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Attended JL_HSTRE attended I HOP Across Brevard..T-ville finally dinner time!

Sunday, 21 April 2013Florida

What a day!

The day before, I hosted a CITO at JDSP (home of Cacheapalooza). We made a big impact planting trees for 3 hours at the treeless campground, but all that shoveling left my back pretty sore. Then I was invited to do some caching afterwards in the park and ended up hiking over 4 miles. On my way home, I got a call to help my sister move some plants and end up visiting with her for awhile. When I finally got home, I was easily asleep by 10pm - an incredibly rare early bedtime for me, despite my notoriety for being very much not a night owl.

This all worked out good (well, except the sore back) since I needed to be up at 4am. Getting up at 4am isn't too bad if it's preceded by 6 hours of sleep. I grabbed a pre-sunrise Waffle House breakfast and was off to Indiatlantic in the wee hours. I easily beat the sunrise and finally got the "Rise and Sunshine" webcam cache (my 5th webcam) on my Droid. I had been pretty nervous about that working out because my smartphone has been behaving erratically lately, but it behaved all day when I needed it to.

I got to the first CITO and quickly ended up with a bloody finger thanks to a saw palmetto. I used to have some good work gloves, but lost them some months ago and really should have replaced them before the CITO marathon. I made it through the rest of the day with a bandaid.

For the second and third CITOs I was able to get a grabber, for which my back was greatly relieved. I had taken some Advil so it held up okay in the long run and was pretty much fine the next day (thank goodness I'm still young).

By the time we got to the lunch break, I was wondering if I needed to take a CITO off before resuming the marathon, but I ended up soldiering on without missing an event and started to get my energy back as the day went on. I tried to stay hydrated, but I forgot to put on sunscreen so I think my neck ended up pretty red (and it was already red from the day before).

Amidst and between the CITOs, I managed to grab a few caches which qualified me for the Brevard Parks Challenge Cache. The dinner event ended up being #2449. I wish I'd gotten one more cache before it, but I since I hadn't logged the previous day's caches I didn't realize I was close to an nice round number. I also got to meet zStatman, one of the few remaining Florida "classic" cachers I had not yet met.

I got cleaned up a little at a park and I think I ended up last to arrive at Dennys. I hadn't eaten at any Dennys for a few years, but I was quite pleased by the food at this one - some of the best Dennys food I've had (and a decade ago I spent many a night hanging out at Dennys with friends).

Quite a few people expressed surprise I was heading home afterwards (a nearly 2 hour drive), but I had alot to do on Monday (and got it all done). By the time I hit Martin County just before 10PM my eyelids were getting mighty heavy and I hit the hay almost immediately upon getting home. Probably three of the most exhausting days of my life, but worth every bit of it.

Thanks to Dale-n-Barb and SCGA for organized this great marathon. I promise, when in doubt, to log my Will Attends! And thanks for being my GPS on "Troll Trail". :)

Thanks to all the folks who attended some or all of the events to help make Brevard's awesome parks better. Thanks to Seastar for loaning me a cache retrieval implement and helping me look, even if it resulted in a DNF. I had fun seeing the familiar faces of SCGA (and meeting a few new ones) and teaming up with many of them.

infoAn Event Cache is when local geocachers and geocaching organizations designate a time and location to meet and discuss geocaching. After the event happens the cache listing is archived.
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