kids to get money for beer while I was in college. I actually used statistics for a class and understood it. I substitute teach for math teachers and enjoy it. I like Math. ...back on track here. I rechecked my math just to make sure (after all it is simple adding and subtracting) and got to the part where I added 2 simple numbers and I had choked on the math. When I went back in and rechecked the coordinates they came up right.

Now came the next question. I got the coordinates at about 10pm and had the urge to take off then. I shot the cache owner and quick email and asked him about running this as a night cache. He gave me some advice that I am not going to share in this log but it was enough to make me say "lets wait until morning for this one". I got one of the boys off to a camp for him and took off with 2 of my boys to go see a cache named Linus. I told the boys 2 things on the way out, stick together with me and STAY OUT OF THE WATER, dang it. It was a great hike in the woods and was very pretty. The wild raspberries were out and thick along the trail so we had lots of stops while they rummaged through the bushes eating them. We finally made it to the cache area and and took off off of the trail to finish it off. Here is where I was really really glad that I had waited until daylight to do this one. Wow, if I said the under brush was thick you might think it was kind of thick. It was very very thick. We stumblled, hacked, re-routed to get over logs and stuff, and kept on going. Got to the point that my unit circled and said to the boys, start looking it is here someplace..........

Between the puzzle, the hike and the hunt this has to be one of my favorite caches and will go down as a cache that the boys and I remember as one of the good ones.

Thanks for the cache,

Hermantown, MN

Hi to Linus

Additional Images Additional Images

Hi to Linus Hi to Linus

Stay out of the water Stay out of the water

infoA Mystery Cache is the “catch-all” of cache types, this form of cache can involve complicated puzzles you will first need to solve to determine the coordinates. The only commonality of this cache type is that the coordinates listed are not of the actual cache location but a general reference point, such as a nearby parking location. Due to the increasing creativity of geocaching this becomes the staging ground for new and unique challenges.
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