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Found it Indigo Parrish found MONSTER

Thursday, December 1, 2011Texas

I started this way back on [URL=][B]Jan 10, 2007.[/B][/URL]
I rejoined the effort in earnest on Oct 30, 2011 with Buckandi, Soaring Eagle and my kids.

Stages 1,2,3,4 : I found these by myself long, long ago.

Oct 30, 2011 :
Stage 5 : Great view. I missed this one due to inexperience long ago.
Stage 6 : Yay! I figured out the clue in the name
Stage 7 : Wow! Great spot, magical. The kids and I loved it.
Stage 8 : Quick find, the kids appreciated the playground.
Stage 9 : Yay! I found this one. There used to be a CLONE ROCK nearby.

Nov 6, 2011 :
Stage 10 : I found it quickly -- The Official Hiding Style of Delaware
Stage 11 : Nice long hike and back in light rain in a new greenbelt (for me)
Stage 12 : The abandoned subdivision reminded me of one in West Texas
Stage 13 : Great spot, cool rock formations, slippery so watch your step!
Stage 14 : Nearly struck out after 45 min here. This one needs to be fixed.
Stage 15 : Buck and SE found this before I even got to GZ.
Stage 16 : Re-found this one properly after a short hike.

I found Stage 16 by chance while hiking years ago.
After that I found 17, 18, and 19 before stopping.
I'll resume at stage 20 once Buck and Soaring Eagle arrive there.

Nov 25, 2011 :
Stage 20 : Buck found this right as we were giving up
Stage 21 : I found this one quickly
Stage 22 : I noticed this faded one (and fixed it) right before giving up
Stage 23 : Great hike on the trails; kids enjoyed this one too
Stage 24 : Clever hide; I spotted this from the right angle
Stage 25 : Not a fan of this kind AT ALL; How did I miss this one ??
Stage 26 : Excellent camo in a cool historic spot; too bad I missed [url=]Essiar[/url]
Stage 27 : Easy peasy; We guessed GZ from the car
Stage 28 : Frustrating!! Very cool spot though; time for lunch now ...
Stage 29 : I found this one after a long search; Well hidden, good coords.
Stage 30 : We all liked this container and the hike to GZ.
Stage 31 : A very quick find so we let the kids play for a bit here.
Stage 32 : I had the right idea but missed it.
Stage 33 : The hardest part was crossing the busy street with the kids.
Stage 34 : I'll bet it's right THERE ... Yup!
Stage 35 : Frustrating; another long search before finding out it's gone.
Stage 36 : SE found this one before I could get out of the car!
Stage 37 : Great camo which I've seen before, big tree nearby was cool too.
Stage 38 : I used my Jedi powers (or luck) and found this within 30 seconds.
Stage 39 : I expected a hike but we got a P&G instead; Happy park at sunset.
Stage 40 : This was a fun hike; the kids enjoyed the adventure.

Ready to go for the final !! I can't wait

Dec 1, 2011 :
Stage 41 : A familiar spot I've seen before; very cool but it was missing.

Final : Whoo hoo! SE and I searched GZ first and failed, but Buck persisted and found a VERY well hidden and camouflaged ammo can. It still has the original MONSTER log book chock full of famous cacher names and scores of muggle finders. I am proud to finally add my name to the list of those who've [B]Slain the MONSTER![/B]

Kudos to Essiar for originally hiding this and mda_taz and JForceATX for helping revive and restore it. There are currently only 4 stages missing or badly damaged so it's in great shape now for others to attempt.

This entry was edited by Indigo Parrish on Thursday, 01 December 2011 at 19:57:19 UTC.


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