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Found it Zartimus found BLAMMO

Friday, 04 May 2007Ontario, Canada

So, Tripper's 1000th cache! Kenmore GrizzlyG and I accompanied Trip for this historic find, on BLAMMO, the cache which won the coveted, "Most F@cked up hike" award (or some such thing) at GAG10. A well-deserved win judging from those we bumped into who tried to strangle Grizz on GAG10 night because the bottom of their boots got wet on it(grin).


And now I'm expected to codger up some memorable log as per the cache page instructions (which I've read just now). Well here goes... On the drive to Tripper's I got a call on my cellphone from Kenmore who told me:
"See that grey truck in front of you"
"Yeah" (miraculously the guy in the truck in front of me waved in his rear view mirror) "Hey Kenmore! The guy you're talking about in the truck in front of me just waved in his rear-view mirror!!" When I finally clued in, we switched positions and he followed me to Trippers and aferwards GrizzlyG's place.

When we got out into the forest I noticed that the guys clinked when they walked. What's up with that? I had two Pepsi's Grizz had given me so I kinda clanked but these guys were definitely clinking! The first way point we'd already grabbed last week so we swooped in on number 2!

Use the force Luke! "Found you how the cache with eyesight so bad?". I liked it but was slightly disappointed there was no pez.

Shortly afterwards we had a combination safe and some trivia questions. Here there were lots of spiky foliage dangerously close to groin level which made the constant bathroom breaks quite hazardous.

One of the trivia questions had to do with a funny Tripper incident. One day he was driving by the Salvation Army drop-off and it was overflowing with donated stuff. I don't remember if he was dropping stuff off or just stopping in to do some Salvation army CITO or what, but GRizzlyG had chosen that very same day to break out the bicycle and he passed by and noticed Tripper's Van and he "caught" him helping himself to a Jimi-Hendrix CD or some such thing. He may have traded a straw or something for it, I'll let him correct me in his log(if he reads this one).

By this time I had a right good blister on the go because I was wearing fireman boots (heeding the advice of the Birkenstock-shod peoples from GAG10) and they weren't the best footwear for hiking(they did come in handy on Swamp Monster though, which I hit en-route).

We came across a MALE porcupine and took several photographs of it evading us in a tree ("stupid geocachers" you could see him thinking). Since we had been loudly shouting "BLAMMO!" for no apparent reason I made a puppet out of some paper bag one of the guys had been holding onto and made the puppet say "Blammo!" for the rest of the evening. The suspension of disbelieve worked quite well because they didn't associate that it was actually me saying BLAMMO! at all. They really thought it was the puppet. Because of this I said several other things with the puppet which will never be fully attributed to me in any way. Try it sometime at home folks!

When we made it to the end, it got very emotional. Ole Yeller about to git shot emotional! It was apparent that every way point made fun of Tripper in some way and this cache was constructed to mark his 1000th find. Way to go! GrizzlyG! We commemorated the occasion with with brew and dark carbonated beverages along with a 4-way moonshot which will probably never see the light of day. You need to represent a 1 and three zero's, so I won't go into detail about how one does that with the buttockial region(suffice it to say it is possible though!). We also took the occasion to present GrizzlyG his prize for GAG10, that free book by some guy with the travel bug tag hanging off it it.

Kudos to the guy who called Grizz a "Twisted little monkey!"! When you do this cache, keep the criticism flowing! Each word feeds GrizzlyG's inner CHI and eggs him on to do a similar beast in the future. He loves the comments! Keep them coming!!!!


Uhh.. watch your stepOne day GrizzlyG ate some Doritoes (not his usual brand), and then suddenly he had to do something, and he lost his sunglasses in the rush to find an appropriate spot, so he marked the something and went back weeks later, and found his sunglasses! (actually I think this was from a dog, but it goes good with the story)

Additional Images Additional Images


My schwartz is bigger than your Schwartz!! My schwartz is bigger than your Schwartz!!

Hope you Hope you're a hockey fan!

The happy little Grizzly elf! The happy little Grizzly elf!

two MOEs! two MOEs!

Kenmore Kenmore's spotlight

Tripper Tripper's 1000th find!

GAG10- most F*cked up hike award! GAG10- most F*cked up hike award!

GrizzlyBat! GrizzlyBat!

Uhh.. watch your step Uhh.. watch your step

Blister! Blister!

GrizzlyG the Twisted Little Monkey.... GrizzlyG the Twisted Little Monkey....

infoA multi-cache ("multiple") involves two or more locations, the final location being a physical container. There are many variations, but most multi-caches have a hint to find the second cache, and the second cache has hints to the third, and so on. An offset cache (where you go to a location and get hints to the actual cache) is considered a multi-cache.
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