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Found it colincactus found 30 in a Day Challenge (with a triple twist)

Monday, April 14, 2014South East England, United Kingdom

We qualified for this challenge on 17th February - a very busy day.

I was looking for something to do with my son Bobcat over half term. We decided to go round some of the footsore & weary puzzle circuits. As the day went on I realised that we had a good chance of qualifying for this challenge too.

The only trouble was I didn't have its cache details with me. I knew that we had to get 30 caches, and that one of the twists was that we had to find caches by three owners (we'd done that by then). I recalled that we had to find 3 cache types so we ended the day with some coal posts (two trads and a multi). The last one was found in the dark without a torch.

I couldn't remember what the final twist was. So we returned home with our fingers crossed and were pleased to see we'd got the required three cache sizes too.

Here are my finds (all puzzles apart from the two trads and the multi at the end):

  1. GC2T833 A High Stakes Cache Game Micro Ashtead Bushwackers
  2. GC197NA Look Vulnerable Micro tjapukai
  3. GC1B3JM Look Around F&W’s Puzzle Cache Circuit 2:2 Small footsore & weary
  4. GC1AX4P Look Measured F&W’s Puzzle Cache Circuit 2:3 Small footsore & weary
  5. GC1B4AA Look Back Again F&W’s Puzzle Cache Circuit 2:4 Small footsore & weary
  6. GC1AY7D Look Backward F&W’s Puzzle Cache Circuit 2:5 Small footsore & weary
  7. GC1B1XH Look West F&W’s Puzzle Cache Circuit 2:6 Small footsore & weary
  8. GC1B6HN Look Across F&W’s Puzzle Cache Circuit 2:8 Small footsore & weary
  9. GC18TR3 Look Pretty - F&W’s Puzzle Cache Circuit 1:1 Small footsore & weary
  10. GC191C1 Look Beyond - F&W’s Puzzle Cache Circuit 1:2 Small footsore & weary
  11. GC18WZB Look Muddled - F&W’s Puzzle Cache Circuit 1:3 Small footsore & weary
  12. GC19097 Look Weak - F&W’s Puzzle Cache Circuit 1:5 Small footsore & weary
  13. GC18ZHA Look Silly - F&W’s Puzzle Cache Circuit 1:6 Small footsore & weary
  14. GC3J3P7 blank? Regular Cache! Eh?
  15. GC3J3PB blank?? Regular Cache! Eh?
  16. GC3J3PC blank??? Small Cache! Eh?
  17. GC21XRE Look Cute Puzzle Circuit 3:5 Small footsore & weary
  18. GC2211N Look Up and Down Puzzle Circuit 3:3 Small footsore & weary
  19. GC21R0Z Look Colourful Puzzle Circuit 3:2 Small footsore & weary
  20. GC21WQB Look the Best Puzzle Circuit 3:1 Small footsore & weary
  21. GC221PT Look East Puzzle Circuit 3:9 Small footsore & weary
  22. GC21XRB Look Under the Weather Puzzle Circuit 3:8 Small footsore & weary
  23. GCYW0E Get to the root of the problem Small footsore & weary
  24. GC221PR Look Noble Puzzle Circuit 3:6 Small footsore & weary
  25. GCZEGV Pearls of Wisdom Small footsore & weary
  26. GC2M7YN Look Wet F&W Puzzle Cache Circuit 4:6 Small footsore & weary
  27. GC2M7Z1 Look Divine F&W Puzzle Cache Circuit 4:7 Small footsore & weary
  28. GC1P9EP Coal Post #153 Small Merstham Mafia
  29. GC1PA19 Coal Post #149 Small Merstham Mafia
  30. GC1PE84 Coal Post #150 Small Merstham Mafia

More details here.

We decided to pick the cache up today. I thought I knew where it was, panicked when it didn't appear to be there, then found it but nearly dropped it. A bit of a fumble but I got there in the end.

Well worth a favourite point

#1742 TFTC

Alpacas30 in a day imaginary bonus point

infoA Mystery Cache is the “catch-all” of cache types, this form of cache can involve complicated puzzles you will first need to solve to determine the coordinates. The only commonality of this cache type is that the coordinates listed are not of the actual cache location but a general reference point, such as a nearby parking location. Due to the increasing creativity of geocaching this becomes the staging ground for new and unique challenges.
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